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Profile: The Medicine Shoppe

The Medicine Shoppe Pharmacy offers personalized service. Through their Pharmacy at Home Program, complimentary home visits help you manage your medication schedule or set up your blister pack. Free delivery service is available anywhere in Nanaimo, Lantzville, Nanoose, Errington, Parksville and Qualicum. At their location on Departure Bay Rd near Country Club, certified injection pharmacists are onsite to give flu shots, shingle shots and travel vaccines. They also offer Blood Pressure, BMI and Diabetes Monitoring, Foot Care and Compression Sock Fitting and a compounding laboratory to prepare customized medication. Mel and Kristen Azcarraga, pharmacists and owners, are proud to serve their community.

Profile: Peggy Hoult, Healthcare Navigator

You are definitely not alone. Peggy Hoult can help caregivers reduce stress and save money by providing information, advice and support to successfully navigate the financial and administrative side of accessing health care services. Attend an inexpensive group workshop to learn about the costs and availability of both private pay and subsidized options for home support, respite care, assisted living, long term care, palliative care and end of life care. Follow up with Peggy for a personal consultation to review your particular situation and to apply for various benefit programs.

Easy Travel with a Portable Electric Scooter

Is the thought of long corridors at the airport or the cruise terminal putting you off from travelling? Travelling with a mobility scooter on a plane may seem daunting to organize, but today you can have the independence and freedom to travel wherever you like. Today’s portable light weight electric mobility scooters make it a breeze to reach your gate or cabin on the ship. Folding mobility scooters are great options as they can easily be brought with you everywhere. When travelling by air, inform the airline that you are travelling with a scooter and provide weight/dimensions and battery type. Don’t forget the charger cord!

Visiting a Loved One in a Care Home

Visiting your loved one in the care home helps them to stay emotionally engaged. Here are some things to keep in mind when visiting. Respect the resident’s privacy. Knock before you enter the room and step out into the hall when personal care is being provided. Be warm in your interactions and use a gentle touch. Keep the conversation positive and refrain from arguing. Encourage your loved one to share happy memories from the past. Don’t stay too long. Look for cues that your loved one may be getting tired or stressed.

Live Theatre: Lumberjacks in Love

Four burly lumberjacks live in a state of manly bliss 200 miles from the nearest woman – until one of them accidentally orders himself a mail-order bride! She interrupts their simple shanty life and turns it upside down. This slap-happy tale brings big belly laughs and pure silliness as we watch to see if romance will bloom where bath time might be once a month and the only thing that brings these big, burly boys running is the sound of the dinner bell! On stage October 18 to November 2nd.

Be Aware of the Risk Factors

In today’s stress-riddled world, maintaining a balanced lifestyle is quite challenging, and so is staving off addictive behaviours like gambling. Be aware of the risk factors. These include having experienced a big win early in our gambling history
and/or having had a recent loss or change and/or financial difficulties. Gambling behaviour is concerning when used as an escapist activity, anxiety-relief and/or when it distracts us from our families and health. You have more control over your life than you realize. In fact, recognizing a problem is powerful and is the first step in healing. Reach out for help!

Cooking Classes: Basic to Gourmet

With the fall routines upon us, it can often be hard to eat properly. Either you’re in a hurry or you don’t know what to make. This season, learn how to cook some new meals with Parks, Recreation and Culture! Classes are offered in basic cooking, cheese making and even cuisine from around the world (Indian, Japanese, Mexican)! When you make your own food, you save money, and you know exactly what ingredients you are consuming. See the Fall and Winter Activity Guide for all the details. “Eating is necessary, but cooking is an art.”

Ready for Fall Weather?

Fall is here and so is the wet, colder weather. Walking after a rain fall can be risky. Many walkers do not realize how slick the leaves on the ground can be. Wearing proper shoes and using Walking Poles can help reduce the chances of slipping and falling. Make sure that your footwear also provides support for your ankles. Using a pair of Walking Poles allows you to enjoy nice long walks with friends no matter what the weather. New to Walking Poles? Come for a free Walking Pole Seminar. Keep doing what you love to do!

Reimagine Mobility

A mobility scooter is a lifestyle-enhancing vehicle that can help you rediscover a sense of freedom and mobility. To get the most out of your scooter, you need the right one for you and your lifestyle. Things to consider include: – Can it be transported by car, taxi and plane? – Does it come apart and go back together easily? – Are the parts light enough to lift? – What are the weight restrictions? Take into account the things that you transport on a regular basis not just your own weight. Mobility scooters may be covered by extended health care plans.

Remembering A Loved One

Memorializing your loved one is an important part of the grieving process. You want to say something special about the life they lived, the impact they had, and the legacy they leave behind. There are many ways to pay tribute with a unique memorial that will serve as a place for family and friends to connect and remember. Memorials options available include, Bronze memorials placed on a granite base flush to the ground or Upright monuments crafted from the finest granite. The Living Tribute Program is a tree-mounted plaque that identifies the family and/or person being memorialized.

6 Week Health & Weight Program

This Six Week “Start to Health, Happiness & Perfect Weight Program” begins with a Start-up Darkfield Microscopy assessment of your body’s present performance. The full program includes; weekly pain free Ozone injections to tighten skin and reduce existing cellulite and scarring, Nutrition Guidance, Exercises and Osteopathy to assist with sculpting the body back to mobility, Acupuncture and Hypnosis to help overcome food addiction and cravings and Sudatonic deep infrared therapy to ease detox. With this program you will not only lose undesired weight, you will be educated on health and restore function in your body and soul. Bring happiness and control back into your life!