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Good health is not something we can buy. However, it can be an extremely valuable savings account.” Anne Wilson Schaef

Dry January? Try Solbrü

The “sober curious” or “sober sometimes” movement started as a challenge for those who felt they’d partied a little too hard over New Year’s weekend. A 2016 British study of about 850 men and women who volunteered to abstain from alcohol during Dry January found that participants reported a range of benefits. For instance, 82 percent said they felt a sense of achievement. “Better sleep” was cited by 62 percent, and 49 percent said they lost some weight. They had improvements in insulin sensitivity, their blood pressure numbers improved, and their livers looked a little healthier.

The Mustard Seed Red Deer

In 2020 The Mustard Seed made and delivered over 65,000 lunches across 35 schools in Red Deer an volunteers gave over 9,500 hours of their time to our many programs! It has become a haven for those needing help, which is offered through open hands with unconditional love. At The Mustard Seed, we care about the whole person – physical, mental and spiritual. We recognize that the root causes of poverty and homelessness are complex and diverse, and so we continue to grow and evolve with the needs of those we serve. It’s cold out there. The Coldest Night of the Year is a covid-safe, family-friendly walk to raise money for charities serving people experiencing homelessness, hurt, and hunger. Walk with us virtually or in-person on February 20, 2021 – There’s a place for everyone! 403.347.1844

Business Profile: Carpet Doctor

Your carpets are a major investment, whether in your home, business or revenue property. Professional cleaning is essential for maintaining healthy, clean carpets. Our truck-mounted hot water extraction (steam cleaning) method is recommended by the major carpet mills and manufacturers. Our equipment is the newest in its category, and we use the most advanced cleaning methods and product available. The doctor is always in at our company, and ready to make house calls to give your carpets and upholstery a clean bill of health.

Feeling Sleepy During the Day?

Untreated obstructive sleep apnea is one of the leading causes of excessive daytime sleepiness. Obstructive sleep apnea is defined as episodes of apneas (not breathing) which last more than 10 seconds and that occur during sleep. These episodes may occur hundreds of times per night and can lead to fragmented sleep. During these events, the individual’s oxygen level can fall to dangerously low levels (hypoxemia) and may result in cardiac arrhythmias (irregular heartbeats), which can at times be fatal. Also, individuals with obstructive sleep apnea are far more prone to heart attacks and strokes.

Connection Between Eyes and Ears

As we age, we’re more susceptible to hearing loss and vision changes. Both conditions can creep up on us, making preventive measures essential to sustaining the quality of life we’re used to. According to the Canadian National Institute for the Blind (CNIB), you’re at greater risk of social isolation and reduced community participation if you have a vision loss. The same goes for hearing loss. Having both a vision and hearing problem can affect your ability to lip-read, which is detrimental to communicating with co-workers, family, and friends. A decreased ability to socialize is linked to a greater risk of dementia. However, Statistics Canada reports that 90 percent of people with hearing loss can improve communication with a properly fit hearing aid, counseling, or environmental changes.

Valentines for You or Loved One

With Valentines are just around the corner consider gifting a present bursting with memory-making opportunities for you or your loved one. These romantic gifts — for your special someone or even yourself.
Wine Down Spa Day: 1-hour. Blissful Vine Massage. 30-min. Facial, Vino Pedicure. Wine beverage included. Dinner/Lunch. $210
Solorzano Bliss Package: 4 hours. 1-hour Blissful Vine Massage, 1-hour Facial, Vino Manicure, Vino Pedicure. 4 Course Dinner/Lunch. $299
Couples Retreat: Couples 1-hour Blissful Vine Massage, 30-min Facial, 1-hour Vino Pedicure. 4 Course Dinner/Lunch with Bottle of Wine. $420 dinner/lunch

Relationships and Legal Support

Lawyers can provide advice and recommend solutions that will ensure that as people age, they have the support to ensure that while they are capable, they will make the decisions life requires of them, and when they are not, a trusted friend or family member will do that for them. Maintaining those personal relationships is important for all sorts of reasons. In 2021, consider taking the time to invest in maintaining your relationships or in repairing those that are damaged. Everyone will benefit from that effort and the legal solutions will work as intended. Happy New Year!

Time for a Pedicure!

Keeping your feet in tip-top shape is important, not just so they look good, but also to keep them healthy. Pedicures are a luxurious, relaxing experience, but they provide many other benefits too: 1) Helping retain the moisture in your skin to prevent cracking, blisters, and other problems. 2) Reducing the risk of infection and ingrown nails by cleaning and cutting nails. 3) Removing dead skin cells by exfoliating to help prevent bunions or corns. 4) Promoting blood circulation and relieving tension in the calves and feet through massage. If you’re having a spa day, don’t forget about your feet!

Relief for Stressful Moments

Every day, we’re faced with stimuli, called stressors, which can elicit the body’s “fight or flight” response, setting off a cascade of physiological reactions and resulting in emotions ranging from mild to intense. But while occasional stress is natural and even healthy, chronic or acute stress can be harmful. Stressors that are acute, or short-lived, are often physical or physiological. Psychological or emotional stress is usually chronic in nature. Discover your body’s response to situations you perceive as stressful. Stop by Mortar & Pesto Natural Pharmacy to fill out a detailed Stress Questionnaire. By honestly assessing how you feel, your healthcare provider can create a stress relief program for your individual needs.

Natural Product Spotlight:

Innotech Nutrition Fasting Days™ – Research shows some of the main benefits of intermittent fasting include: safe weight loss, more energy, improved cardio wellness, relief from aches and pains, rebuilding of liver, normalization of insulin sensitivity, and immune system optimization. Innotech Fasting Days™ is doctor-formulated to help support your goals with a balanced nutrient powder that’s very low in calories, keto-friendly, vegan, non-GMO, non-dairy, and free of sugar, gluten, artificial sweeteners/flavours and colours. It has 42 nutrients balanced for easy and SUCCESSFUL intermittent fasting, and helps with optimized energy, glucose metabolism, hydration and electrolyte balance, bone density and muscle mass, collagen formation, and hunger suppression.