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Exercise for SAD

SAD stands for Seasonal Affected Disorder, which is mainly attributed to the reduction in sunlight hours in winter and is your body’s reaction to the changes in season. With SAD you might feel sluggish or moody, have a loss of appetite, and even lose interest in activities you normally love. One way to combat these feelings and the wintertime blues is to get your body moving! Exercise, even light exercise, has been shown to improve mood and energy through increased blood flow and the release of certain endorphins, as well as improve sleep and alertness, and reduce anxiety and stress.

Urinary Tract Infection Prevention!

Urinary tract infections are the second most common infection, instigating millions of doctor visits per year. Most affected are women but about 12% of men will get a UTI, and it usually reoccurs. In looking at urinary tract health, clinical studies have shown that hibiscus flower and whole cranberry reduce the ability of E.coli to adhere to the urinary tract and enter cells, therefore preventing recurrence and lessening antibiotic use. Adding probiotics like the shelf stable Friendly Trio to rebalance bacteria, and antioxidant minerals zinc & selenium synergistically help to eliminate yeast infections that can accompany UTIs, especially following antibiotics.

What Do Denturists Do?

Denturists help those who are missing some or all of their natural teeth. They design, repair and make removable dental appliances. Your denturist will collaborate with you, your family, and other healthcare professionals to promote and maintain your oral health. When making a set of dentures, the objectives are: • supporting and protecting your gums and the bones in your mouth; • enhancing your face and holding your jaws the proper distance apart; • carefully choosing individual teeth to match what you already have; and • allowing you to speak clearly and chew without stress.

Love Keeps You Healthy

Being in love not only gives you a bounce in your step, but it also has several proven health benefits. When you are in love, your brain produces a hormone called dopamine that contributes to feelings of elation, pleasure, optimism, energy, and a sense of well-being. Physical touch, such as hugging, releases a hormone called oxytocin, which lowers stress hormones. Studies have demonstrated that people releasing these hormones have stronger immune systems, lower blood pressure, greater resistance to colds and flus, and decreased stress and depression. Finding your life partner has more benefits than we once realized!

Words to Live By

“Life begets life. Energy creates energy. It is by spending oneself that one becomes rich.” – Sarah Bernhardt

Support for Dystonia

Dystonia is a neurological movement disorder characterized by involuntary muscle contractions, which force certain parts of the body into abnormal, sometimes painful movements or postures. Approximately 50,000 people in Canada have dystonia, which is the third most common movement disorder following essential tremor and Parkinson’s. Dystonia can often be misdiagnosed for extended periods of time. The Dystonia Medical Research Foundation (DMRF) Canada is the only charitable organization that is dedicated to supporting dystonia patients, and their families, in Canada. The DMRF Winnipeg Support Group is here to help you:,

Healthcare Aids for Daily Living

Did you know there is a wide range of healthcare aids available that can assist with daily comfort and mobility? Whether you need assistance in the bathroom or kitchen, or need help with dressing or participating in leisure activities, there’s likely something that can make your life much easier! A great example is the Urban Pole Adventure Series, a supportive walking pole that can be folded for easy transport when traveling. This new three-piece design has two locks and can be shortened to only 25.5”. It’s lightweight, strong, and comes with snow and trekking baskets perfect for travel.

Medication Review

Taking your medication properly is one of the most effective ways to manage chronic conditions such as high blood pressure, diabetes and high cholesterol. Up to 25% of Canadians are admitted to the hospital annually because they don’t take their medications as prescribed. Schedule a Medication Review with your Pharmacist to discuss how to take your medications and for how long, understand if your medications are working properly, manage potential side effects and help you stay on track. Get the most from your medications with a Medication Review.

Water is Essential for Life

We require sufficient amounts of water to maintain our health and vitality. However, to derive the greatest benefits from the water we consume, we should drink “the purest water possible.” Distilled water is the purest form of water available and contains no solids, minerals, or trace elements, has no taste, no bacteria or other contaminants. Less pure water cannot be used by the body as effectively as distilled water because it contains solids, inorganic minerals, bacteria, toxins, and debris that reduce the water’s ability to perform at a peak level. The purer the water, the more our bodies benefit.

Alternative Help for Preventing Miscarriages

How can Traditional Chinese Medicine help with the prevention of a miscarriage? Within fertility research, acupuncture demonstrates beneficial hormonal responses with decreased miscarriage rates, raising the possibility that acupuncture may promote specific beneficial effects in early pregnancy. The combination of proper diet, meditation, and acupuncture helps promote circulation to the uterus, support healthy egg maturation, and ensure a healthy uterine lining, thereby enhancing your chances to sustain a healthy pregnancy. In addition, acupuncture assists the body in managing stress better and reduces anxiety, which can also help create a healthy environment for pregnancy.

FALL for Someone Special

The leaves changing colour and the crispness in the air can only mean one thing. It’s fall! Those carefree summer days of soaking up the sun turn to days that are meant for curling up with that special someone and getting cozy indoors. It’s a great time to look for love if you’re single, as the distractions that often come with summer activities have come and gone. Instead, fall is the time to focus on finding a connection. Most people, however, are unsure where to find love. Reach out to a professional Matchmaker. With a long cold winter ahead, you will be thankful that you did.