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Clean Eating Recipe

Anti-Inflammatory Cherry-Spinach Smoothie. This healthy smoothie is not only delicious–it also boosts your daily dose of anti-inflammatory foods. 1 cup plain low-fat kefir. 1 cup frozen cherries. ½ cup baby spinach leaves. ¼ cup mashed ripe avocado. 1 tablespoon salted almond butter. 1 (1/2 inch) piece peeled ginger. 1 teaspoon chia seeds. Place kefir in a blender. Add cherries, spinach, avocado, almond butter, ginger and chia seeds; puree until smooth. Pour into a glass; garnish with more chia seeds, if desired.

Senior Brain Health

It’s important for people of all ages to keep their brains healthy with regular workouts, but especially so for seniors. Here are five ways you can keep your mind sharp as you age: 1) Play a game. Try a sudoku, crossword, or jigsaw puzzle, or play a game of cards with friends. 2) Get moving. Regular exercise increases blood flow to your brain and increases neurons. 3) Listen to or play music. Science shows that music is a great brain booster. 4) Eat right. A diet rich in healthy fats is crucial for cognitive health. 5) Learn something new. Keep your mind engaged!

Causes of Hearing Loss

Hearing loss often occurs with age when the inner ear structures degenerate, causing a loss of protective hairs and nerve cells. Other factors that can increase an individual’s risk of developing hearing problems include: *Loud noise or occupational hazards: One-time or continuous exposure to high decibel sounds. *Heredity: Your genetic makeup or family history. *Traumatic head injuries. *Ear disease and other diseases like otosclerosis or Ménière’s disease. *Other illnesses: a high fever and some medications can damage the inner ear. Consult a hearing professional if you or a loved one is struggling with hearing loss.

Business Profile: Initio Medical

Located in Vancouver, INITIO is Western Canada’s only private PET/CT diagnostic scan facility committed to providing immediate PET/CT scans and results supporting patient-centred care. All referrals are booked promptly with quick turnaround on results, as timing of PET/CT screening matters to help prevent or catch disease before it’s too late. PET/CT scans assist with: CANCER – detecting cancer, revealing cancer spread, confirming cancer treatment effectiveness, and finding a cancer recurrence. BRAIN DISORDERS – ALZHEIMER’S by confirming possible Alzheimer’s diagnosis, clarifying early diagnosis of dementia, and altering treatment options. HEART DISEASE – Confirming cardiac sarcoidosis presence/recurrence. For life-changing diagnostic information that helps physician treatment planning, you can count on INITIO for immediate PET/CT scan appointments and results. Physician referral required. Further info online at Why wait? KNOW. NOW.

Connecting With Our Many Selves

Our identity is made up of many different selves. There is a responsible adult part, a wild, shy and spirited child, creative dreamer, caretaker, vulnerable pleaser, rescuer, adventurer and the list continues. Not all these different aspects blend easily together and some even conflict or oppose one another. When the different parts clash such as the child and responsible adult, we end up compartmentalizing and suppressing an aspect of ourselves to ease the conflict. While in the short term it feels better, the longer more sustainable solution is for the two selves to exist peacefully inside us. Journaling can help identify and integrate to discover what is needed for more harmony to exist within. When the many selves interconnect, they become more integrated and whole.

Product Review: pureAir 3000 with ODOGard®

Introducing the NEW pureAir 3000 with ODOGard®, the only purifier to combine both active and passive air purification technologies with the odor-eliminating power of ODOGard®. The advanced active technology includes ionization and a proprietary form of photocatalytic oxidation, active radiant catalysis (ARC®). In addition to reducing volatile organic compounds (VOCs), the pureAir 3000 reduces allergens such as pollen, pet dander, smoke from wildfires, and odors caused by mold, bacteria, and other pollutants. Visit GTECANADA.CA to learn more and use the coupon code WN3K for a free pureAir 50 when you purchase a pureAir 3000 + ODOGard®.

May Book Review

Brain Tumours: Living low grade. by Gideon Burrows. Slow growing brain tumours change lives forever.
This readable and moving non-technical guide is about living with a low-grade tumour, a diagnosis given to thousands of people every year. Featuring dozens of personal testimonies from those dealing daily with the impact of their tumours, this book offers information, support and reassurance for those with a low grade brain tumour, their family and friends.

Product Review: Polyride Fe® Ultra

Prevent & Treat Iron Deficiency – For All Diets. 1.85 million Canadians suffer from iron deficiency.* There are many reasons for iron deficiency, such as a diet low in iron. Speak to your healthcare provider to ensure you are meeting your iron needs. There’s an iron supplement that is ideal for all diet types. It contains the highest amount of elemental iron, additional vitamin C to enhance iron absorption, and vitamin B12 for deficiency. Taking one capsule a day that is also easy on the stomach, may lead to better compliance. It is also VegeCert and Kosher Certified. Polyride Fe® Ultra can be purchased at or at your local pharmacy by giving your pharmacist the product codes McKesson #75624 and #75625.

Aronia Berries are Powerful Antioxidants

Today more than ever, a healthy immune system is important. According to Healthline, Aronia berries may strengthen the immune system and even counteract some infections. Aronia –grown in BC – contains powerful antioxidants that remove harmful free oxygen radicals from cells. In the spectrum of nutrition, berries rank near the top, and among berries, none are more nutritious than the Aronia berry. Research shows that in diabetics, Aronia berry juice, when taken regularly, reduced blood glucose. Aronia extracts have also reduced inflammation and improved immunity. And in hard-to-treat cancers, combining Aronia with chemotherapy improved the effectiveness of conventional drugs.

Health Spotlight: ONZ Spine

ONZ Spine specializes in more than 10 years of assisting thousands of individuals in traveling to Germany for orthopedic surgery. Are you in pain and tired of waiting for knee, hip, or spine surgery? Germany’s top Neurosurgeons at the ONZ Clinic do not have long waiting periods – usually within one month. Knee and hip surgeries are not age restrictive in Germany. Call, text or email for further information and a free consultation. We guide you through from assisting with booking flights, travel insurance, taxis, and hotels from the beginning to the end of your journey.

Words To Live By

“There are some things one can only achieve by a deliberate leap in the opposite direction.” – Franz Kafk