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Enjoy LIfe to the Fullest

Good hearing means being able to enjoy every moment in life. When you start experiencing hearing problems, you quickly feel you cannot enjoy all the things you care about. A hearing professional will work with you to get you back to better hearing. They can give you back the ability to enjoy your life to the fullest. Quality hearing professional are there every step of the way to identify the best solution for you. Look for a hearing centre that offers an extensive, complimentary hearing test, free follow-ups, and a wide range of innovative and discreet products. We can help.

We Are Here For You

The BC Responsible and Problem Gambling Program continues to provide free services to citizens of British Columbia through this period. We are working to provide virtual options (telephone and videoconferencing) for the delivery of our services, including counselling and outreach support. For more information, please contact the Gambling Support Line at 1.888.795.6111 or email If you need to renew your VSE agreement, please contact BCLC’s Customer Support Centre at 1-866-815-0222. A BCLC Investigator will set new ‘temporary’ agreement renewal and contact you when venues are set to open to obtain your documentation.

Effects of Social Isolation

Several studies have shown social isolation can negatively affect your health. This National Institute on Aging primer notes that loneliness can lead to high blood pressure, depression, and put you at greater risk of illness. That could mean more doctor’s visits and higher health care costs. And what if you or your loved one takes a fall with no one around? Beyond the physical pain, the financial implications could be high. And then there’s the emotional toll of social isolation, which can be even more devastating. These are all things to consider when deciding whether you or your loved one spend the next chapter of life at home or in a senior living community.

Support for Your Health

The general lockdown has had some good outcomes but also many traumatising ones. Today more than ever, we need to support our Physical, Emotional and Energetic health. Our multidisciplinary medical-therapeutic team at Naturally Healthy Clinic is now back to work. We offer both in-person and distance treatments and consultations. Most services are covered by benefits. Our Wellness team is diligent about upholding the highest standards and ready to support you on all three aspects of your health. Please check our website regularly for our events, specials, workshops and classroom and online courses. We are passionate about your Health and Happiness!

Socks for Fathers’ Day

Why not give you the man in your life a gift of wellness for Fathers’ Day. Socks may not be on his wish list but VoxxLife socks are not just any sock. They have with wearable technology that works with the brain to reduce pain, increase strength and endurance and enhance stability and balance. Knee high socks with mild compression are great when standing for a long time or excess sitting. For the active walkers or runners, chose moisture wicking socks to keep the feet cool in summer. Socks are available for contactless pick-up or delivery in Central Vancouver Island or order directly from the website.

Wellness Information in Your Community

At Wellnessnews Choices for Healthy Living®, we continue to provide health and wellness information to our communities. In addition to our printed newsletters, has hundreds of searchable health articles written by local experts. Our Meetup group is FREE to join and offers workshops on a variety of health topics. Check it out at Teresa Ostman hosts “Wellness Wednesday” @ 1 PM on the 1st and 3rd Wednesday of the month on CHLY 101.7 FM radio or stream at Watch for our new online Wellness Resource Hub that will launch in the near future.

Stay Mobile

Mobility is key to maintaining independence, especially as people age — and for seniors, the loss of mobility has profound social, psychological, and physical consequences. If joints and muscles aren’t properly maintained, basic movements may cause pain or even injury. Luckily the many negative effects that comes with immobility can often be prevented or limited by physical activity and exercise. Join a local exercise class, take daily walks, or find something that works for you and make it a habit. There are many opportunities to move throughout the day and you can even practice many upper- and lower-body mobility exercises from a chair.


ACTIVE RELEAF aims to encourage active wellness through the use of nature’s most powerful ingredients. Offering a collection of plant-based wellness products, ACTIVE RELEAF’s WELLNESS TINCTURE is their strongest remedy. Used as a natural plant-based alternative for people experiencing anxiety, insomnia, pain, inflammation and other ailments. The WELLNESS TINCTURE is formulated with a high concentration of broad spectrum cannabinoid-rich hemp plant extract, paired with coconut MCT oil to help deliver cannabinoids and increase bioavailability. Taken sublingually (under the tongue) or mixed into your favourite beverage. With three different concentration options (400mg, 1000mg & 2000mg) and measured droppers, dosing is accurate and flexible for your needs.

What is Happening with Dentistry?

As dental offices are preparing to return to work, we are relying on the directive of the provincial health officer and the College of Dental Surgeons of BC. Final guidelines are being prepared that are expected to alter the normal style of practice with a focus on pre-screening, triage, increased PPE and disinfection protocols and social distancing until in the chair. The number of patients that each office is able to see will be dramatically reduced for the short term. It is the goal of the dental profession to ensure that the dental office will be the safest environment possible for both the dental team and patients.

Regenerate Your Back

When your back chronically hurts you are told it is a sign of aging and degeneration, which is very true … but did you know there is a method of treatment to regenerate your back? Prolozone injection therapy results in about 75% of chronic pain sufferers to become permanently pain free. Chronic pain occurs in areas of the body that contain ligaments, cartilage or articular surfaces which makes them especially vulnerable to the effects of decreased oxygen utilization and aging. Prolozone gives the tissues what they need to heal. And as they heal, the circulation to the area is re-established.

Conditions Affected by Hearing Loss

Hearing loss is connected to many other health conditions of the body. While hearing loss may not be the cause of these diseases or conditions, it is considered a risk factor for many. *Tinnitus refers to the sensation of perceiving sounds that have no external source—in other words, hearing sounds that are not there. *Meniere’s disease is a chronic inner ear disorder that causes recurring episodes of severe dizziness (vertigo), ear pressure, tinnitus and hearing loss. It typically affects only one ear, although some people experience symptoms in both ears. *Treating hearing loss aggressively can help ward off cognitive decline and dementia.