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Seasonal Allergies?

It’s June! Your neighbours are cutting their grass, everything is blooming and you are struggling with seasonal allergies! Allergies can be miserable so here are some preventative measures: *Avoid outdoor activities early in the morning. *Don’t hang laundry out to dry. *Check the weather forecast for pollen counts before heading out. *When you come in from outdoors, take a shower and change your clothes. *Ask for help with lawn care and flower beds or wear a mask. If you have questions or think you may need medication for your allergy symptoms, please speak with your Pharmacist today!

Community Profile: Motion

At Motion, our knowledgeable experts enjoy making life accessible for everyone by identifying the unique needs of our clients and selecting solutions that fit their lifestyles. Contact one of our experienced rehab consultants today for more information about *power lift recliners, *stairlifts, *vehicle lifts, *mobility scooters, *folding power wheelchairs, *rollators, *bathroom safety items and more. We’re also here to help with rental equipment, repairs and maintenance and to assist with navigating funding opportunities. Let us help you make a difference in your life every day with the right mobility and home accessibility solutions. “Because it’s not a place, it’s a partnership.”

Golden Gamers

“Golden Gamers” is a term used to describe seniors who play video games. Some play to pass the time, some play to connect with their grandkids and some play competitively. There’s nothing wrong with playing video games, online or on a console. Just like gambling, some seniors may be vulnerable to the addictive qualities that the gamblification of gaming offers. This includes paying to open loot boxes for premium items, skins, coins, extended time, etc. No different than slot machines, some games can entice vulnerable seniors to spend beyond their means. For more information, contact

The Alchemy of Gathering

Set amongst the majestic Kitty Coleman Woodland Gardens, the Alchemy of Gathering will focus on creating an open space for the community to come together and celebrate our connections – to ourselves, to each other and to Nature. Offering over 40 local product and service vendors, live music, interactive sound and meditative healing stations, local food vendors and access to the 24 acres of pathways, foliage and the Ocean Stone labyrinth. Join us in this beautiful space and experience sharing ideas on wellness, connection, identity, creativity, healing and more! Let us come together in Nature and celebrate the community and love that is here NOW!

5 ways healthy hearing can improve your life

“Do you want to go out for dinner?”

That’s a question that always deserves an enthusiastic “Yes!”

But what if you stop yourself from enjoying a restaurant dinner because you find it too hard to follow a conversation in a noisy environment?

There have been tremendous advances in hearing aid technology since your grandparents’ day. Hearing aids can be highly customized to adapt to specific types of hearing loss and they are so discreet, they are barely noticeable.

Here are five reasons why getting your hearing tested will lead to a happier, more fulfilling life

  1. You’ll say yes more often

Two people feel badly when you have to say “no” to an invitation. You, and the person doing the asking. Think of how much better you’ll feel when you can embrace new opportunities — and try out that new restaurant everyone’s raving about.

  1. No more excuses

It can be difficult to explain why you are isolating yourself. Sometimes you make up reasons not to join friends or family at events. It’s hard for them to understand why, especially since all they want is to spend time with you.

  1. You’ll feel more in control of your life

We waste a lot of energy finding ways to cope with awkward situations. It’s better to turn the awkward situation into a positive one. You’ll be glad you’re doing something about your hearing loss — and others will be, too.

  1. Only actors get applause for pretending to be someone they’re not

Stop nodding your head to make people think you understand what they’re saying. Chances are they haven’t been fooled.

  1. You can live in the moment

You have the right to feel fully involved in life. Your life. It wears you down to keep saying, “Pardon? Can you repeat that?” The only thing that needs repeating is time spent enjoying the company of others.

If you think it’s time to start living life in the fullest, or know someone who needs a gentle nudge, book your free HearingLife consultation here or call 1-833-776-4733

Spring Clean the Medicine Cabinet

Here are a few tips to clean up your Medicine Cabinet and other places where medication and vitamins are stored: *Gather all medications in one place. *Check the expiry date of each item. *Set aside any medications that you no longer take or has expired. *Set aside any medication that is not in its original container or whose appearance, consistency or odour has changed. Take all discarded medications and vitamins to your pharmacist for safe and ecological disposal. Do not throw them into the waste basket, sink or toilet. The Medicine Shoppe can help with the cleanup process and disposal.

Are You Dehydrated?

Feel tired all the time? Have no energy? Dehydration may be the cause. Our bodies are over 55% water, so even a small deficit can result in health issues. To ensure that you stay hydrated, it is important to drink at least two litres of water a day. Health benefits of water include: *more energy, *potential weight loss, *flush out toxins and *helps the body regulate temperature. Start your day with a glass of water and drink a glass every couple of hours; more often if you are outside or exercising. Raw fruits and vegetables are a great way to increase water consumption.

Invest in Children and Youth

How do we improve the physical, social, and emotional health of our community’s kids? By giving them better access to recreation. Research shows that when kids engage in activities that foster healthy play, they are more likely to build a lifetime habit of fitness. Extra-curricular activities also give non-academically focused kids a chance to shine. We believe that all kids should have the chance to play. That’s why the SOS Recreation Assistance for Children & Youth program (RACY) is so important to low-income families. To learn more about RACY, visit our website or come by our Community Services Centre in Parksville.

Spring Nutrition for Seniors

Spring brings with it a crop of nutrient-rich superfoods that are especially beneficial for older adults. As you age, it’s vital to eat healthy foods to maintain weight, manage and prevent diabetes and boost brain health. Spring is a great time to swap out processed foods that lack nutritional value for fresh fruits and vegetables. Some spring super-foods that are perfect for seniors to enjoy include artichokes, leaks, asparagus, green peas, watercress, strawberries and spinach. These springtime favourites are packed with vitamins, minerals, fibre, and antioxidants needed to live a healthy lifestyle.

Try Something New

Spring is a new beginning and a great time to start new and healthy habits. Moving out of our comfort zone can result in new and exciting experiences. Spring is a perfect time to go outside and spend time in green spaces. The possibilities are endless. Things to try include birdwatching, rock hounding, searching for sea glass on the beach or an outdoor fitness class. The beginning of a new exercise routine is great for your overall well-being. If you prefer to stay inside, an online course, a painting class or dance lessons may be the perfect new experience to celebrate spring.

Take Time to BE!

How often do you take time to just BE? This is what the phrase ‘stop and smell the flowers’ means. It is taking time out of your busy, complicated life to sit, relax, connect with nature and do nothing. Remember you are a human BEing! It is time to stop thinking that taking time for yourself is selfish. Taking time for yourself will make you happier, more productive and better able to support your loved ones. A Certified Body/Emotion Code Practitioner can help you release any unprocessed negative (trapped) emotions to allow YOU to take time for YOU.