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Laughter is the Best Medicine

My face in the mirror isn’t wrinkled or drawn. My house isn’t dirty. The cobwebs are gone. My garden looks lovely and so does my lawn. I think I might never put my glasses back on.

Stay Active – Prevent Injuries!

Did you know that falls are the leading cause of injury deaths, hospitalizations, emergency department visits and disabilities in Canada? Falls can have severe consequences, especially for older adults, often resulting in injuries that can limit mobility, decrease confidence, and even lead to long-term disabilities. Taking proactive measures, like exercising regularly can help older adults to enjoy an active and fulfilling lifestyle. The Golden Circle has a variety of fitness options (Yoga, Zumba, Stretch Flex and Strengthen, Sit and Be Fit, Bocce Ball, Carpet Bowling and Line Dancing) for all different activity levels. Some are drop-in classes and some require pre-registration, call the Golden Circle for information at 403-343-6074 – we would love to have you join us!

Outreach Services

Do you need help applying for Alberta Seniors Benefit?
Have Government forms you need help filling out? Need Home Maintenance and Yard care services?
Are you looking to relocate and need a Housing Resource List?
Need transportation to and from medical appointments? Our Outreach Coordinators can help! The team is ready and able to assist – call the front desk at 403-343-6074 to make an appointment to be connected and to have an assessment done.

Avoid Trips, Slips & Falls

Do a quick evaluation of your home for potential hazards! Ensure proper lighting in all areas, especially stairways, hallways, and bathrooms. Remove loose rugs, clear cluttered pathways, or remove low-lying furniture to prevent avoidable slips, trips and falls. Install grab bars in the bathroom and consider using non-slip mats or rugs. Sturdy handrails along stairways can provide stability and support. And make sure you have proper footwear on. Flip flops may seem like a quick option, but you really want to make sure you have well fitted footwear with non-slip soles to help to keep you safe!

Stay Active Safely in the Heat

Hotter weather is here and many of us spend a lot more time outside – it’s important to stay active all year long, but in the heat it’s especially important to do it in a safe way. Refrain from strenuous physical activities in hot/humid conditions outdoors, particularly if you are not used to the conditions or are not used to being physically active.

Take it easier when you exercise and be active during the cooler times of the day – early morning or late evening, if you are not able to be active in an air-conditioned environment.

Wear loose fitting, lightweight, clothing. Cotton/linen clothing can be a cooler option. Be sure to stay hydrated. As we get older, we do not notice thirst as much which increases the risk for dehydration which can be very dangerous! Don’t wait until you feel thirsty, drink lots of fluids, especially during exercise.
Be safe out there and have fun!

Fundraiser Announcement

Our first one was such a big success we have decided to make it an annual event! We are excited to announce that the Golden Circle will be hosting our 2nd Annual Garage Sale and Bake Sale fundraiser at the Golden Circle located at 4620 47A Avenue in Red Deer on Friday, August 25 from Noon to 7pm, Saturday, August 26 from 9am to 4pm and Sunday, August 27 from 9am to Noon. We will have sandwiches, chips and drinks available for purchase on Friday and a BBQ with Hot Dogs and Hamburgers, chips and drinks as well on Saturday.

You aren’t going to want to miss out on our Bake Sale fundraiser happening that weekend, either. Chef Tanya will be baking up pies, muffins, and assorted goodies that we’ll have for sale Friday, Saturday and Sunday while supplies last.

We will start accepting donations at the Golden Circle on August 1; no mattresses, electronics, tires or clothing, please! Please call regarding any large item donations 403-343-6074.

Eating Healthy During Summer

Shining rays and longer days are great ways to enjoy summer, unlike cooking. Choosing healthy, wholefood, nutrient dense options can keep your energy high, waistline small, and your time free for the good stuff. Look for quality brands with foods high in fiber & healthy fats, low in sugar & processing (or even better, raw!), for low blood sugars, and help being your best self. To support the challenges of our fast paced world, nourish yourself with choices that are better for you, and the planet. Need help? Come into Mortar and Pesto Natural Pharmacy for a simple healthy raw cookie recipe that pleases the whole family (and is great cold on a hot day!).

Book of the Month: Enchantment:

Awakening Wonder in an Anxious Age by Katherine May. Many of us feel trapped in a grind of constant change: rolling news cycles, the chatter of social media, our families split along partisan lines. We feel fearful and tired, on edge in our bodies, not quite knowing what has us perpetually depleted. In Enchantment, Katherine May invites the reader on a journey to reawaken our innate sense of wonder and awe. With humor, candor, and warmth, she shares stories of her own struggles and begins to explore the restorative properties of the natural world. Available to borrow from Red Deer Public Library at

Effectively Managing Diabetes

Diabetes is a chronic condition and requires specific, lifelong management. It’s estimated that more than 6 million Canadians are at risk of developing diabetes. Prediabetes is a condition where blood glucose levels are higher than normal, but not enough to be type 2 diabetes. Managing your health is critical to helping delay or prevent the onset of type 2 diabetes. Your pharmacist can support you in managing your diabetes effectively by reviewing any current medications, educating you about diabetes symptoms to be aware of, supporting you with healthy lifestyle changes, and offering products and tools to monitor your blood glucose.

The Power of Embracing Discomfort

Suffering doesn’t mean something is wrong. It is a normal part of life. How often are you trying to fix or change your uncomfortable emotions of irritability, sadness, guilt, fear, and anger instead of sitting with them and trusting that this is all part of the human experience? When we learn to trust, surrender, and let go of the need to control situations and feel positive emotions all the time, that’s when anxiety goes away. Where in your life are you always trying to control the outcome? What happens if you don’t?