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Underarm Harm? Make The Switch!

Are you still using a traditional antiperspirant? Antiperspirants clog up pores and don’t allow the body to properly release the sweat necessary to cool down the body and release toxins (why they’re called anti-perspirants). Not to mention that they’re completely unnecessary for preventing body odor. Sweating is our bodies’ natural way of regulating temperature and releasing toxins, two very crucial jobs. Did you know that sweat isn’t what actually smells? it’s just a mixture of salt and water. What does create that dreaded body odor is when sweat meets the natural bacteria that lives on our skin. Changing this reaction is easily done with natural deodorant.

No More Headaches

Stress. Poor circulation. Adrenal imbalance. Liver toxins. Sinus pressure. Eye strain. Hormonal imbalance. Cerebellar (brain) fatigue. What do these have in common? They can all cause headaches and migraines. When you find out what triggers the headaches, you can treat the cause, not just the symptoms. The most effective way to do this is with computerized Biofeedback testing. If an area of the body that causes headaches/migraines is found to be deficient, Bioresonance can be used to stimulate the area to help it function properly. Remember! Treating the cause = no more headaches!

Get Energized!

Boost your pre or post workout by incorporating chlorophyll-rich greens with Coconut MCT into your daily routine. Studies have shown when taken before exercising, Coconut MCT may reduce lactic acid build up and encourage the body to burn more fat instead of carbs for energy. These can be found in a greens powder formula at your health food store and added to smoothies or water. Taking it in the morning can also make you feel more energized throughout the day. Look for a greens product with Coconut MCT and Maca for sustained energy plus shelf-stable probiotics included to lighten your supplement load!

Cellular Health from the Inside Out

Our ability to stay healthy and have more energy relies on how well our cells function. And the function of every cell in the body relies on something called redox signaling—cellular messages that help protect, rejuvenate, and restore cells. As environmental toxins weaken our defenses, normal cellular function declines, and with it, the body’s ability to produce and maintain a proper balance of redox signaling molecules. Now there is a technology that can create and stabilize active redox signaling molecules in a consumable form. This proprietary process suspends these life-giving molecules in a pristine solution—a first-of-its-kind, cutting-edge health breakthrough.

Are You Underweight?

Did you know that being underweight and overweight are from the same problem source: ACIDITY. Up to half the nutrients that go into your body can be eaten up by harmful microorganisms that thrive in acidic environments, causing you to be excessively thin. The body is literally wasting away, which can put you at a higher risk of serious illness than an overweight person! But the higher levels of pH of alkaline water can neutralize acid in your bloodstream. This is why it is vital to alkalize your body with pure alkaline water, an alkaline diet and an alkaline lifestyle.

Solving Reading Difficulties

When a student struggles with reading and learning, it is important to first rule out the possibility of a vision problem. Often, this can be an eye coordination problem, which means that your child will pass most vision screenings in school and even at the pediatrician’s office. Vision screenings typically test for how clearly one can see the letters on the eye chart (“20/20”), which is only 1 of 17 visual skills required for reading and learning. If reading is difficult and homework takes longer than it should, be sure to schedule a developmental vision evaluation for your child.

Back Pain: Chiropractors can help!

Millions of Canadians struggle with back pain, which makes simple everyday tasks like getting in and out of a car, putting on a coat, or sitting at a desk uncomfortable, if not painful. There are many causes of back pain: heavy lifting, aging, pregnancy and the stress of everyday life. Your Chiropractor will assess and recommend a course of treatment that will get you back to regular activities faster than if you choose to wait it out. A chiropractor will have a variety of treatment techniques to suit the individual. Why wait? If you have back pain call your Chiropractor today.

Health Comes in Many Ways, But Easy is Best!

Staying healthy isn’t always easy and on busy days it can be even harder but there are some simple, affordable options that can make a real difference. Take a cup of the right tea for example. Used for centuries and enjoyed the world-over, tea is quick to make, convenient to carry, easy on the budget and very effective. That’s why specialty teas that are packed full of goodness to target particular health issues are raising in popularity and fast-becoming a ‘go to’ for those who care to make a real difference in their health. Sooth your day and feel YOUR best!

International Overdose Awareness Day

Thousands of people from all walks of life die each year from drug overdose. On August 31, International Overdose Awareness Day aims to raise awareness and reduce the stigma of a drug-related death. It acknowledges the grief felt by families and friends remembering those who have died due to drug overdose. On Aug. 31 – and throughout the month – you can help raise awareness, memorialize a lost loved one, inspire change and save lives. While it can be scary or upsetting to think about overdose, the good news is that education and preparation can help prevent it from happening. Learn how you can help by visiting

Healthy Treats to Beat the Summer Heat

When the weather is hot, we tend to reach for sweet treats like ice cream and popsicles to satisfy our palate. The downside is that these treats are high in sugar, fat and artificial flavoring, and do little for our bodies nutritionally. If you are looking for some healthy yet refreshing alternatives, give the following ideas a try: homemade popsicles made from fresh fruit puree, berries dipped in yogurt, fruit on a skewer, freshly brewed iced tea with lemon, or frozen grapes. Smart choices can be equally as tasty and refreshing. Get creative and enjoy.

Clean Eating: Chocolate Cherry Chia Pudding

INGREDIENTS: 1 1/2 cup non-dairy milk, 1/4 cup chia seeds (look for powdered chia seeds if you want a smooth texture), 3 tablespoons raw cacao powder, 2-3 tablespoons pure maple syrup or honey, 1/2 cup cherries, pitted and sliced. DIRECTIONS: In a bowl, stir together milk, chia seeds, raw cacao and maple syrup and refrigerate for at least 4 hours or overnight. Just before serving, separate into 4 serving dishes, top with sliced cherries and garnish with raw cacao chips, dark chocolate shavings and extra whole cherries and enjoy! (Recipe adapted