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Time to Consider Hearing Aids?

The key to successful use of hearing aids is DON’T WAIT TOO LONG. If you are considering hearing aids because you are no longer able to participate in a group setting, then you have had the hearing issue for a while. Difficulties that arise when waiting too long include, •Your manual dexterity can limit the style of hearing aids that you can choose from • Your hearing loss may be moderate to severe making it harder to adapt to the reintroduction of sound • Your ability to take on new challenges diminishes with age. If you have concerns about hearing loss, the time to take action is NOW.

Responsible Gambling

Gambling “responsibly” means different things to different people. Everyone has their own idea of what “responsible”, “safe” or “fun” looks like. Regardless of what responsible gambling means to you or to someone else, some common themes of Responsible Gambling include: 1) always make informed decisions about gambling 2) only gamble with money that isn’t needed for something else; 3) have an awareness of how gambling works and the common false beliefs that can get people into trouble & 4) be aware of your own feelings to avoid being frustrated, anxious or depressed when gambling.

Don’t Let Missing Teeth Affect Your Life

Do you hide your mouth because you feel embarrassed about missing teeth? Missing teeth not only affects your general health and appearance, it may also contribute to depression and low self-esteem. Social embarrassment as a result of missing teeth and poorly fitting dentures may result in people avoiding social interactions. Don’t let tooth loss or improperly fitting dentures affect the quality of your life. Your denturist can explain the best ways to restore the function and appearance of your smile. Properly fitting dentures can help restore your self-esteem and bring back your smile.

Physiotherapy – Therapy for You & Your Body

Physiotherapy improves physical impairments and dysfunctions of the musculoskeletal system. The goal of conservative treatment and rehabilitation is pain reduction, increased metabolic function and circulation, as well as improved mobility and coordination. Individual therapeutic applications can prevent functional imbalance and significantly improve your mobility, muscular strength and stability. It stimulates the self-healing processes of the entire body giving lasting beneficial corrections. Individual exercise programs combined with therapeutic education assists healing of the entire body. Contact us if you suffer from physical injuries or weakness, for prevention and strengthening, or if you simply want to achieve outstanding results in sports.

Tips for Better Sleep

There are things you can do for proper sleep hygiene: Avoid long naps; consider going for a short walk instead. Maintain a regular sleep routine; go to bed and wake up at the same time every day. Keep your bedroom quiet and comfy; lower body temperature generally equals better sleep. No electronic devices in bed; blue light emitted from these devices interferes with sleep. Invest in a body pillow to avoid waking up with body pain. If you sleep on your side, an organic body pillow will make hip and shoulder pain a thing of the past.

Risk Factors for Falls

Are you afraid of falling? There are many risk factors in addition to mobility issues that can lead to falls. This includes sensory deficits that involve problems with sensation in the eyes, ears, or feet. Have your eyesight and hearing checked regularly and talk to your doctor if you’re experiencing numbness in your feet. Going quickly from lying down or sitting to a standing position can cause the blood pressure to drop. If you feel dizzy or lightheaded when standing, sit down until your head clears, stand up slowly, and ensure you have a good footing before taking a step.

Celebrate Aging!

We often hear the negative about seniors in our society, rather than celebrating them. Seniors offer wisdom and life experience integral to the fabric of a vibrant community. They contribute by shopping, using services (keeping people employed), and paying taxes. Seniors volunteer and make more charitable donations than any other age groups do. Many organizations could not function without them. Additionally, they help with babysitting and caregiving for spouses and friends, ultimately helping others to successfully “age in place”. Take the time to acknowledge the contributions made by seniors. By making our community more age-friendly, we can all play a role in inspiring more intergenerational understanding and connection.

Make Self-Care a Priority

Stress is a natural part of everyday life. But are you aware that stress is among the number one causes for all kinds of health concerns including sleep deprivation, changes in appetite, illness, anxiety, & depression? One of the greatest ways to combat these stress symptoms is to implement a self-care plan that is done regularly in your life. Self-care strategies are doing activities that you enjoy on a regular basis. Like when a flight attendant does the safety brief and asks you to put on your own oxygen mask first before helping others, it is important to ensure your own health and wellness is a priority.

Use Natural, Organic Products for Healthy Skin

With the sunny weather, more of our skin is on display and exposed to the elements. We want our skin to look smooth and healthy; healthy skin is vital to our survival. Our skin is an organ that we wear on the outside to protect what is inside. The products that we put on our skin and on our faces are just as important as what we put into our body. To avoid harmful chemicals and allergens, use skin products made with pure organic essential oils and natural ingredients to hydrate, nourish, pamper and repair your skin – naturally. Make sure to read the label. Look for skincare products with no nasty chemicals, preservatives or artificial fragrances.

Exercise your Brain!

Our brains are hardwired to seek out anything new and stimulating. Research has shown when we break our patterns and use our senses in novel ways, we stimulate nerve cells which contributes to the growth, strength, and agility of our brains. Unless you exercise all areas of the brain, you neglect millions of neuron pathways that need to stay fit in order to store and retrieve information. Maintaining brain health involves physical and mental exercise, stress management and a healthy diet. Grow your brain by doing daily brain exercises. Learn more at our Let’s Get Brain Fit program.

Choose Organic Sunscreen

Do we need sunscreen when it is cloudy? When it is sunny outside, we tend to be good at slathering on the sunscreen, but did you know that up to 40 percent of the sun’s ultraviolet radiation reaches the earth on a completely cloudy day? Using sunscreen everyday protects us from harmful radiation from the sun and reduces our risk for skin cancer, premature aging and sunburns. Today, there are many organic sunscreen options available. Your local health store can help you find one with organic ingredients, that is well-rated by the Environmental Working Group and that provides broad spectrum protection.