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Do You Know the Odds?

In BC Casinos, most chance-based games have their payout odds listed on the tables or machines. House advantage for these games is generally between 1% and 10%, with greater advantages being enjoyed on higher payout outcomes such as bonuses, baccarat ties, etc.
For poker and other skill-based games, casinos simply rake the pot to earn their commission.
Slot machine games come in many varieties, each with different jackpots and different outcome possibilities. The probability of winning the top prize at maximum coin play in a slot machine can range from 1 in 4,096 to 1 in 33,554,000. House advantage is built-into most games, which is why the house is favoured to win.

Organic Food Can Boost Your Health

There are plenty of healthy reasons to choose organic food. * Greater emphasis on soil health and traditional farming methods makes organic food higher in nutrients and antioxidants than standard produce.* Foods without harmful chemicals, pesticides and artificial fertilizers taste better* Food has energy! Enjoying a wide variety of chemical free meals will raise your vitality and leave you feeling vibrant.* Knowing that you are supporting sustainable practices that also work to help the planet leaves you feeling mentally healthy. A Registered Holistic Nutritionist™ or Certified Holistic Nutritional Consultant™ can show you how to incorporate organic foods into your healthy lifestyle plan.

Benefits of Staying Informed

Normally we do not look for information on a subject until we need it or notice how other people are managing until we are in the same boat. Being informed before we have a need is beneficial to ourselves and to our families and friends. Nanaimo offers many opportunities to educate yourself about what aids and services are available for your health needs. Attending health fairs such as NSSN Seniors Health and Wellness Fair on November 8, is educational and can be a lot of fun. Consider attending events where dozens of health service providers are on hand to give you information and answer your questions.

Sclerotherapy for Spider Veins

Did you know that there is a safe, simple and effective method to cosmetically treat the condition of spider veins and some varicose veins? Spider veins are small dilated vessels that usually appear on the legs and face. Spider veins on the face are treated by laser while spider veins on the legs are treated by sclerotherapy. Sclerotherapy is an injection of a sclerosing solution directly into the vein using a fine needle. Fading of the spider veins is gradual but a 75 – 90% improvement is possible. Sclerotherapy treatments are performed by a LPN, under doctor supervision.

Help for Thinning Hair

Have you noticed your hair thinning or signs of male pattern baldness? Collagen Activation Therapy may help. The wound healing response from skin needling can stimulate the production of the proteins that are responsible for new hair growth. The induced blood circulation increases nutrients including human growth hormone to your follicles that can reactivate follicles that have become dormant. Ideal candidates include men with male pattern baldness and men or women with thinning hair. It may also help hereditary hair loss known as alopecia. Talk to a professional to see if Collagen Activation Therapy can help you.

Stress Can Lead to Hearing Loss

Long-term stress can have taxing effects on our health; our hearing health is no exception to this truth. Our hearing relies on tiny sensory hairs in the inner ear to translate sound frequencies into electrical pulses that can then be received and interpreted by our brains. These tiny hairs rely on oxygen from blood circulation to function. When our bodies experience stress, our adrenaline increases to prepare our bodies to act— we breathe faster to divert oxygen to our muscles. This isn’t harmful in the short term, but long-term stress can suppress our bodily systems and lead to a variety of illnesses. Taking deep breaths, exercising, and taking time out of your day to spend time with loved ones can help to reduce stress and guard against the illnesses that result from it.

Health Benefits of Shiatsu and Reflexology

Do you suffer from muscle tension, stress, chronic pain or digestive issues? Shiatsu is a non-invasive therapy that addresses a wide range of body ailments. This Japanese hands-on therapeutic massage works the meridians and pressure points throughout the body. Shiatsu uses a firm steady pressure to release tension allowing the practitioner to probe deeper, stimulating circulation of vital nutrients. Another hands-on therapy, Foot Reflexology is the application of specific finger pressure techniques on feet, combined with acupressure with focus on reflex points and their connection to our body’s organs. It improves circulation of blood, encourages lymphatic drainage, rejuvenates life energy, and eases pain within other body parts.

Seminars – Gov’t Benefits for Seniors

Life is full of challenges and local seniors are facing an increasing number of them. That is why last year’s Seniors Seminars had record breaking numbers, as our older population gathered to listen to information shared by a Service Canada Representative. The seminars educate on available government benefits and how to apply for them. If you are a senior who could
benefit from this information, join us on Oct. 16 at SOS at Qualicum Commons (9:30 – 11:30 am) or at the Parksville SOS Community Services Centre (1:30 – 3:30 pm). Registration is required.

Laser Therapy for Quitting

Quitting smoking can be difficult and those who are looking to kick the habit can often use all the help they can get. Low level laser therapy (soft laser) can be a safe, affordable, and effective tool. Laser therapy sessions can help you quit smoking by addressing all three parts of addiction: physical, psychological, and detoxification. For the physical aspect, laser therapy helps stimulate key neuro-chemical pathways to produce endorphins and curb nicotine cravings. Laser therapy sessions can help with relaxation and allow you focus on the psychological reasons for nicotine cravings, and as part of the sessions, detoxification techniques can also be discussed.

Urinary Tract Infections and the Elderly

A ‘UTI’ is a bacterial infection that occurs anywhere along the urinary tract. There are many reasons why elderly people tend to be more vulnerable to UTI’s. One of these is their overall susceptibility to all types of infections because of a suppressed immune system that comes with age. Elderly men and women often experience weakening of the bladder muscles which results in incomplete emptying of the bladder. This leads to more urine being retained in the bladder and incontinence, which in turn can lead to UTI’s. UTI’s can present with symptoms of confusion and other cognitive difficulties.

Wildfire Smoke Inhalation

The effects of wildfire smoke inhalation can manifest weeks and/or months after our skies have cleared in the form of chronic colds, flu, and upper respiratory infections. Inhalation ozonide therapy is good for any acute upper respiratory infection. Both asthmatics and patients with chronic lung disease can use it. Ozone gas is bubbled through olive oil to the inhaler, which turns it into ozonides molecules that are completely safe to inhale. The ozonides can last for weeks in the human body and have an incredible regenerative effect on our cells and organs, helping to control and eliminate infections, increasing the delivery of oxygen to cells, and stimulating cells to generate more energy.