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Urinary Tract Infection Prevention!

Urinary tract infections are the second most common infection, instigating millions of doctor visits per year. Most affected are women but about 12% of men will get a UTI, and it usually reoccurs. In looking at urinary tract health, clinical studies have shown that hibiscus flower and whole cranberry reduce the ability of E.coli to adhere to the urinary tract and enter cells, therefore preventing recurrence and lessening antibiotic use. Adding probiotics like the shelf stable Friendly Trio to rebalance bacteria, and antioxidant minerals zinc & selenium synergistically help to eliminate yeast infections that can accompany UTIs, especially following antibiotics.

The Five Things That Happy Seniors Do

Aging is not for the faint of heart. Ailments, losing loved ones and experiencing general aches and pains make getting older a challenge. Many people struggle to remain optimistic as they age, but it is possible to find joy and contentment at each stage of life. Here are some things that happy seniors swear by:

1. Exercise – the ultimate mood booster!
2. Maintain close connections to friends and family – ward off poor health and depression!
3. Volunteer – get a new sense of purpose!
4. Relax, actively practicing self-care – you worked hard, you deserve it!
5. Practice life-long learning – get a renewed zest for life!

Consider Keto BHB Supplements

If you are thinking about a Keto Diet, or are already following one, consider
taking Keto BHB Supplements. They contain Calcium, Sodium, and Magnesium.
When starting the diet they prevent the “Keto Flu” (not a virus, but a lack of energy
and feeling of malaise) Without the supplement you don’t have enough ketones for
energy and have soon used up the 500gm of carbs stored as glycogen in your
muscles and liver. Once on the diet, these supplements help during intermittent
fasting by keeping up the ketone levels in your bloodstream.

Avoid the Winter Blues

The Canadian Physical Activity Guidelines suggest adults should perform at least 150 minutes of moderate aerobic exercise per week, as well as two sessions of muscle and bone strengthening activities, to achieve physical AND mental health benefits. With winter coming, and the challenges of leaving home, this can seem daunting! Your physiotherapist can tailor an exercise program designed specifically for you to do inside with minimal space (to help avoid the cold weather!), and with equipment everyone has around their home. At 30 minutes per day, the benefits of exercise are countless, while the side effects are minimal.

Martial Arts for Children

Martial Art holds a high reputation among many who have watched their young ones grow through the practice. Most parents say their children develop discipline, respect and concentration, along with better strength, endurance and balance. These transferable skills will often follow students into adulthood and continue to shape their actions and worldview. Science is beginning to document improved resiliency and symptoms of autism and ADHD among those who practice on a regular basis, including social interactions, self-regulation, attention, memory and cognitive functioning.

Best Treatment For Osteoarthritis

When it comes to osteoarthritis, the best approach is to treat it from the inside and the outside. Specialized nutritional formulations work on the inside of the body by turning off the inflammation-producing mechanisms and strengthening the joints. N.I.R. Laser Therapy works on the outside of the body by decreasing inflammation, thereby reducing pain and stiffness. The laser penetrates to a level that breaks up scar tissue to shrink nodules and increase mobility. Following a multi-faceted approach that feeds and stimulates the joints at the same time greatly enhances the body’s ability to respond. That is why even long-term, severe arthritis sufferers can get relief.

Achieving a Healthy Core

A healthy core needs two main things: strength and mobility. This is what makes it functional. A functional core will keep you upright and maintain proper posture, support you safely through your daily movements, and protect your organs. In addition, your risk of herniation (both disc and organ) will also decrease with a healthy core. Working on movement progressions (beginner, intermediate, and advanced), along with generally moving more than you are sedentary, is a great way to keep your core healthy. Talk to your chiropractor about ways you can safely strengthen and support your core and feel better!

Healthy Senior Living

3 Tips to Help a Loved One with Memory Loss Adjust to a New Community. Moving into a new living environment involves major change for your loved one. They may be surrounded by a whole lot of unfamiliarity during this time. In order to ensure a more gentle transition, here are a few helpful tips for creating a successful move.
1. Before move-In, attend events at the new community with your loved one
2. Make sure someone familiar is with them during the entire transition
3. Align moving time with your loved one’s best time of day
For more tips on transitioning seniors, health, and wellbeing, visit Brightwater Senior Living blog at

Fighting Fairly as a Couple

Learning to fight fairly can make or break a relationship. The harmony of any relationship isn’t based on how well you manage the good times, but how you work through the conflict that arises in a healthy and respectful way. All relationships over time have conflict, disappointment and frustration. Some people tend to avoid conflict and sweep it under the rug, others gas light it to a roaring fire. When we create guidelines and agreements to work through conflict before it begins, it creates a road map that decreases criticism and defensiveness, allowing emotions to be heard and expressed safely.

Laser Treatments from Your Family Doctor!

Did you know that you can now receive private laser treatment services from your family doctor for a range of health concerns? The Fotona SP laser is an award-winning treatment that can help with conditions such as snoring and sleep apnea, hair removal, skin tightening, scar revision, toenail fungus, skin resurfacing, vascular lesions, and spider veins. The Fotona combines two complementary laser wavelengths that work in harmony to create thermal effects without damaging the skin’s surface. This allows for a range of non-contact, non-invasive procedures that offer greater patient comfort, reduced downtime, and quicker healing, not to mention long-lasting results. Offering free consultations.