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Supporting Your Immune System

Here are a few key supplements to help you stay healthy in the cold damp weather.* Vitamin C aids tissue healing and repair. * B Vitamins support biochemical reactions in the immune system. * Vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant that fights off free radicals in the body. It promotes healthy circulation and aids healing tissues. * Vitamin D is vital for whole body wellness, including immunity * Extra herbs such as oil of oregano, garlic extract, echinacea, and elderberry, prevent and fight infections, are antibacterial, and strengthen the immune system. Remember to eat nourishing whole foods including lots of fruit and veggies, keep hydrated, get adequate exercise, and bundle up!

How Much Do Hearing Aids Cost?

A common question when thinking about adding hearing aids to your daily life is “what will it cost”? Hearing aid prices depend on the level of technology used in each device. The price will vary depending on the needs of the individual. During your visit to a hearing health professional, they will discuss the cost of your hearing aid solution and your available payment plan options. Don’t let price stop you from reconnecting with your environment. Ask about the Hearing Aid Leasing program offered by your local hearing health professional.

Open House – Canadian School of Natural Nutrition

The Canadian School of Natural Nutrition has a curriculum that is a balance of both hard science such as Anatomy, Physiology, Pathology, Chemistry, and Social Sciences, (study of people, individually and in groups, their customs and relationships) in courses such as Symptomatology, Pediatrics, Sports and Ecology. Symptomatology, with its focus on the individual’s identification of health-concerns and symptoms, is a perfect blend of both hard and social sciences. This allows the holistic nutritionist to assess the whole person and make recommendations to improve his or her health. Find out more at the Open House on November 16th.

Socks with Compression for Healthy Circulation

Today’s travel often involves long flights in cramped seats that can be very hard on your circulation. Wearing socks with mild compression will comfortably help increase circulation and reduce the risk of swelling. The compression steadily squeezes your legs, helping your veins and leg muscles move blood more efficiently. They offer a simple, safe and economical way to keep blood from stagnating. Others things that will help you during long flights include getting up and stretching every hour while flying, staying hydrated and flexing your ankles every 30 minutes.

Service Profile: Oxygen-Ozone Therapy

Oxygen-Ozone Therapy is THE key to health. It has been thoroughly researched and can be successfully used to bring the body and mind back to health; Health = Happiness. The 2019 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine was awarded for the discovery of how cells sense and adapt to oxygen availability. ( At Naturally Healthy Clinic, the doctor and medical staff have decades of successful experience working with Oxygen-Ozone Therapy. Dr. Wagdy Eltaiar is an internationally accredited Oxygen-Ozone Therapies educator. Contact the clinic for an appointment or a free, 15 minute consultation. Certification courses for Oxygen-Ozone Therapies are available for professionals.

Ways to Improve Memory

Internal strategies are things we ‘do inside our brain’ to remember things. This includes paying attention by focusing on what is being said and reducing any background distractions. Another method is organizing information in small chunks of five or six ‘bits’ of information together. Making visual pictures is an effective strategy to remember things. ‘A picture is worth 1,000 words.’ We remember pictures and images better than words. Thinking of a picture activates the right hemisphere of the brain; just thinking of a word uses mainly your left brain.

Attending Theatre is “Healthy Cardio Exercise”

Scientists from the UK claim that going to the theatre can stimulate a person’s cardiovascular system nearly as much as half an hour of exercise. Researchers found that despite study participants remaining sedentary for the duration of a production, they spend 28 minutes “engaged in healthy cardio exercise.” According to the study, feel-good shows and musicals are not the only kinds of theatre that have the potential to get a viewer’s heart going. We aren’t saying you should give up your gym membership, but it is fabulous knowing another benefit to theatre, so check out our 2020 Season lineup!

Signs to see Your Denturist

Your gums are constantly changing. When the remaining gum or residual ridge atrophies or “shrinks”, it changes the shape of the face and mouth. These changes happen gradually and then your denture no longer fits properly. Your denturist is the most qualified person to tell you if refitting or “relining” the denture base to compensate for these changes can be made or if your dentures need to be replaced. Here are some signs that your dental prosthesis need to be checked. *Problems chewing certain foods, *Thinning lips, sagging mouth or change in facial features, *Prosthesis loose or falling out when speaking or laughing *Discoloration and odor.

Problem Gambling vs Entertainment

Problem gambling is defined as any gambling behaviour that compromises, disrupts or damages one or more areas of a person’s life. This can include problems with personal relationships, family, friends, finances, school or work. Problem gambling can affect anyone regardless of age, gender, race or social status. The gambling continuum illustrates how, as a person spends more time, money and energy gambling, the risk of developing a problem increases. Likewise, the risk for problems increases when, instead of viewing gambling as purely a form of entertainment, a player feels compelled to gamble either to make money or to win back lost money.

Seniors and Stress

Chronic stress is harmful to people of all ages, but its impact on older adults can be particularly severe, increasing the risk of age-related diseases, hastening cognitive decline and even triggering falls. Stressors that are common amongst the elderly include: loss of control, personal loss, declining health, financial worries, personal safety and loss of independence. To reduce stress, get regular exercise, eat balanced meals to ensure the mind and body are properly fueled and ask for help. Talking with a trusted family member, friend or healthcare professional, at the very least, releases pent-up stress and may even lead to a solution.

Wealth of “Real Wellth”

As many may agree, wealth is about having money and possessions (our net worth). However, you may have also heard that ‘money cannot buy happiness’. By shifting the concept of wealth to “Wellth”, we shift the priority from finding the tangible/objective (wealth) to the internally realized/subjective (wellth), which leads to greater wellness and health for individual and for our community. By emphasizing “Real” we highlight that it is in the here-and-now, not focused on the future or past. Building wellness and health today is what really makes us wealthy, which supports our idea of “Real Wellth” and why it needs to be a priority.