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Revolutionizing Hair Restoration: Artas Robotic

Artas Robotic Hair Transplantation is a new and highly advanced technology that assists the hair transplant physician in the performance of hair transplantations. The Artas Robotic procedure is minimally invasive and offers fast recovery times. It uses AI in digitally scanning and tracking the hair follicles to optimize the safe and efficient harvesting and re-implantation of hair follicles. The speed of the robotic arm shortens the out of body time of the hair follicles improving their survival and ultimately the hair growth results. Artas is the way of the future in the field of hair transplantation.

Reconnect with Nature: Wellness Adventure

Escape the daily grind with Back2Nature Wellness and Adventures’ all-inclusive two-night retreat. Disconnect and re-connect, from Aug 4-6, with nature and yourself on the serene South Saskatchewan River. Enjoy a luxurious stay in a canvas tent and evenings in a wood-burning barrel sauna. Experience Stand-Up Paddleboarding, Horseback Riding, and an Embodiment Breathwork Practice. All gear and meals are provided, and Camp Wolf Willow provides the perfect backdrop for relaxation and re-connection. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to deepen your connection with nature and yourself.

Eco-Friendly Father’s Day Gifts

Looking for an eco-friendly and practical Father’s Day gift? Norwex products are perfect for men who enjoy spending time on the road or water. Cleaning boats and RVs can be challenging, but Norwex cleaning cloths and towels make it easier and more efficient. Their superior cleaning power and ability to absorb dirt and grime keep boats and RVs looking their best. Plus, Norwex products are made with environmentally friendly materials, ensuring they won’t harm delicate ecosystems. Whether your dad is a seasoned boater or road trip enthusiast, Norwex products make an excellent gift for Father’s Day.

Product Review: Utrition

Utrition allows you to take action on your nutritional needs, based on your own DNA. This simple and affordable, personalized nutritional formula is made for you using your own SNPs (Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms), which are DNA sequence variations that are unique to you. These are then used to analyze and build a nutritional formulation exclusively for you, by your unique genetic code, built into your DNA. Utrition takes the guesswork out of which vitamins and supplements to take by using your DNA, which can reveal your body’s precise nutritional requirements. Those nutritional requirements are then used to create your own precise nutritional formula.

Take Time

Have you ever taken the time to listen to a cat purr? The soft and gentle sound is scientifically proven to have a therapeutic effect on the body, reducing stress and anxiety. When we are calm, our cortisol levels drop, which can even aid in the healing of injuries. Creating a sense of well-being is good for your soul. Slow down and cuddle up with your feline friend as it is the quiet moments in life to treasure. Looking to adopt? Go to to visit all the amazing pets waiting for their forever homes.

Letting Go of Judgments: A Path to Freedom

Judging others and being judged is a common phenomenon that can affect our mental and emotional health. However, judgments are not real; they are projections based on personal experiences and beliefs. By learning to let go of judgments, we can free ourselves from negative thoughts and emotions. Instead of resisting people’s judgments, we can receive them without any point of view, much like a rock in a stream. This mindset enables us to detach from other people’s opinions and see them as interesting perspectives. Freeing ourselves from judgments allows us to live a fulfilling life, one where we’re not held back by the opinions of others.

5 Benefits of Nutrition Coaching

Has the term “nutrition coach” piqued your curiosity?

The field of holistic nutrition, or nutrition coaching, is a specific niche within the larger health and wellness industry. This practice is often misunderstood as a health care modality and many people are curious about the work we do and the kind of care we can provide for our clients.

The Role of a Nutrition Coach:

A Holistic Nutritionist (or Nutrition Coach, as we prefer to be called) is essentially an educator, mentor, and guide to healthy living, and especially healthy eating! We’re there to teach you how to create a healthy lifestyle that supports your optimal wellness – mind, body, and spirit – and sets you up for long-term success.

While our focus is on nutrition and healthy eating habits (obviously), many clients come to us with wellness goals that extend beyond simple meal plans. As Nutrition Coaches we’re here to support you in several key areas of your wellness, including nutrition, stress management, sleep habits, and movement.

Some of the ways we can help our clients include:

  • Personalized wellness plans (including diet and lifestyle recommendations)
  • Learning to manage food allergies (we specialize in gluten disorders and sensitivities)
  • Weight loss coaching and support
  • Making healthier food choices
  • Understanding basic nutrition
  • Rebuilding a positive relationship with food
  • Managing food cravings
  • Healthy recipes
  • Reading food labels
  • Custom meal plans
  • Improving sleep habits
  • Stress management tools and strategies
  • Mindfulness practices
  • Establishing healthy habits and routines
  • Accountability check-ins

Essentially, the role of a Nutrition Coach is to support you in changing your habits so that you can change your life. It’s your coach’s job to understand your unique wellness goals and challenges, identify any potential areas of weakness in your body systems, and provide important education to help you create diet and lifestyle habits that better serve you and support your long-term success.

What To Look for In a Nutrition Coach:

Unlike Dieticians, Holistic Nutritionists are not regulated by any government body. To be a Holistic Nutritionist, a practitioner must obtain quality education and training in the fundamentals of nutrition, but anyone can call themselves a nutritionist or health coach without any type of formal training. For this reason, it can be tough to find a practitioner you trust. It’s important to do your research and protect yourself from potentially bad outcomes with the wrong person.

One of the best things you can do before working with a Nutrition Coach is ask questions. Find out if they offer a free call or trial and take advantage of that opportunity to get to know them better.

Most importantly, find out about their approach to health and fitness. Ideally, you’re looking for someone who will listen to you and provide an individualized plan that suits your needs and goals, not someone who will just put you on some cookie-cutter diet or supplement product. Make sure they can provide a clear plan that details how they can help you navigate your unique circumstances.

At Practical Wellness we don’t do quick fixes or one-size-fits-all diets. We provide custom meal plans and individualized wellness protocols based on your past health history, your current symptomatology profile, and your unique wellness goals. Best of all, we offer a complementary coaching call to help prospective clients get to know us better, choose the best program for their unique needs, and ensure that we’re a good fit.

The Benefits of Working with a Nutrition Coach:

Working with a Nutrition Coach can be a vital step toward improving your life and taking control of your health. By making this choice, you are actively deciding to change your life for the better and making a commitment to yourself. This is huge!

We feel that there are (at least) five major benefits of working with a Nutrition Coach, including:

  1. Quality nutrition education
  • Most people don’t understand what really goes into the foods they eat, and we don’t blame them one bit! Making sense of the constant barrage of health information and debate surrounding fats, cholesterol, carbs, proteins, and sugar is enough to make anyone feel frustrated and overwhelmed. Working with a Nutrition Coach takes the guess work out of healthy eating and provides you with the right guidance and information, without the noise.
  1. A custom plan that works for your goals and lifestyle
  • Stop trying to reach your goals with outdated systems and plans that just don’t jive with your life. A Nutrition Coach will work with you to build a custom nutrition and lifestyle plan that works for you, no matter where you are right now.
  1. Effective stress management tools
  • Stress is an inevitable factor of life, but too many of us don’t know how to manage it. Instead, we get bogged down in a never-ending cycle of overwhelm that creates bad habits and poor health. Your Nutrition Coach is there to help you find ways to bust the stress, feel your best, and get back to the things you love. This can include breathing exercises, daily movement, mindfulness habits, and more – your coach will help you find what works for you.
  1. Flexible coaching options
  • Whether you feel more comfortable working with a coach 1-1 in a private setting, you prefer a more hands-off approach, or you’re the social type who benefits from group interaction, there’s a nutrition coaching program to suit your needs and set you up for success. Talk to your practitioner about their program delivery options to make sure you choose a program that fits your goals and personality.
  1. Encouragement and accountability
  • Changing your habits isn’t easy, especially when you feel like you’re on your own with no support. With a Nutrition Coach, you have access to a built-in cheerleader and accountability buddy to help you stay on track and focused on reaching your goals.

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Take Care of Seasonal Allergies

Spring is the worst season for allergies, according to the Canadian Society of Allergy and Clinical Immunology. The biggest spring allergy trigger is pollen. Trees, grasses, and weeds release these tiny spores into the air to fertilize other plants. When they get into the nose or eyes of someone who’s allergic, they send the body’s defenses haywire. If pollen is a trigger, keep doors and windows closed to keep it out, and wear wraparound sunglasses when outside. Also, ask your doctor or pharmacist about the most appropriate allergy medications to avoid possible side effects, such as drowsiness and confusion.

Benefits of Raw Pet Food

Raw pet food is a growing trend in the world of pet care and for good reason. This type of diet is made up of uncooked, minimally processed meats, organs, and bones, which provide a range of benefits for our furry friends. The raw diet is rich in nutrients, enzymes, and amino acids, all of which can help boost a pet’s immune system and prevent disease. Additionally, feeding raw can help maintain a healthy weight and promote better digestion. Raw pet food can also help pets with allergies or sensitivities to certain ingredients found in processed foods. Overall, a raw diet can lead to a happier, healthier pet with a longer life expectancy.

Unlocking the Benefits of Fermented Foods

Fermented foods have gained popularity in recent years for their health benefits, and it’s not hard to see why. Fermented foods like kimchi and sauerkraut are rich in probiotics and beneficial bacteria that promote a healthy gut microbiome, improve digestion, and boost immunity. Fermentation also enhances the nutrient availability and nutrient absorption, while regulating digestion. Additionally, emerging research suggests that the gut-brain axis plays an important role in mental health, making fermented foods a promising avenue for supporting brain function and reducing symptoms of anxiety and depression. Incorporating fermented foods into your diet is a simple and delicious way to reap these benefits.

Need a Quick Mood Boost?

Try these 60-second tricks: First, rub your temples for 60 seconds. This massage increases blood supply to the muscles of the face and head, which can improve your mood. Second, call a lifeline. Even hearing the voice of someone you love can have a calming effect on your body, according to studies. Third, say no to that one cup of coffee a day. It can interfere with your ability to absorb mood-lifting nutrients, like iron and magnesium. Instead, try hydrating with green tea or water, both of which can elevate your mood. In just one minute, you can take care of your mental health and feel better. Give these mood boosters a try!