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Try This for Better Digestion

As we observe the changing colours and dry chill of the fall, so too must we adapt. The more we follow nature’s lead, the easier our lives can become. To live with more ease, consider eating your largest meal at lunch. Your metabolism is strongest between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m., and reaches its peak at high noon, so take advantage of that and eat a warm, nourishing lunch. Consider an immune-boosting root vegetable soup, or a warming Buddha bowl, or maybe try Kitchari – an Eastern rice and mung bean dish known for its nourishing and cleansing properties.

Connecting Children with Nature

Studies show that there are numerous benefits for connecting children with nature at an early age. It supports creativity and problem solving; enhances cognitive abilities; improves academic performance; reduces Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) symptoms; increases physical activity; improves nutrition, eyesight, social relations, self-discipline and reduces stress. Kerry Wood Nature Centre,

Providing Supported Independence

If an adult has the capacity to make decisions but would like help to make and communicate these decisions, they can sign a form that authorizes someone they trust to be their “supporter.” This allows healthcare professionals, such as pharmacists, to share information about their medical circumstances with the supporter. It’s a good option to ensure persons with mild to moderate capacity issues are supported while still exercising some independence. This can continue until the person loses their capacity to make personal decisions and the court appoints a co-decision maker or a guardian, or if their Personal Directive is enacted.

Adopt the Practice of Gratitude

Did you know that negative emotions are incompatible with gratefulness? The practice of stopping to count your blessings is necessary to lift depressing and negative thoughts. However, sometimes we need a reminder to be grateful. Make a gratitude board using a white board or poster. Write your thoughts on it at least once a week. A family or a workplace gratitude board can result in many positive emotions, both in stimulating your own thoughts and in knowing how others feel. Use Thanksgiving as a great opportunity to plan how to include gratitude in your life.

Autumn? Or Thyroid Disorder?

B-r-r-r-r-r-r! The sun has started changing the warm summer mornings and evenings into cooler autumn days. One feels the urge to simply pull out the sweaters in response to this change. But wait…what’s that you say? You are almost always cold, regardless of the ambient temperature? Did you know that a colder disposition could be a sign of thyroid disorder? Sharing this tendency is a good starting point for a conversation with your health care professional, as you continue your journey to wellness. A simple blood test can be ordered to determine if this is what’s behind your sensitivity to cold.

Retirement Living at its Finest

You deserve the best and a place to call home. Sit back and relax at The Hamlets at Deer Park while you enjoy 3 meals a day restaurant style, complimentary bistro snacks, weekly housekeeping, in-house salon, theatre, the privately owed bus for scheduled transportation and weekly excursions, and monthly live entertainment. All this, PLUS peace of mind with 24-hour-a-day, on-site care staff. Your furry friends are even welcome here! Call today for a complimentary lunch and tour.

Keep Your Pet Smiling

Dental disease is a painful condition that affects the quality of life of our loving companions. It is an increasing problem and it is the buildup of plaque and tartar that can lead to additional health problems such as heart and kidney disease. Left untreated, plaque and tartar buildup can lead to more gingivitis and cause gum recession and tooth loss. Pet owners should consider routine observation and brushing of the teeth, as well as dealing with problems as soon as they are noticed. These actions will help prolong and improve the quality of life of our beloved friends.

Internal Synergy Inc.

Over $400 million is spent annually on laxatives each year in North America! And further, nearly 90% of degenerative disease begins in the digestive tract. Ridding the body of accumulated toxins is crucial to optimal health. Internal Synergy Inc. strives to help clients eliminate their body’s toxins through three gentle and effective modalities – Colon Hydrotherapy, Ionic Footbath, and Far Infrared Sauna. With fall upon us, the change of seasons can bring aches and pains and digestive discomfort, so it’s a great time to start a cleanse. Gentle cleansing strategies can yield life-changing results.

Meet Coach Jon McLernon

An online nutrition coach specializing in helping men and women over 30 who have 30-80 lbs of fat to lose, Coach Jon has real-world experience, having lost and kept off over 80 lbs. Coach Jon works with clients to create an optimal plan for their body, so they can spend more time focusing on the fun stuff being healthy enables. His formal education is in chemistry and marketing from the University of Victoria. Currently a Precision Nutrition certified coach, Coach Jon has an extensive background in nutritional supplements and sports nutrition, having operated a retail supplement store for three years.

Yoga Breath to De-Stress

When stressed, your breathing becomes shallow and rapid. With simple yoga breathing practices, you can consciously relax and soothe body and mind. To start, make your inhalation and exhalation the same length, such as breathing in for the count of three, and out for three. As you exhale, let your shoulders relax and soften away from the ears. Bring a slight smile to the corners of your mouth. Repeat three or four times, then see how you feel. If that feels comfortable, try lengthening the exhale to a count of five for a few more breaths. Namaste.