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Book Club: The Five Second Rule

In The 5 Second Rule: Transform Your Life, Work, and Confidence with Everyday Courage, Mel Robbins talks about an important tool that can help readers learn to push themselves, instead of relying on teachers, friends, parents, coaches, and mentors for motivation. Find out what makes a “push moment” and how it will enrich your life and move you forward on the path to success. This powerful tool takes just five seconds and once it becomes a habit, is a simple but effective solution when it comes to our tendency to hold ourselves back and keep ourselves from happiness.

Words To Live By

Father’s Day is for every guy who holds nothing back…who gives his heart, soul, and energy to those he cares about and still finds a way to love them more every single day. —Andrew Blackburn

Hailey’s Horoscope

Full moon in May brings POLARITY, and could be an emotional time. You might be questioning yourself- do I transform or do I stay where I am and form a concrete path? You might also notice that you are struggling between sharing yourself, your posessions, your ideas. This is all due to the polarity of where the moon is positioned this month. If you notice this struggle between emotional opposites, try to go inward and make a pact with your emotions…let it all out, express yourself, notice the polarity battles inside of you and release it all with this full moon.

A Permanent Hair-Loss Solution

Natural-looking hair transplant results are possible today thanks to advancements in the procedure, with improvements including placing a few healthy hairs at a time and creating a more natural-looking hairline. Men and women are both good candidates for hair transplants, provided they have enough healthy hair on their scalp that can be transplanted and have the ability to grow hair on the thinning area of the scalp. Most transplants take between four and eight hours and only require anesthesia that numbs the scalp. Results can typically be seen between six and nine months after surgery, or sometimes 12 months.

Product Review: Utrition

Utrition allows you to take action on your nutritional needs, based on your own DNA. This simple and affordable, personalized nutritional formula is made for you using your own SNPs (Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms), which are DNA sequence variations that are unique to you. These are then used to analyze and build a nutritional formulation exclusively for you, by your unique genetic code, built into your DNA. Utrition takes the guesswork out of which vitamins and supplements to take by using your DNA, which can reveal your body’s precise nutritional requirements. Those nutritional requirements are then used to create your own precise nutritional formula.

Celebrate Mothers and Teachers

May is a month to celebrate mothers and teachers – why not gift these special people in your life with a holistic approach to living better? Norwex® has you covered from head to home with advanced microfiber innovative household cleaners and transformative personal care products that are as safe as they are effective. Creating a safe haven is as easy as 1-2-3! 1) Norwex® Microfiber: From trapping the tiniest dust particles to wiping away stuck-on messes while removing up to 99% of bacteria from a surface with ONLY water. 2) Household: Get clean results from using Norwex’s® plant-based and enzyme-powered, sustainable solutions – no harmful chemicals in your cleaning routine! 3) Personal Care: Ultra-clean formulas powered by natural, Nordic ingredients leave your hair, skin, and body healthier, while looking and feeling younger.

Skills for Life

Empowering youth in sport skills, pro-social skills, and motor skills provides them with confidence in themselves and their abilities to do well in life. The confidence they build to try something new, possibly fail, try again, and succeed is a trait that will grow and blossom in their most important years of development and stay with them for a lifetime. Sportball builds confidence in children that they are capable of anything and the organization understands that everyone learns at different rates and has different abilities that should be celebrated. Go to for more information on building skills for life.

Vivid Fun Run Fundraiser

The Roots School was founded last year by Amy Cojocar, whose dream is to help students satisfy all their needs at school — including developing resilience and healthy coping mechanisms, and becoming emotionally self-regulated. The Roots School needs community support for its first two years of operation before provincial funding kicks in, so a full-day fundraising event is scheduled for June 3 at Battle Creek Adventure Park. Come out and enjoy a barbecue, raffles, activities and games, a demo from Saskatchewan’s Strongest Man, and plenty of vivid, eco-friendly powders that will make a rainbow of colourful explosions during the racecourse!

A Vital Resource for Elderly Care

Senior home care agencies provide essential support and care for elderly individuals who may require assistance with daily living activities. Agencies like Just Like Family Home Care offer a wide range of services, including medication management, meal preparation, personal care, and companionship. One of the significant benefits of senior home care agencies is that they allow seniors to age in place and maintain their independence while receiving the care they need. With Just Like Family Home Care, you can trust that your loved one is in good hands.

Better Mobility, Increased Independence

Using a walker can extend a senior’s ability to maintain their independence and can help them continue to live a healthy and active lifestyle. However, sometimes this can be a hard decision to face. If you or a senior loved one are experiencing shortness of breath when walking short distances, having difficulty bearing weight on the legs, needing to rest frequently when walking, noticing trouble with balance, or having difficulty walking up a short flight of stairs, it might be time to consider a walker. Don’t wait until something drastic has happened to experience the benefits of using a walker!