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Wildfire Smoke Health Risks

Wildfire smoke, a blend of PM2.5 and gases like carbon monoxide, poses severe health risks in Western Canada. It obstructs oxygen intake, irritates the respiratory system, and triggers inflammation, manifesting in eye irritation, coughing, or headaches. While most symptoms are manageable, severe cases require medical attention, especially if experiencing breathlessness or chest pain. Smoke exposure heightens infection risks, including COVID-19 and ear infections in children. Minimizing exposure is crucial. HEPA air filters and sealed environments help indoors. While driving, maintain closed windows and recirculated air. During smoky periods, reduce exertion, exercise indoors, and stay hydrated. Prioritize health amidst wildfires. Source: (

Eco-Friendly Father’s Day Gifts

Looking for an eco-friendly and practical Father’s Day gift? Norwex products are perfect for men who enjoy spending time on the road or water. Cleaning boats and RVs can be challenging, but Norwex cleaning cloths and towels make it easier and more efficient. Their superior cleaning power and ability to absorb dirt and grime keep boats and RVs looking their best. Plus, Norwex products are made with environmentally friendly materials, ensuring they won’t harm delicate ecosystems. Whether your dad is a seasoned boater or road trip enthusiast, Norwex products make an excellent gift for Father’s Day.

Optimize Your Golf Game!

Have you taken that first swing of the day and felt like things just aren’t moving right? Whether you are late for your tee time, focused on your first big drive, or catching up with your friends, it is easy to forget the importance of a good warm up. Your warmup can be the difference between a great day on the course, or a frustrating day with fifteen bogies and a strained rotator cuff. Even before trying your warm up swings, you should start with a routine of stretching and mobility exercises. This includes warming up your shoulders, thoracic spine, lumbar spine, hip mobility…and gets the blood pumping!

Meet Your Practitioner: Chelsey Bueckert, RHAP

Meet Chelsey Bueckert, a dedicated Registered Hearing Instrument Practitioner who has been transforming lives in the hearing health industry since 2008. After graduating from MacEwan University’s Hearing Instrument Practitioner program in 2023, Chelsey has passionately continued her journey in this field she loves, and now is a valued member of the Alto Hearing Team in Saskatoon. Her diverse experience in various roles within hearing clinics inspired her to become a Hearing Care Provider, driven by the joy of helping people rediscover the sounds of life. Chelsey’s greatest reward is enhancing not just her clients’ daily lives, but also those of their family and friends, witnessing the delight as they hear clearly once again.

Calling All Volunteers!

Are you passionate about giving back to your community? If so, Saskatoon Services for Seniors needs YOU!

Why Volunteer with Us?
• Make a meaningful difference in the lives of seniors in Saskatoon.
• Build lasting connections and friendships with fellow volunteers.

Saskatoon Services for Seniors offers a helping hand to adults 55+ and persons with disabilities. We provide services such as home organization, yard work services, handyman services, grocery delivery, and other customized services and supports.

Flexible Commitment: Choose a schedule that works for you! Whether you can spare a few hours a week or a couple of days a month, your time will make a tremendous impact.

How to Get Involved?
To join our team of dedicated volunteers, simply:
1. Call (306)668-2762 or email: saskatoonservices
2. Fill out the volunteer application form.
3. Attend a brief orientation session.

Spread the Word! Know someone who shares your passion for helping others? Encourage them to join our cause!

Thank you for your kindness and generosity! Let’s make this summer brighter for our seniors in Saskatoon.

As we enter each phase of life,

we adopt new ways of doing things and often look for services to support our conscious choice to live a healthy and happy lifestyle. Saskatoon Services for Seniors offers services that create positive experiences, each and every day!

In June, Saskatchewan takes the opportunity to share information about support services for those experience hearing and/or sight loss.

Saskatoon Services for Seniors provides valuable support and resources for older adults and their families.

1. Accessible Housing: Saskatoon Services for Seniors provides options for older adults that are designed to assist individuals with sensory impairments, via our Handyman Services Program: install grab bars, enhanced lighting or other modifications or repairs.
2. Grocery Services: Seniors with sensory impairments may struggle with driving and/or shopping for meals. Saskatoon Services for Seniors will shop for the groceries you request and deliver them to your home.
3. Housekeeping – As our eyes change over the years, we often struggle to keep our homes as clean as we would like. Let Saskatoon Services for Seniors bring a shine back to your home so you can once again proudly invite friends and family to visit.

A gift certificate for services, from Saskatoon Services for Seniors is a great Father’s Day gift! When a loved one has a clean-living environment, it provides peace of mind for family and friends. Helping parents or family members with their housekeeping maintains their quality of life and safety.

To find specific services and resources in Saskatoon, reach out to Saskatoon Services for Seniors. We can provide personalized support specifically designed to meet your needs. Don’t let the natural changes to your eyesight and hearing stop you from living a fulfilling lifestyle.

The Do’s and Don’ts of Dentures

To get the most out of your dentures, it’s important to take proper care of them. Here are some do’s and don’ts when it comes to denture care. DO: 1) Handle your dentures carefully. 2) Remove and rinse after eating. 3) Remove before bed and soak overnight. 4) Rinse before putting them back in your mouth. 5) Brush dentures daily. 6) See your dentist regularly. DON’T: 1) Use whitening toothpaste, abrasive cleaners, bleach products, sharp objects, or hot water to clean your dentures. 2) Use tugging motions when eating. 3) Neglect your dentures. 4) Wear ill-fitting dentures.

Business Spotlight: Hillcrest Funeral Home

Discover the epitome of compassionate and dignified end-of-life services at Hillcrest Funeral Home and Cemetery, Saskatoon’s only all-service provider. With a rich legacy spanning over 70 years, Hillcrest stands as a pillar of support, providing solace to families during their most challenging times. Meticulously designed facilities offer a serene environment for both reflection and celebration of life, while their dedicated staff seamlessly guides you through every detail. As an integral part of the community, Hillcrest’s commitment to personalized arrangements, modern amenities, and environmentally conscious practices sets a new standard in the industry. Amidst the tranquil landscapes, Hillcrest Funeral Home and Cemetery ensures that every farewell is a heartfelt tribute to a life well-lived.

Essential Tips for Disability Tax Claims

Navigating the intricacies of disability tax credits can be daunting, but understanding the process is crucial for accessing financial support. Here’s a vital tip: Keep detailed records of medical expenses and consultations related to the disability. This documentation is invaluable when applying for the credit, ensuring you receive the maximum entitled benefits. Additionally, seek assistance from a qualified specialist well-versed in disability tax credits. Their expertise can streamline the application process and help you optimize your claim. By staying organized and seeking expert guidance, you can alleviate financial burdens and focus on prioritizing your health and well-being.

National Physiotherapy Month

May is National Physiotherapy Month, celebrating the dedicated professionals who help us move and live better. Whether recovering from injury, managing chronic pain, or enhancing athletic performance, physiotherapy offers personalized solutions. It’s a holistic approach focusing on restoring function, mobility, and overall well-being. This month, take a moment to recognize the invaluable contributions of physiotherapists in our community. Consider scheduling a visit to address any nagging discomfort or to optimize your physical health. Let’s honor National Physiotherapy Month by prioritizing our bodies’ needs and embracing the transformative power of movement. Your journey to improved mobility and vitality starts here.

Naturopathic Medicine Week: May 12-18

This week looks to highlight what Naturopathic Medicine is and how it could be of benefit to you. The naturopathic philosophy is to stimulate the natural healing properties of the body and treat the underlying cause of dysfunction. You can utilize naturopathic medicine along in conjunction with conventional medical therapies to achieve optimal health, as Naturopathic Medicine has a large priority on preventative medicine. This could include dietary and lifestyle advice, herbal medicine, acupuncture amongst other modalities. In these times of stress and uncertainty, check us out to see how we can help support your goals.