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A Team of Hearing Care Professionals

At our Amplifon clinic, we are committed to providing the highest quality of service and take the time needed to help you find your ideal solution. We offer an extensive range of leading hearing aid technology at competitive prices. Enjoy peace-of-mind with our 90-days money back guarantee. We value our relationship and strive to offer you a lifetime of better hearing with our free lifetime aftercare program. Request a complimentary hearing test today! Currently, our clinic is open reduced hours. Please contact us by phone to find out the exact opening days and times and to make an appointment.

Product Review: RELEAF Stick

ACTIVE RELEAF aims to encourage active wellness through the use of nature’s most powerful ingredients. With a synergistic blend of coconut oil, shea butter, essential oils, and broad spectrum cannabinoid-rich hemp plant extract, ACTIVE RELEAF’s topicals offer a natural alternative for pain relief. Try the Original Formula RELEAF Stick as a reliable remedy to soothe everyday aches and pains. For extra stubborn discomfort associated with joint stiffness, and inflammation, the Extra Strength RELEAF+ Stick is specially formulated to soothe quickly and be long lasting. Apply liberally to affected areas 3 – 4 times a day or as needed.

Drug Free Wellness Solutions

VoxxLife combines the best of modern technology with decades of research in neuromuscular science to provide drug-free, non-invasive wellness solutions. These solutions offer the physical benefits of traditional OTC alternatives, without all the side effects. Human Performance Technology (HPT) is embedded in their socks, insoles and now wearable patches. The socks, with just the right amount of stretch, provide the pain relief and mobility support you want at home, work or at the gym. The convenient, trim-to-fit design of the insoles, fit easily into your everyday shoes for greater comfort and performance. The Neurotech Patches offer the benefits of HPT in a simple and convenient way for all aspects of your life.

Gambling and COVID-19

COVID-19 has impacted everyone’s life, including people who gamble. Although in-person gambling venues such as casinos and bingo halls have been closed, online gambling remains available 24/7, not only on the sanctioned BCLC site, but also internationally. Concerns about increased time and money spent online gambling have been top of mind in the helping community here at the BC Responsible and Problem Gambling Program. Our FREE services continue, including virtual options (telephone and videoconferencing) for counselling, outreach support as well as prevention and education. The Gambling Support Line (1-888-795-6111) remains available 24/7. Any other inquiries can be made at

Starting the Conversation

Starting a discussion about care needs with a senior loved one can be difficult. Deciding when to start the conversation is important. It is never too early to discuss what care might be needed and the desires of the person that will be receiving care. Nine out of 10 seniors want to remain in their home as they age and in-home care can help them. There are many options for in-home care, from the type of care services to the number of hours a week. Making plans before there is an emergency or sudden problem in the senior’s home helps alleviate stress for everyone.

Are You Having Fun?

As an older adult, you know that you need to stay active for optimal mental and physical health. But are you having FUN? Fun and joy are what make us feel truly alive, engaged, and connected to others. The world becomes more vibrant and inviting when we give ourselves permission to laugh and play. Every senior deserves to pursue enjoyable pastimes that make him or her lose track of time or feel like a goofy kid at heart. Plus, many of the best activities for senior citizens cost little or no money. Explore activities that spark the kid in you!

Community Profile – Woodgrove Manor

For your loved one whose health demands a heightened level of care there is Trillium Boutique Senior Living. Footsteps from shopping and dining, and with easy accessibility to the Island’s northern communities, Woodgrove Manor is a 43-suite home, centrally located in Nanaimo. Nestled in the scenic Woodgrove neighbourhood, its interiors are inspired by nature, bringing the outdoors in with oversized windows and natural light. Nurses provide 24-hour support for long-term residents’ unique health challenges, from falls and immobility to memory loss and dementia. The homes are equipped with cutting-edge technology to ensure the safety of your loved ones.

Safe Senior Living Communities

With COVID-19 outbreaks in long term care homes, many independent (IL) and assisted living (AL) retirement communities have proven to be safe and supportive environments for seniors during these times. For seniors living on their own, buying groceries, staying connected and maintaining physical and mental health have become increasingly daunting. Retirement Living might be the solution to the challenges Covid-19 has presented by offering hospitality and support services in a safe setting. If you’ve been thinking about making a move, reach out to some local retirement communities and inquire about their COVID-19 response plan and how they have modified their operations to continue creating meaningful engagement for their residents.

Is It Safe to Go to the Dentist?

Dental offices follow very strict guidelines set by the BC Centre of Disease Control as well as the College of Dental Surgeons of BC. The flow within the office will be highly regulated and there will be more forms and questionnaires to answer. Staff will be wearing a greater amount of PPE and barrier equipment to ensure the patient’s safety. Most offices are also adding air filtration and viral killing UVC light technology. This is part of the layering strategies that makes dental offices safer than a public space. Dental offices can see less patients in a day so there may be minor delays getting an appointment.

Help at the Push of a Button

Falls are a real concern for older adults. The good news is that most falls are preventable. Seniors can lower their risks by changing risky behaviour, proactively managing their health, and safety proofing their homes. Talk to your primary care provider about a fall-risk evaluation. Ask yourself, if I were to fall tonight, how would I get help if I couldn’t reach the phone? A medical alert service ensures that you can access help 24/7 at the push of a button. Some services also offer automatic fall detection. It’s never too early to protect yourself before a fall. Take these precautions today to live more independently and confidently.

Time to Clean Out the Medicine Cabinet?

Here are a few tip to clean up your Medicine Cabinet and other places where medication and vitamins are stored: *Gather all medications in one place. *Check the expiry date of each item. *Set aside any medications that you no longer take or has expired. *Set aside any medication that is not in its original container or whose appearance, consistency or odour has changed. Take all discarded mediations and vitamins to your pharmacist for safe and ecological disposal. Do not throw them into the waste basket, sink or toilet. The Medicine Shoppe can help with the cleanup process and disposal.