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Connections Matter on Father’s Day

Father’s Day offers a poignant reminder of the vital role mental health plays in the lives of our aging parents. For seniors residing in independent living homes, the benefits extend beyond physical care. These communities foster crucial social interactions that can stave off the loneliness and depression often faced by those living alone. Friendships formed in these environments provide emotional support, joy, and a sense of belonging. Celebrating Father’s Day in such a setting underscores the importance of a strong support network. By prioritizing companionship and mental well-being, we honour our fathers not just with gifts but with the invaluable gift of connection.

World Elder Abuse Awareness Day

World Elder Abuse Awareness Day (WEAAD) is June 15th, 2024. 1 senior mistreated is one too many. The basic human rights of older Canadians are being challenged and undercut every day. It is estimated that 1 in 6 seniors globally experience elder abuse. We, as a country, should be horrified by this statistic. The slogan for WEAAD this year is “BOLD: Age with Attitude.” Join the BC Community Response Network by celebrating older adults in your life as active, vibrant members of the community. Register for the June 12th WEAAD webinar on the BCCRNS website.

Benefits of an In-Home Pet Sitter

Why invite a pet sitter into your home? You have peace of mind, your pet’s well-being is enhanced, and your home is looked after too! Having provided pet sitting services for five years, I’ve noticed the difference when a pet gets to stay in their own home and keep to their regular routine. Anxiety is minimal, they have fun and enjoy great company while you are away, and your transition back home is smoother. Your pets are excited to see you but also at peace. Consider having an in-home pet sit for your next vacation.

Residence Options for Seniors

When the responsibility and cost of home ownership become overwhelming, it may be a good time to sell the family home. Today’s seniors have the option to live in beautiful surroundings where their independence is respected but assistance is available if required. The best time to start looking for options is before you have to do so. Retirement communities are great places for retirees to make new friends, have new experiences and make wonderful memories. We should all strive every day to learn something new or meet someone new – it’s what keeps us young at heart!

Importance of Lower Body Health

Let’s shed some light on an area of the body that is often neglected. When did you last take a look at your lower legs or feet? If you have pain in your feet, swollen legs, dry skin, or fungal nails, then it’s time to start looking down more often. These are conditions that put you at a higher risk of falls, wounds, decreased mobility, and infection and can indicate bigger systemic problems. Your legs are the canary in the cave, so keep looking down to prevent a collapse! Contact Comfort Keepers with questions about your lower leg health.

First Aid Advice

Accidents happen. When they do, and they don’t cause you serious injury, it’s important to know what you should do to protect yourself from further injury and to heal properly. Here are some basic first-aid tips to help keep you safe and healthy. *Minor cuts and scrapes: make sure the area is clean and dress with gauze or a Band-Aid as needed. *Minor burns: run it under cool (not cold!) water. If a blister forms, don’t pop it! Dress with a loose gauze. *Sprains: Wrap with an ace bandage, elevate, and ice. In all of these situations, seek medical attention. Stay safe out there!

Seasonal Allergies?

It’s June! Your neighbours are cutting their grass, everything is blooming and you are struggling with seasonal allergies! Allergies can be miserable so here are some preventative measures: *Avoid outdoor activities early in the morning. *Don’t hang laundry out to dry. *Check the weather forecast for pollen counts before heading out. *When you come in from outdoors, take a shower and change your clothes. *Ask for help with lawn care and flower beds or wear a mask. If you have questions or think you may need medication for your allergy symptoms, please speak with your Pharmacist today!

Proper Denture Care

Remember to look after your dentures and inspect them regularly. All you need to do is use a cleaning solution for a minimum of 3 hours per day. If you are a smoker, coffee, or wine drinker, your dentures may need more than the basics. Double the number of tablets you use in your cleaning solution to try to get rid of persistent stains. Stronger cleaners like Renew, Nudent, and Novadent are available. Using a scratchy toothbrush and abrasive toothpaste makes future cleaning even harder. Many denture services are covered under the New Canadian Dental Care Plan. Contact us to schedule an appointment.

Acupuncture for Joint Pain

Embrace the freedom of movement this summer! Acupuncture can be tailored to ease joints strained from your favourite seasonal activities. Whether you’re tending to your garden, cycling through scenic trails, enjoying watersports, hiking in nature, or tackling landscaping projects, we’ve got you covered. Our expert acupuncture and cupping therapy targets areas of tension, alleviating discomfort from repetitive stress injuries and restoring fluidity to your body’s movements. Rediscover the joy of an active lifestyle without the limitations of joint pain. Take the first step towards relief and rejuvenation with our acupuncture session today. You deserve to feel great!

This Festival Heightens the Human Journey

The Alchemy of Gathering wellness and spirituality festival will focus on gathering in the community to share ideas on wellness, connection, creativity, healing modalities, and more. The Alchemy of Gathering offers an array of experiences to further and heighten the human journey. Set in the Sunset Gardens at Kitty Coleman Woodland Gardens, attendees can expect over 40 exhibitors with products and services, six different interactive stations, and live music on stage throughout the event. In the barn, 10 wellness workshops will be presented on both days. Also, experience the Ocean Labyrinth, food trucks, and 24 acres of woodlands to wander through.

Let’s Celebrate Summer

Summer is here, and we are ready! It is a time to celebrate the joy of being alive and the pleasure of gathering with friends. Is there something holding you back from really celebrating? Are you ready to release a few pounds? When you release trapped emotions around food, the result is a lower number on your scale. A Certified Body/Emotion Code Practitioner can help you release those negative emotions that cause you to eat unhealthy foods. Call today for an appointment and make it your best summer yet.