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The Importance of Collagen

Collagen makes up 90% of your body’s protein, and is vital for our skin, bones, muscles, tendons, cartilage, and ligaments, acting like glue for joints. The body’s ability to produce collagen naturally decreases as we age, and excess sun exposure, smoking and poor diet can also inhibit collagen production. It’s no surprise that people reach for collagen for wrinkles, cellulite, stretch marks, and joint health and comfort. The depletion of collagen may lead to joint challenges, and visible signs like sagging skin. When you consider collagen’s potential to support our joints, bones, and skin, it becomes obvious why this multitasking protein is on everybody’s radar.

Retirement Haven

Today’s active seniors are looking to get the most out of their retirement. When weighing the options for senior living, consider how much the senior living industry has grown in the last five years. Independent living has become a retirement haven for seniors who want flexibility and peace of mind. It is designed for the independent senior with an active lifestyle who wants to simplify their worries of home maintenance, commuting, safety, social isolation, and health. Senior living in an independent living community is designed to streamline your life to give you the time to do the things you want to do.

Hearing Loss and Heart Disease

It might come as a surprise, but there is a connection between heart health and hearing. Both rely on blood flow, so heart problems that cause plaque buildup in the arteries and restrict blood flow can potentially damage ears. Nerves in the ears can also be damaged by poor circulation. Studies have shown that the better someone’s cardiovascular health, the better their hearing tends to be. It’s important that older adults eat a healthy, balanced diet; get regular exercise; quit smoking and have their hearing tested every two years, to help maintain a healthy heart, and therefore healthy ears.

Video Games for Dementia

A recent study suggests that playing video games for 30 minutes a day could help older adults gradually fight the effects of dementia by improving memory function. Games that involve a 3D environment with more advanced graphics appear to be more effective, as they offer more immersive gameplay. During the study, participants were asked to play video games for about 30 to 45 minutes per day over four weeks. Improvements in both cognition and memory skills were found in the group that played video games with 3D graphics. This could offer a simple and fun anti-dementia approach for older adults!

Outreach at the Golden Circle

Golden Circle Outreach services connect people who need help to our basket of services or other services in the community that will make their life easier and safer. Our staff have helped apply for the Action Bus, connect them to Red Deer Meals on Wheels, so that they can get a hot meal delivered at noon Monday to Friday. We help them get a Lifeline system from the Friends of Red Deer Regional Hospital Centre. Help with Alberta Senior Benefits and income tax. Staff have helped people fill out application forms for CPP and OAS as well as AISH. We are here to help people get the supports and services they need to remain independent. Please reach out, ask your questions and we will help you get the information that you need. We are only a call away at 403-343-6074.

Lack of Sleep & Your Heart

Many of us are fully aware we don’t get enough sleep at night. Did you know just one night of even minor sleep deprivation (6 hours or less) can wreak havoc on your heart? Several published studies from the European Heart Journal concluded that just one night of sleeplessness can put your heart at risk for many pathologies, increasing one’s risk of cardiovascular disease by 48%. Studies showed that your chance of death by coronary artery disease (CAD) almost double with continual sleep deprivation. For more information check out our blog on our website

November is Falls Prevention Month

The Prevention information You Need to Know
Falls. One of the leading causes for hospital visits for people of all ages throughout our Province. In 2017, Albertans visited the Emergency Room or an Urgent Care facility 154,004 times and 17,489 Alberta’s were hospitalized due to falls.

Falls can happen in your home, while playing your favourite sport, while chasing your babies/grandbabies around the house or the park, on vacation while your craning your neck to take in all the sights and sounds or if your like me… walking up the stairs.

While activity is key to healthy aging, so is falls prevention. There are several excellent resources the Golden Circle circulates through the community and with Falls Prevention Month kicking off in November, you can bet we will be sharing even more to our community to support active living and falls prevention.

Ms. Bonnie Lewis
Community Outreach Program Coordinator
Golden Circle Resource Centre

Tapping into Your Creative Side

The Golden Circle was fortunate to receive a donation from the Red Deer and District Chamber of Commerce and Tourism Red Deer to continue a painting initiative that started with the December fundraiser, Canada’s National Junior Team Selection Camp Quarantine Art Auction. The auction was held online with several of the World Junior players and staff participating. Funds raised went to local charities and the Golden Circle was one of the recipients. We have organized an opportunity to connect new senior artists online with an instructor to learn acrylic painting to inspire a new creative outlet. Thank you once again to the Chamber of Commerce and Tourism Red Deer.

Reducing Cognitive Decline

Did you know that previous research suggests that hearing loss and abnormalities in the eye are tied to memory loss and a higher Alzheimer’s risk? New evidence now indicates that addressing hearing and sight problems can slow down cognitive decline. Existing studies have pointed out that there is a link between the quality of a person’s hearing and their eye health and their exposure to cognitive decline. For those who adopted hearing aids, the scientists found the rate of cognitive decline was 75 percent slower following this intervention.

Are Missing Teeth Affecting Your Life?

Do you hide your mouth because you feel embarrassed about missing teeth? Missing teeth not only affects your general health and appearance, it may also contribute to depression and low self-esteem. Social embarrassment as a result of missing teeth and poorly fitting dentures may result in people avoiding social interactions. Don’t let tooth loss or improperly fitting dentures affect the quality of your life. Your denturist can explain the best ways to restore the function and appearance of your smile. Properly fitting dentures can help restore your self-esteem and bring back your smile.