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End the Self-Sabotage

Your unconscious mind is keeping you from having what you truly want in your life, and could even be sabotaging your best efforts. These unconscious commitments fuel your thoughts and behaviours. They are what creates the gap between what you say you want and what you are actually experiencing. When you were young and experienced a difficult situation but didn’t know how to process it, you made a decision about the meaning and formed a belief as a coping mechanism. Your mind believed it was necessary for survival. These beliefs stick with you and are reinforced over time. Ready to erase these unconscious commitments and choose new ones?

Sleep Soundly with Vibroacoustic Therapy

Vibroacoustic chairs, it aims to induce relaxation, reduce anxiety, and promote better sleep quality. These vibrations synchronize therapy presents a promising avenue for alleviating insomnia’s grip on sleep-deprived individuals. This innovative approach combines the soothing effects of vibrations with calming auditory stimulation. By transmitting gentle vibrations through specialized devices, calming music and creating a multisensory experience that eases the mind and body into a tranquil state. Through its ability to enhance relaxation, modulate stress responses, and encourage a sense of well-being, vibroacoustic therapy offers a non-invasive, drug-free option to combat insomnia and cultivate restorative sleep patterns.

Should I Bring Mom or Dad Home?

If you have a parent who is in hospital, lives in a retirement home or in a long-term care facility, you may be asking yourself, “would Mom or Dad be safer staying at home with me temporarily?” Families across the country are struggling with this dilemma. Given the challenges of preventing disease transmission, some experts are recommending that seniors who can stay elsewhere should do so. If you want to bring a senior parent home temporarily but you’re worried about how you’ll provide the level of care they need, consider home health care services.

Advantages of Hiring a Pet Sitter

An in-home pet sitter offers numerous benefits for both pets and their owners. Pets remain in their familiar environment, minimizing stress and anxiety. Personalized attention and care tailored to their routine promote well-being. In-home sitters provide companionship, reducing loneliness. Pets receive consistent feeding, exercise, and medication, maintaining their health. The risk of exposure to illnesses is minimized compared to communal boarding. Owners gain peace of mind, knowing their furry companions are safe and comfortable. Additionally, home security is enhanced with the presence of a trusted sitter. Overall, an in-home pet sitter ensures happier pets and contented owners during their time away.

Your First Link®

Support changes everything. For 40 years, the Alzheimer Society has been your First Link® to a community of resources and a wealth of knowledge to help you in your dementia journey.
This World Alzheimer’s Month, we’re reminding everyone that you are not alone. Currently, over 18,400 Manitobans are living with Alzheimer’s disease or another dementia. This number is growing rapidly and by 2050, it is expected to reach over 39,100. The Alzheimer Society provides one-on-one counselling, education, support groups, community programming and more. Learn more on how we can help by visiting

Back-to-School Vision Care

Along with the usual back-to-school preparations, children’s vision should rank high in importance. It is not unusual for the refractive status of eyes to change up to age 18, but these changes are more likely during the early growth years. Young kids might not readily notice problems at a time when 80% of what they learn is through the eyes. In addition, eye muscle imbalances can affect reading and concentration, both of which are important for academic success and a confident student. Arrange for a professional and comprehensive oculo-visual assessment, including ocular health, for your child soon!

Treating Tennis Elbow with Physiotherapy

Physiotherapy is a pivotal approach in addressing tennis elbow. Therapists employ targeted exercises to strengthen forearm muscles and improve flexibility, alleviating strain on the tendons. They assess movement patterns to correct improper techniques contributing to the condition. Manual therapies like massage and mobilization promote circulation and tissue healing. Techniques such as ultrasound and laser therapy can reduce pain and inflammation. Ergonomic advice helps prevent future injuries. Customized physiotherapy plans address individual needs, gradually restoring function and minimizing discomfort. Regular sessions aid in a comprehensive recovery from tennis elbow, enabling individuals to regain strength and return to their activities with reduced risk of recurrence.

Dentures and Dry Mouth

Dry mouth is a condition that involves the salivary glands not producing enough saliva to adequately keep the mouth moistened. This lack of saliva can alter the fit and comfort of dentures, since saliva helps dentures retain their suction and stay in place and also has a lubricating effect that keeps dentures from rubbing on the gums and creating sores. Those who take certain medications, are older, use tobacco and alcohol, or snore while they sleep, are more susceptible to dry mouth. If you’re experiencing dry mouth symptoms as a denture-wearer, contact your denturist to discuss your options.

Struggling with Addiction?

Do you or someone you know struggle with substance abuse? Withdrawal from drugs or alcohol can be incredibly difficult to manage, but with the advancement of Low-Level Laser technology withdrawal and cravings can be minimal or nonexistent. Our confidential and professional clinic will help build a successful strategy for long-term success. Our Laser therapy sessions are combined with support and follow up consultations to maximize your chance for success. While staying off drugs or alcohol depends on your determination and support systems, our treatments are drug free and are effective with 3 out of 4 people.

Clean Eating: Healthy Peach Crumble

10 ripe peaches; 2 Tbsp arrowroot powder; 1 tsp vanilla; 1 Tbsp lemon juice; 3 Tbsp coconut sugar; 1/4 tsp nutmeg; 1 cup rolled oats; 1 cup almond flour; 1/3 cup coconut sugar; 1/4 tsp salt; 1/4 tsp cinnamon; 1/3 cup almond butter; 1/2 cup melted coconut oil; 1 tsp vanilla. Preheat oven to 350F and prepare baking dish with nonstick spray. In a bowl, combine sliced peaches, arrowroot powder, vanilla, lemon, coconut sugar, and nutmeg until coated. While peaches sit, prepare crumble topping by combining oats, almond flour, coconut sugar, salt. and cinnamon. Add in almond butter, coconut oil, and vanilla and mix well. Pour peaches into dish and sprinkle crumble topping over top. Pat down. Bake for 35-40 minutes or until crust is golden brown.

Book Club

Burnout – The Secret to Unlocking the Stress Cycle – By Emily Nagoski PhD and Amelia Nagoski DMA. This ground-breaking book explains why women experience burnout differently than men—and provides a simple, practical plan to help women minimize stress, manage emotions, and live a more joyful life. With the help of eye-opening science, prescriptive advice, and helpful worksheets and exercises, all women will find something transformative in these pages—and will be empowered to create positive change.