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Gaming Disorder Support

Gaming disorder can be a significant barrier to living a fulfilling life. Yes, there are friends and a deep sense of community in the virtual world but nothing replaces a hug, or the feeling that your friend genuinely cares about your wellbeing. At VI Gaming Support, we care about people’s wellbeing, sense of belonging, efficacy, and desire to be part of a loving caring community. That’s why we are dedicated in supporting people to restore their sense of health and wellbeing. We believe that by providing rejuvenating services, we can support people to reset, regroup, and restore their lives.

Sounds to Help You Relax

Sound and soothing music can help you relax even during these trying times. Try this simple exercise: sit quietly for a few moments and then think of a very loving experience. As you think of this loving experience, begin to sound a very gentle “ah” sound. Make this sound as a long, extended sound: “Aaaaaahhhhh” and think about love, peace and calm. Feel your heart chakra resonate with this sound. Feel your heart center opening, balancing and aligning with this energy. The “ah” sound is excellent for working with the energy of the heart center and triggering relaxation.

Allow Time for You

When did you last take the time to just BE? We are often too busy DOing instead of BEing. As Mac Davis sang in 1974, “Stop and Smell the Roses”. Take time to relax; take time out of your busy schedule to enjoy and appreciate the beauty of life. If you’ve stopped to smell the roses, it means you’ve taken time out of your day to notice them. Taking time for yourself is not selfish. It is very important to take care of yourself. A Certified Body/Emotion Code Practitioner can help you release any unprocessed negative (trapped) emotions to allow YOU to take time for YOU.

Drug Free Pain Relief

If you have pain, your first impulse may be to reach for a pill but there are other options. The sensation of pain occurs when a pain receptor (nociceptor) detects a painful stimulus somewhere on the body. VOXXLife has developed a technology (VOXX HPT) that triggers a neuro response that helps the brain maximize its natural pain fighting mechanisms. This HPT technology, which works with the neuroreceptor on the bottom of the feet, is incorporated into VOXXLife socks and insoles. Benefits include enhanced pain relief and management, especially PDN pain, enhanced postural stability and balance, improved mobility and higher energy levels.

Have a Happy Retirement

As retirement age draws near, most of us develop a vision of what those years will look like. Active senior living communities give older adults the support they need to live their best life. Research shows that older adults who have purpose often live longer, healthier lives. Moving to an active senior living community will provide you with access to life-enrichment programs, volunteer opportunities, the companionship of peers, and a variety of activities and programs to participate in. Each of these can aid in finding purpose once you are no longer raising a family or pursuing a career.

Visits to a Care Home

Now that Covid restrictions have been loosened in retirement homes, loved ones are being reunited…some after many long months. It’s heartwarming to see that the vaccines are helping people be able to reconnect and catch up. As wonderful as Zoom and other social medias have been in helping seniors keep in touch, it simply does not compare to being face to face and able to hug or hold hands. Please continue to do your part to stay safe for yourselves and your loved ones and please respect the policies that are in place in the retirement communities, such as wearing masks where required, so we can continue to protect the ones closest to us.

Social Isolation

Our lifestyles continue to be affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. The Stay-at-Home recommendations have increased social Isolation, especially among seniors. This is a problem as it is associated with a number of health risks. Technology can help us stay connected through social media platforms but not everyone has access or ability to use them. The Nanaimo Lifeline Check-In Service offers a daily phone call to those who might not be connected. We provide a friendly chat that gives peace of mind and ensures someone knows you are doing Ok today. Now is a good time to sign up.

Don’t Lose Track of the Race

With an ever growing number of individuals receiving the vaccine, we are on the way to being able to breathe easy again. It is important that we remember that caution is still necessary until everyone has received the vaccine and the variants are reported as in check. This pandemic has taken so many of our loved ones. With the finish line in sight, let’s not lose track of the race. If you need help getting to and from your vaccination appointment or with any of your daily tasks, call Comfort Keepers. We are here to support you.

Are your Hormones Out of Balance?

Hormones affect many areas of your health, including your mood, your metabolism, and your sexual and reproductive function. Anyone who has been through puberty knows that hormones have a powerful effect on one’s body. Unbalanced hormones can make you feel like a stranger in your own skin. Compounded hormone replacement therapy (HRT) is a way to restore balance and help you feel like yourself again. With your healthcare provider’s prescription, your compounding pharmacist can help start and maintain a hormone replacement regimen that brings your hormones back into balance and closely mimics what your body has been doing naturally for years.

Maintaining Oral Health

Here are some tips from Dental Hygiene Canada to improve your dental health: * Brush your teeth two times per day with fluoridated toothpaste, * Use an antibacterial mouthwash daily to rinse germs down the drain, * Floss Daily to remove food particles that get caught in your teeth, * You are what you eat! Eat a balanced diet and avoid in-between meal snacks, * Rethink your drink. Drinking sweetened beverages increases you risk of getting cavities. * See your dentist regularly. Your oral health is important. When you take care of your oral health, you take care of your overall health

New Challenges Bring New Opportunities

The pandemic has highlighted needs that will become even more urgent in the coming months and years. To support our community now and in the future, SOS must move beyond just addressing immediate needs. We have to rebuild our capacity. Our Thrift Shop has historically provided us with the majority of the funds needed to run our programs and services, but COVID-19 has changed that. To reach more and do more for the residents of District 69, we have launched SOS Project Rebuild with a goal of raising $1 Million over the next 12 months. Visit to learn more and support our community’s needs.