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The Functional Medicine Approach – What is it?

Functional Medicine is patient-centered health care at its best. Practitioners address the whole person, their story and experiences and not just an isolated set of symptoms. To determine the root cause of disease, we must investigate and understand how factors such as genetics, environment and lifestyle influences long-term health and chronic disease. A comprehensive intake procedure includes lab tests, a review of current medications and supplements and examining the existing diet. Cutting-edge diagnostic testing, natural treatments and integrative practices help the patient move towards wellness. Practitioners work together with other healthcare professionals to ensure clients get the best healthcare possible.

Spring Cleaning for Dry Skin.

Did you know that your hair and nails grow faster this time of the year? This is the time to exfoliate to slough off all those dead skin cells that have been accumulating on your face from the winter and vacations. An Ultrasonic Squeaky Clean Facial prepares your skin for the warm months ahead. It is a non-invasive method that frees your skin to let it breathe and better absorb beneficial nutrients. Each facial is customized to meet the specific needs of the client. Skin will be smoother, clearer, lifted and ready for the months ahead.

What is the Most Popular Form of Gambling?

What is the most popular form of gambling; lotteries, casino games or bingo? Statistics Canada (2009) reports lotteries as the most popular form of gambling in BC and Canada. Men are reported to gamble more frequently and will spend three to four times more than women. However, over time, men will spend less; women will progressively spend more. Higher income households are more likely to engage in gambling activities, while lower income homes are more likely to spend a larger percentage of income on gambling activities. No matter which statistic you fall under, help is available when gambling ceases to be a fun activity.

Community Profile – Adora Medical Esthetics Clinic

ADORA Esthetics Medical Clinic offers a full range of exciting and effective cosmetic services and laser treatments for men and women in a warm and professional environment. Their skin care and esthetic services address aging and sun damaged skin, pre-cancerous lesions, wrinkles, acne disorders and unwanted hair. Dr. Dan Marwood, MD, joined the professional team eight years ago. He performs Juvederm and Botox treatments ensuring virtually painless and flawless procedures. Kelly Marwood, RN, recently joined the clinic. She has vast experience with injections and a very artistic eye. The clinic also treats leg veins, skin tags and problem nails.

Health Benefits of Nettle

Nettle is an herb with attitude. This saucy little herb may sting when you pick it but it is worth the trouble. Two handfuls have 966 mg of calcium. One litre of fresh nettle tea delivers 1gm of calcium, 300mg magnesium, 600mg potassium, 1.5mg zinc, trace minerals, 5000UI Vitamin A and good shot of Vitamin B complex, C, D and K. Nettle is delicious steamed and eaten as a vegetable or as a replacement for any leafy green such as kale or spinach. It also helps relieve allergies, is a deep liver tonic and a refreshing energizing drink that will not leave you jumpy. Give this saucy herb a try!

Ultrasonic For Acne, Blackheads & Congested Skin

Our target treatment is a drug-free, chemical-free and gentle alternative for blocked pores. The Ultrasonic literally vibrates acne, blackheads and congestion away! Pores can be blocked by oils that have “gone bad” which creates an environment for bacterial growth. The sound waves from Ultrasonic can dissolve and extract these oils, even if the congestion is deep under the skin. After treatment with a natural product, the Ultrasound is used to create channels in the skin for better nutrient absorption. A blue LED lamp reduces any propionibacterium acnes left under the skin. Most people experience a considerable difference after only one treatment.

Guilt of Placing Your Loved One in Long Term Care

Feelings of guilt and worry are normal responses when it becomes necessary for someone else to take over the duties of caring for your loved one. Emergency situations or health concerns can take the decision out of our hands. Other times, the decision to admit your loved one to a long term care community is an inch by inch process, with multiple family members weighing in and physicians and friends giving advice. Understand that sometimes professional care is necessary for the safety or comfort of your loved one and/or for you to have some life apart from caregiving.

With Glowing Hearts – TheatreOne

This is the rousing true story of women in Kirkland Lake, Ontario in the 1940’s who fought to improve conditions for their husbands working in the town’s mines. The women became the heart and soul of a union organizing drive that eventually changed their lives – and the world. The role women have played in Canada’s labour movement is largely untold. It is their efforts that have led to profound social and legislative changes, including the passage of important labour laws. The recent women’s marches seen across Canada and around the world in January of this year also make this story particularly timely and meaningful.

Healing Trauma & PTSD with Hypnosis

There is growing clinical recognition of the incredible power and healing value within the Ancient Art of Hypnosis. Hypnosis can provide pain free removal of any emotional trauma and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). It allows you to resolve anxieties, insomnia, flash backs and disturbing dreams. Destructive behaviours, substance abuse and anger can be prevented. Hypnosis can help you create a happy life after trauma and/or PTSD. Come to the workshop on April 7 to find out more.

Spring Cleanses – Naturally

Spring gets us thinking about “spring cleaning” whether it is home, career or our body. Our ancestors could not go to the local store to purchase their food. Instead they were “Seasonal Eaters”, putting away food for the winter. The availability of food corresponded with what our bodies required to be healthy. Foods such as root vegetables, squash and seeds are rich in minerals and stable vitamins to sustain us throughout the winter. Spring is when our bodies start to release the stores of toxins from the dense foods and nature provides us with fresh greens to help detoxify our bodies naturally.

Don’t Let Fear of Stigma Rule You defines stigma as “A mark of disgrace or infamy; a stain or reproach, as on one’s reputation.” The fear of being judged and stigmatised often prevents us from seeking help when needed. It is human nature. However, we are our own harshest critics! That is also human nature. When compassion and curiosity replaces judgement, we come to discover what troubles us and what drives our unhealthy behaviours. No one intends to hurt loved ones: This pain is simply a reflection of our own hurt. If unhealthy gambling is an issue, reach out for support. We’re here to help.