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Healthy Mouth, Healthy Life

Maintaining good oral health isn’t just about keeping your teeth and gums healthy – it can have an impact on the rest of your body as well. Research suggests that a buildup of dental plaque can be linked to other health issues, including cardiovascular disease, diabetes complications, and even various types of infections. Brushing and flossing away dental plaque each day can help keep buildup under control and limit your risk of other issues linked to poor oral health. It’s important to see your dentist regularly to ensure your teeth, gums, and other oral tissue are in tip-top shape.

In Your Community

Learning new skills can help you face the daily realities of living with and caring for a person with Alzheimer’s disease or another dementia. The Alzheimer Society of Manitoba is offering free online family education to help empower and inform people with dementia, their families and friends. Join us for a wide range of topics, such as navigating the first steps after a diagnosis and end of life care, so you can feel more confident on your dementia journey. To learn more about our sessions and to register, please visit our website at

Give the Gift of Wellness

Essential oils are more than nice scents. When you give someone a starter kit, you are giving them powerful plant extracts that are their path to better wellness. These natural solutions will empower them to dodge harmful chemicals. Extracted through careful steam distillation and cold pressing, only the purest essential oils are used in our products. Whether they want to boost their energy or supplement their diet, these solutions empower them to meet their wellness goals the natural way considering holistic mental, physical, and emotional wellbeing. Learn more about what essential oils are, how they work, their uses and benefits.

Is Your Indoor Air Healthy?

We all care about our family’s health, but have you considered the quality of the air inside of our homes? Allergies, illness, and long-term health can all be affected either in a positive or negative fashion depending on the quality of the air inside your home. According to the Environmental Protection Agency the air inside your home can be 2 to 10 times more polluted than the outside air. It is difficult for our immune system to keep up with the abundance of pollen, dander, smoke, mold, bacteria, and chemical gases that are locked inside. Consider investing in an air purifier to keep your home and your family healthy.

Connecting With Connie

Our mission is to facilitate healthy aging connected to community life for older Manitobans and their families. We plan to do this by integrating program design and delivery of front-line services through leadership, learning, connection and community engagement with our members who are committed to an age friendly path. If older adults are socially isolated it may place them at an increased risk of being a victim of crime, abuse, falls, or other hazards. Maintaining meaningful social connections is important across the course of your life and can assist us all in aging well. Connect to your local senior centre/group.

Medicinal Cannabis in Canada

Canadians have long fought for progress regarding medical cannabis, finally emerging as a progressive leader for countries where cannabis remains illegal. In the late 1990’s the tide changed within the Courts – the medical benefits of cannabis for treatment were undeniable. New regulations would slowly evolve, culminating in 2018 with Federal legalization in the form of the Cannabis Act. Despite being flawed in some respects, the legislation not only recognizes the relief and benefits of cannabis, but also serves as a reminder for the voices and visionaries who helped change the way cannabis is viewed by the Canadian Government, Healthcare system, and Canadians overall.

Why Hire a Youth Coach?

Coaching has been proven to help young people with several challenges that they face. Things such as what career they are thinking about after high school, struggles they are currently dealing with in school, or personal stresses outside of school. As a parent you may want to handle these issues on your own, or maybe you have been trying but would like a helping hand. Coaching will not only improve the relationships they have with themselves, but with you and all those around them. Empower your youth to thrive and succeed. They are the leaders of tomorrow.

IV Nutrient Therapy for Optimal Health

IV nutrient therapy is a safe and effective treatment that delivers high dose vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients directly into the blood stream to encourage optimal health. These nutrients transfer directly into your body’s cells and create a rapid change in how you feel. Many patients report feeling a dramatic improvement that is almost immediate for many symptoms including cold or allergy symptoms, lethargy, and stress. It can also be used to safely treat fatigue, mental health concerns, focus and productivity, digestive issues, healthy aging, athletic support, inflammatory issues, and hormonal and fertility problems, to name a few.

Avoid Injury This Spring

Spring means two things: yard work and stiff, sore muscles. Stretching to prepare muscles for strenuous activities that have not been done since fall is very important. Simple things like doing arm circles, shrugging your shoulders, and touching your toes should be done before and after activity. If you do over exert and your neck, shoulder, arm, or back pain is not going away within a week, there are natural alternatives that can help. Options such as designed nutritional formulations, Biofeedback, or NIR Therapy will reduce inflammation and stimulate muscle repair to help you recover quickly and get back to enjoying spring.

Stay Limber and Pain Free

85% of our population will have an episode of disabling back pain at some point. Sedentary and sitting lifestyles are significant factors that reflect our busy lifestyles, commuting to work, driving kids around, sitting at a desk, etc. We’re meant to move; prolonged positions of any kind can be aggravating. Simple tips are to stretch in the morning before getting out of bed, use pillows between your knees while you sleep, get up and move at least once per hour. Both passive and active treatments are very important for back health such as physiotherapy, massage therapy, and exercise.

I Choose To Make My Life Sacred

Guided by our hearts, our experiences and life’s uncertainty, I choose to make my life sacred in all that I do. Creating ceremony and ritual, summoning potent powers and expansive greatness into the everyday actions of getting up each morning, honoring our bodies, encountering all we meet. Take a moment and stop resisting, let the earth breathe you, hold you and re-create the flow within. Make your desires known and open your heart wide, say thank you for all that you’ve been given. Believe in joy and the potency of the heart, allow breath to lift your restrictive beliefs into freedom. Find magic in the mundane. Once you recognize your freedom, say thank you for all that lives within, staying pregnant with possibility.