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Honour Yourself During the Holidays

The holidays can be a time of loving reunions, catch-ups, heartfelt connections, and joy, or they can be filled with obligations, expectations, and old patterns with emerging drama. When we can empower ourselves to know we have a choice as to where to best put our energies, what to let go of and forgive, and where to take a stand and set boundaries, we honour ourselves. Despite the illusion of social media, the “perfect family” does not exist where all things look “wonderful and together” all the time. Instead, the holidays offer us the perfect opportunity to stay true and nurture ourselves in the midst of giving and receiving.

Cherish the Memories When Downsizing

Downsizing is often a stressful process — both emotionally and physically. When the time comes, give yourself plenty of time for the process to make it seem less overwhelming. As you go through and sort things, recognize and acknowledge the sentimental value of a once-prized stuffed bear and decades-worth of Mother’s Day cards. Grandma’s bone china will remind you of all the happy family times. It is ok to get lost in nostalgia. Remind yourself that the memories will always be there, but the future holds an infinite number of new memories and possibilities. Trust the process and enjoy every moment.

Gift Ideas for Seniors

Seniors can sometimes be hard to buy gifts for, but there are some simple and thoughtful gifts that any older adult would be happy to receive. Experience gifts are a great way to show you care! This could include a special day out, a class you take together, a bucket list experience, or a special meal. If your loved one enjoys corresponding, stationery sets can be great, or you can go digital with online subscriptions to magazines or gift cards to purchase books or music online. Comforting gifts like non-skid slippers, scented soaps, or scrapbooks are also good ideas!

Flowers to Help with the Holidays

Flowers are scientifically proven to have a positive impact on your mental health, relieving the stress and anxiety of the holidays. Some festive flowers include: Poinsettias – They are the classic Christmas flower. The bright red colors on the dark green leaves make it the perfect holiday mascot! They attract happiness and promote positive feelings. Orchids –Unlike the poinsettia, orchids don’t have a long association with Christmas. Instead, they are a unique and special flower that signals warmth and joy. Christmas Cactus – This plant hits the market just in time for the holidays. They increase humidity in the air and creates a cheerful aura in your home.

Holiday Nutrition Tips

While everyone struggles to maintain a healthy diet during this time of year, it is especially important for seniors to keep nutrition in the back of their mind. One of the best ways to reduce cravings is to plan ahead. Try to account for the options beforehand and make decisions about which holiday treats you would really enjoy the most. Decide that those will be your picks, and then plan healthy meals around them. Another tip is to fill up on the good stuff first. If you fill your belly with nutritious foods like fruits, veggies and lean protein, you’re less likely to overindulge in greater amounts of fat, sugar and salt.

‘Tis the Season to be Mindful

The holiday season has begun and overwhelm is a reality for many. If you are juggling, work, anxiety around the pandemic, and family needs, a little bit of mindfulness can help us gain perspective. The science indicates just five minutes a day can help us be more focused, less stressed and less anxious. Try one of these three tips. One: take five minutes a day to just observe non-judgementally. Two: practice the 5/5 rule by noticing five things about each of your senses once a day. Three: Try uni-tasking (doing only ONE thing at a time) as much as possible. For free resources to cultivate a healthy culture at work, visit

Exercise for S.A.D.

S.A.D. stands for Seasonal Affected Disorder, which is mainly attributed to the reduction in sunlight hours in winter and is your body’s reaction to the changes in season. With S.A.D. you might feel sluggish or moody, have a loss of appetite, and even lose interest in activities you normally love. One way to combat these feelings and the wintertime blues is to get your body moving! Exercise, even light exercise, has been shown to improve mood and energy through increased blood flow and the release of certain endorphins, as well as improve sleep and alertness, and reduce anxiety and stress.

Protect Your Mental Health in Winter

Winter months can be difficult for those experiencing a mental health challenge or illness, especially during and following the holiday season. There are, however, a myriad of evidence-based ways to boost your physical and mental well-being. One important tool is vitamin D. Research clearly shows the benefits of this powerful vitamin for improving body and thereby brain health. Our bodies synthesize this nutrient through exposure to the sun. However, during reduced daylight months we are unable to get what we need from our solar source. If low mood persists, contact your healthcare provider for additional information and resources.

December Brain Teasers

1. What is a drill sergeant? 2. What is the perfect cure for dandruff? 3. Which is faster, hot or cold? 4. There’s a key that opens no doors but fills your stomach, what key is it? 5. What do you call people who are afraid of Santa Claus?

Clean Eating Recipe

Beet Sangria Mocktail
Serves 8. Ingredients: 1 bottle Sensations Beet & Cherry Fruit & Vegetable Juice. 1 cup Compliments Low Pulp 100% Pure Orange Juice. 1 apple peeled and diced. 1 lemon thinly sliced. 1 lime thinly sliced. 1 orange thinly sliced. 1 can Panache Carbonated Spring Water with Natural Lemon Flavour and Ozone. Directions: In pitcher, combine beet and cherry juice, orange juice, apple, lemon, lime, and orange slices. Chill 1 hr., or until cold. Stir in ice and top with carbonated water. Pour into 8 glasses. Serve immediately. Enjoy! Find more healthy recipes at