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Healthier ‘Ferrero Rocher’ Balls

100g pitted fresh dates. 140g roasted hazelnuts, skins removed. 75g digestive biscuits. 3 tsp. raw cacao powder. 1/2 tsp. vanilla. 150g dark chocolate, melted, cooled slightly. Place the dates in a heatproof bowl. Cover with boiling water. Set aside for 10 minutes. Drain. Place 60g of the hazelnuts, biscuits and cacao in a food processor. Process until coarsely chopped. Add dates and vanilla. Process until almost smooth but mixture still has a little texture. Roll into balls. Press a whole hazelnut into the centre of each and re-roll to enclose. Coarsely chop the remaining hazelnuts. Place melted chocolate in a bowl. Dip the balls in the chocolate to coat. Sprinkle with chopped hazelnuts. Place in the fridge. Enjoy.

Healthy Holiday Snacks for the Office

It’s that time of year and we are surrounded with chocolates, cookies and cakes. If you want to keep your waistline in check during the holiday season so you can look fab on New Year’s, try healthier options like nuts, dried fruit, dark chocolate-dipped strawberries, fruit kabobs, or no-bake energy bites. Want a loner term approach? Start up a Fruity Friday’s program where staff alternate bringing a bowl of fruit to the office. Use a basic potluck sign up sheet, post it in the lunchroom, and you’re set!

ASEA for Athletes

It’s no secret to athletes that even a small increase in their ability to perform or recover can make a significant difference in achieving their goals. ASEA, the original and only Redox Signaling product available today, provides the body with two perfectly balanced sets of reactive molecules – the same molecules produced naturally by the mitochondria in every cell of our body. These vitally important molecules support the production of the ATP energy that fuels our cells, help activate antioxidants, minimize cellular damage, enhance cellular communication, and speed the healing response – all functions critical to athletic performance, endurance, and recovery.

Single For The Holidays?

Finding love is possible any time of the year, but the holidays are a wonderful time to look for romance. There’s no shortage of festive music, delicious food, whimsical decorations, and most importantly, holiday cheer. Everyone seems to be slightly more upbeat in the lead-up to Christmas, which can make dating during the holidays surprisingly ideal. All the warm and fuzzy feelings floating around make the holidays a great time to meet a potential romantic partner. If you’ve tried to find love season and season again to no avail, maybe it’s time to trust in your local matchmaker. Everyone deserves love, and love sure makes special times so much better.

Local Love: Boreal Wildcraft Tea Company

The Boreal Wildcraft Tea Company, located in Winnipeg, Manitoba, works cooperatively with local wildcrafters, hand picking and processing special herbs and berries from the nearby boreal forest in an ethical and sustainable manner to minimize our carbon footprint. Our exquisite, earth-conscious, custom-blended herbal infusions have a distinctly Canadian flavour – something you can drink and feel good about. Herbal teas provide a number of antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals to help provide many short-term and long-term health benefits, including boosting your immune system and increasing hydration. We are proud to share nature’s gifts through our unique, region-specific teas.

Stress Handling With Biofeedback

Every day, we have an estimated 60,000 to 80,000 thoughts running through our minds. Considering that our minds can only handle 7-10 bits of information at a time, no wonder we start to feel overwhelmed, especially at this time of the year. Unmanaged stress contributes to many health issues, such as headaches, exhaustion, insomnia, chronic pain, and depression, to name a few. Alternative approaches such as Biofeedback testing and treatment are very effective at handling stress. It detects imbalances, or weaknesses, in the stress handling areas of the body, and in turn, stimulates the affected areas to help the mind and body process and handle stress better.

Laser Treatment for Snoring?

NightLase is a leading-edge laser procedure using energy to stimulate the tissues of the airway causing a tightening effect which helps keep your airway open, thus improving your daily sleep. Simply put, research has shown that NightLase® reduces snoring and provides an effective, non-invasive way to lessen the effects of sleep apnea WITHOUT requiring a device to be worn during sleep. This laser therapy involves no chemical treatment, and no anesthesia. It is a gentle and easy way for you and your loved ones to regain a good night’s rest.

Smart in Everything but Reading?

Children who are considered bright underachievers often have vision problems that make reading difficult. Sometimes they’re described as auditory learners because they can remember things they’ve heard much faster and easier than anything they’ve read. A clear sign that a vision problem may be at the root of your child’s difficulties is poor performance on written or standardized tests. It may surprise you to learn that many children who have vision problems interfering with learning actually have 20/20 eyesight (with or without glasses). A Developmental Vision Evaluation is needed to determine if a vision problem is interfering with reading.

Have a Smoke-Free 2020

Something about leaving an old year behind and looking ahead at the clean slate of a new one inspires most of us to try. We think about making lasting positive changes in our lives, and we do it with hope and enthusiasm. If you’re planning to start the new year without a cigarette in your hand, but have had no luck sticking with past New Year’s resolutions, consider laser therapy. Laser therapy can help to control cravings and withdrawal symptoms. In clinical studies, patients report a noticeable reduction in cravings, and have a higher chance of success in quitting.

Have a Stress-Free Holiday Season

Generally speaking, there is a lot of joy surrounding celebrations around the Christmas season. But, not everyone shares the excitement. While the festive season has many happy moments for those who celebrate Christmas, it is also a time of high stress. There is pressure to spend money, to take time to do the Christmas shopping and time to spend with friends and family. While there is enjoyment in these activities, there is also an enormous amount of stress. We can dull the stress with food, drinks and parties, but the body records it all. It is not uncommon to develop headaches and lower back problems during and after the holidays. This is a good time to visit your chiropractor and feel good again.