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Book Club: Hack Your Anxiety

How to Make Anxiety Work for You in Life, Love, and All That You Do. What if anxiety is not a monster to be tamed, but a resource to be tapped? In this revolutionary book, Dr. Alicia Clark recognizes anxiety as the unsung hero in the path to success and happiness. It can become the motivating force that will lead to a better you, and The Anxiety Advantage aims to restore anxiety to its rightful place as a positive resource. Reclaim your anxiety as a powerful energy source, and bring yourself peace, growth and success.

Wellness Trivia Answers

.1 Pistachios 2. Your jaw 3. To raise the body’s temperature 4. True 5. Oatmeal, eggs, chicken, and peanuts. 6. It means “Take” – from the Latin word “Recipe” 7. 200

Wellness Trivia Questions:

.1 What nut has the most antioxidants? 2. What is the strongest muscle in your body?
3. What is the purpose of goosebumps? 4. True or False? No matter how flexible you are, you can’t kiss your elbow? 5. What foods can help regulate mood and sleep? 6. What does the Rx mean on prescriptions? 7. How many muscles do you use to take a single step forward?

0% Alcohol, 0% Sugar, 100% Clarity

Summer is in full-swing, and that means friends, family, and finally, Cocktails. Looking for a healthy and happy tasting – alcohol free – option? Us too! Here are 3 of our classic favorites, just in time for the sunshine… please the crowd and ENJOY! Sol’d Fashioned: 2 oz Solbrü Restore, 2 dashes bitters, 1 tsp maraschino cherry syrup, orange slice or smoked orange peel, Ice. Brü-jito: 2 oz Solbrü Elevate, 3 muddled mint leaves, 3 oz Soda, splash of lime juice, Ice, to sweeten add simple syrup. Grounded Müle: 2 oz Solbrü Elevate, 3 oz ginger beer, 1/2 lime juice, lime wedge.

Clean Eating Recipe

No-Bake Peach & Almond Crisp. Ingredients: 6 ripe peaches pitted and sliced. 1 tbsp butter. 2 tbsp honey. ½ tsp ground nutmeg. ¼ cup chopped almonds. 1 ½ cups granola. 1 cup fat-free vanilla yogurt. Directions: Heat skillet on stove-top over medium-high heat. Add butter and when melted, add the peaches in a single layer and cook 4-5 min. until beginning to soften and brown in spots. Flip the peaches and cook another 4-5 min. or until softened. Turn off heat; drizzle peaches with honey and sprinkle with nutmeg and almonds. Stir to combine and coat the peaches. Remove from heat, sprinkle with granola and top with yogurt. Enjoy!

Where Are You At Now?

The reality is, over the last year many lives have been devasted by loss of health (physical, mental or emotional) or loss of financial security, OR worse…loss of loved ones. On the otherhand, many have not only survived but thrived, taking challenges and turning them into OPPORTUNITIES. Which camp are you in? Perhaps you are familiar with what Henry Ford said many years ago, “Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t – you’re RIGHT.” So here’s to being like the little train who said, ‘I think I can, I think I can.” I for one, believe amazing things are about to happen!

Lower EMF Laptops

When it comes to EMF reduction, using a wired internet connection and disabling WiFi is a great way to reduce the RF levels on your laptop. Many people don?t realize that large electric fields can also be present when using a laptop. The easiest way to significantly reduce electric fields is to make sure any laptop you purchase has a three-pronged power cord. High electric fields play a large part in feeling tired when working on a laptop for long periods of time. Check your laptop cord next time you use it and see if it has two or three prongs!

Business Profile: Accufit Denture Centre

For over 40 years, the Anderson family has provided quality denture services in Saskatchewan. As a third-generation denturist, Ryan Anderson and the staff at Accufit Denture Centre are proud to carry on the long history of quality and friendliness that denture wearers across the province have come to expect. Since 2015, Accufit Denture Centre has worked hard to provide the most comfortable dental environment in a location that is convenient for patients. Accufit Denture Centre’s friendly staff will work with patients’ unique needs to ensure their complete satisfaction. Consultations are always free, and patients’ smiles are always guaranteed.

Summer Sun Safety

Here are some tips to help you and your family stay safe in the sun this summer! 1) Check the UV index daily – higher numbers mean more sun protection is needed. 2) Limit your time in the sun between the hours of 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. 3) Seek shade as much as possible. 4) Cover up with tightly woven and loose-fitting clothing, as well as a wide-brimmed hat. 5) Wear sunglasses. 6) Use a broad-spectrum (UVA and UVB) sunscreen of at least SPF 15 or 30, and reapply frequently. 7) Know the early signs of skin cancer.

Cleaner Homes, Safer Havens!

Norwex® is transforming homes into Safe Havens through effective, safe, and sustainable cleaning and personal care products – that reduce the use of harmful chemicals! These unique products empower you to stop using household cleaners and body products laden with harmful chemicals and help you eliminate single-use waste that threatens the environment! You can choose a “Cleaner, Safer, Better Way” today. There are perfect product combos for your bathrooms and kitchens; along with safe, soft, and snuggly products for your children and pets. Norwex® products truly pamper, restore, and rejuvenate our living and personal spaces. Request a catalogue today!