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Starting the Conversation

Starting a discussion about care needs with a senior loved one can be difficult. Deciding when to start the conversation is important. It is never too early to discuss what care might be needed and the desires of the person that will be receiving care. Nine out of 10 seniors want to remain in their home as they age and in-home care can help them. There are many options for in-home care, from the type of care services to the number of hours a week. Making plans before there is an emergency or sudden problem in the senior’s home helps alleviate stress for everyone.

Boost Your Defenses With Bioenergetics

Computerized Bioenergetics is comprised of Biofeedback testing and Bioresonance stimulation. Biofeedback testing identifies strengths and weaknesses in your immune system. Bioresonance helps to stimulate detoxification of the lymphatic system, liver, kidney and bowel. This enables elimination of viruses, bacteria, yeast, and parasites, rather than having them recirculate and create a toxic environment throughout the body. Bioresonance also helps to boost immunity by stimulating specific organs and harmonizing your immune system. It can also aid in the absorption and utilization of vitamins and minerals essential for your immune system. Now is a great time to boost your immune defenses with Bioenergetics.

Foods Affect Feelings

What we eat can impact our mood, memory, and mental wellness. Our brains are filled with a variety of chemicals, hormones, and receptors that all react to the food we eat. In fact, serotonin is actually produced in our guts, and is directly impacted by what we eat. For example, the grumpiness we feel when we are very hungry can be combated by eating foods high in protein and fibre to keep us feeling full. Omega-3s and other brain-boosting amino acids can help with depression and improve mental wellness, while B vitamins can help us feel more energized.

Local Community Spotlight

An important part of the community, Lions Housing Centres was established 55 years ago, and boasts over 540 rental suites in two of their properties. Lions Place, at 610 Portage Avenue and Lions Manor located at 320 Sherbrook with both offering independent living. Lions Place is their largest building which encompasses full amenities for the 280-plus residents. In there you’ll find a community hall, pool tables, shuffle boards, fitness centre, newly renovated greenhouse, hair salon, large library, mini-mart, and restaurant. Both buildings are easily accessible to Winnipeg transit, close to hospitals and have 24-hour security on site seven days a week. Check out their new website –

Minds in Motion

Minds in Motion is back with virtual and in-person sessions! Register now for our weekly program for those living with early to moderate signs of dementia and a care partner to connect with others through fitness, fun and friendship! This weekly program includes a gentle chair fitness class followed by engaging activities and conversation. With virtual and in person sessions across the province in accordance with COVID-19 safety measures, you can feel comfortable joining and taking part. To learn more and to register, please visit

Upgrading Your Hearing Aids

In short, your hearing aids should be replaced every 3-6 years or so. Several factors may figure into whether it’s time to update your hearing instruments. They include: level and sophistication of the hearing technology; quality of upkeep and maintenance throughout use; -potential changes in your hearing ability or listening lifestyle; and condition and performance of your existing hearing devices. Hearing your best is more critical than ever in our changing world — with in-person and virtual communication both playing important roles in today’s new normal. If you think it might be time to update your hearing devices, please don’t wait.

Acupuncture for Vertigo

Vertigo is the sensation that you, or the environment around you, is moving or spinning. This feeling may be barely noticeable, or it may be so severe that you find it difficult to keep your balance. Acupuncture has been used for the alleviation of dizziness and vertigo for over a thousand years. Practitioners of Acupuncture indicate that many conditions involving dizziness are caused by imbalances in the body. They follow a holistic approach, as they consider the overall health of the body and whether there is an imbalance in the qi, the body’s life force. This approach addresses the root cause of our dizziness and provides long-lasting symptom relief.

Book Review: Your Digital Undertaker

Exploring Death in the Digital Age in Canada. Get ready for the biggest launch of the decade! Your Digital Undertaker – the book that moves the needle on the number of Canadians with a will. The world has gone digital, and so have our estates. Everyone needs a will, and in the information age your estate now includes your entire digital life and footprint. This is the first book of its kind that draws the reader into the world of estate planning with a digital twist, bringing the two worlds together. Available now in e-book formats. Ask for it now at your local bookstore.

Don’t Let Dentures Scare You!

Because dentures have been around for such a long time, they have had centuries to generate stories and myths. These fables and warning stories are sometimes used to scare children into taking better care of their teeth. While some concerns may have been valid in the past, they don’t hold anymore. The quality of modern dentures is continuously improving. After an adjustment period, you can enjoy the benefits of white, straight, and attractive teeth. Also, you can eat, drink, and speak normally, without embarrassment. Dentures are lighter, more natural-looking, and much easier to manage than ever before, giving you confidence and a beautiful smile!

Digital Eye Strain

With an increased screen-time, digital eye strain has affected many of us during the lockdown. Viewing a digital screen often makes the eyes work harder. As a result, the unique characteristics and high visual demands of computer and digital screen viewing make many individuals susceptible to the development of vision-related symptoms such as irritation, redness, dryness, and dark circles. Try the 20-20-20 technique during your screen time to reduce digital eye strain. In every 20 minutes, look at an object at least 20 feet away for just 20 seconds. This will break your screen time in parts and reduce continuous strain on your eyes.