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New Year, New Opportunities

With all of the gatherings, parties, and festivities happening over the holidays, being single can feel frustrating when you’re surrounded by happy couples. But with a new year comes new opportunities to make a connection. Everyone is looking to start fresh with the coming of the new year, whether it be getting their health back on track, making a change in their career, or finding someone special to share their time with. Be open and optimistic when it comes to love in the new year, and consider working with a professional matchmaker to get the results you want.

Tight-Sculpting at Your Doctors Office

Another simple walk in and out laser therapy, risk, pain and side-effect free, is a unique dual-wavelength, non-invasive laser treatment for sculpting and skin tightening on all body areas. The exclusive delivery modes are used in concert for hyperthermic adipocyte destruction and collagen remodeling with exceptional results. The most amazing fact here is that these results are scientifically impossible to attain with just exercise and diet, given that if successful you can only hope to shrink the fat cells. However, this laser therapy offers a method where permanent fat cell destruction is possible, not only helping you to lose fat, but also to keep it off.

9 Reasons to Try ASEA

ASEA, a perfectly balanced mixture of Redox Signaling Molecules, may be the single most significant health breakthrough of the twenty-first century. 1. The first and only source of balanced, stabilized Redox Signaling molecules outside the body. 2.Supports the vital activity of cellular communication. 3.Promotes enhanced immune function. 4. Protects against free radical damage. 5. Boosts efficiency of the body’s own antioxidants by up to 500%. 6. Provides superior support to athletes. 7. Supported by research and clinical results. 8. Completely native to the body. 9. Proven to be completely safe, with absolutely zero toxicity.

Workplace Wellness

Creating a Resolution to Model.
Want to make your work a place where you can be healthy and productive? The best way to do that is to be an Ambassador of well-being yourself. All it takes is some passion, energy and action. Ask your boss if you can spend 5% of your week (only 30 mins!) to generate workplace health and productivity ideas. Some ideas to get you started include walking meetings, putting up posters by the elevator to encourage stair use, organizing a monthly healthy potluck, or dedicating a meeting room for mindfulness or meditation during the lunch hour.

Make a Resolution to Get Active

Individuals who are physically active have a lower risk of obtaining health conditions including cardiovascular disease, cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure, and obesity. Physical activity has been shown to improve mental health by having a positive impact on depression, anxiety, and stress. Kinesiologists are experts in the field of human movement, exercise prescription, fitness training and conditioning. A Kinesiologist uses evidence-based research to develop exercise programs for individuals looking to increase their physical activity levels. At our Henderson location we have a clinic (Innovative Therapy Solutions), with multiple certified Kinesiologists and physiotherapists who can guide and provide you with the tools to become healthier and more physically active.

Change Your Money Mindset

After the busy holiday season that often involves a lot of spending, you might find you need to work on your money mindset. This is often shaped by various attitudes, beliefs, and emotions that you connect to things like spending, saving, and investing. These can include: ‘Money is bad’, ‘more money solves all problems’, or ‘money is tied to worthiness’. Take time to review your money mindset by asking yourself without self-judgment: 1) What do you believe about having/saving money? and 2) What do you believe about spending money? Compassionately exploring our beliefs and emotions about money can help us have a healthier relationship with money.

5 Common Winter Health Problems

Cold winter weather can cause some common seasonal health problems. A familiar one is catching a virus. Spending more time indoors with centralized heating causes viruses to spread easily. Keep your immune system happy! Heart attacks are another issue, often linked to strenuous activity like shoveling, so take extra precautions. Freezing temperatures can cause asthma attacks – cover your nose and mouth when outdoors. Winter weather can also lead to more sitting around and result in weight gain, so be sure to keep active. Finally, depression can take hold in the winter – try to get enough sleep and sunlight each day.

Travel Spotlight

Japan is so hot right now! Gorgeous and photo-worthy cherry blossoms bloom here in the spring, the food scene is out of this world, and there is a real joining of old-world traditions with new world culture. From magical scenery, to stunning architecture, and everything in between, Japan is a destination that people of all ages can enjoy. If you’re looking for a cultural travel experience that is truly unique, consider the March 2021 Escorted Japan cruise. Start making your travel plans today to create a vacation you’re sure to remember for a lifetime!

What’s Fueling Your Health?

Ayurveda, an ancient medicine system from India, uses the terms Agni and Ama to describe two concepts that relate to our ability to digest food. Agni refers to our digestive fire; our ability to eat food and receive its highest benefit in the form of nutrients that fuel our bodies. We suppress our digestive fire by forgetting to eat, eating on the run, overeating, and eating foods that are too heavy, dry, or difficult to digest. When our digestive fire is suppressed, it causes Ama, the accumulation of undigested materials. This creates stickiness, heaviness, and dullness in our bodies and minds, further preventing optimal digestion and leading to symptoms.

Product Review: Clean9

Clean9 is like a tune-up for your body. Everyone routinely takes their car in for service, but when was the last time that you did the same for your body? The Clean9 Program will help you to look and feel better by eliminating stored toxins from your body, allowing you to feel lighter and more energized as you take control of your appetite and see your body begin to change. This proven cleansing system will put you in the best position to attain optimal health, cleanse your body, and build a slimmer, leaner you.