Wellnessnews Health Expo

2023 Wellnessnews Choices for Healthy Living®  Health Expo

Vancouver Island Conference Centre, Nanaimo, BC

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Vancouver Island Conference Centre, Nanaimo, BC

We are thrilled to host the 2nd Annual Wellnessnews Choices for Healthy Living® Health Expo in Nanaimo. The Expo will feature exhibitors, health talks, wellness sessions, activity demos, prizes and more.

FREE to attend:

The Wellnessnews Choices for Healthy Living® Health Expo is FREE to attend. VIP tickets are available from our exhibitors and our newsletter distribution points. While tickets are not required to attend, for each of the first 1,000 tickets redeemed, $0.50 will be donated to Nanaimo Community Gardens for their programs that encourage people to grow, share, buy and eat local foods.

Door Prizes:

There will be two Door Prizes each with a value of over $2,500.

Expo Sponsors:

Thank you to our sponsors and community partners.


100+ Exhibitors including:
– Healthcare Practitioners
– Health Services
– Nutrition
– Products for Wellbeing
– Self-Help
– Holistic Healing
– Community Organizations
1440 Wellness Anti-Aging Health Clinic
Alexandra Luppold, Sacred CosmoGram
Aloha Love Heals
Anytime Fitness Brooks Landing
at Ease Somatics
Bastion Physiotherapy
Bayshore Home Health
BC Lung Association – QuitNow
BC Responsible & Problem Gambling Program
Being Joy
Berwick on the Lake Retirement Community
Bettina Plendl – Financial Strategies
Biomagnetism Canada
Bodacious Living By Lisa
Body Landscape Nutrition
Canada Revenue Agency
Calvori Hearing
Cedar Valley Memorial Gardens
Changes by Jenna
Cheryl Prince
Coastal Sleep
Comfort Keepers
Connect Hearing
Dyan Made
eMuza Mobility
En-Trance Hypnotherapy
Epic Weight Loss Lantzville
Falun Dafa
Feisty Ferdy Organics
Flavors of the Med
Gin-Nel Treasures + Jewels Boutique
Great Socks for All VoxxLife
Health Haven
Health is Wealth
Healthy Wave Mat-Quantum Wave Lasers
Heart Drum Beat – Brain & Body Training Academy
Holistic Lifestyle Creators
Ideally Blissful
Imagine Cruise & Travel
Impact Nutrition Consulting
Integrative Health- Nutritional Balancing
Island Wealth Management
Isagenix LLC
Juice Plus / Tower Garden
Juvenation Wellness
Lakeside Dental Clinic
Lakeside Gardens Retirement Community
Lakhovsky MWO Healing Technology
LeafFilter Gutter Protection
Light Codes by Laara
Liquid Gold CBD
London Drugs
Modern Roots Nutrition
Nanaimo Acupuncture
Nanaimo Community Gardens
Nanaimo Disability Resource Center
Nanaimo Community Hospice Society
Nanaimo Lifeline Check-In Service
Nanaimo Oil Sanctuary
Neora – Anna + Dave Holbeche
Nicole Kirby, Coash & Trainer
NSSN – Nanaimo Seniors Services Network
Paul Manly Green Party
Pacific Pearl Dental Hygiene Clinic
Peggy Hoult & Associates
ProactiveHealthstyle.com/DoTerra Essential Oils
Pruvit Ketones
Pure Romance by Teresa
Rack Fashions
Rainbow Systems
reDEFINE Health and Wellness
Rodan + Fields
Smile Essentials Denture Clinic
Soul Comfort Sheepskin & Sheep Wool
Soul Sisters
Synergy Medical Aesthetics
Tai Chi Nanaimo Association
Telford, Toneff & Boyd Burial and Cremation Centres
TELUS Health
Terry Andersen
The Kidney Foundation of Canada
The Lifehouse
The Medicine Shoppe – Departure Bay
Vibrational Healing
Used Nanaimo
USANA Health Sciences with Julie Boyer
Vigor Leashes
Warming Hands Bodywork Therapy
Wellness From Within/Puratae Brand Partner
Wellness Is Essential
Wellnessnews Choices for Health Living
Wine Walks Canada
Woodgrove Pines Wellness Clinic

Health Talks & Demos

10:30   The Power & Magic of Sacred Hawaiian Healing
Shaeah Love Fialkow,Aloha Love Heals – School of Sacred Hawaiian Healing Arts

This is an experiential workshop where you will learn and embody Hawaiian Shamanic Tools for personal alignment & empowerment including the 7 Principles of Huna for Transformation and Healing and a Manifestation Ritual (Kalana Hula) that we will perform together.

Shaeah, founder of the School of Sacred Hawaiian Healing Arts, has recovered from chronic pain, fatigue and suicidal depression through awakening to her own personal power and purpose. She has been practicing yoga, meditation and healing arts for over 20 years. She has facilitated dozens of workshops Worldwide educating people in the areas of awakening, Sacred Hawaiian Healing (Lomi Lomi, Kahi Loa, Huna), Sacred Relationship, couple’s massage, conscious relating, conscious movement and women’s empowerment. Sacred Hawaiian Healing has allowed her to honour and celebrate her connection to the natural world and her confidence in the power of love to heal.

10:30   Fermented Foods for Gut Health

Kelli Etheridge, Registered Holistic Nutritionist, Modern Roots Nutrition

This workshop will introduce you to the fascinating world of fermented foods – what they are and why you should eat them.   Fermented foods can help improve digestion, boost immunity and benefit your overall health! Learn how you can funk up your kitchen with fermented foods. Kelli hopes to inspire you to incorporate fermented foods into your diet and to make your own.

Kelli Etheridge graduated from the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition (CSNN) in 2013.  She is now an instructor at CSNN Nanaimo.  Her fervour for fermented foods inspired her to create Modern Roots Nutrition which specializes in fermentation supplies and education.

10:30   Gaming & Gambling: Where’s the Line Between Recreational and Problematic Behaviour?
Karen Hlady, BC Responsible & Problem Gambling Program

Brief introduction and discussion regarding the intersection of the gaming and gambling spheres, its impact on our and our children and youth’s screen-time habits. Participants will have an awareness about the financial and bio-neurological impacts of current gaming and gambling modalities

Karen has spent 25 years working with youth and families in community education health and social services, currently working in prevention and education for the BCRPGP.

11:30  Biomagnetism & How It Works
Kathryn Lowther, Biomagnetism Canada

Kathryn will share some of her testimonials and will ask for a volunteer to assist in a demo showing how Biomagnetism works. Find out hands-on how this holistic therapy can help you with a myriad of health issues, and how she treats in a remote (distant) session.

11:30 Injection Therapy for Pain & Injury
Clayton Willoughby, Registered Acupuncturist, Owner of Nanaimo Acupuncture

Discover new treatments for nerve pain (CRPS, fibromyalgia) muscle pain (headaches, sports medicine) and joint pain (arthritis, degenerative discs). Treating pain, not by burning out nerves or masking it with drugs, but repairing the cause of the pain. Clayton’s goal is to introduce you to injection therapy and other modalities as a way of treating pain.

Clayton has been practicing acupuncture for over 15 years treating pain and other conditions. Since 2008 he has volunteered with VIHA, operating free programs for addiction and mental health. The need for non-opioid, non-pharmaceutical pain treatment has only grown more urgent.

11:30   Oral Health – Body Health Connection
Dr. Robert Wolanski, Dentist/Owner, Lakeside Dental Clinic

Learn how oral health affects your overall health and well-being and the steps you can take to maintain oral health.

To Rob, dentistry simply means helping people attain better health and avoid more serious complications of pain and infection. He enjoys meeting new people and working with some of the best staff on the island.

12:30   Digestion and Detoxification – An Essential Key to Better Health
Julie Boyer, Independent Associate with USANA Health Sciences

In this presentation, you will learn the keys to better digestion, how to take optimal care of your gut, address leaky gut syndrome and what healthy detoxification looks like.

Julie has been partnered with USANA for over 13 years. She is passionate about helping her clients to reach their optimal wellness goals. As the founder of the 30 Day Whole Body Detox (now in its eighth  year), she and her team have helped thousands of women and men to improve their digestion and detoxify safely. Julie is also a 3-time Amazon Bestselling author, and has completed 3 full Ironman triathlons.

12:30   Dangers of Burnout and Compassion Fatigue: Learn Steps and Strategies to Build Resilience
Michael Sorsdahl, Psychologist, Juvenation Wellness

This presentation outlines the dangers of burnout and compassion fatigue, and steps and strategies to build resilience to those dangers, including the interaction creation of an evidence-based self-care plan that you can take home and use.

Michael is a registered psychologist in BC and in Alberta with his Masters in Counselling Psychology. He has been a practicing therapist for over 16 years, and has focused his work on trauma/PTSD, couples, career, and LGBTQ2+ issues. Michael also has a PhD in Education focusing on counselling and he instructs at both UVic and UBC in their counselling programs. Michael opened Juvenation Wellness as an integrated centre that provides counselling, coaching and education along with spa and hair services, focusing on both looking and feeling good about oneself.

12:30     Tai Chi Interactive Demo, Tai Chi Nanaimo Association

Tai Chi is a slow, deliberate, meditative movement sequence (“set”) that affects both mind and body. Tai Chi is not “old people moving slowly”. People of all ages can and do practice it. Tai Chi develops and maintains bodies that are strong and flexible throughout life. Come and try a few movements during this interactive demo.

1:30        Somatics Gentle Body Movement Exercise Class, At Ease Somatics

Somatics is a series of gentle body movements, done on cushioned mats on the floor. It is a very relaxing way to relieve muscle tension and pain. The demo will guide people through a Somatic Floor Exercise so they experience how the exercise, and the cushioned mat, deepens the body’s ability to sense and release tension and pain. This is an opportunity for people to relax for a bit on a comfortable mat, release body or mental stress, and return to the day’s events. Please sign up at the At Ease Somatics booth before the demo.

1:30     Principles of Brain Management – 3 Steps To Be Healthy, Wealthy & Wise
Arrow Gonsalves , Heart Drum Beat – Brain & Body Training Academy.

Is your brain your ally or biggest foe in achieving your goals? Do you want to be:            strong & vibrant?. centered & effective? focused & creative? Have more free time to enjoy the activities and people you love? If so, this 45 minute masterclass will change the way you use your brain forever!

During this deeply transformative, experiential journey you will discover healthier, more centered techniques to: Release stress & cut through overwhelm, Restore your vitality by empowering your core energy and Double your effectiveness with less effort.

Arrow Gonsalves, Master Trainer | Master Healer  | Motivational Speaker | International Bestselling Author | TEDX Presenter. Arrow specializes in guiding driven individuals who want empowered high performance to double their effectiveness with less effort. Through her brain and body fitness systems she will guide you step by step to cut through overwhelm, nourish your core and brighten your mind to function at peak performance.

1:30     Essential Oils for Life, Lee Hindrichs, RN (Retired), Proactive Healthstyle

There is a major revolution happening in health care. We are realizing that health is more than not being sick. Increasingly we are modifying our lives to live with optimal health and fulfill our own potential. We’re modeling lifestyles that promote vitality and emotional health.  Essential Oils are nature’s best medicine and with the advent of certified pure therapeutic grade oils hitting the market essential oil use has sky rocketed.

Join Lee to explore how and why essential oils work and learn how to integrate essential oil use into your daily life. This health focused talk will have you well on the way to being part of the health revolution that focuses on being healthy and leading the way into a healthstyle that supports a vital enriching lifestyle.

Lee Hindrichs has spent decades in the field of health care. She is a retired RN, Aromatherapist, Herbalist, Reiki Master and Reflexologist. Lee has facilitated courses internationally and published extensively on natural health. Lee’s passion is contagious and her insightful approach brings clarity to the often complex issues of health. Lee’s own journey with Multiple Sclerosis is inspirational. Instead of living a life bound to a wheel chair she has spent a lifetime exploring and being actively engaged changing the face of healthy active living.

2:30     Preparing Financially for a Loss of Independence
Peggy Hoult, Income Tax Accountant, Peggy Hoult & Associates

During this presentation, the following areas will be explored:
• The Silver Tsunami – what demographics reveal who is caring for whom

  • Overview of support services – home support, day programs, respite care, assisted living, long-term care, live-in care, palliative care, end of life care
  • How to access services through Island Health
  • Recent policy changes allowing choice on waiting lists for long-term care facilities
  • Tax savings related to physical or mental impairments (Disability Tax Credit Caregiver Amount, medical expenses)
  • Benefit programs for the elderly or impaired

Caregivers will learn how to increase reduce stress and increase cash flow by taking advantage of various programs available through Island Health, BC Housing, Service Canada, Canada Revenue Agency, DVA, BC Ferries and ICBC.

Peggy Hoult is the Central Island’s only Income Tax Accountant specializing in Aging, Caregiving and Disabilities.  She holds regular group workshops for caregivers entitled “Preparing Financially for a Loss of Independence” providing general information about the financial and administrative side of accessing private pay or subsidized care services. Peggy is also available year round for individual consultations – whether to work through an immediate health care crisis, to provide tax filing strategies for those using Island Health services or to assist with applications for the Disability Tax Credit and various benefit programs.

2:30     Tips and Tricks for Healthy, Hazzle Free Travel
Shawn Kilner, YOUR Travel Designer, Imagine Cruise and Travel

During this presentation, you will learn how to stay healthy while travelling to great places be they in faraway countries or closer to home. You will discover some of the best places to travel if you want to be active or if you are seeking wellness travel.

Shawn Kilner is a Travel Designer and the owner of Imagine Cruise & Travel. As a Travel Designer, she can secure special travel benefits that you can’t get on your own, such as complimentary breakfast, spa credits, and upgrades at hotels. She also see the nuances in every trip. From big-picture aspects (where to go – and when) to the details that matter (booking the hotel rooms with the best views, where to get the most authentic pizza on the Amalfi Coast), Shawn knows how to plan a memorable trip. A great travel designer … takes it from ordinary to extraordinary.

2:30 Transform Your DNA with Quantum Light Codes,
Laara, Light Codes by Laara

Laara will introduce a couple of simple yet powerful HeartMath® techniques that will, in part, help the audience to connect with their Heart, find their center and grounding. Laara will also share symbols from her newly released book, The Little Book of Light Codes, a series of 52 channeled symbols and meditations designed to help humanity heal and advance. During the presentation, the audience will have the opportunity to engage with these symbols, and potentially experience incredible heart opening, and healings on all planes of the physical, mental and emotional levels.

Attend to: Learn and practice two HeartMath® techniques from a qualified HeartMath® Certified Trainer.; Be introduced to healing Light Codes which have the power to transform ones life by simply looking at them; Learn how easy it is to work with Light Codes during the presentation, with simple meditation techniques

Laara is an author, healing practitioner, channeler and intuitive. Laara’s mission is to offer support in healing the collective consciousness, by helping people understand that our Heart is the bridge between our physical body and our higher planes of existence. To have access to our Heart, is to have access to our soul. She offers assistance and guidance to those who are interested in journeying and healing with their Heart. Laara is a semi-retired international level competitive show jumper, who enjoys riding her horses and attending circus classes!

3:30     Women’s Health – How Hormones Affect Weight Loss,
Rachael Davidson Chan – reDEFINE Health & Wellness

When it comes to weight loss, especially as women, hormones become a key factor. Without balanced hormones weight loss is almost impossible. So many women struggle to lose weight and get so discouraged when it doesn’t happen. They eat well and exercise yet the weight does not come off. If this is you, your hormones might be to blame. Once you uncover the root cause of your hormone imbalances weight loss becomes much easier.

In this talk you will learn about your key hormones and the roles they play in metabolism. You will gain appreciation for the intricate balance necessary for bodily systems to work most effectively. You will begin to uncover your most out of balance hormones and what to do to get them back in balance. You will walk away understanding a little more about how the decisions you make each day, can affect your health.

Rachael has been a personal trainer, fitness instructor and health coach for the past 10 years, focusing mainly on women’s health. She loves to teach women how to stay healthy naturally, how to achieve health on their own terms, and how to cut through the lies the media feeds us about how we should look, eat, exercise and just generally be, as women. Her goal is to empower women to live the life they “want” to live, not the life they think they “should” live.

3:30     How Food and Lifestyle Can Reverse “Normal” Symptoms of Aging,
Cheryl Prince, R.H.N.

Aging, are these symptoms normal? So many of us assume that we have to slow down in our elder years. It has been shown in civilizations of people with longevity that most never experience the diseases that we here in North America think are normal with aging – arthritis, hypertension, inability to walk distances, poor sleep, and even Alzheimer’s.

Find out how you can possibly reverse aging and live a higher quality of what is supposed to be the best third of your life…retirement! You will leave with a plan of action on how you can start changing your health by knowing if your food is healing or hurting your aging years.

Cheryl is on the faculty at Canadian School of Natural Nutrition where she teaches perspectives in aging as well as Optimal Nutrition for the brain.  With a Nursing background she understands how our medical system works to aid people but also realizes that most of our Doctors unfortunately do not have the time to help with life style changes. That is where Cheryl fits in the gap.

3:30     The Soul’s Path to Being Joy,
Gloria Stewart, Being Joy

Joy is the highest frequency emotion there is – it’s right up there with the feeling of love. So why don’t more people feel it?  Here’s why. Look at any newspaper or listen to the radio or the nightly news and you’ll hear about the latest murder, suicide, world conflict, social issue or natural disaster.  We’ve become a society bombarded by and addicted to fear! People are time stressed, nutrient starved, over-medicated, disease ridden and disconnected from each other. They turn to substances like drugs, alcohol, food, sex, shopping and gambling to dull their pain rather than discover the root cause of their emptiness. It’s no wonder millions of people have lost hope that it will ever get better.

But it can! At this presentation you will discover a few of your biggest self-defeating beliefs that can block your joy and wellbeing and how you can replace them with new empowering habits through a new 40-day program called Being Joy™. You will learn that as you shift your thoughts and feelings towards living in a state of joy, your vibrational frequency will increase as will your ability to attract more of what you desire.  And by returning to joy, you’ll not only help improve the frequencies of those closest to you, but you’ll help shift the planet by transforming your love into medicine for a hurting world.

Gloria Stewart is a Joy and Abundance Activist who helps individuals and organizations expand their prosperity by moving beyond survival and into joyous thriving. Before writing her book, Being Joy™ she spent more than thirty years as a successful business owner helping social-purpose organizations raise millions of dollars for causes that improve the wellbeing of individuals and communities. Gloria teaches this 40-day practice of replacing old self-defeating beliefs with new empowering habits through her book, oracle card deck, courses, workshops, retreats and personal coaching.

2 Grand Door Prizes

$2,500 value each include:

Scavenger Hunt Prize Health Oasis Prize
Aircoal: Basket of Products Arbonne: Rescue and Renew Lotion
Alexandra Luppold, Sacred CosmoGram: Poster and Pineal-Heart Activation Program at ease Somatics: Somatic Classes
Aloha Love Heals: Kahi Loa Session Bayshore Home Health: Gift
Bastion Physiotherapy: FisoCrem Berwick on the Lake Retirement Community: Dinner for Four at Berwick
Being Joy: Gift bag of Joy Products Bettina Plendl – Financial Strategies: Financial Planning Session
Biomagnetism Canada: Psychic Reading Coastal Sleep: Chocolate Basket
Bodacious Living By Lisa: Gift Certificate Feisty Ferdy Organics: Daily Essentials Kit
Comfort Keepers: “Perfume” Health Haven: Biofeedback Session
Dyan Made: Stainless Steel Straws and Brush Health is Wealth: Hair Follicle Analysis
eMuza Mobility: White Spot Gift Card HealthyWaveMat-QuantumWaveLasers:Lakhowsky Antenna and Orgone
Epic Weight Loss Lantzville: Supplement Samples Impact Nutrition Consulting: Workshop
Ideally Blissful: Emotion Code Sessions Integrative Health – Nutritional Balancing: Mineral Mastery Program
Imagine Cruise & Travel: Gift Light Codes by Laara: Distance Healing
Juvenation Wellness: Essential Light Journey Melaleuca: Gift Basket
Lakeside Gardens Retirement Community: Basket of Goodies Nicole Kirby, Coach & Trainer: 5 Coaching Sessions
Lovewinx: Gift PEMF: PEMF Treatments
Modern Roots Nutrition: Gift ProactiveHealthstyle.com/doTERRA Essential Oils: Aromatouch Session and Kit
Nanaimo Community Hospice Society: PURICA: Gift Basket of PURICA Products
Pro Stitch Alterations Certificate Rack Fashions: Leggings
Norwex: Optic Scarf reDEFINE Health and Wellness: Aches Away Muscle Rub
Paul Manly Green Party: Green Party Water Bottle TELUS Health: Gift Basket and Starbucks Gift Card
Planet Fitness Nanaimo: 1 Year Black Card Membership Vigor Leashes: Leash
Synergy Medical Aesthetics: Gift Certificate Wellness From Within/Puratae Brand Partner: Gift
Terry Andersen: Reading Wellnessnews Choices for Healthy Living®: Chemainus Theatre Tickets
USANA Health Sciences with Julie Boyer: Book Woodgrove Pines Wellness Clinic: Assorted Products
Vibrational Healing: Gift Certificate
VoxxLife Great Socks for All: Knee High VoxxLife Socks


The 2018 Health Expo and the 2018 & 2019 Women’s Expos were very successful. We hosted 100+ exhibitors, 15+ seminars and over 1,000 attendees at each Expo held at the Vancouver Island Conference Centre in Nanaimo, BC.
The response from our exhibitors and attendees who attended the past several Expos was overwhelming positive. Here is a small sampling of the feedback we received:

Beyond having my expectation met. Great Job. Thank you.”

“Been to many shows – this one was excellent. Participants had great feedback. They loved venue. Nothing but positive comments. “

“Having free admission was a great ideal. It brought a lot more people through the door.”

“It was a great overall experience and show. We look forward to next year.”

“Organization excellent, venue excellent. Great wide aisles and space between booths.”

“Fabulous event. Great traffic. The BEST trade show event yet!”

“Amazing Expo. I am very happy with the thoughtfulness of this event. Excellent value for my business.”

“Good positive feedback from attendees. People were prepared and engaged.”

“Excellent! Extremely well organized. Great communication.”

“Everything was perfect. Traffic of customers and contacts exceeded our expectations.”