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Book Club: Ageless Soul

Living a Full Life with Joy and Purpose by Thomas Moore. Aging is the process by which one becomes a more distinctive, complex, fulfilled, loving, and connected person. Using examples from his practice as a psychotherapist and teacher who lectures widely on the soul of medicine and spirituality, Moore argues for a new vision of aging: as a dramatic series of initiations, rather than a diminishing experience, one that each of us has the tools―experience, maturity, fulfillment―to live out. Ageless Soul will teach readers how to embrace the richness of experience and how to take life on, accept invitations to new vitality, and feel fulfilled as they get older.

Organic vs. Conventional Produce

Did you know that a healthy diet need not be comprised of organic food only? In fact, some organically grown and produced foods confer no greater health benefits than conventionally grown options. How do you decide? A general rule of thumb is to choose organic when it comes to soft or thin-skinned fruits and vegetables, nuts and seeds, and meats. Good conventional choices consist of most thick-skinned foods, and exceptions like kiwi, onions, cauliflower, cabbage, and asparagus. In all cases, frozen and fresh contain comparable nutrient content. When buying organic, look for the “certified organic” seal to ensure authenticity. Sean Miller, CMHA MB and Winnipeg,

Vegan Cashew “Cheese”

Are you interested in trying a vegan diet, but aren’t ready to give up all cheese? You must give this recipe a try! Here’s what you need: 3/4 cup raw cashews, 3 tablespoons nutritional yeast, 3/4 teaspoon sea salt, 1/4 teaspoon garlic powder, ½ tablespoon lemon juice, ¼ cup water, ½ teaspoon apple cider vinegar, black pepper to taste. Here’s how to do it: Place cashews in a bowl with warm water and soak for at least 2 hours. Drain and add to food processor along with all other ingredients. Pulse until thoroughly combined. Enjoy this “cheesy” alternative!
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Rendez-Vous Estates

Nestled between Dawson Road and the Seine River on Seine Avenue in a well-established Lorette residential neighbourhood, Rendez-Vous Estates offers over two acres of intentionally designed and meticulously maintained property as a backdrop. Forty-one extraordinary suites within this 55+ community hold the key to the simple, elegant, and sophisticated lifestyle you have been waiting for. Rendez-Vous Estates’ large windows let plenty of natural light into the beautifully designed suites. With six modern energy-efficient appliances, your open kitchen will make entertaining a pleasure. Your suite also features a private balcony and in-suite clothes washer and dryer. Select from one-bedroom or two-bedroom suites in various sizes to accommodate your budget. All suites have walk-in closets and storage. Other onsite amenities include an elevator, secured entrance, heated indoor parking, a game room, an exercise room, and a guest suite. Information meetings on Jan. 10, 2018 and Feb. 28 at The Ble’s D’Ors, 1254 Dawson Road, Lorette.

Allergies & Bio-Resonance

The bio-resonance method has become well-known for its ability to treat allergies swiftly and effectively. Word of its obvious success has rapidly spread amongst clients, and consequently, many allergy sufferers are seeking out the practices of bio-resonance therapists. This is certainly attributable to the fact that the number of people suffering from allergies has been steadily increasing for years. This includes allergies to food, animals, pollen, fragrances, and various toxic substances. A bio-resonance therapist will search for the allergens triggering your symptoms and then work to alleviate those symptoms using frequency therapy. Bio-resonance therapy is completely painless and non-invasive. Dennis Ludwig, Evergreen Holistic Health Centre

Matchmaking Testimonial

“I joined Camelot Introductions and found the love of my life! If it wasn’t for Lianne’s persistence, and her innate ability for matching people, then I would still be floundering. On-line dating was a waste of my time. Camelot was exactly what I was looking for – a professional service dedicated to matching people with similar interests and dreams. Getting married in November – I’ve never been happier! Thanks Lianne!”
~Brian. Camelot Introductions,

Get a Better Sleep with Ganban-Yoku

For most people who are suffering from insomnia, the sympathetic nervous system is overly active when the body is trying to fall asleep at night – making it hard to fall asleep or resulting in poor sleep. Ganban-yoku (Japanese thermal therapy) can help improve quality of sleep by tuning the nervous system. The deep, gentle warmth during the session, uniquely keeps the body in the active state while relaxing the mind. This equally engages both sympathetic nervous system and parasympathetic nervous system instead of one of the two overly being active for over one hour. Having the nervous system function at this sweet spot for a prolonged time helps to ease the symptoms of insomnia. Some users were able to achieve good quality sleep for up to five days post session. Mieko Morisawa, Pocca Poca Spa,

Communication Tips for Dementia

1. Set a positive mood. Use warm facial expressions and tone of voice to help convey your message and show your feelings of affection.
2. Listen with your ears, eyes, and heart. Be patient in waiting for your loved one’s reply. Watch for nonverbal cues and respond appropriately.
3. Remember the good ol’ days. Reminiscing is a soothing activity. Many people with dementia may not remember what happened 30 minutes ago, but they can clearly recall their lives 30 years earlier.
4. Laugh a little or a lot! Use humour whenever possible. People with dementia tend to retain their social skills and are usually delighted to laugh along with you.
Alevtina (Alia) Tuhari, Reliable Home Care Agency Inc.,

Don’t Be the Water Filter!

Disinfecting our drinking water for more than a century with chlorine ensured it was free of the microorganisms that can cause serious diseases, such as typhoid fever. To this day, chlorine remains the most commonly used drinking water disinfectant. However, chlorine has been shown to promote a generation of free radicals within the body. Drinking tap water has been linked to bladder, breast and bowel cancer; and long-term effects of drinking, bathing, and swimming in chlorinated water has been shown to cause malignant melanoma. According to Dr. Rona, M.D., chlorinated water destroys most of the intestinal flora–friendly bacteria that help not only with the digestion of food, but with the production of vitamins B12 and K. Chlorinated water has been shown to destroy vitamin E and polyunsaturated fatty acids. All of these factors have been shown to result in skin irritations, including eczema, acne, and rashes.

Honour Yourself During the Holidays

The holidays can be a time of loving reunions, catch-ups, heartfelt connections, and joy, or they can be filled with obligations, expectations, and old patterns with emerging drama. When we can empower ourselves to know we have a choice as to where to best put our energies, what to let go of and forgive, and where to take a stand and set boundaries, we honour ourselves. Despite the illusion of social media, the “perfect family” does not exist where all things look “wonderful and together” all the time. Instead, the holidays offer us the perfect opportunity to stay true and nurture ourselves in the midst of giving and receiving.
D’Arcy Bruning-Haid,

Book Club:

The Power of Moments: Why Certain Experiences Have Extraordinary Impact
by Chip Heath, Dan Heath
Many of the defining moments in our lives are the result of accident or luck—but why would we leave our most meaningful, memorable moments to chance when we can create them? The Power of Moments shows us how to be the author of richer experiences.