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Dental Cleanings Reduce Plaque!

Plaque, the soft yellowish build-up on your teeth, is made up of a biofilm of bacteria. This build-up can lead to cavities and gum disease. Regular dental cleanings by your hygienist reduces your chance of getting cavities or gum disease by reducing the amount of plaque in your mouth. Your teeth need cleaning more often if *you eat a lot of sweets, *avoid flossing, *brush your teeth less than twice a day, *suffer from a chronic long-term health condition or *suffer from a dry mouth. Research shows people who visit a dental hygienist at least once a year for preventative care are happier with their smile.

Warm Feet = Time to Sleep?

If you have trouble falling asleep, here is something that you may not know. The National Sleep Foundation suggests warm feet when going to bed sends a signal to your brain that it is bedtime. Sleep research indicates a correlation between falling asleep quickly and increased blood dilation in our extremities. Something else that may keep you from sleep is Restless Legs Syndrome (RLS), a condition that causes an uncontrollable urge to move your legs. Today’s socks with built in HPT technology will not only keep your feet nice and toasty but may also provide relief from restless leg syndrome.

Smoking/Chewing … Is it Time to Stop?

Do you know that in Canada, 100 people die every day from smoking related illness? Smoking is responsible for more deaths than obesity, physical inactivity or high blood pressure. Our unique 3 step Stop Smoking laser treatment package can help you quit smoking FOR GOOD! The cold laser balances the energy flow between acupuncture points to detox your body and helps alleviate all nicotine addiction and cravings. This non-invasive treatment will have you completely detoxed in 72 hours! Within one week with 2-3 Sessions you can be SMOKE FREE! If you have finally had enough, give us a call!

Brain Exercises for Seniors

It’s important for people of all ages to keep their brains healthy with regular workouts, especially so for seniors. Here are five ways you can keep your mind sharp as you age: 1) Play a game. Try a sudoku, crossword, or jigsaw puzzle, or play a game of cards with friends. 2) Get moving. Regular exercise increases blood flow to your brain and increases neurons. 3) Listen to or play music. Science shows that music is a great brain booster. 4) Eat right. A healthy diet is crucial for cognitive health. 5) Learn something new. Keep your mind engaged!

Community Profile: Cowichan Valley Lifeline

The Comox Valley Lifeline Society, a non-profit organization, has been providing an easy-to-use personal emergency response system to the Cowichan Valley since 1988. The Society was established because the membership believed that people deserved the dignity to live on their own and have access to immediate help in an emergency situation. If you experience a fall or other emergency in your home, every second counts. Delays can jeopardize your recovery and your independence. Lifeline quickly connects you to a trained Response Associate, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, at the push of a button. You are never alone and help is always there when you need it.

Study Participants Needed

In Canada, hospital readmissions of patients with chronic disease may be preventable with improvements in home self-care, in-home monitoring, self-tracking, and better training in health self-management practices. Given this prevention perspective, the University of Victoria – Institute on Aging & Lifelong Health has implemented a two-year randomized controlled research study; the Victoria Assistive Devices and Coaching (VADAC) Study. VADAC is looking for volunteers to become study participants. If you are *a senior (65 years+), *live in the Victoria to Nanaimo region, *have one or more chronic health conditions, and *have internet / WiFi access, contact the Project Co-ordinator, Suzanne toll free 1-866-902-3767, (

Local Wellness Resources

Looking for LOCAL Health and Wellness information? The Wellness HUB is the One-Stop, Online Resource for products and services available in our local communities. Shopping local strengthens our communities by keeping money close to home and providing employment. The Wellness HUB enables people in Central Vancouver Island to easily find and support local businesses, read health tips and be informed of what is happening in the community. Check us out online at

What is an Adult Day Program?

Stepping Stones Adult Day Program uses therapeutic recreation to improve physical, cognitive, social and emotional well being to enhance the fullness of life. We focus on using skills for everyday living; making a difference across the entire lifespan. Memory loss from an acquired brain injury, stroke or other dementia-related conditions have a high likelihood of slowing progress with intellectual and social stimulation. We provide a safe, secure space to spend two or more hours in meaningful interaction improving mental and physical health delaying cognitive decline. For caregivers, we are an enhanced respite service with therapeutic staff on site, freeing your time for your own self care.

Gambling Outreach Support

If you are looking for support but not seeking counselling, our Gambling Outreach Support team provides confidential and personalised one-to-one support to anyone concerned about their own or a loved-one’s gambling. Gambling Outreach Support is offered in every community across BC, providing information, support, referrals, and accompaniment to resources, including peer support organizations such as 12 Step groups or Smart Recovery and online self-help resources. Other support includes community support organizations such as bankruptcy trustees, legal services, housing services, community mental health services and debt management services. Our services are FREE and available by phone, text, web chat, or in person.

Phototoxic Reactions from Medications

Phototoxic reactions are dose-related sunburn-like reactions that can occur with sufficient light exposure and a high enough dose of medication. Radiation in the UVA range causes most drug-related phototoxic reactions. Sunscreen can help protect skin but does not completely prevent skin damage from sunlight. Apply sunscreen to all exposed areas 30 minutes before sun exposure. Reapply 15–30 minutes later. To get the full effect of the sun protection factor (SPF), sunscreen must be applied correctly and in the correct quantity; approximately 30 mL to cover the entire body. Speak to your pharmacist to find out if your medications can cause Phototoxic reactions.

Are Rechargeable Hearing Aids Right for You?

Tiny silver batteries are the unsung heroes behind hearing aids. As technology has advanced, they are set to become a thing of the past. Rechargeable hearing aid technology is changing the game as they are convenient, easy to use and environmentally friendly. Popular among consumers for their comfort, versatility and ease of use, the hearing aids are simply placed into their own recharging unit at bedtime. Visit one of our hearing clinics and talk with a qualified hearing healthcare professional about rechargeable hearing aids to determine if they are right for you.