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Tips for CPAP Therapy Success

– Use your CPAP all night, every night and while napping
– Use distilled water for your water chamber.
– Wash your CPAP mask daily (warm soapy water or mask cleaner and wipes).
– Check your filter every other week — clean or replace if dirty.
– Replace your mask and accessories every 6 months.
– Do not over tighten your mask; it may cause leaks and cause the seal to break.
– If you have any dryness in your nose or throat, try increasing the humidity.
– Keep in contact with your doctor and CPAP provider to ensure your success.
Dream Sleep Respiratory,

A Helping Hand in Healthcare

Do you know someone who needs help? Bayshore believes healthcare and personal care services should be accessible by Canadians. They partner with healthcare professionals and pharmaceutical manufacturers to connect patients to the care they need, when it matters most, by supporting patients and their families throughout their journey, from diagnosis onwards. Bayshore provides services for many medical conditions including oncology, neurology, rheumatology and rare diseases. Your local Home Health branch serves the areas of Red Deer, Innisfail, Olds, Ponoka and Rocky Mountain House. The process of arranging home care is simple and free in-home consultations are available.

Your Child’s First Dental Visit

At Riverstone Dental Clinic, we recommend your child’s first dental visit to be about age 3, however, you can consider bringing your child for a visual exam as early as 6 months of age. Consider having your child come in and watch you get a cleaning and exam before it is their turn, so they know what to expect. Pick a time of day when your child is generally well rested. Children are intuitive, be careful not to pass on your own fears or anxieties about dental visits to your children. Assure you are positive and prepared for the experience.

Eye Exams for Optimal Health

A regular eye exam by a Doctor of Optometry is the best way to stay on top of eye health. A comprehensive eye exam can detect potentially life-threatening conditions, like brain tumours, high blood pressure, diabetes, or imminent stroke. Did you know that 1 in 7 Canadians will develop a serious eye disease in their lifetime, yet 75% of vision loss can be prevented or treated with proper care? For over 30 years, Bower Eye Care has provided Central Albertans of all ages with expert vision care services using the most advanced technology and welcome new patients.

Other Risks Related to Falls

Sensory deficits create problems with sensation, whether it be with the eyes, ears or feeling in the feet, can increase your risk of falling. Check your eyesight and hearing regularly and talk to your doctor if you’re experiencing numbness in your feet. Blood pressure drops, especially when we quickly go from lying, or sitting, to standing, can interfere with balance, vision and coordination. If you feel dizzy or lightheaded when standing, sit until your head clears, stand up slowly and ensure you have good footing before taking a step.

Profile: Incite Inspirations

Your 90-minute emotional wellness discovery session begins with a conversation. We assess satisfaction levels in all areas of life and explore possible connections to emotional/physical pain and any dissatisfaction in present-day life. An emotional wellness session utilizes tools such as tapping, coaching, visualizations, and affirmations; facilitating the release of attachments to past traumas, upsetting life experiences, fears, cravings, stress, and anxiety. Emotional wellness sessions are known to increase life satisfaction; resulting in more joy, peace, calmness, clarity, and confidence. All sessions are guaranteed – you’ll leave feeling better. If you have questions, a complimentary 10-minute telephone consultation is available.

Open Streets – Cyclovia

Several downtown streets will close Sunday, August 11 for use of any non-motorized activity (e-bikes and scooters included) by people of all ages and abilities. Two satellite stations (Kerry Wood Nature Centre & the Red Deer Public Library Dawe Branch) will provide participants with maps and a guided bike ride to downtown. Themed activity zones include: sustainability/green living, community/culture, entertainment, active living, a market and child-friendly activities. Experience Cyclovia – be active, use active transportation, and learn about our trails and fabulous downtown. Mark your calendars and join this fun community event.

Meet the Professional

Dr. J Arlo Chinnery TCMD, RAc completed internships in Bei Jing, China in 2003 and Rocky Mountain Physio in 2004 and received his Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine Diploma in 2005. After starting his practice in Southern Alberta, Dr. Arlo moved back to his hometown, Red Deer, in 2010, to continue his holistic approach to pain management. In 2018, Flying Turtle Acupuncture, moved to a larger facility to accommodate his growing clinic. Since current patients soon require less frequent treatments to maintain their improved state of well-being, new patients are always welcomed.

Helping Turn Back Time

BOTOX® is a popular worldwide treatment that works by blocking nerve impulses to the muscles, causing them to relax. As a result, your expressions soften, and dynamic wrinkles are greatly reduced. Why are BOTOX® treatments so popular? – It doesn’t change the way you look but helps smooth away strong expression lines making you look younger and more relaxed. – It is extremely safe and effective, when administered by experienced physicians. – The treatment is virtually painless and can be administered in minutes. – The results can last up to 6 months.
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