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Why Wear Compression Socks?

How much do you move during the day? If you spend a lot of time sitting, your calf muscles that usually help pump blood through your veins do very little. This can cause swelling and blood to pool in the lower legs. Standing all day can have the same effect. Walking is a great exercise to help the calf muscles do their job. Socks with compression squeeze your legs to move blood up your leg whether you are sitting or standing. Voxx Knee Highs offer gentle compression, are comfortable to wear and have HPT to help with pain, balance and stability.

Flossing for Oral Health

It is important to floss every day because your tooth brush can’t reach the bacteria in the tight spaces between your teeth and under the gum line. *Use about 50cm of dental floss wound around your fingers and gripped tightly between your thumbs and forefingers. *Gently guide the floss between your teeth using a rubbing motion. At the gum line, curve it against the tooth, making a “C” shape. *Slide the floss into the space between your gum and tooth. Use the floss to gently rub the side of the tooth in an up-and-down motion. Unwind fresh floss as you progress to the rest of your teeth.

Product Review: Colflex® by Innotech™

ColFlex® Super Oregano Oil Spray is a great-tasting 4-in-1 oral spray containing essential oils of oregano, thyme, and spearmint oil in an extra virgin olive oil base, sweetened with stevia and fortified with vitamin D3. Spray orally to help relieve coughs, sore throat, travelling challenges, that “under the weather feeling” and for general oral hygiene and fresher breath. Lab tests show that ColFlex inhibited the growth of bacteria such as S. aureus and S. pneumonia after 27 minutes and inhibited the growth of E. coli and S. typhi after 9 minutes.

Healthy Aging

Having taught a course on aging, I’ve come to realize that in North America, aging is something we fear rather than embrace. In places like Japan, where Super Centurions thrive, the people have a one word philosophy called IKIGAI; Your Passion, Mission, Vocation and Profession. IKIGAI Is thought to be the reason for their longer, healthier life! Aging is a gift that comes with a responsibility to those you love; you have to do your best to look after your health. Are you living your Ikigai? Are you taking responsibility for your own health as you age? Attend my free webinars to find out more.

Get Your Flu Shot This Year!

Doctors are telling their patients that if you don’t normally get a flu shot, get one this year. The flu often takes an enormous toll on the health-care system. Hospitals and health-care facilities could become overwhelmed if they need to treat both flu and COVID-19 patients. People with higher risk of flu related complications include *People over 65 and children under 5 *Pregnant women and those planning to become pregnant *Residents of long-time care facilities *People with chronic diseases such as diabetes. Please call the Medicine Shoppe to be put on the list to be contacted when the flu shot is available.

Fall Weather Increases Risk of Falls

Fall is here and it often brings wet, colder weather. Walking after a rain fall can be risky. Many walkers do not realize how slick the leaves on the ground can be. Wearing proper shoes and using Walking Poles can help reduce the chances of slipping and falling. Make sure that your footwear also provides support for your ankles. Using a pair of Walking Poles allows you to enjoy nice long walks with friends no matter what the weather. New to Walking Poles? Come for a free Walking Pole Seminar. Keep doing what you love to do!

Product Review: A Time to Remember

Your loved one was unique. How you choose to celebrate that special life must be equally unique. That’s why Arbor Memorial has developed “Time to Remember”. This exclusive new resource will help you create a personal send off to honour your loved one while comforting family and friends in a meaningful way. With this option, you can: *Choose a convenient package system that celebrates specific interests *Compose your event by the elements that celebrate a personality *Discover new possibilities through your own creativity *Work within a budget that’s comfortable for you. Talk to us about creating that unique send off.

Importance of Saliva

Saliva provides critical moisture in the oral cavity that allows us to speak clearly; imagine trying to whistle with a completely dry mouth. For denture wearers, saliva provides lubrication between the denture and oral tissue, reducing friction that may otherwise cause irritation. Patients with dry mouths may have difficulties with denture retention, as the deficiency in moisture creates fewer capillaries to hold and seal the denture into place. If you suspect you may be suffering a dry mouth issue, consult your dental provider. They may be able to provide you some options for therapy. There are many products available today to help combat dry mouth problems.

Communicating with Elderly Loved Ones

Being able to communicate effectively with your elderly loved ones is essential. Here are some tips: *Minimize visual and auditory distractions in the room. *Listen without interrupting. *When communicating with people with hearing issues, speak slowly, clearly and loudly. *Think before responding and do not speak when you are angry or upset. Often, it is not what you say, but how you say it that determines how your message is received. *If you have to have a potentially difficult conversation, rehearse what you want to say. *Set your boundaries. It is ok to refuse a request without rejecting your loved one.

Many Rec Centres Are Open

Nanaimo Aquatic Centre, Nanaimo Ice Centre, Oliver Woods Community Centre and Bowen Complex are now open for a variety of programs and for pre-registered drop-in activities. This includes swimming, skating, badminton and pickle ball. You can register for these activities 72 hours prior to the start of the session. Register online at, by calling 250-756-5200 or by vising one of our recreation offices. We are happy to be open and look forward to seeing you again. Please note that Beban Park is still closed until further notice.