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September is Arthritis Month

Arthritis includes over 100 diseases that cause inflammation in joints or other areas of the body. These diseases are grouped into two different categories: osteoarthritis (most common, causes a breakdown in cartilage) and inflammatory arthritis (autoimmune disorder). Arthritis can involve almost any part of the body, though it most often affects hips, knees, the spine, and fingers. It’s a chronic condition, affecting people on a constant or recurring basis over months, years, or even a lifetime. Symptoms can range from mild to severe, and can lead to disability over time. Talk to your pharmacist about how they can help!

New Product Review: Entropy-Wave

Introducing the world’s first Anti-oxidizing Energy Machine from Singapore, the Entropy-Wave. Chronic diseases like heart disease, stroke, cancer, and diabetes contribute to 71% of global deaths, often linked to our daily diet. This innovative home appliance uses patented Ultra-Low-Frequency (ULF) electromagnetic waves to energize water molecules, creating water clusters with free electrons. When consumed, these free electrons power anti-oxidizing functions and supercharge metabolism. The excess electrons act as antioxidants, promoting better cholesterol levels, fat burn, and liver protection from alcohol and fructose metabolism. Enjoy better-tasting, healthier beverages while boosting immunity and organ functions with pure, powerful energy.

Need a Lift?

Have you ever found yourself unable to get out of your chair? Although it looks like a regular recliner, a lift chair is designed with mechanisms that help it to act as a mobility aid. With the touch of a button, a lift chair can help comfortably maneuver you to a standing position with little to no help from others, providing you with increased independence. Say goodbye to discomfort and hello to relaxation with our state-of-the-art power lift recliners. Experience the ultimate blend of style, functionality, and comfort paired with exemplary Canadian craftsmanship.

Join Today!

Brella Society allows individuals to stay engaged in the community even if it is from the comfort of their own home. We offer programs that stimulate individual’s cognition, provide emotional support, food security and have them engaged in physical activities. Our priority is the well-being of the seniors in our community; therefore, we take initiative in advocating for them and assisting them in navigating support. Please visit our website for more information and events.

Improving Musculo-Skeletal and Joint Pain with Prolozone and Hc-Prp

Prolozone is an effective treatment in pain management and tissue regeneration. It is a combination of prolotherapy, neurotherapy, and ozone therapy. It gives you pain relief while healing of injured joints, ligaments, and muscles. The treatment solution consists of small amounts of vitamins, painkillers, dextrose, anti-inflammatory substances (if needed). Small amounts are injected into affected areas followed by ozone injection, a mixture of ozone/oxygen gas at certain concentration. This stimulates cells crucial for tissue repair, such as joints, cartilage, muscles, and ligaments. Highly Concentrated Platelet Rich Plasma (hcPRP) utilizes the patient’s own blood cells platelets to enhance tissue repair. hcPRP is rich in growth factors and signaling molecules that stimulate healing of bone, tendons, ligaments, and cartilage. Combining hcPRP with Prolozone and intraarticular Low Level Laser Therapy with Red, Green, and Blue spectrum has considerably improved the way of healing.
The result of this combination is nothing short of remarkable.

By Dr. Galina Bogatch, ND. | Beta Wellness Centre |

September Events

If you are interested in any of the events, please call 604-531-9400 ext. 201. Coffee Club – Sept 6 and 20. Cyber Scams Targeting Seniors – Sept 6th. Cloverdale Coffee – Sept 12. Kent Street Luncheon – Sept 8 and 22. Care Giver Support Groups – Sept 5,14,19,28. Please Visit Online to see any upcoming events at []

Telephone Tree

The Telephone Tree program offers support services to older adults over the phone. Our volunteers make weekly social calls offering participants a chance to be heard by providing emotional support, companionship and a sense of community. Volunteers can also provide you with information and referral services as well as keep you informed about the programs and events in the community. It is a great way to stay connected with the community from your home. Call us today if you would like to receive weekly calls. For more information, please contact Nisa Moman. 604-531-9400 ext. 219

The “I’m Still Me” Project

Our project titled “I’m still me” will focus on developing and implementing new attitudes and approaches to support people living with dementia, their families, and care partners by creating awareness breaking down barriers, assuaging myths of Dementia and Dementia related stigma through education and conversation. The proposed project will consist of a series of in-person and online community events aimed at creating awareness about dementia, deconstructing mental models, reducing barriers and fostering more dementia inclusive communities.
We will be hosting 9 in person events across B.C. (Prince George, Kamloops, Kelowna, Nanaimo, Victoria, Burnaby, Surrey, Richmond, Abbotsford) and 45 virtual events across Canada. Call 604-352-4123 or email for more information and how to sign up.

Brella’s Online Events

Looking for engaging and informative online programs? Look no further than Brella! Our online programs cover a variety of topics, including health and wellness, arts and culture, technology, and more. Our programs are designed to be accessible and engaging for people of all ages and backgrounds. Join us online for interactive workshops, educational sessions, and fun activities. Visit our website for more information on upcoming online programs and to register today!
For assistance: Call (604) 531-9400 Ext. 220 Email:

Better at Home Services

Better at Home supports seniors by meeting their non-medical needs. By providing assistance with these simple, day-to-day tasks, Better at Home assures seniors continue to live independently in their own homes and remain connected to their communities. Services vary from community to community but may include the following:
• Friendly Visiting
• Transportation
• Light Housekeeping
• Grocery Shopping
To find out more about the services, please contact Elizabeth at 604-536-9348.

Day Program

Are you or your loved one struggling to thrive? Would you or your loved one like to maintain or improve your physical and cognitive functioning? Are you a caregiver who could use a few hours of respite during the week? If you answered yes to one of these questions, you could be a perfect candidate to access Brella’s Adult Day Program!
People who participate in our Adult Day Program report:
·Enhanced cognitive and physical functioning
·Feeling more connected and less lonely
·Enjoying the tasty hot lunches and snacks provided
·Looking forward to coming back and participating in activities. Find out how to access our Adult Day Program, contact the location nearest you: South Surrey: Raj Sahota at 604-531-2502 ext. 210 or email
Newton: Angela Nial at 604-599-0034 ext. 302 or email
Guildford: Kim White at 778-735-0955 ext. 254 or email