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Improve Workplace Wellness with Gratitude

At work, it is easy to feel stressed, overwhelmed or confused during times of uncertainty. However, research has shown that when meetings start with intentional gratitude and a short debrief at the end, collective intelligence and productivity increase substantially. How does it work? Put a standing item of reflection/gratitude/quick win in the agenda template and assign someone to share a positive note. When the meeting is over, check-in to ensure you met your objectives, everyone was heard, and everyone is ready to move upwards and onwards.

Connecting with Seniors Safely

Practicing social distancing and self-isolation is an important way to help limit the spread of the COVID-19 virus. Older adults are at the greatest risk of severe illness from COVID-19, and family members should avoid exposing their loved ones to the virus. But social distancing can have a negative impact on your loved one’s mental health, so what are some ways to socialize with them safely? 1) Stay in touch with regular phone calls and/or texts. 2) Use video chat to have a virtual dinner party, movie night, or game night. 3) Arrange homecare services to support your loved one.

Product Review: Colflex® by Innotech™

ColFlex® Super Oregano Oil Spray is a great-tasting 4-in-1 oral spray containing essential oils of oregano, thyme, and spearmint oil in an extra virgin olive oil base, sweetened with stevia and fortified with vitamin D3. Spray orally to help relieve coughs, sore throat, travelling challenges, that “under the weather feeling” and for general oral hygiene and fresher breath. Lab tests show that ColFlex inhibited the growth of bacteria such as S. aureus and S. pneumonia after 27 minutes and inhibited the growth of E. coli and S. typhi after 9 minutes.

Local Health Services

Red Deer PCN and Your Family Doctor are here to help you.
Your family doctor and Red Deer Primary Care Network (RDPCN) are here to support your health and wellness. They can help with whatever ails you, not just COVID-19. RDPCN group classes for help with anxiety, healthy lifestyle, grief, happiness, pain, diabetes and relationships are available through a live online format. Call 403.314.3297 to register. To connect with your family doctor call their office. Visit for a list of doctors accepting new patients and for information on RDPCN programs.

Supporting Mental Health

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a noticeable impact on the mental health of Canadians, and the federal government has taken some good initial steps towards addressing this with an economic recovery plan and the free Wellness Together Canada portal. However, about 1.6 million Canadians were living with unmet mental health needs before the COVID-19 pandemic. The Canadian Mental Health Association is working to expand and adapt its virtual services and supports countrywide, and is also calling on the federal government to take further action to support Canadians’ mental health needs. For more information, please visit:

Is your Carpet Making You Sick?

Do you know what’s really lurking in carpet? Carpet attracts and hides some of the worst allergens, bacteria, germs, organisms and other hazardous particles. Dirty carpets can affect your health and the indoor air quality of your home. The average home can accumulate up to 40 lbs. of dust per year. Your carpet also harbors a number of species of bed bugs, fleas and dust mites. Mites can cause allergies through their molted skin, waste and through the mites themselves. Having your carpets professionally deep cleaned can reduce the amount of unseen pests, prevent sickness and allergies, and remove or prevent undesirable odors.

Safe and Healthy Vehicles

You clean and sanitize spaces in your home, but how often do you clean inside your vehicle? Regular detailing helps reduce bacteria and allergens that can be lingering in your vehicle, helping you to stay healthy. Bacteria can be found living on all surfaces in your vehicle, and can be hard to remove from things like upholstery. Your vehicle can also harbor allergens like mold, mildew, dander, mites, and other pollutants. While you can give your vehicle a quick cleaning here and there, professional detailers can ensure that any potentially harmful bacteria and allergens are removed safely and effectively.

What is Tinnitus?

Tinnitus affects about 10% to 15% of the population. It is often described as a ringing, buzzing or pulsating sound in the ear, but is defined as a phantom auditory sound. About 5% of the population reports severely intrusive tinnitus affecting day-to-day activities. Many people who suffer from tinnitus also experience tiredness, irritability, poor concentration, anxiety and depression that can be severe. Wax buildup, eardrum perforation, ear infection, and noise exposure have been associated with the onset of tinnitus. Specialized tinnitus testing and therapy are now available and have high success rates for relief.

What is CPAP Therapy?

Otherwise known as constant positive airway pressure, CPAP therapy is the gold standard choice in the treatment of obstructive sleep apnea with significantly higher success rates than corrective surgery or dental appliances in moderate to severe cases. A pressure is applied gently to the airway to relieve flaccid anatomical muscle tone during sleep through an externally affixed mask. The patient’s perception is that like a fan, that translates into an airway splint or pressure to keep the airway open during sleep. Through repetitive use and as their pre-treatment symptoms subside, improved breathing is achieved.

What is Probate?

Certain assets cannot be transferred without a Grant of Probate of the Will. The Application for Probate includes information about the estate’s assets and liabilities and about those who have an interest in the estate. Once issued, the Grant of Probate confirms that the Will meets the legal requirements and that the executor has the authority to carry out their duties. Your lawyer can advise you on whether to apply for a Grant of Probate and other steps that can be taken to avoid disputes and problems after the Grant of Probate is issued, such as keeping good records.

Health Benefits of Facials

Facials are a fantastic way to practice self-care and offer a variety of benefits. Their main purpose is to help your skin look and feel its best by helping to promote collagen development, improve blood circulation, cleanse, open the pores to free any bacteria buildup, remove blemishes, improve overall skin tone, and boost cell regeneration. Facials also provide benefits beyond healthy-looking skin! They are an important way to relieve stress, boost your mood and promote relaxation, and can also reduce congestion in the sinuses by opening the lymph nodes and encouraging the sinuses to clear any fluid buildup.