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Would you like to test your cardiovascular health? Natural dietary supplements may reduce cardiovascular disease risk factors by improving blood lipid profiles, reducing inflammation and improving endothelial function. The purpose of this study is to see if the dietary supplement Cardioflex can improve cardiovascular disease risk factors in healthy adults. Are you healthy and between the ages of 30 to 65? Are you willing to commit to drinking a supplement once per day for 90 days? Have not used prescription cholesterol or blood pressure medication in the last 3 months. Receive a Free comprehensive cardiovascular disease assessment testing and Free supplements. For more information, Contact OR (204) 272-1555.

Black Seed Oil

Black Seed Oil
Black seed (Nigella sativa) is the new preferred therapeutic oil prized for its immune-boosting and antibacterial benefits to reduce respiratory, viral, and digestive ailments. This oil has been used medicinally in Middle Eastern cultures for millennia. Anecdotally, it’s been said to “cure everything except for death!” And the research is starting to back that up. Studies show that this versatile oil can regulate the immune system, benefit blood sugar, and has anti-cancer activity (Butt et al, 2010). Even though it’s known for its medicinal power, it can be used in cooking and food preparation. Look for a coldpressed black seed oil and for a synergistic blend, use oregano oil and black seed oil together. Look for a combination with vitamins A and D added to give your immune system the best tools to beat the bugs!

Balance: Don’t Lose It!

How’s your balance? Do you find that if you’re not using it, you’re losing it? Practicing balance exercises and skills as we age can significantly decrease the risk of falling, which can help to avoid all kinds of injuries! Our eyes, our inner ear, and our proprioception (position sense in our muscles and joints) all contribute to our sense of balance. If there are deficits with any of these three systems, it can lead to falls. A personalized physiotherapy balance assessment and program takes only minutes out of your day, and can help you keep your balance!

Natural Product Review: Cardioflex Q10

Cardioflex Q10 is a Manitoba-made nutritional supplement designed for cardiovascular health. With a unique blend of vitamins and amino proteins, Cardioflex Q10 is a supportive natural therapy that enriches cardiovascular health, establishes cholesterol balance and reduces CRP (C-reactive protein). With this product you can expect some amazing results: Strengthen your cardiovascular system, dissolve atherosclerotic plaque, lessen the pain of angina pectoris, reduce the likelihood of heart attack or stroke, increase heart and other muscle strength and stamina, lower blood and tissue lipids (fats), and increase antioxidant intake. Give yourself natural immunity against viral, fungal, and bacterial diseases, including antibiotic-resistant strains. Reduce hypertension and improve overall health!

Manitoba’s Wellness Road Trips

Take a beautiful two-hour drive from Winnipeg and you’ll find Journey Home Artist Retreat in Waldersee, MB. You’ll stay in a hand-crafted, authentic Mongolian yurt, enjoy healthy and delicious home-cooked meals, and explore your inner creativity and positive self, all while surrounded by 28 stunning acres of the great outdoors. During your drive out to Waldersee, start to tap into feelings of wellness and rejuvenation so that by the time you’re there, you’ll be in the perfect mindset. Pack some healthy snacks like cut up veggies and fruit, veggie chips, or dried fruit and nuts and enjoy the ride! Marc Alary, Birchwood Toyota – Your Environmental Car Specialist

Product Review: Kyäni Sunrise™

Energize your body, boost mental clarity, promote vitality with an energy drink that’s actually GOOD for you! Kyäni Sunrise™ is carefully designed for all ages, to provide the body with the essential vitamins, trace minerals and antioxidants it needs to flourish. A natural, healthy way to help your energy soar while fighting free radicals and inflammation. Featuring superfoods like the wild Alaskan Blueberry, Mangosteen, Ashwaganda and over 20 other powerful natural ingredients packed in a 1 oz pouch, Kyäni Sunrise™ IS the perfect way to start your day!

How Is Your Cardiovascular Health?

Did you know that you can have cardiovascular disease without experiencing any symptoms? Many people are not diagnosed until the condition worsens to the point where they have angina, stroke, or heart failure: that’s why it is important to start taking steps towards a healthy heart and arteries today. A good screening test for early signs of disease is Digital Pulsewave Analysis (DPA). This Health Canada approved, non-invasive method will show you how your cardiovascular system is working. This information can then be used to devise a specific program to improve your cardiovascular health before symptoms occur.

Stress and Mineral Imbalance

I have tried many kinds of nutritional supplements and herbs to overcome persistent brain excitement from stress. It caused irritability and dysfunctional sleep. Fixing mineral imbalance with mineral supplements is something that has worked for many. However, there are only a few ones that work among various kinds of supplements. This difference comes from bioavailability, the proportion of a drug or other substance that enters the circulation when introduced into the body. But high bioavailability doesn’t guarantee a better effect because it may not be absorbed well by the target organ, e.g., brain. Talk to your doctor about which supplement is best for you.

Giving Without Expecting in Return

To give fully means we let go of our need to be in control and give from the heart, welcoming in the most selfless form of generosity trusting that which is needed shall be received. “Giving like nobody is watching” offers a profound joy and way of being that stands alone without conditions or expecting to receive in return. Being in relationship we learn to both give and receive. When it becomes an automatic expectation that we deserve to receive in return, it ceases to be a gift and becomes a mutual exchange based on expectations and desire. Once gifted it no longer belongs to us, when we have difficulty divesting ourselves of expectations or find ourselves disappointed with unexpected results, then it’s time to re-align our expectations and adjust where we are giving from.

Problem Gambling Among Seniors

Many seniors enjoy gambling, whether it be bingo, racetrack betting, or casino gambling. For most, it is a harmless form of entertainment. But how do you know when a senior loved one’s gambling has become a problem? Some signs might be 1) bragging about gambling and exaggerating wins while ignoring or minimizing losses, 2) borrowing money for gambling, and 3) lying about the amount of time/money they spend gambling. Talk to your senior loved one about their problem gambling and determine what possible causes may exist. Encourage them to get help and let them know they have your support.

Structured Water

Science proves waters responsible for longevity. Dr. Marcel Vogel (Father of Structured Water Science) calls it ‘liquid crystal’ completely compatible with instant cell wall entry & exit. Natural Action Technologies Structuring Devices mimic nature, transforming any water energetically by double vortexing, creating a 6 molecule clusters, an easy uptake into each cell’s aquaporin channel. “Water inside your cells is absolutely critical for health”, Dr. Mercola. Suzanne Forcese.