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Show up Consistently for your Body

It’s that busy time where everyone is trying to use their benefits before the year ends! A great self-care plan for the new year could be to pre-book your massage appointments. It’s amazing how quickly your body can get into a groove and look forward to that regularly booked session, whether it’s every 4-5 weeks or every second month. This can be very preventative, and if you do wind up with an injury, it’s amazing how often it lines up with an upcoming appointment! It can be hard to book last minute at times, so anticipate your body’s needs and take care of yourself! You’re worth it!

Ask The Expert

Q: I had cataract surgery a few months ago and now I can’t see anything up close. Why is that? I thought I wouldn’t have to wear glasses.
A: Going through any type of surgery can be a bit overwhelming. Your surgeon likely mentioned the limitations of what the surgery (and lens implants) can do, but the reality sometimes doesn’t sink in until afterwards. You have a fairly normal result since your implants probably aren’t focused for close work. Ideally, your concerns should be brought up during your scheduled post-operative examinations.

Finding our Team/Connection

With the holidays coming up, it is importance to acknowledge our human need for connection as important to our survival. Our brain’s hardwiring seeks connection with others in order to promote our safety. When we have connection, our brain is more relaxed knowing the species can survive a threat. Not belonging to a group can produce feelings of loneliness and increase the risk of illness or injury. Building our connections can come from various ways such as organized groups, team sports, religious communities, holiday dinners or simply engaging in quality connections with another human who shares a common experience with us.

Holiday Blues?

For most people, the Christmas holidays are a time of celebration and good cheer. Unfortunately, not everyone feels the same way at this time of year. For some, the holidays can be a sad time if there has been a past trauma or if they are depressed. If you feel sad, lonely, or become depressed during the holidays, don’t struggle alone. Talk to your health care professional or reach out to family and friends. If you don’t feel you can share your situation with anyone you know, call a support line. Help is a call or text away. 14-Hour Crisis Line in the Comox Valley: 1-888-494-3888.

The Right Footwear for Your Foot Type

There are 3 general foot types and there is a right type of shoe for each. Over-pronators (flat feet or fallen arches) would benefit from a motion-control shoe. These are made of a stiffer material, correcting normal heel-to-toe mechanics, as well as helping maintain the dome shape of the arch. Supinators (high arches) would benefit from a cushioned/neutral shoe. This type of shoe is much lighter and focuses on cushioning the foot. Normal pronators (medium arches) would want to look for a stability shoe. This shoe is the lightest and has arch support only on the medial aspect of the shoe. The proper shoe makes all the difference!

Eliminating the Winter Blues

As winter approaches on the Island, the days get shorter, the weather changes, and you might notice you develop the winter blues. Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) is a seasonal depression affecting 18% of Canadians, but there’s a lot you can do to get back to yourself again. Start by taking Health Canada approved Truehope EMP, a nutritional supplement that supports your mental and physical well being. It’s supported by 36 medical journals and scientists at over 16 universities worldwide. Compliment EMP with light therapy every morning, extra vitamin D, regular exercise, social time with friends, and a healthy diet.

Little Things Caregivers Can Do For Seniors

Often in life, the most meaningful moments are the moments spent with those who teach you something, with those who share laughs with you, and with those who support you no matter what. And within those moments, it’s the little things that become the most significant and valuable. Professional caregivers can be there for you, when you need a little extra hand around the house or someone to accompany you on your outings. Caregivers can help with the day-to-day tasks, so you have time to enjoy the little things in life, while remaining safe and independent in your own home.

Natural Help for the Cold and Flu Season

There are quite a selection of natural and pure essential oils which are antibacterial, helping to prevent the spread of germs. Flu particles can remain viable on objects for 48 hours – spreading with every sneeze, hug and hello! Diffusing oils into the air in your home will help to destroy these particles before they find a host. If you already have a cold, add them to a warm bath, and inhale the aromas. Terminator is a blend of antibacterial essential oils all chosen to help you through flu season – keep some on a tissue in your pocket for relief!

Easy Travel with a Portable Electric Scooter

Is the thought of long corridors at the airport or the cruise terminal putting you off from travelling? Travelling with a mobility scooter on a plane may seem daunting to organize, but today you can have the independence and freedom to travel wherever you like. Today’s portable light weight electric mobility scooters make it a breeze to reach your gate or cabin on the ship. Folding mobility scooters are great options as they can easily be brought with you everywhere. When travelling by air, inform the airline that you are travelling with a scooter and provide weight/dimensions and battery type. Don’t forget the charger cord!

Is GoFundMe a Strategy?

How often have you heard or read about a plea for help when tragedy befalls a family? I see it all too often. And it’s great that such a service exists for some people for which I have great sympathy. However, we owe it to ourselves and families to anticipate the potential realities of unexpected death, disability or critical illness. There is a great tool available to most of us to offset the ugly outcomes of these realities in the form of insurance. Don’t leave it to the goodwill of strangers, protect you and your family by preparing for the worst, while living your best.