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Increasing Bathroom Safety

Bathrooms can be tricky areas to navigate when it comes to safety. Some handy products that can help with bathroom safety include: 1) Shower/bath chair – sitting while showering can help those with balance or strength issues. 2) Shower transfer bench – helps you sit and slide out of the bathtub. 3) Grab bar – helps you support yourself around the room. 4) Bathtub lift – to get in and out of the bathtub safely. 5) Walk-in tub or shower – easy to get in and out of. 6) Handheld showerhead – allows you to move the showerhead instead of yourself while showering.

Palliative Care Conference

Join Palliative Manitoba at its 30th Annual Provincial Palliative Care Conference, at Canad Inns Destination Center Polo Park. Experience our unique blend of keynotes, educational sessions, and workshops grounded in palliative care. Learn new approaches, successful models and innovations advancing your professional skill set, helping strengthen your organization. Keynotes include, Award-Winning Medical Educator, Writer, Musician and Podcaster, Dr. Jillian Horton. Erin Davis, Author of the book Mourning Has Broken: Love, Loss and Reclaiming Joy. The Waiting Room Revolution Podcasters, Dr. Hsien Seow, and Dr. Samantha Winemaker. Canadian Virtual Hospice will host a multicultural panel sharing stories and wisdom about grief.

What’s Your Path to Wellness?

Most of us face health challenges at some point in our lives. As we experience these challenges, we strive to return to wellness but often get overwhelmed with health options or frustrated with advice and approaches that simply don’t work. An Integrative Health Coach helps to sift through wellness options to guide you to the most meaningful health strategies that make sense to you. As your Integrative Health Coach, I draw on a wide knowledge base of diverse healing practices to find the most helpful options that align with your goals and life experiences. What’s your path to wellness?

Balance Your Hormones Naturally

What does hormonal imbalance look like? Hot flashes, night sweats, bloating, irritability, brain fog, irregular cycle, and fatigue are just some of the symptoms. If you suffer from any of these symptoms and haven’t been able to find relief, why not try balancing your hormones naturally. Biofeedback testing and treatment help to detect imbalances and stimulate hormone-producing organs to balance the body. Another effective option is to get your body tested to see if it is lacking specific hormone-related nutrients. If you are, natural nutritional formulations can be taken to correct the hormonal imbalance and relieve your symptoms.

Acupuncture for Post-Partum Depression

Post-partum depression involves depressive symptoms or episodes after giving birth, affecting up to 30% of new mothers. The rates of suicide linked to post-partum depression continue to increase, so it’s important to address any symptoms of the condition as soon as they become apparent. Along with psychological intervention, acupuncture may help with the symptoms of post-partum depression, and some studies have shown that this combination can be as useful as certain anti-depressants. It’s thought that acupuncture helps to stimulate the nervous and immune systems and balance various neurotransmitters, reducing the brain’s reaction to stress and therefore the depressive state.

A Powerful Wellness Combo

A holistic approach to whole-body health is made up of interdependent parts – body, mind, and soul. If one of these parts is not working properly, all the other parts are affected. If you have imbalances (physical, emotional, or spiritual) in your life, it can negatively affect your overall health. Holistic healing involves multiple complementary medicines and alternative healthcare practices that can overlap with modern-day Western medicine. During a unique Nutri-Aroma consultation, which combines nutrition, aromatherapy, and Reiki, you learn how to achieve the best results for healthier living in the shortest amount of time.

Strengthening Bones and Muscles

Our bones play different vital roles in the body, providing structural support, protecting organs, and storing calcium. It’s important to build strong and healthy bones during adolescence, and imperative to take steps to protect bone health as adults and seniors. Eating certain foods high in calcium, vitamin D, protein, and magnesium can strengthen both your bones and muscles. Getting these necessary nutrients can help seniors improve their physical health and mobility. Some foods that are rich in these nutrients include low-fat dairy, fortified plant milk products, nuts, leafy greens, winter squash, fish, liver, egg yolks, whole grains, beans, and seeds.

Dementia and Alzheimer Help

Living With Dementia
Learning new skills can help you face the daily realities of living with and caring for a person with Alzheimer’s disease or another dementia. The Alzheimer Society of Manitoba is offering free online family education to help empower and inform people with dementia, their families and friends. Join us for a wide range of topics, such as navigating the first steps after a diagnosis and end of life care, so you can feel more confident on your dementia journey. To learn more about our sessions and to register, please visit our website at

Health Spotlight: ONZ Hip, Knee & Ankle

ONZ specializes in more than 10 years of assisting thousands of individuals in traveling to Germany for orthopedic surgery. Are you in pain and tired of waiting for knee, hip, ankle, or spine surgery? Germany’s leading orthopedic surgeon at the ONZ Clinic do not have long waiting periods – usually within 2 weeks to one month. Knee and hip surgeries are not age restrictive in Germany. Knee Cartilage Regeneration Stem Cell Treatment for those under 55 years of age. Call, text or email for further information and a free consultation. We guide you through from assisting with booking flights, travel insurance, taxis, and hotels from the beginning to the end of your journey.

Look for Local at Sobeys

Look for locally made Spenst Bros. premium quality pizza at Sobeys. Spenst Bros. is a family farm from Winkler that owns and operates a pizza production facility, retail store, and meat processing plant. They make the pizza crust, sauce, and all the meats that top their pizzas. Spenst Bros. pizzas are available in many varieties, including pepperoni bacon, ham & pineapple, supreme, pepperoni mushroom, double pepperoni, triple cheese, meat lovers, ham & bacon, Italian sausage, chicken bacon ranch, and sweet chili chicken. Pick up a homemade pizza “the way mom makes it” the next time you stop in at Sobeys.

Transitioning to Dentures

Are you missing some of your natural teeth? Do you feel as though you may require extractions sooner rather than later? When going from natural teeth to a denture, the transition doesn’t have to be difficult. We provide options for optimal healing, improved esthetics, and ideal function. A denture can be fabricated prior to extractions and placed in your mouth immediately following the removal of your teeth. This is a very popular option for patients as it means you don’t need to go without teeth at any point. Some patients prefer to let their gums heal prior to their dentures being made. Ask your denturist! Your new smile is only a few steps away.