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Chiropractic – Live Your Best Life

Chiropractic is a science that focuses on the relationship between structure and function. Chiropractors make small, focused adjustments to the joints of the spine and extremities to improve the function of these joints and influence the functioning of the nervous system, which controls just about every cell in your body. Chiropractors rely on the body’s natural ability to heal itself, and work to facilitate and improve this power by bettering the skeletal, muscular, and nervous systems. Chiropractic care is used to treat a broad spectrum of conditions.

Are You Emotionally Congested?

Just like a flu bug or cold, “emotional congestion” can drain your body of energy, kill creativity, and make you feel paralyzed. High-level emotional health allows you to make effective decisions, live with lower stress levels, and improve your relationships. Symptoms of emotional congestion can include anger, confusion, sadness, anxiety, frustration, and depression. Getting healthy and clear usually requires us to “let go” of our emotional baggage. Consider talking to a friend or professional to gain clarity without delay so you can get back to feeling like yourself again.

Connecting Children with Nature

Studies show that there are numerous benefits for connecting children with nature at an early age. It supports creativity and problem solving; enhances cognitive abilities; improves academic performance; reduces Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) symptoms; increases physical activity; improves nutrition, eyesight, social relations, self-discipline and reduces stress. Kerry Wood Nature Centre,

Do-It-Yourself Braces?

If you have crooked or gapped teeth, you may be tempted to try DIY orthodontics using videos on YouTube or at-home kits that are advertised on TV. These options are said to save people money by avoiding appointments with dental professionals. The truth is, DIY orthodontics are unsafe and could end up costing you more money later on. Complications can arise from placing DIY or mail-order dental appliances over decayed teeth or infected gums. Only a professional can determine the presence of these problems and ensure they are fixed correctly. Options like Invisalign 5 offer people with mildly crooked or gapped teeth a way to straighten them with clear aligners instead of braces, in as little as six to eight weeks, at a cost comparable to those mail-order products. Bower Dental Centre,

Repetitive Strain and Overuse Injuries

Do you experience an increase in aches and pains at night? Repetitive strain and overuse injuries affect tendons, muscles, nerves and joints in the arms, hands, shoulders, neck, upper and lower back, and the legs and can range from being mild discomfort to excruciating pain. If your symptoms persist more than 3 months, or are not responding to physiotherapy or other conservative treatments, your problem may have become chronic and would benefit from regenerative treatments such as injections with platelet rich plasma, prolotherapy or stem cells. Dr. Comeau, BMSc, MC, CCFP, Horizon Medicine Centres,

What else can Pharmacists do?

Did you know that Pharmacists also participate in:
• Health Promotion: Wellness screening programs for a variety of topics like osteoporosis, diabetes, immunizations, nutrition counseling, and hormone health.
• Disease Management: Education programs for patients that help them manage their health, blood sugar and blood pressure monitoring, readings and interpretations.
• Ensuring Effective Drug Therapy Outcomes: Medication reviews and specialty compounding.
Talk to your pharmacist and get to know the range of services that your pharmacy can offer. Jennifer Fookes, RPh., BSc. Pharm, Integrative Compounding Pharmacist/Owner, Mortar and Pesto,

Financial Fitness

Tax season is quickly approaching, but there’s still time to limit the amount of taxes you will owe this year. Make the most of RRSP opportunities. – They are an effective tool to defer current tax until retirement;
-Your RRSP contribution enables current tax savings by reducing your overall taxable income; and
– You can benefit from tax-free growth on the investments inside your RRSP portfolio.
The contribution deadline is March 1, 2018, but first be sure to check your allowable contribution limit on your prior year’s Notice of Assessment to avoid an over-contribution.
Mike Goldade, CPA, CA, ProVerus Chartered Professional Accountants,

Profile – Corner Mountain Inn and Wellness Centre

The perfect balance of backcountry wilderness with the luxuries of modern life, Corner Mountain Inn and Wellness Centre not only offers spacious rooms and healthy, delicious breakfasts but also therapeutic-grade essential oils, spa treatments and wet cedar sauna, nutrition consulting, pesticide-free or organic foods, and the peace and quiet to help you reclaim your health. Plan a visit to the Inn, break the cycle of busyness and rediscover the value of simple things. Janet Casey, RN, Wellness Coach, Owner/Operator, Corner Mountain Inn & Wellness Centre,

Say Goodbye to Horse-Trading

Have you ever found yourself horse-trading in your relationships? “I’ll give you what you want, if I get what I want.” Horse-trading is common and can cause relationships to suffer. People barter to meet their emotional, physical, or psychological needs, and relationships are often compromised. So how can you meet your needs and maintain a strong and healthy relationship? Working with a coach to learn about the different levels of relationships, and ways to engage at a higher level, can improve your relationship and address your needs, and help you leave those horse-trading days behind. John Harty, Insight Life Coach Services,

Happiness is a Skill

It’s surprising, but everyone can LEARN to be happier. Like mastering other skills, it takes practice and like other aspects of health, if you don’t use it, you lose it! Try this and see how you feel. People who completed 5 Acts of Kindness in 24 hours reported feeling happy for days afterwards. Stop to hold the door open for someone, or compliment a friend or a stranger, but do 5 deliberately nice things today. And then repeat, for practice makes perfect!

The Red Deer Primary Care Network,