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How Much Are You Getting?

June is National Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Month! No matter what the season is, the generally accepted recommendation is to consume 8-10 servings of fresh fruits and veggies every day. But the reality is that very few of us get anywhere near that amount. In my experience working with clients, I have found that on average, they are only getting 2-4 servings/day (and likely less, since people tend not to want to admit what their nutritional habits REALLY are). So, if you are one of those people, supplementing with a high-quality live whole food supplement would be highly recommended.

Disability Tax Credit Eligibility

When people have restrictions, physically or mentally, they may be entitled to apply for a tax credit. There are different ways in which a person can be eligible for the disability tax credit (DTC). In all cases, the impairment must be prolonged. Also, the person must meet one of the following criteria: 1. Is markedly restricted in at least one of the basic activities of daily living. 2. Is significantly restricted in two or more or the basic activities of daily living (can include a vision impairment). 3. Needs life-sustaining therapy. The credit can allow a person $2500 in tax savings each year as well as a $25,000 Lump Sum Refund. Expert help is available in applying for this substantial tax credit.

Friendly Caller Program

Saskatoon Services for Seniors is proud to have a working relationship with both the U of S and U of R’s Nursing/Social work programs. We regularly have practicum students along with Volunteers that are here to be a friendly voice for seniors to talk to. We know how just a simple conversation can help improve a person’s mental health and make their day. This services is available to any senior and is provided at no cost. Want to help? We are currently looking for Nursing and Social work students to work with this program as part of the Canada Summer Student work program.

Urban Camp Snow Program

Saskatoon Services for Seniors offers low-fee winter snow removal in partnership with Ministry of Justice Urban Camp program. Supervised crews of inmates work in the Urban Camp services. The Urban camp program provides clients with a spring and fall yard cleaning and bagging of leaves and debris. Crews also provide Snow shoveling of walks, driveways and city sidewalks all winter. This program is offered at a flat fee to allow low income seniors a way to look after the shoveling all winter for and affordable fee. Applications for this program are open now and available until August 1, 2021. If you or someone you know could benefit from this service the applications are available on our website at

Handyman Services

At Saskatoon Services for we are able to provide basic handyman services to seniors in Saskatoon. We can do minor fixes around your property, install grab bars, change taps, small painting jobs or even just change a light in the house. There are quite a few minor fixes we are able to help you with around your property even if it is to just haul some items to the city landfill. Clients can call 306-668-2762 and we will be glad to discuss what you are needing done and if we can help you. We do not have any journeyman trades staff so we are not able to do major renovations but if it is a small job we can usually assist you.

Renewing Our Energy

“Surrender to what is, let go of what was and have faith in what will be” are the many themes we are facing amid a third wave pandemic. Many of us have hit our walls of exhaustion, boredom, frustration, and isolation and desire a summer of freedom and play. Tired of being told what to do and how to do it, yet here we are banning together to keep ourselves healthy and safe. Surrender is not about giving up; it’s about letting go and grieving what you cannot control then finding and discovering the small joys in what you can do to renew your energy and set yourself free.

Housekeeping Services

Saskatoon Services for Seniors offers housekeeping services for all seniors in Saskatoon. Our staff is screened and fully insured. Our staff are here to assist with many household cleaning services such as kitchens, bathrooms, laundry, dusting and wall washing. We only provide the services that you require and as such only have a one hour minimum for each appointment. We can provide regular weekly service, bi-weekly services or just when you need us. The fee involved is based on the seniors income and if cost is a barrier, though our donors we can usually overcome this barrier to be able to get seniors the help they need.

Yardwork Services

Services include lawn cutting, spring and fall cleanup of leaves, gardening, flower beds and weeding. As with all of our services we can provide as much or as little based on what you require. We can also do landscaping, pruning, trimming and edging as well. For landscaping work we look at what you require and will provide you with a rough price before we would go ahead with any work. As always if cost is a barrier we will work with you to overcome that barrier. During spring and fall we can also do outside window cleaning and eaves cleaning as well.

Thank You for Giving

Donations are what allow us to support older adults in our community. Donations help progress our services while playing a vital role in keeping seniors independent. Your donations help to supplement the cost to some of our low income seniors in our community as well fund programs that are free to any senior like our Friendly Caller program. Every dollar in donations stays right here in Saskatoon. We have many lower income seniors that need our services and the generosity of our donors allows us to be able to assist them.

Grocery / Shopping Delivery

Saskatoon Services for Seniors is proud to provide Grocery delivery to seniors and disabled adults around Saskatoon. Each week on Monday and Tuesday we contact clients to take their order and we then shop and deliver the orders on Wednesday through Friday. We will shop at the store of the Seniors choice and get only what they order. Our staff can not only shop for grocery items but health products as well as they require them. Seniors that have mobility issues can also inquire if they need assistance with the delivery and our staff can help put their items away for them as well in the home. We have a small $6 delivery fee along with a 10% administration fee.

Aging and Medication Dosing

As we age, changes to our blood pressure, kidneys, and muscles can affect how our bodies handle medications. For example, some types of blood pressure medications might not work as well for elderly patients. Because our kidneys start to slow down, drugs that are cleared from the body through the kidneys often need lower doses and closer monitoring. Losing muscle is also a normal part of aging and means that our bodies end up with a higher fat component, which can also affect medication dosing. These are some of the few things that our Pharamcists will consider when prescribing and dispensing your medications.