Community News

November 20 – 6:00 – 9:00 pm
November 21 – 10:00 – 5:00 pm

Aromatic Earth Aromatherapy Christmas Open House
Free Product Draws, Free Refreshments!
417 Haney Street
Sue Mazur, 204-232-1194


November 19
6:00 – 8:00 pm

Dog Body Language Seminar:
Learn to read your dog better, thus understand them better.

4180 Waverley Street. Grassroots Canine.


November 14 & 28

Christmas Shopping?
Rides to St. Vital Shopping Center or Polo Park Mall.
$10 round trip!
Call to reserve your seat.
Triple L at Your Service, 204-261-0155


November 15
10:00 – 3:00 pm

Optima Modern Apothecary Grand Opening & Christmas Sale
Custom Beauty Bar & Holistic Day Spa.
487 Provencher Blvd.


November 20
7:30 – 9:00 pm

Juice Plus+, Prevention Plus+, The Power of Whole Foods.
Inspiring Healthy Living Seminar – FREE @ Canad Inns St. James.
Alisa Herriman, RNCP ROHP CHCP.


November 26 – 6:30 – 9:30 pm
November 27 – 9:00 am – 4:00 pm.

A Journey through the Chakra system & how it connects to your emotional body:
A hands on workshop with D’Arcy Bruning-Haid.
Wellnessnews discount: $150 (regularly $175)

Evergreen Holistic Health Centre

Do you suffer from allergies, chronic illness or a weak immune system? Evergreen Holistic Health Centre can help eliminate allergies, detoxify metals and toxins, strengthen your immune system, revitalize organs plus test products for toxins. All by utilizing a technology that has been used in Europe for over 20 years. Bioresonance Therapy. Computer hookups collect data while the electrodes are testing the body. Based on the collected data, the electrodes can be focused on a particular portion of the body in order to address a blockage of energy flow. The computer has an electronic filter that can harmonize the frequencies in the body so every organ can work properly. This machine strengthens the natural vibrations to return their electromagnetic fields to optimal levels.

Evergreen Holistic Health Centre

Book Club: The Highly Sensitive Person 

How to Thrive When the World Overwhelms You, by Elaine N. Aron.

Do you have a keen imagination and vivid dreams? Are you “too shy” or “too sensitive” according to others? Do noise and confusion quickly overwhelm you? Discover how to embrace your sensitivities in this international best-selling book. 

Managing Medications

Seniors represent 12% of the Canadian population and account for 28 – 40% of all prescriptions. By 2036, the population of seniors will reach a staggering 9.8 million. It is estimated that approximately 50% of Canadians are not taking their prescriptions as prescribed. The barriers to adherence are varied – education, side effects, forgetfulness or limited access to transportation. One major barrier is the cost of medication. Whatever the cause, non-compliance can often result in a patient having to visit the emergency room or even a hospital stay. The estimated annual cost of medication non-adherence to the Canadian health care system is between $7 and $9 billion. Care At Home Pharmacy helps people manage their medications by providing a personalized service based on the concept of the visiting pharmacist. As well, a budget is set up for clients to help manage the costs. Call us for your in-home consultation.

Care At Home Pharmacy

Dragons’ Den Success

About a month ago, we received an email from one of the producers of CBC’s hit show Dragons’ Den. They were doing a new spin off show called NexGenDen focusing on hot Canadian startups. They had somehow heard of us and wanted us to come on the show! It was an amazing experience. We were in a group of 18 other startups pitching our proposal to the Dragons. Before going on, they told us there would only be a 50% chance that we would make it to air. One by one people came in and out of the den. Some crying, some obviously trying to maintain their excitement.  When it was your turn, you only got one take. We were asking for $100,000 for 2% of our company ($5 million valuation). Search PopRx on YouTube to see how we did!

Dr. Ali Esmail, PopRx

Ditch the Detox Diet

Cleansing is often promoted to improve health by ‘cleansing’ the bowel and removing toxins from the body. It has been claimed that it can boost energy and immunity, promote healthy intestinal bacteria, and start weight loss. The truth is, there is no scientific evidence to show that cleansing maintains or improves bowel health, prevents colon cancer, or achieves lasting weight loss. Your intestine, lungs, liver and kidneys already effectively remove waste from your body every day. These diets can be harmful and cause unpleasant side effects such as cramping, nausea, vomiting, headaches, lack of energy; or more serious side effects, such as dehydration, low/high blood pressure, vitamin and mineral deficiencies, and many more. Instead look for effective and trusted ways to improve your health, boost your energy, and maybe lose some pounds along the way by seeking professional help from a physiotherapist.

Nicole Marier, Action Physio

Holiday Stress Busters

The holidays are rapidly approaching, and a good many of us should be afraid – very afraid!  A time where we should be spending quality time with friends and family turns into a physical and emotional apocalypse.  Lets say we start with Thanksgiving and end at New Years 2016 – that’s a little more than 2 months where we let tradition lay a whopping on our health.  We just finished rolling off the couch following Thanksgiving then the excessive candy at Halloween (yeah right its just for the kids!) , Costco has Christmas decorations out already, so the office (and friends) parties are soon to follow.  With those parties comes a bit more of the sauce (not the type you put on the turkey) and more treats that almost guarantees you cant fit into the clothes you get under the tree!  Give yourself the gift of health this season – Eat Well, Think Well, Be Well.

Dr. Dave, Academy Chiropractic

Reiki for Animals

Animals are far more emotionally and psychically sensitive than we can ever imagine. All animal lovers will agree that they enrich our lives with kindness, love and support beyond that of any human. Reiki is a gentle laying-on of the hands healing system. Reiki has been medically proven to reduce stress, lower blood pressure, lessen physical and emotional trauma and effectively treat chronic conditions such as physical pain or addiction. It effectively aids in the healing of fearful, sad, and overactive newly homed animals. Reiki is loved by animals because it is non-invasive, soothing and loving energy that they may be missing or depleted of in their day to day lives. Reiki is an excellent complement to Western Medicine. It has been medically and experientially proven to reduce the pain of post-traumatic surgery wounds, chemotherapy, sprained or broken bones.

Jill Saifer

Natural Product Review 

MyoNatural offers a revolutionary pain cream that guarantees pain relief or your money back. Now you can live an active, pain free lifestyle without the worry of product side effects. MyoNatural was developed by health care professionals for sports injuries, workout enhancement, joint pain, sore muscles, arthritis, back pain relief and more. It is recommended by doctors, health care professionals and world class athletes, including Tom Brady. MyoNatural is the world’s only toxin-free, all-natural anti-inflammatory cream that actually heals damaged tissue and cells for not only immediate pain relief but long-lasting recovery. Using a patented delivery system, MyoNatural pain cream delivers natural anti-inflammatory compounds directly to damaged tissue where they reinforce and strengthen cells. These cells are now better able to resist rupturing which leads to pain and inflammation. Because our pain cream only uses all-natural, non-toxic ingredients there are absolutely no side effects. Only fast and long-lasting pain relief.

A1 Nutrition 

MRI’s and Low Back Pain

Your back pain may not be due to reasons explained by an MRI, which may well point you towards unnecessary surgical procedures. Current studies show most individuals will have MRI findings of disc degeneration, height loss, or bulging disc. More than 50% of asymptomatic individuals 30-39 years of age and 90% of individuals 60 years of age or older have signs of disc degeneration, height loss, or bulging discs. What does this mean for you? It is possible your MRI findings are the reason for your pain but a lot of the time it isn’t. Low back pain isn’t always because of these “abnormalities” and will not effect the treatment you are receiving at physiotherapy. Physiotherapists are trained to help you with your low back pain using manual therapy and providing you with an exercise program to manage your low back pain. So before you consider surgery, try physiotherapy first.

Lindsay Stevenson

The Power of Grief

Working with people’s grief at a time of deep loss and hurt in their lives is an incredible honour. Grief gets held and stored in our bodies and can be all consuming and overwhelming. People are often reluctant and scared to fully feel their pain in fear that they will never get out of it. When grief becomes stuck in our bodies it can play havoc with our energy levels, sleep, anxiety and our physical and emotional wellbeing. When not worked through it can lead to depression and disease. I recommend and support people to grieve deeply for 20-30 minutes daily when they are going through a rough time or loss in their lives to release the heaviness inside and lighten their load. It’s like a deep rain shower that cleanses that which is no longer needed. Body psychotherapy is helpful when you are not ready to do it alone.

D’Arcy Bruning-Haid