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Yoga and Creativity

How do you define creativity and why does it matter? Most of us probably think of the arts, music, or making something when we consider creativity. True creativity, however, may encompass much more, all the way from how we think to how we move. Any time we try something new or allow a shift in our perspective we are being creative. Creativity is a way to get out of our busy minds and be in a space with less demands. Feeling stressed and stuck? Be creative. Consider yoga as a new way of moving and connecting with your body. While exploring the poses we’re encouraged to ask ourselves what we’re feeling and where small shifts; freedom in our own shape of it, might be needed. Yoga gives us the opportunity to move in all directions, to find our edges, and to be guided from within. Do yoga, and build creativity! Susan Turner,

Balance is Key!

When it comes to fitness, balance and variety is key. A combination of cardio, strength, and flexibility training are required to achieve overall fitness. Cardio sessions of varying intensity will give you a strong and healthy cardiovascular system. Strength training with weights and resistance builds strong bones and muscles. Working out with weights is especially important for women to help defend against osteoporosis. Weight workouts should include a functional component as a gym weight machine can mimic few of the day-to-day stresses we put on our body. Stretching, both passive (stretches held in one position) and dynamic (stretching while moving), needs to part of your fitness regime. This will help with injury prevention, ease of movement and mobility, and strengthening tendons and ligaments. Finding a yoga class is a great way to get in your stretching. It will help to ease the physical and mental stress that our daily lives put on our bodies. Keeping that balanced approach to your fitness will help keep you feeling and looking great for a long time to come.
Todd Dennis,

Reflexology–Restoring Balance

In Reflexology all the reflexes are worked in the feet that correspond to every gland, organ, and part of the body so all the body systems become balanced. The lymphatic, cardiovascular, musculoskeletal, and nervous system reflexes are located throughout the feet. The endocrine system and nervous system are worked on the feet as these systems maintain homeostasis (balance). The adrenal glands modify stress and inflammation and the solar plexus promotes relaxation. When you receive a reflexology session, the entire body is worked through the feet. Autumn is a time when people are affected by allergies, colds, and flu. The respiratory system, including sinuses, throat, bronchi, lungs, and diaphragm are worked on the feet. This work helps alleviate symptoms of allergies, asthma, bronchitis, colds, flu, and sinus congestion. The immune and lymphatic systems, which includes lymph nodes, spleen, tonsils and adenoids, help with allergies, infections, and autoimmune disorders. Reflexology is a great way to maintain balance in the body.

Rositha Jeanson,

Book Club:

Developing the Art of Health Finding Health, Happiness, Balance, and Strength by Arthur Rosenfeld. The host of PBS’s Longevity Tai Chi and leading Western Tai Chi master, Arthur Rosenfeld, offers a groundbreaking guide to the myriad of mental and physical benefits of this ancient martial art. In this book, Arthur Rosenfeld gives us incredible information about Tai Chi, how it can help us in our daily lives, benefits, and easy exercises to start practicing this art.

Submitted by: Dr. Eduardo Barreto,

Best Cold Sore Remedies

Cold sores are downright embarrassing. The more we try to hide them, the more obvious they become. Here are some good home remedies in case you find yourself with an unsightly cold sore. 1. Licorice – Try choosing a licorice whip. Studies show that glycyrrhizic acid, an ingredient in licorice, stops the cold sore virus cells dead in their tracks. Be sure it’s made from real licorice. 2 – Pure Vanilla Extract. Yes, the kind you use for baking. Many people swear by this! Soak a cotton pad and apply directly to a cold sore for a few minutes (3 times daily). 3. Hydrogen Peroxide – It disinfects and speeds up healing time. Soak a cotton ball and apply to the sore. Let it sit for about 5 minutes before rinsing off. 4. Peppermint oil – When applied directly to a cold sore, people have found that the sore healed faster than usual.

Clean Eating: Easy Healthy Borscht

Use fresh and organic ingredients. 4 cups of beef broth. 2 cups water. 2T Apple Cider Vinegar. Juice of 1 lemon. 2 cloves garlic. 3 carrots. 2T Coconut Oil. ½ head red cabbage. 1 cup green beans. 3 potatoes. 3 beets with stems and leaves. 1 onion. 4 fresh sprigs of dill. 2 bay leaves. 2 T Italian seasoning. Salt and pepper to taste. Chop ingredients in tiny pieces. 1 can kidney beans. Combine in a crockpot and cook on high for 4 hours. Alternately, cook on top of the stove until the vegetables are soft enough to eat. Enjoy!

4 Toxic Foods to Eliminate

Processed Meats: Can have up to 400 percent more sodium and 50 percent more preservatives than unprocessed meats. The worst part: Some contain nitrites and nitrates, chemical additives that have been linked to various cancers, but are still used to enhance color and promote taste. 2. Margarine: Is marketed as a cholesterol-free, healthy alternative to butter, but it’s the ultimate source of trans fats, which actually elevate cholesterol and damage blood vessel walls. Stick to real foods and eat real butter instead. 3. Artificial Sweeteners: Anything with the word “artificial” in it is chalked FULL of chemicals. These fake sweeteners cause symptoms that range from migraines to weight gain and even more serious conditions like cardiovascular disease. Unless you are diabetic, please stop using these sugar substitites immediately! 4. Microwave Popcorn: Bags, in particular, are often lined with a chemical called perfluorooctane sulfonic acid (PFOS), which has been shown to affect fertility, cancer risk, and kidney functioning.


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Personal Training – A Fast Growing Industry!

Personal Training is a relatively new profession, and because of its rapid growth, it can be difficult to find the best course of action to become qualified to train individuals. Canfitpro (Canadian Fitness Professionals) provides the answer with the Personal Training Specialist course and exam. You will learn the skills needed to teach a client without special health concerns. A Canfitpro certified PTS is qualified to evaluate, design and monitor individual and small group training programs in a health club, home, and workplace setting. This course provides comprehensive program content and a wide range of practical skills that will ensure success to those who hold the designation. Canfitpro has collaborated with Human Kinetics Publishing Inc. to create a multimedia learning experience for personal trainers!

NEW…to The Steinbach Arts Council with Instructor Eddie Miller!

What Is Your Power Animal?

Power animals are those who will aid and guide you through different phases of your life. Finding your power animal is attainable through many means, whether it be by meditation with this specific purpose, being aware of which animals appear in your dreams, or being conscious of your surroundings while taking a walk through nature. If you decide you want to search for your animal it is important to remember this one rule, you do not choose the animal, the animal chooses you. Once you are able to find yours, it is important to educate yourself on how it relates to you. Embodying and imagining your animal will connect you to its wisdom and guidance so that its power can be used to your advantage. You will have more than one power animal, each coincides with the different journeys and phases you will experience during your lifetime.

Fall for Yoga!

September is like a brand new year when it comes to our schedule and routines. The busy energy of summer is softening and mellowing as we move into shorter days and cooler weather. It’s time to fall back into a more regular rhythm, to embrace a slowing down, to find our breath, and to ask ourselves what we will continue and what we would like to change. Where are we at in our bodies? How is our stress level? Is this the season we finally make some time for ourselves? Fall is an excellent time to come back to or take up yoga as part of your wellness routine. Whether you are an absolute beginner, looking for a new way to move your body, or want to address chronic neck and shoulder tension, there’s a yoga class to fit your schedule and your lifestyle. It’s time to fall for yoga!