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Seniors and Stress

Chronic stress is harmful to people of all ages, but its impact on older adults can be particularly severe, increasing the risk of age-related diseases, hastening cognitive decline, and even triggering falls. Stressors that are common amongst the elderly include loss of control, personal loss, declining health, financial worries, personal safety, and loss of independence. To reduce stress, get regular exercise, eat balanced meals to ensure the mind and body are properly fueled, and ask for help. Talking with a trusted family member, friend, or healthcare professional, at the very least, releases pent-up stress and may even lead to a solution.

Product Review: Anti-inflammatory Releaf

ACTIVE RELEAF strives to inspire active wellness through the use of Mother Nature’s remedies. Offering a variety of applications from topicals, to tinctures, capsules and soaps, ACTIVE RELEAF’s plant based products can help support the inflammatory related pain of sore muscles and stiff joints. For fastest relief, their topical relief stick utilizes broad spectrum, cannabinoid-rich hemp plant extract combined with the additional power of essential oils increasing the anti-inflammatory properties to help combat stubborn aches and discomfort. To support more chronic inflammatory response from within, look to their tinctures and capsules for ongoing support.

There’s a First Time for Everything

Have you thought of donating blood but haven’t gotten around to it? Here what you need to know! The entire process takes approximately one hour, but only 10 of those minutes are actually spent donating blood. The average human has anywhere from 5 – 6 litres of blood in their body. One unit of blood is 450ml or about a 1/12 of your total blood volume. You body regenerates this volume within hours. Lastly, your unit will be used to help save a patient’s life within five days of its donation. Now that’s something worth trying! Book online at

8 out of 10 People Impacted by Digital Eye Strain

Digital Eye Strain is caused by focusing on digital devices that are 1 to 3 feet away for extended periods of time. Up to 83% of people 25 years old and older experience some form of Digital Eye Strain. The most common reported symptoms include dry eyes, eyestrain, headaches, sensitivity to light, blurred vision, loss of productivity and/or neck pain.
If you see these signs in kids and young adults they could have Digital Eye Strain, too. Whether you have any of these symptoms or work on your computer for more than 3 hours total per day, call to schedule an appointment today. We can help!

Fountain of Youth?

In nature, water flows down the mountain streams and pick up alkaline minerals from the porous rocks through which it runs, affecting its pH and making it naturally alkaline. When lightning strikes on a body of water It gives the water an electrostatic charge temporarily raising the alkalinity. When talking about being healthy and practicing an alkaline lifestyle, drinking high quality ionized water is the most simple and effective way to balance your body pH. It will also help fight against free radical damage, aging, inflammation and disease. You will start to look and feel healthier from the inside out.

Hidden Concussions May Cause Vision Challenges

Approximately 85% of concussions go undiagnosed. The reason this happens is because you do not have to lose consciousness to have a concussion. However, repeated blows to the head can accumulate and cause just as much damage as a concussion. When a vision problem is causing or contributing to a problem with reading, balance or movement, the recovery process will move very slowly until the visual component is treated. The good news is that the majority of these vision problems are fully treatable. If you or a loved one is struggling with reading, schedule an appointment today.

Words To Live By

“Don’t say you don’t have enough time. You have exactly the same number of hours per day that were given to Helen Keller, Pasteur, Michaelangelo, Mother Teresea, Leonardo da Vinci, Thomas Jefferson, and Albert Einstein.”-H. Jackson Brown Jr.

WELLness – Thank you, Live Life Alarms

My husband is in the early stages of Alzheimers. He continues to enjoy riding his bike and I used to get very worried as he would sometimes have difficulty finding his way home. Getting him a Live Life mobile alert was the best thing we have done as now I can readily find out quickly where he is. He recently went out cycling and was gone for some time so I called him on his alert pendant. Not only could I talk with him but the Mobile Alert sent me an automatic return text showing his exact location on Google Maps. This has given me so much confidence now and allows him to continue doing what he loves. Vicki Ogston.

Diabetic Neuropathy

Diabetic neuropathy is nerve damage caused by diabetes. Over time, high blood glucose levels can damage the small blood vessels that nourish your nerves with oxygen and nutrients. Without enough oxygen and nutrients, your damaged nerves can cause a loss of sensation in your feet, while others may experience a burning or shooting pain in their lower legs. VoxxLife HPT has been proven to improve circulation. In a clinical study involving 1,000 participants, more than 90% reported significant reduction in pain from diabetic neuropathy by using VoxxLife HPT technology.

Wellness Tea of the Month

Irish Breakfast. Our magnificent Irish Breakfast is a stout, robust blend of Kenya and Assam teas that have superb colour and are very full bodied. This low-calorie, refreshing tea is excellent in the early morning or afternoon and pairs well with milk and sweetener. It also contains minerals such as calcium, zinc and magnesium, which are especially great for antioxidant activity and oral hygiene. Research studies have linked black tea consumption with reduced stress, and reduced risk of cancer and heart disease. It also helps fight cell damage, increases immunity and energy, and improves your mood. A tea packed full of surprises!