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Clean Eating: Spicy Hummus

Place ½ cup of roasted sesame seeds, squeeze ½ lemon, 1tsp sea salt and ¼ cup olive oil in a food processor.

Blend until paste.

Add 5 cloves crushed garlic, ½ tsp cayenne pepper, 2 Tbsp chili flakes, ½ tsp black pepper, squeeze in the other ½ lemon, and 1 can drained & rinsed organic chickpeas.

Blend and slowly add approx. ¼ cup water to desired consistency.

Garish with paprika.


Hair Loss?

A receding hairline is one indication of male/female pattern baldness as well as a noticeably wider part. Thinning into the sides and crown of the head are signs of diffused thinning. Causes may be genetic, medical or environmental. Side effects of some medications and stress also play major parts in causes of hair loss. There may be more hair than usual in the shower, comb or hair brush. Average hair loss is 60-90 hairs per day. Early intervention and action is crucial in maintaining the current density of hair and slowing down existing hair loss. Some signs of scalp problems can include dryness, oiliness and itchiness. These are all indications of an unhealthy scalp environment. A scalp analysis is the best way to determine what is happening on the scalp and the proper treatment action to take.


Sports Massage

In today’s world of sports, athletes are always looking for a competitive edge. Banned substances are illegal and more often than not, result in the athlete being shamed, stripped of their medal or title and suspended or banned from their sport. But wait! There is a solution and it is totally legal. A pre-event and post-event sports massage may be just what the athlete is looking for. A pre-event massage is beneficial in preparing the athlete for his or her event and thus increasing performance and preventing injury. This is achieved by increasing circulation and blood supply to muscles and tendons resulting in more oxygen and nutrients to these tissues. The massage also stimulates proprioception which is instrumental in balance and agility. Likewise, a post-event massage speeds recovery time by stimulating muscles to relax, promoting drainage of lactic acid build-up and other metabolites and increasing circulation.

Derrick Hebb, RMT, Liquid Massage Therapy

Supplement Quality Important

The best way to ensure you receive more of what you need to stay healthy is through proper supplementation. Quality supplements can help maintain a healthy immune system. In the health food market there are many supplements from which to choose, and most people take them not knowing exactly what their body’s need. There is also a vast difference between high-quality supplements and those manufactured with lesser attention to ingredients, and which contain fillers. There is so much variety available in many different price ranges. All claim to provide health benefits. How do you know which products are good quality? Just as everyone has unique needs and requirements, each product offers different benefits. Make sure you ask a professional and make an informed decision.

Sandy Lefley, Juice Plus

The Unexpected Gift

As a cancer survivor, I understand how difficult the experience can be. First, you are dealing with a devastating diagnosis and the uncertainty of what the future may hold. On top of all the doctor appointments, there is the challenge to find products and services that are safe. For women, hair loss may occur and one might want a wig or a scarf to wear. During radiation, one’s skin may become hypersensitive; soothing skin care is required, but you don’t know where to find it. Visiting a number of places to find what you need is a struggle. Opening at the end of June, there will be a compassionate and convenient location, a one-stop shop, to find all your needs. From specific skin care lines created for cancer patients, non-toxic and non-carcinogenic cosmetic and nail care lines, wigs, prosthetics, and mastectomy clothing lines, safe aesthetics, massage, lymphatic drainage, and other supportive programs.

Tara Torchia-Wells

Manitoba Made: Summer Outdoor Spray

Survive Summer Outdoor Spray. Created to keep you cool and refreshed during the heat of summer with NO harsh chemicals! A delightful blend of essential oils, soy bean oil and Aloe Vera Juice! Simply spray on to exposed skin and massage well. Soy bean oil has been endorsed by Health Canada as an effective bug repellent and it also contains a natural SPF factor of 15. Great for camping, golfing, sitting around the outdoor fire, hiking and anytime you are outdoors! The essential oils help to keep the skin cool, decrease perspiration and can limit oil production of the skin. Safe for children and pets!

Sue Mazur

Wellness Tip

Try Tea Tree Oil – For athlete’s foot, reach for tea tree oil, an extract of the leaves of an Australian tree. It appears to have antiseptic properties and may work as well as or better than over-the-counter antifungal products. Apply a light coating of the oil to affected areas two to three times a day; continue for a week or two after symptoms disappear.

Sandy Lefley, Juice Plus

Giving Back: Manitoba ALS

Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) otherwise known as Lou Gehrig’s Disease or Motor Neuron Disease (MND) is a fatal, rapidly progressive neuromuscular disease that affects approximately 3,000 Canadians and more than 289 Manitobans. Over the past twelve years, the Manitoba Walks for ALS have raised over $1.5 Million dollars to help support Research, Client Services and Education for Manitobans living with ALS/MND. Last year’s event in Winnipeg was a huge success with more than 1600 people participating, helping to raise over $210,000. This year’s goal is $250,000. Visit our website to register as an individual, team or just sponsor someone in the walk on June 20. Your donations allow the ALS Society of Manitoba to lend equipment and learning resources, and to offer services such as support groups, client services coordination, caregiver days, and more.

Clean Eating: Sweet Potato Brownies

A healthy alternative; Gluten free, not much maple syrup and full of a vegetable. What’s not too love?!


1 large sweet potato, peeled and cubed
150g dark chocolate (or use raw cacoa poweder and 100g coconut oil)
50g coconut oil melted
100 ml maple syrup
2 eggs
100g ground hazlenuts or almonds
1/2 tsp baking powder
2 tbsp. (pref raw) cocoa powder
1/2 tsp salt
1/2 tsp cinnamon or cardamom


Preheat oven to 325ºF. Steam the sweet potato. Break the chocolate into pieces and melt over a saucepan of hot water. Drain sweet potato and mash well, set aside to cool. Take choc off heat and add melted coconut oil and maple syrup. Stir chocolate mixture into sweet potato mash, then add all the other ingredients. Bake in a lined tin for approx. 30 minutes. Allow to cool and cut into squares.

Kalee Mund

Looking for Help? Local Products & Services?

Are you looking for someone to help you with your health issues and don’t know where to turn? Are you looking for NEW health, wellness, lifestyle and business solutions? Locally grown organic foods? Products made in your province? How do you know who is right for you? Welcome to the home of Wellnessnews – Choices for Healthy Living™ – comprehensive Health and Wellness Directory. Our goal is to develop a resource that will serve as a gateway for holistic and eco-friendly ideas, products and services! This newly launched DIRECTORY is showcased on the website. Utilize this free guide and check back daily for your Community Based local businesses! We are an expanding local organization representing holistic professionals, practitioners and businesses. We encourage and promote healthy living, and support the professionals and businesses that make it possible. Together, we can make a difference!

Book Club: The Wheel of Healing with Ayurveda

Michelle S Fondin. Build Optimal Energy and Health in Body, Mind, and Spirit Ever wondered why you’re feeling out of balance, stressed-out, sick, and exhausted but still can’t sleep? Western medicine often ignores the underlying issues that can lead to fatigue, illness, and disease, but there is a way to revitalize your body and mind without drugs or dangerous side effects. Ayurveda, the “science of life,” is a complete wellness system that includes all that we associate with medical care – prevention of disease, observation, diagnosis, and treatment – as well as self-care practices that are generally absent from Western medicine. This truly holistic approach considers not just diet, exercise, and genetics but also relationships, life purpose, finances, environment, and past experiences. In this thorough and practical book, Michelle Fondin guides you gently through self-assessment questions designed to zero in on your needs and the best practices for addressing them, such as eating plans, addiction treatment, detoxification, and techniques for improving relationships. She outlines steps you can take, with minimal cost, to heal common ailments such as high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, excess weight, anxiety, and depression. These time-tested methods for body, mind, and spirit wellness offer benefits to anyone at any age.