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Essential Oil Review: Cajeput

Cajeput 100% Pure Joy Naturals essential oil is also known as White Tea Tree. The name Cajeput is actually the Indonesian word for ‘white wood’. This camphorous essential oil is part of the Melaleuca family and is used much in the same way as its cousin, Tea Tree. Fresh and Uplifting and a must have for treating colds and flu. (Essential Oils Natural Remedies, Althea Press) This would be an excellent oil to use in your diffuser. Add 4-5 drops to your diffuser and “Just Breathe”. For a complete guide and recommendations visit

What is Computerized Biofeedback?

Computerized Biofeedback testing and Bioresonance treatment is a highly effective way of testing and treating the body. This computerized analysis identifies underlying imbalances in organs and tissues. It also identifies impurities such as, chemicals, metals, toxins, yeasts and viruses, that can cause or trigger health problems. Additionally, the testing will indicate if there is a deficiency of vitamins, minerals and proteins in the body. If an imbalance, deficiency or impurity is identified, they can then be treated with a Bioresonance wave or frequency. This wave helps to stimulate correction of the affected area or imbalance, to help your body function optimally.

Do’s and Don’ts of Dating

In today’s distracted world, where people are panicked when they don’t have instant access to their electronics, face-to-face meetings can be a foreign concept. When getting to know someone, it is important that they feel you are giving them your undivided attention. Cell phones need to be on silent and put away while on a date. Communication needs to be real. Take the time to call them and have a real conversation. Do an activity on your date where you have ample time to get to learn more about the person.

Know the Signs of Stroke

Stroke is the No. 2 cause of death worldwide, which means it’s important to know the warning signs. Remember F.A.S.T. (face drooping, arm weakness, speech difficulty or slurred speech – if you see any of these signs, it’s time to call 911). Other signs that someone is suffering from a stroke include sudden vision loss, a severe headache (caused by swelling in the brain), dizziness or imbalance, and nausea and vomiting (both of which are very common early signs of stroke). By understanding what to look for and taking the signs of stroke seriously, you could save a life!

Ask a Pharmacist, Your Local Medication Expert!

Medication mix-ups can and do happen. It’s easy for people to lose track of what they are taking and how often they are taking it. Asking a pharmacist questions is a powerful action that can improve medication safety, they are an expert in medications. Patients are also a very important partner in medication safety. Ask questions every time a new medication is prescribed, given or purchased. A full understanding of all aspects of medication is so important to help patients manage their health. Questions save lives, it’s safe to ask.

ADHD vs. Visual Dysfunction

Children diagnosed with Learning-Related Visual Dysfunction and children diagnosed with ADHD experience many of the same signs and symptoms:
• Failure to pay close attention to details or making careless mistakes
• Difficulty sustaining attention
• Failure to follow through on instructions or to finish work
• Easily distracted by extraneous stimuli
• Fidgeting in seat or having trouble staying seated. As a result, unfortunately, children can sometimes be misdiagnosed. A developmental eye evaluation can determine whether a Learning-Related Visual Dysfunction is causing behavior that may otherwise be attributed to ADHD.

Coping with SAD

Seasonal affective disorder (SAD) is more than just what people refer to as the “winter blues”. Those who have it find it difficult to function in daily life. So, what can you do if you find yourself experiencing seasonal sadness? 1. Increase sunlight exposure (even if it is a scare amount). Consider getting an artificial sunlight lamp. 2. Exercise. This can relieve stress, build energy levels, and improve physical well-being. 3. Take a supplement. Vitamin D3, specifically, has positive effects on mood and seasonal affective disorder. 4. Get a massage. Besides feeling great, it can also improve your mood.

Signs of Poor Mental Health

It can be hard to know if someone is suffering from poor mental health. It is impossible to know the thoughts another person is experiencing unless they share them with us. If you suspect someone may be struggling, look for common signs of poor mental health, such rapid mood swings, increased anxiety, social withdrawal, and lack of self care. Other signs to look for include concentration or memory issues, lack of motivation, and withdrawing from friends and activities. Offering to listen and sharing about your mental health can open up lines of communication so they can start to feel better.

Fresh like Spring

If you’re like me, you must be anticipating the newness of Spring as the season approaches. With our long winter’s nap nearly behind us, we can start to grow and blossom like fresh rosebuds. Now is the time to take advantage of the opportunities to be renewed and healthy – like getting outdoors, being active, enjoying fresh, smoke free air, living cleaner and growing stronger. It’s like a second ‘New Year’, a second chance to make 2019 the healthiest, and most rewarding year yet. What changes will you be making this Spring and who will be making the changes with you?

A Clean Home is a Healthy Home!

Life is stressful, but one way to ease the burden is to hire a reputable cleaning service for your home and/or workplace. A cleaning service benefits so many different people – young families, elderly home owners, anyone with physical challenges, someone who is ill or recovering from an illness, and busy active families. Enjoy your free time; life is fast-paced. Weekends are NOT made for cleaning. Thankfully there are local businesses who offer healthy alternatives to cleaning with chemicals.

Chiropractic Care may Reduce Depression

There are two primary reasons why visiting a chiropractor can help people suffering with depression. First, chiropractic care is known to reduce and eliminate physical pain, which can improve mental health, relieving depression. Chiropractic treatment can also improve the way the nervous system functions, which can have a positive effect on your mental and emotional wellbeing. The health of the spine has an impact on all aspects of physical and mental health so it’s important to remove stress from the spine in order to help the body and mind return to a higher state of health and wellness.