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Maximize Your Balance and Stability

Did you know that lack of stability and balance account for a large portion of foot and back pain issues? Today, wellness consumers want products to enhance their quality of life and are asking for natural, safe solutions for more energy, pain relief and enhanced mobility. VoxxLife socks and insoles with HPT optimize the user’s stability and balance at the nervous system level and provide relief from aches and pains with drug free proven technology. Voxx Human Performance Technology (HPT) is based on 45 Years of research in Neuromuscular Science, Chiropractic Neurology and Reflexology. Come test your balance at the Wellnessnews Women’s Expo on February 9th at the VI Conference Centre.

Lotteries Most Popular Form of Gambling

According to the 2014 British Columbia Problem Gambling Prevalence Study, approximately 72.5% of British Columbians gamble. Lotteries remain the most popular form of gambling (81.6%), with 43.6% of gamblers naming it as their favourite form of gambling. Interestingly, when speaking with people in a community, very few individuals initially identify themselves as gamblers but at some point in the conversation, the person may say “Oh, but I buy lottery tickets every week.” This simple reflection exemplifies some of the myths and misunderstandings that surround what gambling is and is not, and who is stigmatised, and who isn’t. Food for thought …

Laughter is the Goal

If you are looking for serious themes and messages in a theatrical production, keep looking. In the upcoming Norm Foster comedy “Self Help”, laughter is the goal. Norm Foster is considered the most produced playwright in Canada’s history. Differentiated from a comedy, a farce is a light, humorous play in which the plot depends upon a skillfully exploited situation rather than upon the development of character. As always NTG takes producing quality theatre very seriously with attention to every detail on stage and backstage including set, properties, costumes, lighting and sound.

Wellnessnews Women’s Expo – February 9

The Vancouver Island Conference Centre in Nanaimo is the place to be on Saturday, February 9, 2019. Women of all ages will discover things of interest at the largest Women’s Expo north of Victoria with over 100 exhibitors showcasing their products and services. The Wellnessnews Women’s Expo features wellness seminars, shopping opportunities and a Diva Oasis to indulge the senses. The Expo is FREE. Get your VIP tickets where you get your Wellnessnews or from one of the exhibitors. While not required to attend, tickets redeemed raise funds for the Samaritan House Room for Hope Campaign to expand their women’s shelter.

Hearing Aid Battery Life

Hearing aids can have either disposable batteries or rechargeable batteries. Disposable battery life depends on many things including, the size of the battery, hours of use and hearing aid programming. Based on an 8 hour day, the battery life ranges from 2-3 days for the smallest size to 10-14 days for the largest battery. For rechargeable batteries, the hearing aids are charged every night. A full charge can last from 8 to 24 hours depending on the hearing aid brand and size of rechargeable battery. Book an appointment today and find out more about the wide selection of modern hearing aid solutions.

Be a Health Saver with Essential Oils

Can you respond to a health crisis in your family? When illness or accident befalls a loved one, it is our gut level response to want to help. Having the knowledge of the health benefits of real essential oils gives you TOOLS that can CHANGE LIVES. From reducing a fever, supporting emotional health to treating burns and trauma, having essential oils on hand and the understanding of their use, gives you the power to respond. Attend FREE seminars to give you the HOW. Be a health saver. Check for upcoming classes.

Have You Considered Senior Living?

Are you tired of cooking and cleaning? Do you find the responsibility of home ownership overwhelming? Are you lonely or often find yourself feeling sad? Today’s seniors have the option to live in beautiful surroundings where their independence is respected but assistance is available if required. Say goodbye to the responsibilities of grocery shopping, preparing meals, cleaning and maintenance and say hello to chef prepared meals and snacks, weekly housekeeping, 24 hour emergency response, access to wonderful amenities and lots of recreation and activities. Begin looking for options BEFORE you have to and be sure to try a meal before making your final decision.

Trauma/PTSD Workshop

Information and Energy are the key to health. Detlef Friede and Wolfgang Zilker use ancient knowledge of healing and the latest technology to stimulate and support your body’s built-in healing capacity. The healing process is tremendously accelerated by first assessing the priorities within the underlying individual energy field and then correcting the missing information and/or trauma/PTSD in the correct order. Please ask us for details and a free 20 minute consultation or join us at our workshop on February 23, 2019 from 2:00 – 5:00pm @ Natural Healthy Clinic, Nanaimo.

Their Grief: What You Can Do to Help

Everyone grieves in their own way and at their own pace. Here are some ways to help a loved one who is suffering: Be respectful of their coping methods. Your loved one may not have the answer when asked, “What can I do to help?” Try to spot their needs; Mow their lawn, bring in groceries, pick up the dry cleaning. There is plenty of support at first, but it will dwindle long before the need does. Let your loved one know that you are aware that they are still in pain, and continue to “be there for them” as long as it takes.

Matters of the Heart

February is the month of love and the month devoted to matters of the heart. Heart month is dedicated to raising awareness of the heart. Exercising to support but not strain your heart like going for a 30 minute walk each day will help keep your body circulated. With our beautiful sunny winter days who doesn’t love the fresh air? Bring a friend along to catch up or take your walking poles
for an adventurous outing. Eating healthy food and small snacks throughout the day will keep your
energy up and make you feel good and less tired.

Look After Your Knees

Many of us take our knees for granted until they start to bother us. What can we do to reduce our risk of knee injuries? Protect your knees by doing simple exercises like squats and lunges that strengthen the muscles around to knee. Walking also help by keeping the joint moving. Regular chiropractic care has also been shown to be beneficial to maintain proper alignment of the body and knees. Visit a chiropractor to find out more.