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Do I Have Hearing Loss?

Unlike vision loss where people tend to promptly seek assistance by wearing glasses, hearing loss tends to be ignored, become rationalized by age or is blamed on others for not speaking clearly enough.

Hearing loss is common for many people throughout Canada. According to the Stats Canada Participation and Activity Limitation Survey (PALS), 6% of adults over the age of 55 report limitations as a result of hearing loss and this number increases to nearly 36% of adults aged 75 and older. In total, this works out to roughly 966,000 Canadians who are willing to report awareness of hearing loss (and that’s not considering those who are possibly in denial).

Many people are simply unaware of the signs and symptoms of hearing loss, the benefits of early detection and intervention, and what resources are available. In order to reduce the likelihood of a hearing loss going undetected, being ignored, and left untreated, here is what you can watch for:

Is there a problem?: The most common signs of hearing loss are needing repetition, turning the volume up on the television, difficulty hearing on the telephone, difficulty hearing clearly, difficulty hearing in background noise, and failing to hear common household sounds like the doorbell. Schedule a hearing test: Annual hearing testing is recommended for adults over the age of 55, even if they do not suspect a hearing loss. Hearing test results are medical records and, as such, are kept on file for 7 years. These results can be used as a baseline to compare with any future hearing evaluations. The best thing is that hearing testing is complimentary and does not require a referral from your family doctor or ENT specialist. Investigate available resources: While hearing aids are often recommended to treat hearing loss, there are other helpful devices that you may not have considered. For example, amplified telephones boost the volume of incoming calls and can often be adjusted for tone and customized for your hearing loss. TV devices amplified alarm clocks and alerting systems for doorbells and smoke detectors are also available.

If you believe that your parents, grandparents, or friends are suffering from a hearing loss (see hearing loss and parents for more), the best thing you can do for them is to speak up and, if necessary, help them choose a hearing care provider to work with them on their individual needs. For more information on hearing loss and available resources, or to take a free online hearing test, visit

Contributed by Dr. Susan Marynewich, Au.D., RAUD, RHIP

Get Mobile!

Do more of what you want – when you want. If you ever find yourself waiting around for people to assist you with daily tasks and errands, a mobility scooter could allow you to take matters into your own hands. Confinement can be the most depressing situation that restricted mobility individuals can experience. Nobody wants to stay inside for a long time, especially when it isn’t necessary. Battery powered scooters have come a long way and are now more affordable than ever. They provide the freedom to get around, they conserve physical energy, and they also provide you access to places you may not have previously been able to go.

Questions for Your Denturist

Getting your dentures fitted for the first time? Some important questions to ask your denturist include: 1) What precautions should I take when wearing dentures? 2) What kind of dentures are available? 3) How much do dentures cost? 4) Does it hurt to get dentures fitted? 5) How often will I need checkups? 6) How do I take care of my dentures? 7) Will dentures cause problems when eating? 8) Is it OK to sleep in my dentures? Knowing how to care for and get used to your dentures will help you maintain and enjoy them for years to come!

Sports Betting Hidden Dangers

Sports bettors, who tend to be young men, are the most vulnerable to problematic behavior, according to the NCPG’s National Survey on Gambling Attitudes and Gambling Experiences. The survey reveals that sports bettors are three times more likely to exhibit problem gambling behavior than other types of gamblers.” (Quoted from Given the popularity of sports betting across North America, and Canada’s soon-to-be new law allowing single event sports betting ( DoJ), vulnerable sports bettors may find themselves in a position to engage in more impulsive betting behaviour. Contact us for more info on how we can help!

Keep Living Your Best Life

A good retirement residence is not just a convenient place to live, it’s an environment in which you can pursue your passions, thrive and continue living with purpose. It may be daunting to think about moving into a retirement home, but have you considered how your life might improve by making this change? Meet a new network of friends, build new relationships, and take part in activities you once enjoyed, or commit to learning something new! Leave the worrying behind when it comes to home maintenance, meal preparation and your own safety – and have us do it for you!

Referred by Your Physician

Waiting for your Cancer PET/CT imaging appointment? Cancer doesn’t stop & wait with you. That’s why people choose to have PET/CT imaging done privately. Receiving these reports sooner allows for treatment to start sooner. PET/CT assists with: CANCER – detecting cancer, revealing cancer spread, confirming cancer treatment effectiveness, finding a cancer recurrence. BRAIN DISORDERS – clarifying early diagnosis of dementia, confirming possible Alzheimer’s diagnosis. HEART DISEASE – Confirming cardiac sarcoidosis presence/recurrence. If you have been referred by your physician for a PET/CT scan and are waiting for your appointment it may be time to ask your oncologist, urologist, or GP to make a referral to INITIO Medical.

Ask The Expert

Q: What should I do about marks and bumps on the side of my nose where my eyeglasses sit?
A: Minor indentations and irritations on the sides of the nose are usually normal for people who wear glasses, and can be greatly lessened by choosing lightweight eyewear with hypoallergenic materials. Unusual growths or chronic sores should be investigated by your doctor.

Overcoming Mental Burnout

Are you feeling overwhelmed but don’t know why? Perhaps you try to get the sleep you need only to feel tired? No doubt you have heard that the next pandemic to hit is one of mental health. We are hearing more about burnout now than ever before while many of us begin to experience the symptoms of it (as noted above). Moving out of burnout takes more than a few days off or a good night’s sleep. It is a lifestyle change. Maybe it’s time to book an appointment to talk supportive, health-affirming strategies. Our intern program offers low fee counselling without the wait list!

Chi Nei Tsang Abdominal Massage

Chi Nei Tsang (CNT) is an abdominal massage involving gentle stimulation and breathwork to
promote healthy functioning and detoxification of the internal organ systems. By promoting the
circulation of blood and fluids within the spaces of the abdomen, we facilitate the
parasympathetic nervous system’s ability to bring us into a state of rest and digest in order for
the body to nourish and regenerate. CNT can be helpful in the relief of complex conditions
involving stress, anxiety, digestive, and menstrual complaints. In creating space within our core,
we encourage the body’s natural ability to function healthfully and harmoniously.

Wealth & Well-Being

Questions for Your Financial Advisor. It’s important to meet with your financial advisor annually to ensure everything is on track. Here are some key questions to ask. 1) How have my portfolio and net worth performed? Ask about performance and influencing factors. 2) Are all of my goals still on track? If not, get an explanation and plan to address this. 3) Do I need to make any changes to my plan? Share any life or goal changes. 4) Is my plan making the most of tax strategies? 5) What should I concentrate on in the coming year? Get a clear plan of action.

Healthy Mouth, Healthy Life

Maintaining good oral health isn’t just about keeping your teeth and gums healthy – it can have an impact on the rest of your body as well. Research suggests that a buildup of dental plaque can be linked to other health issues, including cardiovascular disease, diabetes complications, and even various types of infections. Brushing and flossing away dental plaque each day can help keep buildup under control and limit your risk of other issues linked to poor oral health. It’s important to see your dentist regularly to ensure your teeth, gums, and other oral tissue are in tip-top shape.