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Breakfast: Vital Morning Fuel

A healthy breakfast offers numerous benefits, including improved energy levels, weight management support, enhanced concentration, and better mood. Consuming a balanced morning meal jumpstarts metabolism, aiding in efficient calorie burning. It also provides an opportunity to intake essential vitamins and minerals crucial for overall health, reducing the risk of chronic diseases. Regular breakfast consumption is associated with stabilized blood sugar levels and the promotion of feel-good neurotransmitters, positively impacting cognitive function. Additionally, it establishes healthy habits, setting a positive tone for the day and encouraging the maintenance of an overall healthy lifestyle, both mentally and physically.

Holistic Wellness Program

Youth Engagement & Empowerment program is available for
youth and operates five days a week (Tuesday to Saturday)
and is free to register. Transportation and food are provided.
Participation is required, and our goal is to provide a safe space
where youth can develop self-esteem, leadership skills, and
healthy relationships. We offer evening, summer, and Saturday
day programs, including cultural activities and on-the-land
camps. We aim to reduce illegal behaviors and drug use among
indigenous youth and address their mental health concerns. Our
team includes Elders, youth workers, and various facilitators.
We care about urban Indigenous youth and are here to help
and support them and their families.
PAGC Holistic Wellness Centre,

Death & Taxes

You know the saying: The only two things that are guaranteed in life are death and taxes. So why is it that we only plan for one of them? Do we really need to ‘deal with this’ now? It is not that we never think about what we would want, but it is also not the most comfortable or cheerful topic to bring up. Being prepared helps ease the burden at a difficult time. You also have the opportunity to know what the different options are, like guaranteeing your choices in advance, so you nor your estate will ever have to pay more. So, this year talk about taxes but also talk about pre-planning your funeral arrangements.

Holiday Healing: Care Continues

Treatment Centres are more crucial than ever during the holiday season, even the weeks and days afterwards when things tend to settle down, it can be a very challenging and/or lonely/secluded time for people, and those struggling with mental health issues and/or addiction may find it even more difficult to stay on the right path. Our youth need us more than ever during the holiday season. At Valley Hill, our treatment center is rooted in individualized care, emphasizing empowerment, trauma-informed approaches, and family involvement. We offer nonjudgmental and compassionate approach while fostering a safe, supportive environment for youth facing various challenges.

Family Resilience Amid Alzheimer’s

Care homes are vital in providing support to families and loved ones. Especially to clients suffering from diseases such as Alzheimer’s. The Alzheimer’s disease profoundly affects both individuals diagnosed and their families. As cognitive decline progresses, family members often shoulder increasing caregiving responsibilities. Witnessing a loved one’s memory loss and personality changes can be emotionally challenging. Communication becomes strained, requiring patience and understanding. Care Homes like Mont St. Joseph offer professional and compassionate care and support networks to ease the burden. Open communication, education about the disease, and seeking professional assistance are vital for navigating the complexities of Alzheimer’s, fostering resilience within families coping with this challenging disease.

Health, Beauty, Bold Confidence

Brazilian waxing, while typically thought as primarily cosmetic, may offer indirect hygiene benefits. A hair-free genital area is perceived by some as more hygienic, potentially reducing bacterial growth and related infection risks, and potentially preventing odors in some cases. Additionally, the process can decrease the likelihood of ingrown hairs, minimizing inflammation and infection risks. However, individual reactions vary. For those with sensitive skin or specific medical conditions, consulting a dermatologist or healthcare professional is advisable before undergoing Brazilian waxing.

New Year, New You!

Invest in yourself this year with a Personalized Plan to support your health! Choice Nutrition’s expertise in leveraging alternative and holistic treatment approaches, proven effective for over three decades, aims to enhance, restore, or sustain good health. They’ll identify your unique needs and merge the best of natural and conventional healthcare to maximize your health using: 1) Professional-grade custom formula nutritional supplements. 2) Therapies and Services – Naturopathic Consultations, Integrative Microscopy & Cancer Care, Acupuncture, IV Therapy, Sensitivity Testing, Low Intensity Laser, Heavy Metal Testing, Custom Orthotics, Wellness Detox Room, along with Massage, Reflexology, and Reiki being offered.

Cold Weather and Hearing Aids

Cold weather can affect hearing aids by reducing battery life and causing condensation. To address this, carry spare batteries, use a drying kit, and store your hearing aids in a protective case. Be cautious when handling them as cold can make the components brittle. Wearing a hat or earmuffs can protect them from the elements. Regular cleaning and earwax maintenance are also crucial. If issues arise, consult your hearing healthcare professional for assistance.

Words to Live By

“Although no one can go back and make a brand new start, anyone can start from now and make a brand new ending.” – Carl Bard

Words to Live By

“Refuse to give your attention to gossip, drama and other forms of low energy today. Instead focus on only those things that bring love and joy into the world.” – Keith Macpherson