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Healthy Home, Happy Home

Now more than ever is it important to maintain a clean and healthy home. It was imperative to carefully rethink how we could further improve our industry-leading home cleaning services. By learning about microbiology, disinfectant chemistry and other important methodologies, we’ve armed ourselves with all the information required to create a healthy home. During our research, we discovered that you don’t need to rely on bleach and harsh chemicals to kill germs, viruses, and bacteria. Our ability to source purpose-built products allows us to effectively disinfect your home the safe and proper way. Rest easy and enjoy a healthy and happy home.

Helping with the Effects of Covid-19

The pandemic has changed lives and relationships dramatically over the last year. We have felt, seen, or heard about the negative impacts on Canadians’ mental health and wellbeing due to increased stress and anxiety. We have felt fear and uncertainty about health, employment, finances, and social isolation. A Coach can make 2021 different for you! A Coach is supportive, without judgement, so you can share and create more effective ways to cope. A Coach can help you with self-care, routine, or work strategies that will benefit you today and throughout the year. Contact #Balance where Thriving People = Thriving Business!

Dentures and TMJ Disorders

TMJ Disorders, or Temporomandibular Joint Disorders, can sometimes be caused by a misaligned bite. When your dentures no longer fit properly because of ridge resorption and worn down tooth anatomy, this can lead to an incorrect bite, which in turn can cause TMJ pain. Symptoms like headaches, popping in the jaw, difficulty moving the jaw, pain in the jaw, neck pain, dizziness, pain in the ears, ringing in your ears, or even hearing loss could occur. If you experience these symptoms, talk with your denturist to see how they can help with this issue. Make sure to get your dentures checked regularly to prevent further problems.

Young Living – For Men

After a workout, massage the Cool Azul™ Pain Relief Cream into your skin for relief of aches and pains. Your muscles will thank you for ditching the synthetic ingredients and you can continue crushing the weights, tearing up the fairway or hiking to your highest heights. When you’re done, treat your face to Shutran™ Shave Cream and stand out from the pack. It is full of hydrating ingredients and pure essential oils that’ll give you a close shave with a great fragrance. Lastly, for a great super-charge, grab some NingXia Zyng™ for a delicious splash of hydration.

Clean Ducts for Clean Air

When cleaning your home, don’t forget about your ductwork. Just because you don’t see inside your ducts doesn’t mean you don’t breathe what comes out of them. Each time your heating or air conditioning system comes on, debris in your ducts become airborne, resulting in poor indoor air quality. What are the benefits of duct cleaning?
Having your ducts cleaned helps:
• Improve the air quality in your home.
• Ensure your furnace and air conditioner operate at maximum efficiency. Dirty ventilation systems can lead to clogged air conditioner coils and furnace filters, as well as contaminated blower wheels that could result in a breakdown.

Grief and the Power of ‘Being With’

Whether we have lost a person, a pet, or a home, there is now an empty space where something valuable used to exist. Supporting someone you love through their grief does not require you to know all the right words. It simply requires intentionally showing up. It can be as simple as sitting with someone in silence, checking in after the initial loss, or even creating rituals or ways to honour the grief and loss together over time. “Being with” someone in grief or allowing others to show up for you is the most powerful way to navigate loss without feeling lost.

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Stress Handling With Biofeedback

Lately life has been a bit of a roller coaster, to say the least. Anxiety, stress, and worry feel like constant companions. Unmanaged, this can lead to health issues such as trouble sleeping, headaches, depression, and exhaustion. Alternative approaches such as Biofeedback testing and treatment are very effective in handling stress. It detects imbalances, or weaknesses, in the stress handling areas of the body, and in turn, stimulates the affected areas to help the mind and body process and handle stress better. When it comes time to get back to normal activities, make sure that your body and mind are ready to enjoy everything that we’ve been missing.

Living Sustainably: But There’s More…

For decades we have been warned that not changing our wasteful ways to be better stewards of our planet would lead to dire consequences. So, we compost, recycle, lower our thermostats, buy local and more. But there’s one more thing. Your environmental stewardship does not stop when your heart does. Reconsider your end of life plans to include sustainable funeral alternatives. No embalming; local, earth-friendly caskets; no concrete grave boxes are a few examples. Richard Rosin Funeral Director Ltd., your Green Funeral provider, helps guide you in creating a funeral event that is kinder and gentler to our planet.

Natural Product Spotlight

The Raspberry Moisturizing Cream for dry and mature skin by Herbs & Butters Skincare is all-natural, vegan, biodegradable, and contains no parabens, sulfates or formaldehydes. Intelligently formulated with love by a local chemist, this lightweight moisturizing cream offers deep hydration and effectively improves the skin’s overall texture and elasticity. Raspberry seed oil helps to promote the regeneration of new skin cells, fights age spots and protects against premature aging. Other key ingredients like macadamia nut oil, sea buckthorn oil, oat protein, hemp seed oil, avocado oil, and olive oil help to effectively protect, soothe, moisturize, and nourish the skin.

Calculating Your Healthy Weight

A Government of Canada survey in 2018 revealed that 63% of Canadians are at risk of health problems due to obesity. One way to determine your healthy weight is by calculating your Body Mass Index (BMI). Divide your weight (in kilograms) by your height (in metres squared). A BMI between 18.5 kg/m. sq. and 24.9 kg/m. sq. is considered healthy. Above or below this range is overweight or underweight. Consult a dietitian about healthy eating habits and get enough physical activity to maintain a healthy weight.

Book Club: Digital Executor®

Unraveling the New Path for Estate Planning – Sharon Hartung. The world has gone digital and so have our estates. Digital assets may simply be electronic records, but they are the digital gateway to our entire lives. They are our memories, our money, and our records, making technology the new player at your estate planning table. Everyone needs a Will and in today’s age of digitization, estate plans must include our digital lives. If today’s executor is a digital executor, is your executor ready?