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The Joy of Christmas

Joy is a short, simple word that describes the best, most elusive dimensions of human experience. While
people often identify joy with a response to a specific experience, for example Christmas, these
moments are actually more accurately understood in terms of “happiness.” Joy is both deeper and more
encompassing than happiness. This year, more than ever, lets focus on the Joy of being together and celebrating each others love!

Curb Holiday Sugar Over-Indulgence

With the holidays right around the corner, here are some tricks to minimize that over-indulgence. Try to keep up with your exercise regime to help your body process the excess sugars and calories and to keep feelings of bloating or indigestion down. Before a party, have a high-fibre snack to decrease the amount of sweets eaten and try to limit yourself to one cocktail and intersperse that with sparkling water. Drink warm lemon water with some added apple cider vinegar to support blood sugar and digestion, and add turmeric and ginger for anti-inflammatory effects. As for your cooking and baking, explore recipes with healthy sugar alternatives.

Treatment Centres during the Holidays

Treatment Centres are more crucial than ever during the holiday season to provide continuous support as the holiday season can be a very challenging time for many people, and those struggling with mental health issues and/or addiction may find it even more difficult to stay on the right path. Treatment centres never close, as some of our youth need us more than ever during the holidays. At Valley Hill, our treatment center is rooted in individualized care, emphasizing empowerment, trauma-informed approaches, and family involvement. We offer nonjudgmental and compassionate approach while fostering a safe, supportive environment for youth facing various challenges

Suicide Prevention – Where to Begin?

Navigating the struggle of suicide prevention involves seeking
support from friends, family, and professionals. Finding
helpful tools such as the Embracing Life App (Scan the QR
code in our Ad) or finding other immediate assistance sources
are key to prevention, along with therapy which provides
coping strategies, and staying connected to help combat
isolation. Educate yourself about warning signs, whether it be
for yourself, a loved one, a child in need, create a safety plan,
encourage professional help. Remember, you are NOT alone—
reach out. Prioritize safety, seek help, and work towards a
healthier, more hopeful tomorrow. Embrace life!
Prince Albert Grand Council,

Flavorful Wellness: Savoring Nutrient-Rich Delights

When eating out, healthy eating doesn’t have to compromise on taste. Choosing delicious and nutritious options that are healthier choices for your body is obtainable. Choose fresh and flavorful salads packed with crisp vegetables and lean proteins such as grilled chicken or a lean low fat meal such as a turkey sub made with high-quality ingredients, add whole grain breads, low-fat dressings, and plenty of fresh produce, and vitamin water instead of pop, thus making it easy to enjoy a nutritious meal without sacrificing flavor. Satisfying meals that are good for the body and mind yet still packed with flavor.

Dawinder Kahlon, (FB Logo) Quiznos Prince Albert

Holiday Happiness with Hearing Aids

Hearing aids offer several advantages during the holiday season. They improve social interactions, making it easier to engage in conversations with friends and family. Enjoyment of music, entertainment, and holiday traditions is enhanced. At the dinner table, hearing aids help follow conversations and foster a sense of togetherness. They also promote safety by allowing individuals to hear important announcements and alarms in crowded gatherings. Hearing aids reduce stress, fatigue, and misunderstandings, contributing to emotional well-being. They enable individuals to appreciate the unique sounds of the season, from jingling bells to crackling fires, and enhance overall quality of life.

Grief & the Holidays

The holidays can be a particularly painful time as the whole world seems to send the message that you must be full of joy. But without your loved one by your side, how can you celebrate? A few ideas: Keep Some Old Traditions, Combine New Elements with Old Traditions, Attend a Remembrance Service & Develop New Traditions. While the holidays can be lonely, you don’t have to feel alone. Take it one day at a time. Focus on understanding what your needs are and meeting them. Hold your memories of loved ones close, and connect with other people during these cold winter days. There will be opportunities to make the holidays meaningful if you have your heart courageously open to it.

Counselling for a Heathier Tomorrow

At CFS, We offer therapeutic counselling services to families, couples, individuals and children. We also offer life improvement programs. Fees for counselling are based on ability to pay – no one is turned away because they cannot afford to pay. Counselling is available to all regardless of their race, religion or age.

We also offer single-session-format Rapid Access Counselling in partnership with Family Service Saskatchewan so that no one has to wait to see a mental health counselor. The service is for everyone and offers a conversation with a professional counsellor that could help you identify solutions, and build on your existing strengths.

For upcoming programs and to see all that CFS offers, check our website at

Roles of a Funeral Director

Funeral directors play an essential role during the holidays as the death of a loved one can be exceptionally challenging during holiday season. Aside from the added grief when holidays are to be a joyous time and you are left facing the death of a loved one. Funeral directors are on call to ensure respectful, professional services while managing the additional challenges holidays can bring. They comfort and care for you and your loved one, can adapt services and décor to the season, and liaise with holiday schedules. Their commitment to families in time of need remains unwavering, regardless of the season.