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FALL for Someone Special

The leaves changing colour and the crispness in the air can only mean one thing. It’s fall! Those carefree summer days of soaking up the sun turn to days that are meant for curling up with that special someone and getting cozy indoors. It’s a great time to look for love if you’re single, as the distractions that often come with summer activities have come and gone. Instead, fall is the time to focus on finding a connection. Most people, however, are unsure where to find love. Reach out to a professional Matchmaker. With a long cold winter ahead, you will be thankful that you did.

Crystal Light for Health or Pleasure

Imagine the power of combining the latest in LED Light Body Therapy, FIR light heating, pure grade essential oil aromatherapy and Brain-Sync frequency music technology. Non-invasive treatments are delivered using advanced LED technology and real, natural quartz, hand-cut as Vogel crystals. Just as music can make us happy or sad, Crystal energy can help us heal and grow, physically, emotionally and spiritually. The Universe (Nature) creates. The Mind (Intention) commands. The Body (Reality) follows. This is the Magic of Life.

When It’s Not Just Aging

While it’s true that some health conditions are more common with age, there are some symptoms that should be discussed with your doctor. 1. Memory loss – this can sometimes be the result of medications, vitamin deficiencies, and some disorders. 2. Vision problems – getting treatment early for certain vision problems like glaucoma can prevent serious damage. 3. Tooth loss – getting regular dental care can help seniors avoid tooth loss. 4. Depression – certain health conditions and medications can make depression symptoms worse, but this problem can be treated professionally. 5. Weakness – a good exercise program can help prevent loss of muscle mass.

Busting Colds and Flus

According to Health Canada, millions of Canadians come down with either a cold or flu each year. With different strains of colds, many people catch more than one, which typically results in time off work and school. Colds and flus share many similar symptoms of sore throat, fatigue, stuffy nose, cough and chest discomfort; while the flu results in fever, more severe body aches and pain and more complications. Decrease your risk with optimal vitamin D status – get your levels checked and if low supplement to adequate levels, as it has shown to help prevent respiratory infections. Improve immunity, decrease incidence to decrease complications and use of antibiotics.

Medication Review

Taking your medication properly is one of the most effective ways to manage chronic conditions such as high blood pressure, diabetes and high cholesterol. Up to 25% of Canadians are admitted to the hospital annually because they don’t take their medications as prescribed. Schedule a Medication Review with your Pharmacist to discuss how to take your medications and for how long, understand if your medications are working properly, manage potential side effects and help you stay on track. Get the most from your medications with a Medication Review.

Prevent Osteoporosis with Strength-Training

In addition to helping you stay lean and strong, a whole-body workout that includes resistance training will help strengthen your bones. The National Institutes of Health (NIH) Osteoporosis and Related Bone Diseases National Resource Center reports that regular exercise is essential for treating and preventing osteoporosis. Bone is living tissue that can be strengthened with weight-bearing and weight training exercises. Exercising also helps us maintain muscle strength, coordination, and balance, which in turn helps to prevent falls and related fractures.

Pelvic Floor Healing

The transition into motherhood can present physical challenges. Pelvic floor issues are common among women, both pre- and post-baby, but are not normal. Some symptoms include pelvic pain, incontinence, overactive bladder, pelvic organ prolapse, and diastasis recti (separation of the abdominals). The pelvic floor includes muscles, ligaments, nerves and connective tissue. Treatment will always start with an assessment of common areas that refer pain to the pelvic region include: the abdomen, lower back, hips, pubic symphysis (the front part of your pubic bones) and sacro-iliac joint (the joint formed by the sacrum and ilium from your low back to your coccyx).

Fillings for Baby Teeth

Since baby teeth just end up falling out, why not let the cavity fall out with the baby tooth? Because some primary teeth will be in your child’s mouth until the age of 12, losing a baby tooth too early due to decay, infection, or accidents can cause other teeth to shift. This could lead to eruption or crowding issues with the permanent teeth. Visiting your child’s dentist every 6 months will help them catch problems when they are small. A filling can be an inexpensive and easy way to maintain good dental health and prevent pain and infection.

Ask Your Hearing Expert

Q. How can I communicate more effectively with a loved one with hearing loss? A. Here are some helpful tips: • Always face the person you’re talking to. This allows the person to lip-read and use visual cues. • Speak clearly and naturally at a moderate pace. Allow extra time for the person to process what was said. • Don’t yell or scream. Yelling causes you to speak abnormally, making it difficult for the person to understand you. • Repeat and rephrase if needed. If there was a chance you were misunderstood, say it again. • Use other communication techniques. Text messages, email, or writing notes are effective ways to get your message across.

Smile Confidently

Dental implants offer a great way to replace missing teeth and also provide patients with the option of having removable partial or complete dentures. Implants provide excellent support and stability for these dental appliances. Dental implants are artificial roots (titanium) that are surgically placed into the upper or lower jaw bone by a dentist or periodontist (a specialist of the gums and supporting bone). The teeth attached to implants are very natural looking and often enhance or restore a patient’s smile! Dental implants are strong and durable and will last many years. On occasion they will have to be re-tightened or replaced due to normal wear.

Understanding Breast Cancer

Early detection of breast cancer can increase the success of treatment, so knowing what the signs and symptoms are is important. These can include a permanent lump in the breast that feels hard or tender and that might feel like it’s attached to the skin or chest wall, a lump in the armpit, visible changes such as dimpling, puckering, or thickening of the skin of the breast, redness or swelling in the breast, visible changes to the nipple, or itchiness of the nipple or breast. While these don’t necessarily indicate cancer, speak to your doctor if these symptoms do occur.