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Puzzles for a Strong Mind

Puzzling is a mental workout that stimulates both sides of the brain. Studies have shown that jigsaw puzzles can help improve visual-spatial reasoning, short-term memory and problem-solving skills, as well as reduce the rate of cognitive decline and dementia. It can help improve your mood by boosting dopamine production. Puzzling helps reinforce connections between brain cells, improving mental speed and thought processes. Engaging yourself in puzzle-making can serve as an exercise in mindfulness and help relieve stress. Puzzles are a great way to exercise the small muscles in fingers and eyes especially for those with arthritis or who have experienced a stroke.

The Journey to Better Hearing

Recognizing the signs of hearing loss in yourself can be difficult, and taking steps to address hearing loss can be even harder.  Many individuals with hearing loss delay treatment 7-10 years and are often not sure how to seek assistance.  With the right steps, creating a treatment plan can be simple.

Don’t Wait – Have Your Hearing Assessed

Once you start to notice signs of hearing loss, the first step is to obtain a hearing assessment.  You can do this by contacting a local hearing health professional or obtaining a referral from your primary care physician.

During the hearing assessment, the clinician will determine your lifestyle and communication needs as well as the type and degree of hearing loss present.  If a medical condition is identified a referral will be made to the appropriate health professional.

Hearing Aid Selection & Fitting

If hearing aids are recommended, the clinician will work with you to find the right product that will meet your hearing and lifestyle needs.  A trial period with the chosen hearing aid is an important part of the process, as it provides you time to adjust to the hearing aids so you are able to assess the benefit accurately.  It can sometimes take multiple visits to the clinic to have the hearing aids adjusted.  It is important to establish a trusted relationship with your hearing health professional as hearing aids require ongoing maintenance and at a minimum should be checked annually.

NexGen Hearing offers free hearing tests and hearing aid consultations, hearing aid fittings, leasing options and sales. Book an appointment at one of our 45+ clinics in the BC Interior, Lower Mainland and Vancouver Island by clicking here or calling 1-877-606-6671

Working Together to Meet Needs

The winter months can be difficult for all of us, with shorter, wetter days and finances still stretched from the holidays. When you don’t have enough money to feed yourself and your family or pay bills for basic necessities, it becomes unbearable. Your donation to the SOS Winter Emergency Fund helps residents in need with groceries, propane, prescription medications and other basic supports. To learn more and to donate, visit our website or come by our Community Services Centre in Parksville.

Profile: Revitalize Laser Clinic

At Revitalize Laser Clinic, we are passionate about education and knowledge! It doesn’t matter what age you are: investing in yourself is a vital part of your life journey! All our treatments are provided by trained and certified professionals who can create a custom treatment plan to fit your needs. Our Nanaimo location offers skincare treatments for the face and body including treatments for men. Our Men’s Vigor treatment is a way to get back in the game safely and effectively. No drugs, no surgery, no downtime. Health Canada Approved. Contact us today for a free consultation.

Spring is a Joyful Time

Spring is here to bring you JOY! Are your negative emotions stopping you from being in JOY? What does Joy mean to you? The dictionary defines joy as a noun “a feeling of great pleasure and happiness”. Some say that joy comes when you make peace with who you are, why you are and how you are. Do you feel great pleasure and happiness? If your answer is ‘no’ then book a Body Code session to release those negative emotions and put Spring and Joy back in your life!

Keep Betting in Perspective

March Madness (NCAA Basketball) is one of the biggest sports betting events across North America. According to a study at reported on, in 2019, 47M Americans gambled on March Madness, with an estimated $8.5B wagered. More than 40M participants filled in over 149M brackets, with 18M Americans wagering about $3.9B on sportsbooks alone. And these are strictly American statistics. In Canada, online sports betting was recently legalized (August 2021), however, 3rd party apps abound, offering sports betting enthusiasts many opportunities and types of gambling. Keep sports betting fun and in perspective. Don’t let a game you can’t control, control you.

Suffering From Indigestion?

Heavy meals can put a strain on your gallbladder and liver, especially if you are already under stress. In Chinese Medicine, these two organs are associated with emotions such as anger and frustration. How can you love and care for your liver and gallbladder? Avoid heavy, fatty and fried foods. Have routines to de-stress and healthy outlets for feelings of anger, irritation or fury. Love yourself and avoid self-criticism. Eating bitter foods such as radishes, grapefruits, lemons, limes, and dandelion greens or drinking dandelion tea can support bile production and help cleanse your liver and gallbladder.

Benefits of a New Fitness Routine

There are many benefits to starting a new fitness routine – better mood, better sleep, and better mental and physical health to name a few. Additional benefits include many pain-free years of playing with your children and grandchildren and a capable, strong body to last a lifetime. A fitness routine should be as routine as brushing your teeth every day. If you only count the costs, you are always going to be where you are right now. Count the benefits! Not sure where to start? That’s where we come in. Book a free consult today!

Medication and Supplement Review

Do you take a number of prescription medications along with over-the counter health supplements? Combining certain medications and supplements can cause medications to become ineffective and the combinations may even be harmful to your health. Many people do not have a good understanding of the medications that they have been prescribed, the supplements that they take or their possible harmful interactions. Your Personal Pharmacist can sit down with you to review your medications and supplements, answer any questions you may have and make sure you are getting the most out of your medication.

Take Care of Yourself

Providing long-term care for a loved one can be very taxing and time-consuming. With spring around the corner, we are all itching to leave our cozy winter hearths and get back to being active. By bringing in in-home elder care, you can take time to care for your health. Care for your loved ones frees up time for tackling your next challenge and helps ensure that you can enjoy the good things in life, going forward. If you or someone you know would benefit from in-home care, reach out to explore the options available.

Do I Need a Medical Alert System?

Here are some of the reasons people use a medical alert system: *They live alone. *They use a cane or walker to assist with mobility. *They had a fall or were at risk of falling. *They sometimes feel weak or dizzy. If you face any of these issues and it is important for you to continue living independently, a medical alert system may be the answer. With Lifeline, a local service that supports The Nanaimo and District Hospital Foundation, you and your loved ones can have peace of mind knowing that help is available 24/7 at the push of a button.