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Here are my top 8 skin care resolutions to improve your new year skin!



  1. Examine your skin monthly, with your partner’s help, they can see the parts you can’t!
  2. Sun-avoidance-choose wisely what time of day you go out in the sun.
  3. Sun-protection-Not all sun wear is created equal and may not provide adequate protection against sun damage, check labels that say UV proof. Full brim hats also offer protection, but make sure the brim is at least four inches.
  4. Sunscreen-When purchasing a sunscreen look for the CDA logo. It will have UVB and UVA protection. Use as least an SPF 50 during the summer months or when on holiday in warmer climes. A daily year round sunscreen could be SPF 30. Get your partner to apply sunscreen, it’s great for the relationship!
  5. For possible sunscreen allergies or irritations speak with your pharmacist or Dermatologist.
  6. Worried about chemicals in sunscreen? Go for ones that reflect UV and contain purely Zinc or Titanium oxides.
  7. Reapply! Throughout the day, keeping an eye out for red bits that signal its time to cover up and put on aloe vera!
  8. Moisturize your skin
  9. Stop smoking-Ask yourself, do you want to have the skin of a plum or a prune? Same goes for UV tanning and over exposure to UV rays from the sun.
  10. See a board certified Dermatologist at least once this year for a medical assessment of moles and skin cancer risk. It’s covered by MSP and can give you and your doctor a baseline for future skin checks. To learn about options for improving your skin appearance ask your board certified Dermatologist about a Cosmetic Consultation.
  11. If you have acne, or Rosacea, get it sorted out before it requires laser therapy for acne scarring or Rosacea redness. A consultation with a Board Certified Dermatologist about acne or Rosacea is covered by MSP.
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