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Meet Your Practitioner – Anna Christine Doehring

As a young woman, Anna Christine wanted to pursue a career helping people achieve health. Twenty years ago, she returned to her passion. She searched for a modality that addresses the root cause of health issues; one that could quickly help the body return to balance, wholeness and health. She became certified in Reflexology, JinShinDo® Acupressure and others and was told that she has “healing hands”. Once she discovered Reconnective Healing®, which balances us physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually, she found her true calling. When one is in a state of balance, health problems can fall away. She has helped hundreds of clients achieve better health; improvements include mental clarity, less or no pain, better sleep and more energy.

I don’t need a counsellor!

It is a common misconception that if you see a counsellor you are weak in the mind and that there is something wrong with you. When this belief arose, life was simpler and everyone knew their role. Men went to work to support the family and women stayed home to raise the children. Extended families were close and created a ‘village’ of support. In today’s world, many of us are under great amounts of stress, have many responsibilities, and are feeling isolated. When you no longer feel that you have everything under control, speaking to a trained counsellor is the right thing to do.

Community Profile – Suga Yoga

Suga Yoga Parksville is a small, unique yoga studio dedicated to providing a variety of yoga classes, from absolute beginners to more experienced yoga devotees. They are dedicated to making various forms and levels of yoga available to everyone. They teach several types of yoga in the traditional Indian methods, along with gentle classes for the beginners. So you can build your yoga practice, on your terms, at your own pace. Suga Yoga Parksville welcomes your questions, feedback and insights as you, and they, evolve.

Enhance Your Day!

How do you start your day? Do you jump out of bed hitting the ground running with hundreds of thoughts on what you need to do? How about easing into your day with a grounding or meditation exercise or by reading something that inspires you? I truly believe if you start your day slowly, setting an intention on how you want your day to proceed ~ you will have a more successful and joyful day. Try it ~ even if you only have 10 minutes ~ make the time to Enhance Your Day!

Prolozone for Chronic Pain

Why is it that some injuries never heal and go on to become areas of chronic pain and dysfunction? And why do people heal so much more reliably when they are young than when they become older? The answer in both cases has to do with decreased oxygen utilization which serves as a foundation for chronic pain and degeneration. Break that cycle with the application of ozone therapy or Prolozone injections which maximizes oxygen absorption. The cells and tissues can begin to do what they usually do so well – heal themselves.

The Power of Reconnective Healing®

Reconnective Healing is a new and powerful form of healing. Its high frequencies bring us back into wholeness and also balance us on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level. As a result, we sleep better, have more energy with less stress and feel more vibrant. It also improves our memory and our ability to focus. When our life becomes harmonious, our family and work life improve. The health care system of European countries are beginning to recognize the benefits of Reconnective Healing®. It is as an option for people with concussions, anxiety, phantom pain, PTSD, depression, and all kinds of fear.

Multiple Supplement Curse

Do you struggle to swallow your supplement pills? Is keeping track of when to take them and in what combination a real chore? It can be so confusing, time consuming, frustrating AND expensive!! An All-in-One concentrated powder is your solution; just add water and drink. You can supply your body with good nutrition without the trauma of gagging down all those pills. Be sure to look for an ALL-in-One formula that has all the Vitamins, Minerals, Essential Fatty Acids, Trace Minerals, and Anti-Oxidants that you need to help your body do what it was meant to do … be healthy.

Complex Health Issues need Complex Care

Complex Care that provides medically complex and specialized services is much needed in the community. This type of care is essential for individuals suffering from many chronic health issues and functional limitations. If you or your loved one is physically dependant with medical needs that require professional nursing care, it is time to look for a planned program that will retain or improve functional ability. When choosing complex care for a loved one, it is important to maintain their quality of life. Look for one with comfortable living space and an individual care plan with 24 hour support in place.

Are you Gambling Literate?

Being Gambling Literate goes beyond setting an entertainment budget to play games of chance such as lotteries, bingo, slots, cards or online poker. Gambling literacy, in the big picture, includes the ability to see its impact on the health and wellbeing of individuals, families, communities and societies. On a personal level, gambling literacy invites us to develop personal and social skills to manage our behaviour and choices related to gambling. Gambling literacy involves more than winning or losing on a game of chance: It speaks to our complex relationships with money, skill and chance. Gambling is not a problem; it is our relationship to it that might be.

Drink up!

Many times, feeling unwell can be attributed to dehydration. It is like forgetting to put oil in your engine. You know what happens to a car if it does not have oil in it! To help your body to assimilate a Bowen treatment, both before and after, we encourage drinking water. Individuals who drink a lot of water will generally have more energy, be less likely to get sick, have better digestion, fewer aches and pains, nice skin and be in a better mood! Who doesn’t want this … and the best part of all? WATER IS FREE! Drink up friends!

Back to work/school?

Has your body rebelled by giving you a headache? Is your daily routine causing you a big pain in the neck? A simple frontal headache may be the result of overindulgence in food. Occipital headaches (back of the head) are frequently the result of upper back or neck tension. Do you react to stress by unconsciously tensing your muscles thus causing a headache? Acupuncture has the solution. The treatment protocol varies according to the presumed cause and duration of the headache. You may also find that gentle stretching as practiced by simple Hatha Yoga or Tai Chi and a liberal dose of fresh air will aid your health in general.