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Not All Heroes Wear Capes

As young children we often idolized the most powerful and recognizable heroes we knew. We flew around like Superman, climbed like Spiderman and fought imaginary evil injustices like Batman. As young children, we knew what we wanted to be and poured our creativity into being just like our heroes in capes.

Now, as adults we can see those fictional heroes for what they were, a powerful representation of our very own protectors. Those protectors came in many forms, and one of those being our fathers. The men who worked tirelessly to support our needs and raise us to be the people who would do the same for our kids someday.

June is the month where we have a whole day to celebrate the men in our lives who have made that difference and helped shape us into the people we are today. Now, my father did not wear a cape, go by a secret identity, or fight crime. However, I know now that he has always been my hero. The man who was strong enough to fight off all my fears, yet gentle enough to wipe away all my tears.

There is a beautiful balance created by fathers and their role in our lives. Where our mother protects us from all that can harm, our fathers are teaching us to accept challenges, take risks and become independent thinkers. Fathers teach us how to be respectful and how to make certain we are respected.

Men’s mental health is a subject that has been popular, more now than ever before, yet still not talked about enough to remove some of the stigmas that society has created. Our fathers, husbands, brothers, and sons often suffer in silence when they are overwhelmed, depressed, suffering from anxiety or just experiencing any emotion outside the realm of what has been deemed “manly”. Men have shouldered the weight and pressure to always be in control and never show “weakness”. Be tough, be stoic, be strong, and never show vulnerability. To all our men, the heroes who don’t wear capes, we see you, we hear you, and we support you. Seek out comfort in someone you trust or a professional and know that there is no weakness in taking care of you, like you have taken care of us.

For all the men out there who have given so much to provide, guide and protect us, we share a heartfelt thank you and wish you the best Father’s Day.

Product Review: Utrition

Utrition allows you to take action on your nutritional needs, based on your own DNA. This simple and affordable, personalized nutritional formula is made for you using your own SNPs (Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms), which are DNA sequence variations that are unique to you. These are then used to analyze and build a nutritional formulation exclusively for you, by your unique genetic code, built into your DNA. Utrition takes the guesswork out of which vitamins and supplements to take by using your DNA, which can reveal your body’s precise nutritional requirements. Those nutritional requirements are then used to create your own precise nutritional formula.

The Hearing Loss/Alzheimer’s Connection

Recent research suggests that improving hearing loss with hearing aids reduces the risk for Alzheimer’s disease and dementia. In 2011, a team of Johns Hopkins medical school researchers discovered a significant association between hearing loss and the risk of developing these unwanted cognitive conditions. The worse someone’s hearing gets, the greater their risk of developing Alzheimer’s or dementia. The researchers believe their findings could have substantial implications for individuals and public health because hearing loss is treatable with hearing instruments. These findings underscore how important regular hearing tests are as part of preventative health care.

The Healing Power of Forgiveness

Forgiveness is paramount for optimal mental health and wellbeing. The Morter HealthSystem and B.E.S.T. teachings emphasize uncovering and updating subconscious emotional patterns, crucial for brain recovery. Psychologists will highlight the importance of acknowledging anger and choosing to forgive. Anger, a destructive emotion, often disguises itself, detrimentally impacting one’s health. Happiness opposes anger, and forgiveness is the antidote. Teaching the 5 Steps of Forgiveness, we empower individuals to release stress and avoid illness. Understanding emotions and embracing forgiveness fosters better health and happiness. Identifying underlying emotions and applying forgiveness may unlock the path to improved well-being and success.

Community Event: Moose Jawg Charity Road Race

On June 15th, Moose Jaw will pulsate with the rhythm of charity and community spirit as it hosts the much-anticipated Moose Jawg Charity Road Race. This event promises to not only invigorate runners of all ages and abilities but also ignite a collective passion for giving back. With every stride, participants champion not only their personal fitness but also the well-being of the community with proceeds supporting the Moose Jaw Health Foundation. Beyond the thrill of the race, it’s a celebration of compassion, resilience, and the power of coming together for a common cause. Let’s lace up, hit the pavement, and make a difference one step at a time.

Wildfire Smoke Health Risks

Wildfire smoke, a blend of PM2.5 and gases like carbon monoxide, poses severe health risks in Western Canada. It obstructs oxygen intake, irritates the respiratory system, and triggers inflammation, manifesting in eye irritation, coughing, or headaches. While most symptoms are manageable, severe cases require medical attention, especially if experiencing breathlessness or chest pain. Smoke exposure heightens infection risks, including COVID-19 and ear infections in children. Minimizing exposure is crucial. HEPA air filters and sealed environments help indoors. While driving, maintain closed windows and recirculated air. During smoky periods, reduce exertion, exercise indoors, and stay hydrated. Prioritize health amidst wildfires. Source: (

Eco-Friendly Father’s Day Gifts

Looking for an eco-friendly and practical Father’s Day gift? Norwex products are perfect for men who enjoy spending time on the road or water. Cleaning boats and RVs can be challenging, but Norwex cleaning cloths and towels make it easier and more efficient. Their superior cleaning power and ability to absorb dirt and grime keep boats and RVs looking their best. Plus, Norwex products are made with environmentally friendly materials, ensuring they won’t harm delicate ecosystems. Whether your dad is a seasoned boater or road trip enthusiast, Norwex products make an excellent gift for Father’s Day.

Happy Men’s Health Month

June is Canadian Men’s Health Month, a time to inspire men and their families to live healthier lifestyles. It’s important for the men in our lives to make healthy changes that will lower their risk of chronic disease and help them live with less stress. Many of the most common health conditions affecting men are often preventable with the right lifestyle changes. This could include improving their diet or eating habits, getting more exercise, finding healthier ways to manage stress, and drinking less alcohol. Let this month be the start of a healthier you and/or a healthier loved one!

Unlocking the Potential of Access Bars®

Getting your Access Bars® run is similar to initiating a digital detox for your mind, akin to pressing the delete button on your computer’s cluttered hard drive. However, in this transformative process, you’re not just erasing files; rather, you’re liberating your consciousness from the burdensome weight of negative thought patterns and the relentless mental chatter that disrupts your peace. With Access Bars®, you’re effectively creating breathing room within your psyche, allowing the tranquil essence you’ve yearned for to flourish. This holistic approach fosters a profound sense of serenity, enabling you to navigate life’s complexities with newfound clarity and equilibrium.

Words to Live By

“Do not let the opinion of someone else get in the way of what is truly in your heart to express.” – Keith Macpherson