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Stay Young at Heart

CardioFlex Q10™ is a proprietary collagen precursor formula designed to promote the body’s natural ability to produce collagen and repair connective tissues to support cardiovascular health. Each serving contains 2000 mg Vitamin C, amino acids and other nutrients that help build structural elastin and structural collagen, maintain cardiovascular health, reduce the recurrence of herpes simplex virus/shingles, maintain proper muscle function and generally maintain good health. Excellent for supplementing vegan diets and made in Canada by Innotech Nutrition, a family company.

Get a Clutter-Free Vehicle

Being surrounded by clutter can create feelings of stress and affect your mental health. Dealing with unorganized spaces can cause feelings of frustration, fatigue, and depression. Getting into a clutter-filled vehicle every morning can set you up to feel exhausted and stressed for the rest of the day. Tackling the clutter that may be residing in your vehicle and creating a more organized interior can help ease feelings of stress. Cluttered vehicle interiors can also harbor more bacteria, which can affect your physical health. A professional detailer can help get your vehicle more organized, so you can feel more relaxed.

Your Legal To-Do List

It can be difficult to get certain tasks on our to-do lists completed, even without the challenges that COVID-19 has presented. This is especially so of estate planning and addressing other important legal matters. The government has deemed legal services to be essential. Lawyers and their firms have taken the necessary measures to ensure the continuity of services through the period of COVID-19 restrictions being in place. Take some time to consider what is on your to-do list in terms of estate planning or other issues, and follow through on completing those in 2021.

Don’t Throw it Out

Are you cleaning out your cupboards for a fresh start to 2021? If you have unused/expired medications at home, bring them to your Central Alberta Co-op Pharmacy for proper disposal, it’s free! Don’t flush it! Flushing or pouring medications down the drain can end up contaminating our water supply. Clearing out our medicine cabinets regularly can help prevent unused medication from falling into the wrong hands. More information is available at

Better Omegas?

Omega-3 is an incredibly beneficial fatty acid that helps support brain and heart health, and assists many people with battling inflammation and aiding in recovery. Omega-3 products can supplement your food intake of this fatty acid, but not all products are created equal. It’s best to find clinical grade omega-3’s that are esterified and monoglyceride rich (high absorption that your body can put to work). When looking for an omega-3 product (beyond sardines and fatty fish in your diet), be sure to speak with a professional so that purchasing a premium product gets you the results you’re looking for.

Lack of Sleep & Your Heart

Many of us are fully aware we don’t get enough sleep at night. Did you know just one night of even minor sleep deprivation (6 hours or less) can wreak havoc on your heart? Several published studies from the European Heart Journal concluded that just one night of sleeplessness can put your heart at risk for many pathologies, increasing one’s risk of cardiovascular disease by 48%. Studies showed that your chance of death by coronary artery disease (CAD) almost double with continual sleep deprivation. For more information check out our blog on our website

Words to Live By

Good health is not something we can buy. However, it can be an extremely valuable savings account.” Anne Wilson Schaef

Dry January? Try Solbrü

The “sober curious” or “sober sometimes” movement started as a challenge for those who felt they’d partied a little too hard over New Year’s weekend. A 2016 British study of about 850 men and women who volunteered to abstain from alcohol during Dry January found that participants reported a range of benefits. For instance, 82 percent said they felt a sense of achievement. “Better sleep” was cited by 62 percent, and 49 percent said they lost some weight. They had improvements in insulin sensitivity, their blood pressure numbers improved, and their livers looked a little healthier.

The Mustard Seed Red Deer

In 2020 The Mustard Seed made and delivered over 65,000 lunches across 35 schools in Red Deer an volunteers gave over 9,500 hours of their time to our many programs! It has become a haven for those needing help, which is offered through open hands with unconditional love. At The Mustard Seed, we care about the whole person – physical, mental and spiritual. We recognize that the root causes of poverty and homelessness are complex and diverse, and so we continue to grow and evolve with the needs of those we serve. It’s cold out there. The Coldest Night of the Year is a covid-safe, family-friendly walk to raise money for charities serving people experiencing homelessness, hurt, and hunger. Walk with us virtually or in-person on February 20, 2021 – There’s a place for everyone! 403.347.1844