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Avoid Sweaty Hands and Feet

Over 950,000 Canadians suffer from hyperhidrosis. You are not alone. Excessive sweating can affect your quality of life and lead to emotional distress. You may have noticed that showering and deodorant are not enough when dealing with hyperhidrosis. But there are other fast acting options with longer protection available. There’s a 1st line proven effective therapy for hyperhidrosis and meets the criteria of the Canadian Dermatology Association’s Skin Health Program, is clinical strength antiperspirant that works. Don’t let sweat get the best of you.

Great Local Events in January

Jan. 13. – Nutrien Wonderhub Storyscapes – Light up the night, come shine your brightest with Wonderhub and local outdoor educator Claire Miller. Participate in a magical lantern walk story.
Jan. 29. – Inclusion Saskatchewan Parents Workshop – We welcome caregivers of individuals with intellectual disabilities to join us for a reimagined version of our annual Parents Workshop.

Friendly Caller Program

Our friendly caller program is free and run by staff, volunteers, and social work practicum students who are passionate about working with seniors. We aim to decrease social isolation in the Saskatoon senior population by providing social phone calls to those who would benefit from social interaction. If you or someone you know could benefit from this program, please contact us today.

Housekeeping Services

Saskatoon Services for Seniors offers housekeeping services for all seniors in Saskatoon. Our staff is screened and fully insured. We are here to assist with many household cleaning services, such as kitchens, bathrooms, laundry, dusting, and wall washing. We only provide the services that you require, and as such, only have a one-hour minimum for each appointment. We can provide regular weekly services, bi-weekly services, or just when you need us. Fees are based on the senior’s income, but if cost is a barrier, our donors can often get seniors the help they need.

Volunteers Needed

Here at Saskatoon Services for Seniors, we strive to make a difference every day. We do this by helping seniors remain safely in their own homes by providing services that they need. One of these key services, especially in the winter, is our grocery delivery program. We are currently looking for one or two volunteers to help with this program. If you are interested in helping seniors in our community, please contact our office today. Grocery volunteers are also needed to help with our grocery shoppers/delivery.

About Us

Saskatoon Services for Seniors was started in 1988 with the goal of helping seniors stay independent in their homes. We started with offering housekeeping services and later added yardwork crews to help seniors maintain the outside of their properties. Over the years, we have added many services to assist seniors, including snow shoveling, handyman services, and grocery delivery. Today, we offer many services to help seniors in Saskatoon remain safe and independent in their homes.

Smoking Affects Your Hearing

Did you make any New Year’s resolutions? If you are a smoker, you can now add increased risk of hearing loss to the list of reasons to quit. The chemicals found in cigarettes may affect the way your ear processes sound. In fact, smokers have been found to be 15% more likely to have hearing loss than non-smokers. Hearing loss isn’t fatal, but it can lead to a number of health-related issues down the line. Dementia & depression have been linked to untreated hearing loss, so be sure to have your ears checked regularly. Get started by scheduling a hearing test today.

Light Therapy for Pain

The more we understand the value of increasing circulation to our tissues, the easier it is to understand how and why low-level polychromatic light therapy (PLT) supports the body’s innate healing processes. PLT can bring about beneficial chemical reactions in nerve cells, which can stimulate healing. PLT can provide a wealth of additional health benefits that support full-body wellness. Many people with symptoms of pain or impaired circulation, such as joint pain, arthritis, and injuries, have experienced positive results from using PLT. Clients choose PLT because it’s convenient, a great value, drug-free, and can offer non-invasive healing properties.

Help Support Seniors

Today, more than ever, your support is extremely valuable. It helps progress our services while playing a vital role in keeping seniors independent. Our generous supporters help to supplement the cost for some of our low-income seniors in the community, as well as fund programs that are free to any senior, like our friendly caller program. Every dollar of support stays right here in Saskatoon. We have many lower-income seniors who need our services, and the generosity of your support allows us to be able to assist them. Please visit our website and show your support for seniors today!

A Solution to Your Resolutions

This past year was a tough one. Do not start the new year off stressed by your list of resolutions when it can be as simple as one solution. Drink one drink, once a day, and ignite your body’s optimum fuel source. We have the only ketone that is naturally fermented and bio-identical to what your body creates when in ketosis. Rather than worry about keeping to a diet, you can drink to improve your mood, sleep, energy, focus, fat loss, muscle preservation, skin, gut health and mental clarity. We are here to support you in your journey; why not give it a try? Here is to a Healthy New Year!

What is Your Mouth Telling You?

The state of your mouth can offer valuable insights into your dental, oral and overall health. Any bleeding when you brush your gums is a sign that you should see your dentist. Unhealthy gums can affect your overall health. Atherosclerosis, clogging of the arteries, has a strong link to gum disease. Pain on biting might mean a cracked tooth. Sugar sensitivity usually indicates a cavity. Tenderness to cold might just need a change of toothpaste. Tenderness to hot is likely to be more serious. The only way to find out, for sure, what’s going on is to see your dentist.