Community News
Champions for Kids – Capital Campaign

The Clements Centre has begun a capital campaign called “Champions for Kids” to raise funds for a new 7 million dollar Sundrops Child and Family Development Centre in the Cowichan Valley. The population in the valley is growing and so is the demand for services for children’s early development. This is making it harder for families in the region to have access to a central resource for services like speech, physio and occupational therapy. A new and modern facility in the heart of the community will provide a local central “hub” to improved access to vital services by the over 700 families who require assistance for a child’s healthy development.

How to Prevent Digital Eyestrain

Digital eyestrain includes headaches, blurred vision, irritation, excessive tearing or dry eyes. As we spend more time using computers and hand-held devices, many of us find that our eyes are suffering. Having even small, uncorrected nearsightedness, farsightedness, astigmatism, presbyopia or eye-muscle alignments can affect how comfortably you can work on a computer screen or device. Certain anti-glare coatings help with discomfort by reducing transmission of harmful artificial blue light that is emitted by newer computer screens, devices, tablets and lighting. Use the 20-20-20 rule; every 20 minutes, take a break for 20 seconds and look at something at least 20 feet away.

How to Deal With Tinnitus

Your hearing is vitally important as you navigate your relationships and the world around you. If you have trouble hearing or are dealing with tinnitus, it can make life more difficult. Tinnitus is characterized by a ringing or buzzing sound in the ears. Over 360,000 Canadians report suffering from chronic tinnitus, and almost half of those are severely affected. The use of a hearing aid to amplify sounds has proven effective in minimizing the distraction caused by tinnitus. If you or a family member are concerned about hearing loss or tinnitus, be sure to schedule a hearing test.

Drug Free Solution for Pain

Are you looking for a drug free solution for pain relief? Would you like to feel more balanced and stable when walking and increase your mobility? After years of research, VOXXLife has developed a technology (VOXX HPT) that triggers a very precise neuro response that helps the brain maximize its natural pain fighting mechanisms. The documented results and benefits from using products with the VOXX HPT pattern include enhanced pain relief and management, especially PDN pain, enhanced stability and balance, and improved mobility. Discover the technology of Voxx socks and insoles at the Oceanside Health & Wellness Fair on March 16 in Parksville.

Community Profile: Cowichan Valley Lifeline

The Comox Valley Lifeline Society, a non-profit organization, has been providing an easy-to-use personal emergency response system to the Cowichan Valley since 1988. The Society was established because the membership believed that people deserved the dignity to live on their own and have access to immediate help in an emergency situation. If you experience a fall or other emergency in your home, every second counts. Delays can jeopardize your recovery and your independence. Lifeline quickly connects you to a trained Response Associate, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, at the push of a button. You are never alone and help is always there when you need it.

90 Day Cardio Challenge

How old are you on the inside? We all want to look younger, but certain negative lifestyle choices like smoking, drinking, inactivity and poor diet can all affect the body in ways that can’t necessarily be seen on the outside. Join the 90 Day Cardio Challenge for improved cardio health. Step 1 – test your internal age with the iHeart device. Step 2 – for 90 days, eat right, stay active and add one serving of Cardioflex Q10. Step 3 – retest and share your results with Innotech (the manufacturer) to receive a free container of Cardioflex Q10.

Do your Dentures Need Relining?

Your gums are constantly changing. When the remaining gum or residual ridge atrophies or “shrinks”, it results in changes to the shape of the face and mouth. As a result of these changes, your denture will no longer fit properly. By refitting or “relining”, your denturist can reshape the denture base to compensate for these changes. Signs that indicate your denture should be examined for relining include: sore, painful gums, loose denture and cracked or broken denture. See your professional denturist to ensure that the comfort, fit, and appearance of your denture will keep you smiling.

Musical: The Sound of Music

Based on the story of the von Trapp family singers, this thrilling and inspirational family musical follows the romantic story of Captain von Trapp and governess Maria as they fall in love and bring a family together, during the turbulent and frightening time preceeding World War II. When Nazis demand the immediate enlistment of the Captain, this couple’s love and courage helps them narrowly escape over the Austrian mountains with their seven children. Their story comes to life onstage with beloved songs “My Favourite Things,” “Do-Re-Mi,” “Climb Every Mountain,” and of course “The Sound of Music.” Playing February 15 – April 6, 2019.

Take Your Chances!

In chance-based games, the outcome is not impacted by a player’s skill or knowledge. Slot machines, scratch tickets and lotteries are all examples of chance-based games. All you can control is how much you bet, how often you play, and for how long. In skill-based games, learning more about the game or developing skills can influence your chances of winning, however, chance still plays a big part in skill-based games. Skill and/or knowledge may variably influence the outcome of any game, but no one controls cards or dice. Examples of skill-based games include mahjong, backgammon, poker, black-jack, sports and horse betting.

Look After Your Heart

Your heart muscle works hard pumping your blood to deliver vital nutrients around your body and to feed your organs. Those of us with family history, or risk factors like obesity, circulatory disorders, high blood pressure and/or sugars, need to be extra aware and wary about our hearts. Take heart knowing that your risk can be reduced. Start by eating an anti-inflammatory whole foods diet. Exercise is essential so choose something you enjoy. Keep lean to reduce the “metabolic syndrome” risk factors. Talk to a professional about supplements such as coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10), a potent antioxidant that has been linked to normal cardiac muscle functioning to support cardiovascular health.

Is Medical Cannabis an Option for Me?

Are you wondering if medical cannabis could help you with some of your ailments? What can it be used for and how do you use it? How do you access it? Bring your questions to the Medical Cannabis Conference for Older Adults in Nanaimo, March 23rd in support of the Nanaimo Family Life Association. Medical and industry professionals along with older users will be on hand to talk about how medical cannabis is used to treat chronic pain due to injury, arthritis, cancer, depression, anxiety and more. At this one-day workshop, you will learn what to ask your medical professional about access and usage.