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Claiming Care Medical Expenses

Navigating the financial challenges of supporting aging parents, special needs children, or spouses with severe illnesses often involves significant attendant care expenses. The Disability Tax Credit (DTC) allows individuals to claim annually for attendant care fees incurred in Canada. Eligible expenses include nursing home or full-time care, group homes, in-home attendant care, retirement homes, special schools, or training institutions. Other eligible disabilities span vision, mobility, hearing, feeding, dressing, elimination functions, and mental capacities crucial for daily life. Approval for the (DTC) is necessary to claim these expenses.

Breathe in a Sigh of Relief

Greentech Environmental’s PureHEPA+ Air Purifier emerges as a vital ally against the rising threat of wildfire smoke and persistent odors. Amidst increasing wildfire incidents, this eco-friendly air purifier offers respite, efficiently capturing harmful smoke particles with its HEPA filtration system. What sets it apart is its ability to eliminate odors using an activated carbon filter, ensuring your space always smells fresh. Beyond its performance, PureHEPA+ embodies eco-consciousness, consuming minimal energy and featuring durable construction to minimize waste. In an era where environmental responsibility is paramount, Greentech’s PureHEPA+ supports the relationship between technology and nature, providing a breath of fresh air for a sustainable future.

Cleaner Homes, Safer Havens!

Norwex® is transforming homes into Safe Havens through effective, safe, and sustainable cleaning and personal care products – that reduce the use of harmful chemicals! These unique products empower you to stop using household cleaners and body products laden with harmful chemicals and help you eliminate single-use waste that threatens the environment! You can choose a “Cleaner, Safer, Better Way” today. There are perfect product combos for your bathrooms and kitchens; along with safe, soft, and snuggly products for your children and pets. Norwex® products truly pamper, restore, and rejuvenate our living and personal spaces. Request a catalogue today!

I Hear You

Ensuring effective communication is crucial for valued relationships. Here are five reasons to prioritize a hearing test: 1. Enhanced intimacy and build trust through shared stories. 2. Create lasting memories by actively participating in social gatherings. 3. Improve happiness by avoiding frustration and anger caused by hearing difficulties. 4. Make moments count by eliminating the need for repeated conversations. 5. Demonstrate love by addressing hearing concerns and acknowledging others’ worries. Contact us today for a free consultation and hearing test to strengthen your connections.

Brain Teasers

1. Which hormone is often called the ‘stress hormone’? 2. What is the smallest bone in the human body? 3. What does a sphygmomanometer measure 4. What is the strongest muscle in your body?

Feel the Gain with Less Pain

“Are there any exercises that can help me?” “Are there any exercises, or things I shouldn’t do?” These are two of the most common questions we hear in our physiotherapy office and are difficult to answer simply. The short answer is yes and no to both. When exercising hurts, and you find yourself afraid to try, but know you should, figuring out ‘the why’ is essential. More pain doesn’t lead to gain. There are many ways to exercise and the worst exercise is none at all. If moving better, or more, or with less pain is on your New Year’s resolution list this year, come for a consultation and learn ‘your why’ and what to do.

The Sandwich Generation

Are you a caregiver to your children and your aging parents? If so, you are part of the “sandwich generation”, a group of adults who are “pressed” between caregiving responsibilities for their young and elderly loved ones. This generation of caregivers has its own unique stresses and challenges, spending on average about three hours per day on unpaid care while also working full-time. These challenges can take a toll on this group’s health, finances, and emotions. Thankfully, professional care companies can help relieve some of the stress by providing quality care for senior loved ones – wherever they call home.

Sound Investments: Prioritize Hearing Health

With World Hearing Day being on March 3rd, it’s an opportune moment to tune into the importance of our auditory well-being. Our ability to hear connects us to the world, enriching our experiences and relationships. Taking a proactive approach to our hearing health is a gift to ourselves and our loved ones. Local hearing practitioners play a crucial role in this journey, offering expert guidance and solutions tailored to individual needs. Whether it’s a routine check-up or addressing specific concerns, connecting with a nearby hearing professional can have a profound impact on the quality of life.

Leveraging Social Work in Mediation

When facing conflicts, legal solutions aren’t always the best fit. Social workers, trained in conflict resolution and communication, offer a natural alternative. Rooted in intergenerational trauma, many conflicts require more than legal expertise—they demand empathy and understanding. Unlike costly legal fees, social workers provide affordable services while maintaining quality. With ongoing professional development, they stay adept at handling diverse conflicts effectively. Moreover, many health insurance plans cover their services, ensuring accessibility for all. So, when conflicts arise, consider leveraging the benefits of working with a social worker for a smoother resolution journey.

Providing Comfort Through Loss

When supporting someone through loss, remember these key points: Be present, as your mere presence offers comfort. Listen actively, allowing them to express their emotions freely. Acknowledge the diversity of grief and validate their feelings. Avoid minimizing their experience and instead, offer understanding. Prepare for potential anger, stemming from frustration. Provide hope for the future, reassuring them of healing. Lastly, understand that grief takes time; offer ongoing support without imposing timelines. Simply being there can make a significant difference in their journey.