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Open House – Canadian School of Natural Nutrition

Canadian School of Natural Nutrition (CSNN) has been educating Registered Holistic Nutritionists across Canada since 1994. Our Vancouver Island school in Nanaimo opened in 2012 followed by the Victoria school in 2017. The curriculum consists of 17 hard sciences and social sciences courses. Intakes are in March and September for the one year (day) program or two year (evening) program both resulting in the R.H.N. designation. CSNN offers a Holistic Culinary Certificate program in addition to the Natural Nutrition Program and a “The Fundamentals of Nutrition” course which consists of seven classes. Learn more at our Open House on June 1st in Nanaimo.

Mamma Mia! – The Musical

On a Greek island paradise, where the sun always shines, the audience is propelled into this beautiful and funny tale of love, friendship, and identity. Mamma Mia! resonates with almost everyone. There are so many themes and situations packed into this musical that people from all walks of life can relate to: identity, the generation gap, the loss of a parent, a mother-daughter relationship and romance to name a few. The performance leaves you singing and dancing to iconic ABBA hits. Mamma Mia! is the musical sensation you won’t want to miss! Tickets available now, on stage May 24 – August 31.

Dance for Health & Wellness

Dancing – it’s fun and so good for you. According to experts, dancing regularly improves your cardio fitness, muscle strength and tone, endurance, balance, motor skills, coordination, agility, flexibility and can be a factor in weight management. In addition, studies show that dancing is also great for the brain, as it improves memory and overall mental function. Meet new friends, express yourself through movement and enjoy all the health benefits of dancing. From Ballroom to Zumba, Parks and Recreation offers many types of dance. Contact our recreation experts and dance like nobody’s watching!

Find Your Balance: Gambling Awareness Week

The theme for the 2019 Gambling Awareness Week is “Find Your Balance”, in support of maintaining a balanced outlook of the role gambling may play in our lives. In early May, be on the lookout for BC Responsible & Problem Gambling Program community events in your area; ranging from sponsored swims, pop up community awareness booths and contests at community centers and other locations. Finding Our Balance in life can be challenging. Striking that balance is easier when we have a diverse array of activities in which to engage.

Abdominal Acupuncture

Abdominal acupuncture is a revolutionary new acupuncture technique that has been rapidly accepted and has gained huge recognition because of its astonishing therapeutic results. Abdominal acupuncture is very gentle as there is little needle sensation in the abdominal region. It is powerful in its action and can be used to treat any condition that is indicated in traditional acupuncture. The body responds faster to abdominal acupuncture and the curative effect is impressive. Results tend to be powerful and long lasting and are often felt instantaneously.

Final Resting Place

When you die, where would you like your final resting place to be? With your partner? With your parents or children? Your answer may change based on your age and life stage. If you are like most, you have not yet made up your mind. This is a conversation that should take place sooner rather than later. If your plans have been made, you want to ensure that they are up-to-date. These days, many Canadians are moving farther away, living longer and changing family traditions. This reinforces the need to review and update your end-of-life plans every five-to-ten years or so, or when major life events happen.

Natural Allergy Relief

Allergies are a symptom of a bigger picture. In the small intestine, friendly bacteria (probiotics) activate our mucus membranes. These are our first line of defense against invasion; the cells within trigger the Inflammation, runny nose, tearing eyes and congestion. When the activated cells respond normally, we don’t have a problem with seasonal allergies. The natural medicine cupboard can support normal function. * Delete grains from your diet * Increase your probiotic intake. * Add digestive enzymes * Digesting a blend of lemon, lavender and peppermint doTerra CPTG essential oils in a small glass of water can help clear your allergy symptoms.

Stretch to Help Prevent Pain

With the arrival of spring many of us are back out in our yards and gardens, fertilizing the grass and planting flowers and veggies in anticipation of summer. With this increase in activity after a long winter comes an increase in neck and low back pain. Doing some stretching before going outside and then again after you come back in can help prevent muscle strains and sprains. Regular daily stretching can help prevent a lot of pains that could otherwise appear. Make morning and evening stretches part of your daily routine to stay healthy and happy.

Nutrition on the Go!

The importance of hydration is well known among active people. Water regulates your body temperature and lubricates the joints so you can perform your best. It helps transport nutrients that give you energy and keep you healthy. Protein helps build the muscles so you can recover and get the most out of your work out. Protein bars, powders, premix drinks and other healthy snack options are easily available and the best nutrition on the go! A high protein/low carb diet may aid in weight loss and keep your body energy and strength go longer.

May is National Better Hearing Month

Summer is on its way and we want to ensure that you can hear all of it. Because hearing loss is gradual, it’s natural to almost “forget” the sounds you’re no longer hearing. You may have hearing loss if: * You are turning up the volume on the TV or radio * It’s challenging to hear children’s voices * It’s hard to hear when there are multiple conversations *You are asking people to repeat themselves often. A qualified Hearing Care Professional can confirm whether you’re missing sounds because of hearing loss. A quick and easy test is all it takes.

Looking at a Retirement Community

When should one start thinking about a retirement community? The answer is quite simple – before you HAVE to. Look at the various options for retirement living before you need to move. It will take the fear and stress away knowing that you have done your homework. Many communities today have wait lists so if you wait until you want or need to move, there may not be availability, or at least not in your first choice. All the retirement communities have people who are more than happy to show you around and answer all of your questions.