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Government Grant for Restrictions in Walking

With tax season upon us, it’s important to consider whether you are eligible for the disability credit. If you have had a prolonged disability due to a hip or knee condition or other medical conditions such as copd, diabetes, neuropathy, etc, that cause restrictions in walking or dressing, you may qualify for a $2,500 yearly credit, as well as a $25,000 Lump Sum Refund. We have assisted thousands of Canadians to get this credit and can help you get the money you deserve. For the most reliable service in Canada and the lowest fee, call Brett Scott 1-844-453-5372.

A New Year Awaits New Possibilities

When I listen to my intuition and emotions noticing all the ways I have failed to do so in the past, it serves to align my inner compass, welcoming in authenticity and flow.
When I value my time, energy and self-worth, I release the people, situations and experiences that have failed to respect the boundaries I set and connect in with those that do, I respect myself.
When I put my values into action, I live and operate from my highest vision. Feeding my strengths and talents, infusing them into my creativity. Honoring my integrity and self-expression.
When I learn to make peace with my past, I release the pain and grief of what can’t be. Welcoming self-compassion and acceptance for what can be, I renew my life.

Current Programs

Cost is $2 for members and $4 for non-members. * Programs are subject to change
Morning Walking: Monday-Friday 8:30-9am
Coffee Corner: Monday-Friday from 10 am.-12 pm.

Pickleball: Monday – Friday 9-10:30am.
Beginner Pickleball : Monday-Friday 10:30am-12pm, Tuesday 2-3:30pm, Wednesday 1-3pm (1 court) & 4-6pm, Friday 1-3:30pm
Evening Pickleball: Mondays 7-9pm
Badminton: Monday – Friday 1 -3pm
Registration required at

Cards: Card games are played Monday to Friday from 1-3 p.m.

About Us

Pat Porter Active Living Centre (Serving Seniors Inc.) is a non-profit organization that provides programs, activities and services for seniors and members of the community. Seniors are the foundation of our community and our goal is to keep them a part of it for as long as possible. Read on to find out about everything we offer and how we can help you.
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Our Centre offers a great variety of events and programming weekly. Ranging from Fitness Programs to Recreational and Social Programs, there is something for everyone! Visit our website to see what we are offering right now (

Spiritual Medium & Life Coach

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have a spiritual medium as your life coach? Hailey Coleman’s experience as a psychic/medium and her background in counselling allow her to provide clients with accurate and powerful guidance and readings. From speaking to passed loved ones and personal spirit guides, to providing clarity on client situations, to monthly mentorship services, Hailey is happy to share her gifts with the world. Mentorships include weekly readings, one-on-one coaching, life guidance, and access to resources and your personal spirit guides to get the answers you’re looking for and the results you desire!

Food Cravings & What They Mean

Did you know that certain food cravings are associated with a nutrient deficiency? Craving salt equals a lack of trace minerals, craving sweets indicates a chromium deficiency, chocolate cravings mean a lack of magnesium, craving dairy and cheese indicates an essential fatty acids deficiency, and a red meat craving means you need iron and/or B12. When your body is lacking essential nutrients, it can lead to chemical imbalances which alter the pH of your tissues. Ignoring the reasons behind your cravings won’t change them and will not improve your overall health. Nutritional testing and precisely formulated nutraceuticals are the best way to find out what nutrients you are lacking, give your body what it really needs, and handle those unwanted cravings for good.

Dementia & Alzheimer’s Support

You are not alone – we are here to help. The Alzheimer Society of Manitoba is your first link to a community of support and resources for those living with dementia and their families. On our website, you’ll find easy access to knowledge, services, programs and information for every phase of your journey. Take the first step and reach out today – we have staff ready to provide a listening ear. We can help you navigate your dementia diagnosis. Discover more at or call us at 204-943-6622 or 1-800-378-6699.

Healthy Shortbread Cookies

Ingredients: 1 ½ cup almond flour (packed), 2 tbsp maple syrup, 3 tbsp melted coconut oil. Optional: ¼ tsp salt, ½ tsp vanilla extract, ½ tsp almond extract. Directions: Preheat oven to 325°F (160°C). In a medium-size mixing bowl, add all the ingredients. Squeeze the dough with your hands to bring ingredients together. If too wet, you can add more almond flour. Scoop the dough with a measuring tablespoon and roll it into a ball. Use a fork to flatten each cookie. The thinner, the crispier they will be. Bake for 10-12 minutes until slightly golden and slightly hard on top.

What is Holistic Dentistry?

In holistic dentistry, the mouth is viewed as an integral part of the digestive tract, which is crucial to overall health. A holistic dentistry practitioner takes time to educate patients on key nutrients for systemic and emotional health, the importance of restful oxygenated sleep and proper digestion, and the dangers of infected teeth and gum inflammation. Specialized technology is used in holistic dentistry, such as PRF, ozone, lasers and CBCT imaging, to properly diagnose and manage disease. In addition, only biocompatible materials are used, as opposed to ‘tolerable’ ones such as BPA-free composites, zirconia, and no amalgam silver fillings.

Government Grant for Hip/Knee Replacements

With tax season upon us, it’s important to consider whether you are eligible for the disability credit. Those with a prolonged disability or a medical condition that cause restrictions in daily activities can qualify for a $2,500 yearly credit, as well as a $25,000 Lump Sum Refund. Whatever the medical condition that cause you difficulties with walking, dressing, preparing food, hearing, sight, speech, etc, we have assisted thousands of Canadians get this credit and can help you get the money you deserve. For the most reliable service in Canada and the lowest fee, call Brett Scott 204-453-5372

Dementia Support

While we all look forward to spending quality time with family and friends during the holiday season, the busyness can be overwhelming for many – and even more so for people with dementia and their care partners. You are not alone. The Alzheimer Society can lend a comforting ear and provide you with information, education and support to help you navigate through the difficult times ahead.
Contact the Alzheimer Society this holiday season to speak with someone who can help guide you through your next steps by visiting, emailing or calling 204-943-6622 or 1-800-378-6699.