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You ARE Enough

Smart, funny, pretty, thin, tall, strong, rich…it seems we can never be enough of these qualities. We are our own worst enemies; the feeling of “not enough” is keeping us stuck and feeling heavy. The good news? You CAN change this belief by choosing a different mindset. The fastest and most effective tool you can use is gratitude. And it’s FREE! Lack and abundance cannot coexist in the same space. When you begin to shift your energy toward what you already have, you instantly become abundant. Start and end your day with five things you’re grateful for and watch your life get lighter!

The Hamlets at Deer Park

Welcome to your all-inclusive retirement living community, where we bring resort life to you! Some of the amenities include:
• Well-appointed lounges and social spaces; scheduled transportation with privately-owned bus; and theatre;
• Delicious, home-cooked meals served in full-service dining rooms; guest meals and catering; complimentary snacks and beverages available 24 hours a day; and modified menus for those on special diets; and
• Regular exercise; recreation programs; and wellness clinics and programs
All this, PLUS peace of mind with 24-hour-a-day, on-site care staff!

Get Skin-Wise for Summer

The summer months are upon us and the beach is beckoning. Here are some tips for being skin-wise this summer!
COVER UP: Wear wide-brimmed hats, UV-blocking sunglasses, and thin, light-coloured clothing.
LIMIT THE RAYS: Take frequent breaks in the shade or indoors.
APPLY AND REAPPLY SUNSCREEN: Put it on every two hours, at least. Remember, babies have thin skin and burn easily. Keep them out of the sun.
STAY HYDRATED: Bring lots of water and drink often.

Practicing Body Positivity

How often do you look at a photo of yourself and immediately start picking out all the things “wrong” with you? The body positivity movement teaches us to appreciate the uniqueness of every body. It doesn’t mean that we always love every single thing about ourselves, but the goal is to shift the focus away from our outside appearance and instead celebrate our body’s abilities, regardless of size or physical traits. Once we learn to have self-compassion, we can also appreciate others for their differences and come to the realize that diversity is what makes the world a beautiful and interesting place. Red Deer Nutrition Inc.,

Book Club: Making a Good Brain Great

By Daniel Amen, MD. When our brains work right, we work right. But the brain is easily injured. A bump on the head, sleep deprivation and poor nutrition can all have long-term consequences leading to problems with attention, mood and even dementia. Dr. Amen shares his exciting insights into protecting, repairing and maintaining our brains with good nutrition, supplements and special exercises. A great read!

A Time for Growth

Just as the little seedlings sprout up through the soil, think back to a time when you emerged into newness. We open our arms to welcome the same sun that coaxes growth from the soil. Reflect on how your embrace helps warm and nurture those in your life, and how you inspire growth in others. As the kids emerge from the chrysalis of the school year, they are now primed to learn from the sun, the soil, and nature herself. Celebrate this new season of growth and discovery!

Summer Day Camps

Preschool and school-aged camps at the Kerry Wood Nature Centre and Historic Fort Normandeau guarantee lots of warm weather fun! Outdoor adventures, mystery solving, a trip through time: something for every young explorer! Register up to 3 days before camp: $72 preschool/$150 school-aged per child. Early drop off/late pick up available. Call 403-346-2010, ext. 111 or visit for more information or to register.

The Hamlets at Deer Park

Imagine a place where you can live a meaningful life and reach your personal potential through services that are individualized to your needs and experiences. With amenities, activities, and a staff that embrace health and happiness, that place is The Hamlets at Deer Park in Red Deer, an independent living retirement community. We are the community of choice for those looking to find a community that can support you in your daily walk through life. Health and happiness await at The Hamlets at Deer Park; a place you can call home.

Downsizing and Moving Forward

Our possessions are important to us, but there comes a time in our lives when even “enough” is too much. Whether the reason is an imminent move to a smaller living space, or that we just can’t ram one more thing into the basement, it’s time to bite the bullet and deal with accumulated possessions. Where do we start? The process is not an easy one, but by attending a session such as “Downsizing and Moving Forward,” offered by Shalom Counselling Centre, you will learn how to overcome the physical and emotional challenges encountered in the downsizing process.