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About St. Raphael Wellness Centre

SRWC has been helping people get and stay sober for over 25 years. We are open-minded and non-judgmental of everyone’s recovery path. We offer group and individual counselling for anyone living with substance use, addiction, and other mental health issues. We also help family members affected by addiction. Our programs are available DAY and EVENING to fit your schedule. We have a diverse group of professional staff and volunteers. They love to provide personalized, ongoing, recovery support. If you want to regain control of your life, WE CAN HELP. We’re here to support you.

Boost Mental Health & Performance at Work

During this global pandemic, the need for mental health support has increased fourfold. As an employee, the best thing you can do for your mental health is to be vocal. If you are struggling, speak up or use the Wellness Together Canada free resources. Waiting causes longer term damage impacting productivity and quality of life. If you are an employer, ask how you can support your team every day. Then, get a Mental Health First Aid kit and put it somewhere visible to demonstrate mental health is just as important as physical health. Our mental health kits contain motivational cards, mindfulness colouring and tools, stress balls, breathing exercises, a guide to psychological first aid, resilience tips, and much more.

Tips to Better Handle Stress

You may be stressed if you experience the following symptoms frequently: Weight loss, sleep disturbances, irritability, anxiety or panic attacks, frustration, low self-esteem, negative self-talk, under-eating, or over-eating. Here are 6 stress-management tips. 1. Identify your stress triggers. 2. Stay away from things and people that trigger your stress. 3. Enjoy two hours of “me time” per day. 4. Meditate and practice deep breathing. 5. Split your “to-do” list with your family. 6. Create a magic “mantra” for yourself. For example, “I am the boss of my life.” Keep repeating it to yourself during stress and continue this exercise until the mantra becomes a part of your reality.

Mental Health at the Workplace:

Small business owners face unique pressures which have increased significantly throughout the pandemic. Did you know that up to 62% of business owners feel depressed at least weekly and around 46% say their mental health issues can interfere with their performance at work? (BDC Going It Alone Survey). It is so important to take some time for self-care and for the care of your employees. There are many resources available in Canada and it starts with simply having the courage to seek help and having conversations with each other about Mental Health.

The Science Behind Acupuncture

What does science have to say about acupuncture? In a 2012 publication of Jama/Internal Medicine, a meta-analysis of nearly 18,000 randomized patients provided the most robust evidence to date that acupuncture is a reasonable referral option for patients with chronic pain like non-specific back or neck pain, shoulder pain, chronic headache, musculoskeletal disorders, and osteoarthritis. Another study published in a 2013 issue of The Clinical Journal of Pain involving 1,139 patients showed that acupuncture may be more effective than medication for symptom improvement in lower back pain. Acupuncture is a safe and effective therapy when performed by a certified acupuncturist.

Narrative Therapy

The narratives or stories we tell ourselves dictate how we see ourselves and our relationships, and impact how we experience the world around us. I will support you in rewriting your stories to help you discover your truth, heal from past wounds and recover so you can move forward in your life. “THR” stands for truth, healing and recovery. These are gifts I want to work with you to achieve. I work from an open and non-judgemental mindset, respecting the experiences and narratives of each individual. This allows space for you to feel truly heard and understood.

Dealing with Anger

Are anger or other strong emotions holding you back? Our Emotion Management program gives you the skills to handle your emotions. Take back control by:
• Addressing anger issues in an open, supportive environment
• Learn to acknowledge difficult emotions and harness your positive strengths
• Connect with resources and services that meet your needs

Affected by Addiction

Are you having trouble with someone else’s substance use? SRWC’s Family programs can help you take back control of your life. We help you:
• Connect with helpful resources
• Learn about the recovery process and develop a plan for success
• Build supportive ties in small group sessions
• Move from surviving to thriving with community support

Moms in Recovery

Are you a mom or expectant mom in recovery? Our Continuing Recovery for Mothers and Expectant Mothers program offers:
• Stress reduction and healthy living advice for women
• Building connections and bonding through whole-health recovery
• Help to navigate systems like CFS, EIA, Probation, etc.

Stay Sober

Have you completed treatment? Our post-treatment groups can help you:
• Manage your recovery at work, home, and in the community
• Allow you to explore new ways to live without alcohol or other drugs
• Help you develop the skills to achieve your recovery goals
• Offer you personalized, co-ed and gender-specific programs
• We have day, afternoon, and evening sessions that fit your schedule

Get Sober

Are you just starting your recovery journey or waiting for treatment? Our pre-treatment groups can help you
• Understand your treatment and support options
• Recognize triggers and deal with ravings
• Find motivation to address your alcohol or drug use
• Form positive connections with others in similar situations
• Take control of your recovery decisions and progress at your own pace
• Access services on your own schedule
• Flexible program delivery in afternoon, and evening sessions