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Welcome – Show & Tell

You want to be healthy, and the decision to entrust your wellbeing to professionals who care is significant. The health professionals in the Wellnessnews share a passion for helping you live your best life, today. Check out the exclusive monthly “Show & Tell” listing found at (Central AB communities) and @CentralAlbertaWellnessnews on Facebook to see the incredible wellness welcome offers they’re extending to Wellnessnews readers! Simply show them their ad to redeem their special BONUS to you. How? Just take this copy home with you or download and print the ad then…show and tell!

Offer & Condition (s) + Contact info    403.304.8252
FREE one month water supply with the purchase of the cooler and monthly water service through Aquae Vitae Ltd. Limit to first 10 Wellnessnews Readers. New clients only.
Innovation   587.273.4773
We can offer 20% off any cosmetic treatment. Limited to the first 10 Wellnessnews Readers and to new patients only.   403.396.6920
BONUS GIFT of Toxin Free Hand Soap with purchase
of a series of five (5) Ionic Cleanse Footbath sessions. Limited to first 5 Wellnessnews Readers. New clients only.   403.986.1700
50% off PhysIQ ProBio (weight management probiotic) with a booked consultation with Jennifer. Limited to first 10 Wellnessnews Readers. New clients only.   403.597.1594
Receive a FREE copy of Sally’s book “The Circle Club”, a journey of hope and healing when you register for and class. Limited to first 6 Wellnessnews Readers. Call Sally to register.   403.309.6333
Move in and save $2630.00 OFF your 6th month of residency! Available to the first 5 Wellnessnews Readers.



Meet the Professional

Ever since local mixed media artist Sally Towers-Sybblis was a child, she had a passion for creating. She believes her process is simple: start and the painting will evolve and finish itself. Sally loves to use colour in her work; the more colour, the happier the work becomes. “I want my work to reflect a sense of fun and spontaneity!” she says. It’s important to Sally to include the community in her work, so she teaches classes on a regular basis. “Sharing my techniques gives others that same sense of gratification and expression that I receive from creating,” she explains.

Canada Winter Games Trek

The Red Deer Primary Care Network (RDPCN) challenges you to join the January 5 to February 15, 2019 trek – it’s a fun way to increase your physical activity and community spirit. The six-week trek follows the path of the 2019 Winter Games torch relay. Step up and be part of the Games! Join this free virtual trek as a group or an individual. Enter your steps or activities to watch your progress along the torch relay route. Make the commitment to be active and enjoy the winter months ahead. Go to to register today.

Plan to TREAT, not CHEAT

Treat is a positive action that encourages savouring and enjoying, but cheat encourages negative emotions and behaviours, such as binge eating. Don’t deprive yourself of your favourite foods or you will never be able to stick to your diet plans. The key to weight loss is moderation, not deprivation. There’s a difference between discipline and a straitjacket. Struggling to stay on track? Ask yourself why you want to lose weight in the first place. Write those reasons down in a location where you’ll see them daily to help keep you accountable.

Product Review: Monashee Spring Water

Nestled 300 feet below the Monashee Mountain Range near Valemount, British Columbia lies a natural spring. Monashee Water is true spring water and it contains no chemicals or additives, only essential minerals. It’s also slightly alkaline, which many health practitioners believe helps balance your body’s pH and, as a result, enhances the body’s ability to heal itself. Experience the natural spring water difference.

Making Informed and Caring Decisions

Q: My siblings and I are concerned about where my elderly father should live. How do we work through our different opinions? A: Well-meaning relatives may disagree with one another or with the aging person about where they should live and the level of care they require. Lawyers work with the family and excellent resources within the community to help ensure that the legal needs of vulnerable people and those who care about them are met. This work can also include discussions about financial circumstances, concerns, and estate planning.

Profile: Udaya Wellness Clinic

A new and innovative wellness clinic is opening in Red Deer in January 2019! Located in Gasoline Alley West, this new clinic combines the talents of co-owners, Dr. Candice Staniek, ND and Stephen Roberts, Counsellor/Brainspotting Specialist (among other practitioners of various professions), to address the origin(s) of issues you may be experiencing. Through outpatient treatment programs, core packages, and multiple collaborative services they will attend to your whole health, all within a warm and welcoming environment.

Product Review: PRO Andrographis

AOR’s PRO Andrographis contains a high dose, single nutrient for flexible dosing of the traditional Chinese cooling herb andrographis paniculata. This herb has been attributed to reducing susceptibility to and recovery times from numerous bacterial and viral infections, including: the common cold, intestinal infections, and urinary tract infections. It’s been shown to clinically reduce the duration and severity of cold and flu symptoms, with noticeable improvements within three days. Many of the andrographis formulas available have a low concentration of the active constituent andrographolides. AOR’s PRO Andrographis is standardized to include 33% andrographolides, equivalent to 6-9g of the raw herb.

3 Tips for Happy Holidays

Want to make this the best holiday season yet? Then keep reading! Try the following tips: 1. Eat warming whole foods. Anything with garlic, ginger, cayenne, chili, and cinnamon will help keep you warm. 2. Do a mini meditation. If you find yourself getting anxious in stores or crazy traffic, try exhaling longer than you inhale (six breaths in, eight breaths out). 3. Cut the sugar. Ask for “half sweet”, read the labels – if it says more than 8 grams, put it back; try the nut mix instead of the sugar cookie.

Product Review: IonCleanse® Footbaths

Studies suggest that children with autism spectrum disorder have impaired detoxification. Dr. Sonia McGowin, DC, shares, “As both a mother of a child with food allergies and learning disabilities, as well as a doctor specializing in children with autism, I find the IonCleanse® by AMD to be an invaluable part of the services I offer. The differences I see in my child and in my patients are astounding.” Adding a detoxifying footbath into your child’s health regimen can help with their overall wellbeing. The gentle, non-invasive treatment pulls a variety of toxins out of your child’s body through their feet.

Caring for Winter Skin

Do you suffer with dry, flaky, alligator skin during the winter months? Your skin is your body’s largest organ, so taking proper care of it is important, especially in the dry heat indoors and freezing wind outside. Healthy skin can help you avoid wrinkles, skin conditions, and infections, as well as keep that itchy feeling away. Optimize your skin this winter by following these tips. 1. Shower or bathe in lukewarm water and avoid long, hot showers. 2. Pat skin dry with a towel, but don’t rub. 3. Use a quality moisturizer immediately after bathing/showering. 4. Minimize soap usage.