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Dealing with Stress

Imagine a bucket slowly filling with water, one drop at a time. Eventually the bucket overflows. That is what stress is like. Chronic stress attacks our weaknesses, whether it’s physical; high blood pressure, heart disease; or emotional; depression, anxiety. Speaking with a trained professional can help deal with the debilitating effects of too much stress. Through a meaningful conversation with a counsellor, your stressors can be identified and a way to manage them determined. A caring, non-judgemental approach with a compassionate ear and a kind heart will help you develop confidence with your inherent goodness so you can move forward feeling happier.

Live Theatre: KEY FOR TWO

Nanaimo Theatre Group opens their season October 12 with a British farce! In this wickedly amusing play, by two master craftsmen of comedy, Harriet, a divorcee living in an elegant flat in Brighton, solves her financial problems by entertaining Gordon and Alec, two married gentlemen callers, on different days of the week. The show runs Wednesdays to Sundays October 12-28 at the Bailey Studio, 2373 Rosstown Road in Nanaimo. Evening shows are 8 PM, matinees are 2 PM. All tickets are $20 and can be booked online or by calling 250-758-7224.

Classes for Improved Health

The City of Nanaimo and Island Health have partnered to offer classes to improve your health. Programs are taught by Dr. Derek Poteryko who is a family physician and the Medical Director of Community Health in Nanaimo. Dr. Poteryko is passionate and committed to helping people live healthier and more fulfilling lives. Class topics include “The Skinny on Weight Loss”, “Don’t Worry Be Happy”, “Men’s Health”, “How to Make Nanaimo Health Care Better”, “Quit Smoking for Good” or Advanced Care Planning”. The cost to attend these programs is only $2. Please see page 60 of the Fall and Winter Activity Guide for details, call us at 250.756.5200 or visit our website.

Does Your Jaw Crack?

Ever opened your jaw wide and heard it crack? Do you sometimes feel like when you bite your teeth together that one side touches before the other? These can indicate a misalignment of the jaw. Over time, a jaw misalignment can lead to degeneration of the jaw joint. A jaw misalignment can be due to injury, uneven fillings or crowns, or it can be due to bone misalignment in the neck. The top bone in the neck, called the Atlas or C1, sits right beside the jaw joint, or TMJ. Studies have shown that when the Atlas misaligns, it can affect how the TMJ moves. Studies have also shown that an Atlas adjustment can correct some TMJ issues. Visit a chiropractor to learn more.

Meet Your Practitioner – Ahmed Omar, R.D.

Ahmed is one of a few denturist in the central Vancouver Island region who brings a full denture service to the comfort of his clients’ homes. Ahmed studied Oral and Dental Medicine at George Brown College and after graduating in 2013, he opened his clinic on Legion street in Chemainus. Tooth loss can cause a host of physical and emotional issues. If you are suffering with missing teeth, Ahmed will take the time to evaluate your condition and recommend the ideal solution for you. Whether you need partial dentures or full dentures, Ahmed Omar will present you with options and help you make the best decision for your mouth.

Is Your Sleep Affecting Your Weight?

Are you one of the 30% of people with sleep issues? Inadequate sleep has many implications on your health, one of which is difficulty losing weight. Inadequate sleep slows down the metabolism; increases the huger hormone and the stress hormone which may lead to late night snacking. It also causes decreases in frontal lobe activity resulting in lack of self-control and poor decision making. Insulin levels become out of balance and the body stores more calories as fat. This then leads to increased levels of fatigue and less motivation for exercise and life. Luckily there are natural and healthy ways to improve sleep and lose weight.

Tammy Phye, RA, EOT,

Every Breath You Take

Each of the 20 breaths you take per minute supplies essential oxygen to your body’s cells while dispelling carbon dioxide. This helps revitalize your entire body from the respiratory system to your digestive system. How you feel, your energy level, clarity of mind and mood is dependent on how well your bodily systems are functioning. Breathing clean air that is free of unhealthy chemicals and gases helps maintain a healthy body and a happier mindset. Using products with activated charcoals in your home helps absorb odours and chemicals that prevent you from making every breath you take clean and revitalizing.

Christopher Tio, Owner,

Community Profile – “Seniors Celebrate”

Do you know an inspirational senior? Nominate them for the “Community Champion” Awards. Nanaimo Seniors Connect is pleased to announce that October 2017 has been officially proclaimed by the City of Nanaimo as “Seniors Celebrate!” month highlighting positive, healthy aging and the many important roles that seniors play in our lives and community. As a part of this, the “Community Champion” awards will recognize seniors in Nanaimo who go above and beyond. In addition, there will be many special events – films, music, art, demonstrations, health & wellness fair and more.

For details, visit our website or call 250-760-0301.

Seniors Connect,

Is My Desk Trying to Kill Me?

Many of us are used to the discomfort associated with working at a desk and computer all day. Sometimes people have to take time off to recover from injuries due to repetitive strains associated with prolonged computer work. Ergonomics is the field of study where human-workplace interactions are evaluated and adjusted to reduce the negative impact our workstations have on us. Your office may have an individual trained to perform these evaluations. If not, there are outside companies who can be hired to come in and do the evaluation. Talk to your boss and see what your options are.

Dr. Amber Kenmuir, D.C., Long Lake Chiropractic,

Accept Help to Remain Independent

Sometimes people find it very difficult to accept help. With many seniors, accepting help seems like losing independence. Many feel that admitting you need help tells the world that you are no longer able to live on your own. Installing a medical alarm system can actually increase your independence and reduce the risks of living alone or being left alone in your home. In fact, with a locally monitored system, you may be able to remain in your own home, comforted by the fact that if something should happen, help is just a button push away.

Joan Ryan,

Pharmacy at Home

Do you or your loved ones struggle with managing your medications or have challenges visiting the pharmacy? The Pharmacy at Home program can help. This is a complimentary, 100% patient-focused pharmacy service conducted in the comfort of your own home. The pharmacist comes to you and provides medication management, free prescription pickup and delivery and support for health and wellness. Other benefits include: personalized customer service, convenience and 25% off over-the-counter/non-prescription medications, supplements and home health products.

Mel & Kristen Azcarraga, Owners/Pharmacists, Medicine Shoppe, 4186A Departure Bay Rd.,