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Exercise: Hair’s Vital Growth Booster

Embracing a dynamic lifestyle not only invigorates your body but also cultivates a lush crown of healthy hair. Regular exercise acts as a catalyst for robust hair maintenance and growth. As you engage in physical activity, blood circulation surges, ensuring a steady supply of essential nutrients and oxygen to hair follicles. This nourishment fortifies roots, promoting resilience and vitality. Additionally, exercise balances hormone levels, which directly impact hair health. So, whether you’re sweating it out in the gym or enjoying a revitalizing jog, every movement contributes to the foundation of radiant and strong hair. Make exercise a cornerstone of your routine for a vibrant mane that shines with health.

Suicide Prevention – Where to Begin?

Navigating the struggle of suicide prevention involves seeking support from friends, family, and professionals. Finding helpful tools such as the Embracing Life App (Scan the QR code in our Ad) or finding other immediate assistance sources are key to prevention, along with therapy which provides coping strategies, and staying connected to help combat isolation. Educate yourself about warning signs, whether it be for yourself, a loved one, a child in need, create a safety plan, encourage professional help. Remember, you are NOT alone—reach out. Prioritize safety, seek help, and work towards a healthier, more hopeful tomorrow.. Embrace life!

Step Forward for Love: Connecting Generations

Mark your calendars for an unforgettable celebration of love and legacy at Mont St. Joseph’s Grandparent’s Day Stroll-a-thon, happening on September 10th, 2023. Join us in honoring cherished grandparents and creating heartwarming memories. Lace up your shoes and walk alongside generations, united in support of a brighter future. This scenic stroll not only brings families closer but also fuels our mission to provide exceptional care and companionship to the elderly. Your steps make a difference, raising funds that uplift lives. Let’s walk hand in hand, embodying the spirit of compassion on this special day.

Composting: Enhancing the Environment

A healthy environment is crucial for our overall well-being and vitality, as it directly impacts our daily lives. One effective method to enhance our environment is through composting, which offers numerous environmental benefits. By composting, we can significantly reduce waste production. For instance, in the City of Prince Albert, a staggering 40% of landfill-bound waste comprises organic material that could instead be transformed into compost, thereby averting the generation of methane gas and harmful leachates within the landfill. Embracing composting practices not only minimizes waste but also contributes to a healthier planet and a more sustainable future.

The Power of Professional Carpet Cleaning

Beneath our carpets lies an unseen realm teeming with dust mites, allergens, and bacteria that imperil our well-being. To safeguard our health, professional carpet cleaning is vital. These experts possess the tools and know-how to eliminate deep-seated impurities, surpassing regular vacuuming. By eradicating visible stains and invisible threats, they protect us from respiratory issues, allergies, and infections. Investing in this professional service ensures a clean and hygienic home, promoting a healthier environment for our loved ones. Let us prioritize professional carpet cleaning as an essential step in maintaining our well-being and upholding a pristine living space.

Reduce Costs & Stress with Estate Planning

It’s hard enough to think about death without having to consider the financial realities that go along with it. Making the right decisions about funeral and memorial expenses can be especially tough when grieving the loss of a loved one. The cost of funerals and cemetery services is unavoidable – but you can cut those costs and protect your family in advance, with well-informed estate planning, you could save thousands of dollars, and spare your spouse and children from financial and emotional burden, as well reduce their emotional stress of knowing what you would have wanted when that time comes.

Healing Hearts

This fall CFS is offering several grief programs. Healing Hearts is a grief support group for adults who are dealing with loss and grief. Healing After Suicide Loss is a grief support group for adults who are dealing with the loss of a loved one through suicide. How Long Does the Sad Last is for children ages 6 to 10 who are dealing with loss and grief. Equine Assisted Learning and “Artful” Healing are both programs for teens dealing with trauma and grief. For more information or to learn how to register, please go to our website:

Pedicures – Not just for looks

Pedicures are the perfect way to help your feet look their best especially with sandal season now underway. It is not all about looks. Pedicures help your feet stay healthy. During a pedicure, calluses that can cause infection and pain are removed. Signs of nail disease can be detected and stopped before becoming problematic. A pedicure includes a foot and leg massage which can help relieve tension in your muscles and joints. Treat yourself to a pedicure, guilt-free, for your health and wellbeing.

Reducing Cognitive Decline

Hearing involves both your ears and the brain, so it’s no wonder that hearing loss can go hand in hand with thinking and memory problems. Studies are increasingly linking hearing loss to issues such as faster brain shrinkage, earlier onset of significant cognitive impairment, and up to a quintupled risk of dementia. However, addressing conditions such as hearing loss could help prevent a third of dementia cases worldwide, per a UK research collaborative. With hearing health and overall wellness so connected, seeking regular hearing checks and addressing listening difficulties early is important.

Every youth deserves a second opportunity

Valley Hill’s Youth Treatment Center believes in todays youth being given a second opportunity, and helps teach the skills needed to foster growth and development required to succeed. VHYT offers rehabilitation, mental health support, education, and strongly believes in teaching skill development for young individuals who have faced challenges or made mistakes. Our environment encourages personal growth, helps prevent repeat offenses, and assists youth to successfully reintegrate into today’s society. We offer a supportive community and restorative justice principles and empowers youth to learn from their past and create positive futures for themselves and role model for generations to come.

Final Wishes – Cremation or Burial

Today, many Canadians are choosing cremation as an alternative to traditional burial. Although cremation may seem like the simpler choice, selecting cremation is just the first step in deciding how best to celebrate a life well lived. Just like burial, choosing cremation allows you to have a funeral or memorial service, most people choose a cemetery setting for the final disposition of cremated remains – viewing of the deceased before cremation is an option, as well as a cemetery monument. You can choose from a selection of keepsake urns, jewelry and memorial record packages, ensuring your loved one’s memory is with you forever.