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Caring for Winter Skin

Do you suffer with dry, flaky, alligator skin during the winter months? Your skin is your body’s largest organ, so taking proper care of it is important, especially in the dry heat indoors and freezing wind outside. Healthy skin can help you avoid wrinkles, skin conditions, and infections, as well as keep that itchy feeling away. Optimize your skin this winter by following these tips. 1. Shower or bathe in lukewarm water and avoid long, hot showers. 2. Pat skin dry with a towel, but don’t rub. 3. Use a quality moisturizer immediately after bathing/showering. 4. Minimize soap usage.

Coldest Night of The Year

Feb. 23 4 pm – 8 pm The Coldest Night of The Year is a walk to raise awareness and funds to support The Mustard Seed as they serve the most vulnerable men, women and children in our community. Visit for more information.

Health Basics: Pathway to Vitality

Reduce joint pain and the risk of heart attack and stroke, boost energy and protect against 50 chronic illnesses – Health Basics is a simple, positive, and empowering group-based lifestyle program intended for people who want to choose healthy living, lose weight, and become more active. Participants learn simple changes and set goals to practice their new skills. Small group discussion and a positive atmosphere foster accountability and learning. Be one of the more than 4600 people who have benefitted from this program over the past 10 years. Visit to learn more about Health Basics. To register, call 403-343-9100.

What’s a Reserve Fund Study?

Replacing the roof at a complex. New asphalt in the parking lot. Upgrading underground utilities. Condominiums age and need to be repaired and maintained. The Condominium Property Act requires that condominium corporations establish and maintain a capital replacement reserve fund to provide for major repairs and replacement of property and common property. A new reserve fund study must be conducted every five years to make sure your building’s reserve fund is up-to-date. Why is this important? This allows you to get on with enjoying condo living without unexpected repair and maintenance costs and even to sell your condo with confidence.

Choosing a New Companion

A pet is a long-term commitment with time and financial obligations, so the right selection process is essential. If you can meet these obligations, your pet should then reflect your lifestyle: where you live, available space and time to interact with your pet. Some pets require less exercise and space while others require high amounts of exercise and room to move. Research different animals and breeds to learn their needs and requirements. If you are having difficulties with your decisions or have questions, turn to your trusted Veterinary Clinic and the staff should be glad to help answer your questions.

Travel with Peace of Mind

Enjoy your trip knowing you can you can rely upon the travel insurance you purchased. When completing the application process, take your time, provide answers that you know are accurate, even if you must check with your doctor or pharmacist. If a claim for coverage is denied, you may have to deal with service providers seeking tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars for uninsured medical bills. In that case, you should seek a legal opinion regarding the basis for the denial of coverage by the insurer, and about your legal obligation to pay the amounts claimed by the service provider.

Daily Choices to Heal Thyself

Did you know that human body has an amazing capacity to heal itself? Disease generally occurs when, over time, we deprive our bodies of basic requirements to keep us healthy. When life was simpler and slower paced, food came from real farms and local markets. We knew our neighbours, ate homecooked meals, and when we went to the Doctor, they would look in our eyes, at our tongue and ask when we pooped last! In our fast-paced world, with hormone-injected and antibiotic-laden fast food, we often forget we still control our daily choices that determine our health.

Udaya Wellness Clinic

Mark your calendar to go to Udaya Wellness Clinic’s Grand Opening February 23 from Noon to 4 pm. This new and innovative wellness clinic opens is NOW OPEN! They bring new and collaborative health programs to the area, business partners Dr. Candice Staniek (ND) and Stephen Roberts, Counsellor/Brainspotting Specialist have gathered a team of specialized practitioners to create a space where you can experience the very best, complete, holistic care: physically, mentally, socially and spiritually. This synergistic approach addresses your whole health, through programs that are individually customized for optimal results.

Tis the Season for Hormone D!

We call it “Vitamin D,” but this compound is in fact a steroid hormone with specific activities in every cell in your body. Known as the sunshine vitamin – our bodies can produce it given regular and effective doses of sunshine. The challenge over the winter months is not getting enough. Babies who are breastfed, children, shift workers, people who have undergone surgical menopause, experience chronic inflammatory conditions, have osteoporosis, malabsorption and the elderly all have specialized needs. Before you start treatment though, it’s important have a simple blood test to determine your needs. Ask your pharmacist about it today.

Profile: Riverstone Dental Clinic

Riverstone Dental Clinic’s goal is to treat patients in the safest and most natural way possible while still providing all the modern dentistry you would expect of a dental office and provide a lifetime of healthy smiles. We are fluoride-free and do not support the use of Amalgam (mercury) fillings. Holistic dentistry is not a dental specialty but a philosophy of practice that promotes health and wellness instead of the treatment of disease. It is a less toxic approach at fixing oral issues in order to better a patient’s teeth, mouth and overall health.