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Qi Coil™ Cutting-Edge Technology

“The future of medicine is the medicine of frequencies.” – Albert Einstein

PEMF Therapy

Imagine a world where wellness wasn’t limited to exercise and nutrition, but instead harnessed the power of frequencies to enhance the body and mind. This future is now a reality, thanks to the innovative technology of
QI Coils™ and the science behind Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) therapy.

QI Coils™ are cutting-edge devices that use PEMF therapy to promote relaxation and overall wellness. By emitting specific frequencies, these coils work to harmonize the body’s own frequency patterns, leading to a sense of calm and relaxation. They can be used as a tool for stress management and to improve sleep.

But the benefits of QI Coils™ go beyond simple relaxation. These devices are also designed to improve overall wellness, helping to boost energy levels and promote a sense of balance and inner peace. Numerous scientific studies have shown the effectiveness of PEMF therapy in promoting physical and mental well-being. One such study, published in the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine, found that PEMF therapy improved sleep quality and reduced stress levels in participants.

So why wait for the future of wellness when you can experience it today?
QI Coils™ are easy to use and offer a natural, non-invasive approach to enhancing well-being. Whether you’re looking to reduce stress or improve your overall health, these powerful devices are the key to unlocking the true potential of frequency therapy.

Experience the power of frequency therapy for yourself with QI Coils™. Make your wellness a priority and take control of your future with this scientifically-backed revolutionary technology.

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The Meditation Shortcut

Qi Coils™, a revolutionary new form of meditation technology, have recently gained popularity among those looking to improve their overall well-being, especially in the areas of stress management, sleep, energy, meditation, and pain management. The technology uses electromagnetic fields to promote relaxation and focus. The coils are placed around the body, and it is scientifically-proven that the PEMF fields they generate help balance the body’s energy and promote a sense of well-being.

According to users, Qi coils™ have helped them to overcome chronic pain and insomnia, and to reduce anxiety. Many people have reported feeling more relaxed and at ease after using the technology, which has also helped them to improve their sleep quality and increase their energy levels. Some users have even claimed that the coils have helped them to achieve a deeper state of meditation and to reduce stress levels.

The technology is non-invasive, contactless and easy to use, making it accessible to a wide range of people. As more and more people are looking for alternative ways to improve their well-being, Qi coils™ offer a promising solution for those seeking to improve their quality of life. David Wong – Founder,

Dementia Online Support Groups

Being diagnosed with dementia raises uncertainty, fears, and unknowns. The Alzheimer Society is a place to turn for a community of services, support and experts that can help ease some of these concerns. One way to feel connected is through our weekly virtual support groups both for people living with dementia and for their care partners. It’s a great way to connect, interact with and learn from others in a safe environment where you can share, laugh, and help each other through mutual understanding. Learn more about our support groups and other programs on our website at

Surrounding Yourself With Love

There comes a time in our lives when it’s important to evaluate our relationships, to see if they are having a positive effect on us rather than dragging us down and draining our energy. Without realizing it, we may be spending precious time and energy engaging in relationships that let us down. Our wellbeing is directly connected to those around us and their energetic effect on us. Important to assess the people, we spend time with and reflect how we feel around them. Do they make us feel good and enrich our lives or do they drain and detract from our lives? When we surround ourselves with people, who fill us up, we clear away the negativity and create more room to feel loved.

Prevent and Treat Iron Deficiency

1.85 million Canadians suffer from iron deficiency*.
To ensure that you aren’t one of those, speak to your healthcare provider to ensure that you are meeting your iron needs. Iron is found in specific food sources, however if you are not meeting your iron requirements, iron supplements are available. There’s a once daily dosing option with the highest amount of elemental heme iron, and better gastrointestinal tolerability available. You no longer have to suffer from the well-known side effects of iron supplements or take 2-3 capsules a day. Cheers to the Power of One.

HEMAFORTE 1™ can be purchased at
or your local pharmacy. Please give your pharmacist the product codes McKesson #146492 and #146497.

*5% of Canadians have iron deficiency, as per Statistics Canada reports. Statistics Canada. Iron Sufficiency of Canadians. Catalogue no. 82-003-XPE Health Reports, Vol. 23, no. 4. December 2012.

HEMAFORTE 1, Seaford Pharmaceuticals Inc.

How is Your Cardiovascular Health?

Did you know that you can have cardiovascular disease without experiencing any symptoms? Many people are not diagnosed until the condition worsens to the point where they have angina, stroke, or heart failure: that’s why it is important to start taking steps towards a healthy heart and arteries today. A good screening test for early signs of disease is Digital Pulsewave Analysis (DPA). This Health Canada approved, non-invasive method will show you how your cardiovascular system is working. This information can then be used to devise a specific program to improve your cardiovascular health before symptoms occur.

Self-Love Valentine’s Day

Many essential oils can help to enhance feelings of self-love while boosting confidence, energy and more. Rose is an obvious choice! Rose is heart strengthening and its beautiful fragrance is intoxicating and promotes relaxation while also being great for your skin. Geranium is like rose, but a less expensive alternative. It is relaxing and soothing, creating a sense of peace and cheerfulness. Ylang Ylang has a lovely warm floral scent and is often used to help relieve tension. It is also helpful for balancing emotions. These can be used for massage, natural perfumes, diffused, or diluted as scented bath.

Flowers and Their Meanings

Flowers are a great Valentine’s Day gift and can be very personal, as each flower and colour has a specific meaning. Some examples include: 1) Roses – pink is for poetic romance, red is for love and passion, and yellow is for friendship. 2) Peonies – symbolize prosperity and romance. 3) Carnations – red symbolizes love and admiration. 4) Tulips – red is for true love and white is for forgiveness. 5) Orchids – purple symbolizes admiration and respect. 6) Gerbera Daisies – symbolize happiness. 7) Gardenias – symbolize purity and love. 8) Irises – yellow is for passion. 9) Alstroemeria (Peruvian Lily) – symbolizes friendship and devotion.

Get your Hearing Checked!

Most people with hearing loss can be helped by daily use of properly chosen and properly fitted hearing aids. Current hearing aid technology is very sophisticated and effective. A trial period of several weeks with hearing aids allows you to experience amplification. Your hearing care professional will coach and explain the process as you go. If you suspect hearing loss, reach out to your local Hearing Care Professional for help with your hearing and have your hearing tested. We recommend that all adults over fifty years of age should have a baseline hearing test. Contact us for a complimentary hearing test and consultation.

Tips for a Healthy Home

While we are mindful about nourishing our bodies with wholesome foods, clean water and activity, consider the health of our homes. The presence of mould and Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) can cause a myriad of health complaints such as headaches, nausea, respiratory issues, organ and central nervous system damage. Indoor air pollution can be five times higher than outdoor air pollution! The best ways to reduce harmful air quality in our homes are to eliminate mould, prohibit smoking indoors, increase ventilation and ensure home improvement projects use materials with low or no VOCs. Source

Local WellnessBOX Winner!

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