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Spring Cleaning for a Healthy Home

Are you ready to tackle your spring cleaning with some plant-based products, ditch the conventional toxins and save money all at the same time? Your home is a sanctuary—a place where life unfolds with family, friends, and memories. Having the best for you and your family is about being surrounded by all things healthy and natural. Enjoy natural home solutions with safe, natural ingredients you know you can trust! Thieves products are safe for your pets or little ones. This incredible starter bundle is exclusively available to Young Living members; become a member today to get yours!

Hearing Loss and Brain Health

Hearing involves not only your ears but also the brain, so it’s no wonder that hearing loss can go hand in hand with thinking and memory problems. Studies are increasingly linking hearing loss to issues such as faster brain shrinkage, earlier onset of significant cognitive impairment, and up to a quintupled risk of dementia. Addressing conditions such as hearing loss, however, could help prevent a third of dementia cases worldwide, per a UK research collaborative. With hearing health and overall wellness so connected, it’s important to seek regular hearing checks and address listening difficulties early.

TMJ? Acupuncture Can Help!

TMJ can be caused by a combination of muscle tension (teeth grinding), anatomical problems, and injury. The symptoms include everything from headaches, neck/shoulder pain, and dizziness to pain whilst chewing or opening your mouth. Fortunately, for those suffering from TMJ, acupuncture is extremely helpful. A recent study of patients receiving acupuncture for TMJ indicated that 85% benefited with an average reduction in pain intensity of 75%. The primary reason acupuncture is preferred is because it seeks to resolve the origin of a condition. We treat the root cause – stress, muscle tension, system imbalances, as well as the pain in the jaw area, all in one treatment.

Exercise Protects Against Alzheimer’s

Physical activity is an integral part of living a healthier life – did you know it also promotes brain health? People who exercise regularly are less likely to develop serious health conditions that can lead to Alzheimer’s disease or another form of dementia. One of the best ways to stay active is finding opportunities to sneak in a few extra steps every day. While you’re moving, why not register for the IG Wealth Management Walk for Alzheimer’s? Help raise awareness for those living with dementia in Manitoba. Register today and participate by going for a walk, run or bike ride this May!

Importance of Safe Skincare

Skin is our body’s largest organ and our protective barrier and keeping it healthy is essential for our wellbeing. With conventional beauty products, we are exposed to numerous harmful ingredients, such as preservatives, fragrance (both synthetic and natural) and dyes. some of which can lead to skin reactions. On top of it, there have also been major concerns about side effects of long-term exposure to many of these ingredients. Natural skincare is a niche market was born out of consumers’ concerns for product safety. When properly formulated, natural products provide healthy, effective, safe and environmentally friendly solutions for your skin.

Diversity and Inclusion

This topic has become a focus for workplaces and the benefits are clear. Many companies have spent money on training their leaders on this topic, but they have not seen the changes in behaviour that they had hoped for. This is because although they may come away with a better understanding of the topic, there are no specific corrective actions for them to take. Coaching can be a powerful and effective tool to help leaders, managers and underrepresented employees come up with solutions to their challenges. Are you looking for a safe space to open for growth?

Say Hello to Allergy Season

It’s important to know the difference between seasonal allergies easily treatable with a simple OTC antihistamine and more serious symptoms that may require more attention. Seasonal allergies typically cause a runny nose, itchy or teary eyes, sneezing and sometimes itchy skin or a mild rash, and are caused by pollen or other airborne particles. If more serious symptoms like hives, difficulty breathing, a rapid heartbeat or feeling faint appear suddenly it may be the result of a more serious allergic reaction and immediate medical attention should be sought. Your local pharmacy is always happy to provide you with the medication suitable for your symptoms if appropriate!

Allergy Season Is Back

Many people suffering from head pressure, itchy eyes, and a runny or stuffy nose this allergy season will find only temporary relief, or no relief at all, from over the counter remedies. Alternative approaches, such as nutritional supplementation and Biofeedback focus on more than just symptomatic relief. They enable the body’s ability to remove existing allergens imbedded in the sinus tissues, thereby minimizing the histamine and inflammatory reactions. This stops the over-production of mucus that the body makes to try and push the allergens out. Take a different approach this allergy season – treat the cause, not just the symptoms.

Financial Fitness

A relatively new financial offering, residential sale and leaseback (aka Sell ’n STAY) allows homeowners to leverage the equity they have built up in their home without having to leave it, since they can sell their home and lease it back. A couple of important things you should know about Sell ’n STAY include: 1) It involves fewer restrictions. Reverse mortgages often have age restrictions, while HELOC loans often have credit restrictions. Sell ’n STAY offers more flexibility. 2) It’s a good option for those who are more concerned with a stable place to live than with owning a home.

Meet Your Practitioner

Meet Therese Anderson. Since 2005 she has been practicing foot reflexology therapy. She uses strategic finger, thumb, and hand techniques to work on reflex points on the sole, top and sides of each foot. Sessions are one hour long, and the majority of her clients feel immediate relaxation and stress relief. Anxiety is reduced and individuals who experience arthritic, sciatic, hip and/or knee pain have experienced a reduction and or release of pain. Individuals recognize and feel the benefits of reflexology and return for ongoing regular sessions for Foot Reflexology

Product Review: Colflex® by Innotech™

ColFlex® Super Oregano Oil Spray is a great-tasting 4-in-1 oral spray containing essential oils of oregano, thyme, and spearmint oil in an extra virgin olive oil base, sweetened with stevia and fortified with vitamin D3. Spray orally to help relieve coughs, sore throat, travelling challenges, that “under the weather feeling” and for general oral hygiene and fresher breath. Lab tests show that ColFlex inhibited the growth of bacteria such as S. aureus and S. pneumonia after 27 minutes and inhibited the growth of E. coli and S. typhi after 9 minutes. Ask for Colflex® at your local Health Food Store.