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Add a Little Exercise to your Lifestyle

Physical activity plays an important role in your health and quality of life by making you feel healthier and stronger. Being active helps to improve your balance, reduce your risk of falls and injuries and can help you stay independent longer. So take the initiative! It’s never too late to start and you don’t need to go to a gym to add a little exercise to your routine; consult your doctor and ask to learn more about exercises that can be done while sitting in your chair!

Online Gaming Player Health

What does player health on online gaming and gambling platforms look like? Playnow, BCLC’s online platform continues to offer player support via their Game Sense Advisor program, including an active chatbox staffed by one of your GSA’s. Players are encouraged to *Stick to their time and financial limits *Take physical breaks from the screens *Walk around and to do something else for a while *Remain sober while playing *Use App-blockers if needed. Feel free to reach out to our outreach team for support. This pandemic is taking a toll on us all. We’re always here to help!

Importance of Social Activities

For many seniors, living alone may directly affect how often they engage in social activities. Social interactions often decrease as we age, which is why it is important to be involved in social activities as often as possible. The more active you are, the better you will feel in many ways both physically and mentally. If you are finding yourself lonely, while living on your own, you may want to connect with others by joining groups such as, volunteering with organizations including a local senior centre. Another solution is to consider moving to a seniors’ residence which is ideally suited to create many opportunities for social interaction and fun daily.

Ozone Therapy Increases Oxygen Utilization

What makes us healthy and invulnerable to disease? Discover this for yourself right now. Hold your breath for 60 seconds. What happened? Clearly there is absolutely nothing as critical to our health as oxygen metabolism. Oxygen utilization is the single most important predictor of your risk for degenerative disease and premature aging. As we get older our cells become less able to efficiently use the oxygen we breathe, some as much as 50%! Ozone therapy activates the immune system, prevents free radical damage and helps the body detoxify, the ultimate preventative tool to stay healthy and happy into old age.

Stay Young at Heart

CardioFlex Q10™ is a proprietary collagen precursor formula designed to promote the body’s natural ability to produce collagen and repair connective tissues to support cardiovascular health. Each serving contains 2000 mg Vitamin C, amino acids and other nutrients that help build structural elastin and structural collagen, maintain cardiovascular health, reduce the recurrence of herpes simplex virus/shingles, maintain proper muscle function and generally maintain good health. Excellent for supplementing vegan diets and made in Canada by Innotech Nutrition, a family company.

Class IV Laser for your Injuries

A therapeutic dose of light applied to injured tissue leads to a cellular response that reduces pain and inflammation and speeds up the healing process! The primary target is the cytochrome c complex which is found in the cell mitochondria. Cytochrome c is a vital component of the electron transport chain & as laser light is absorbed, cytochrome c is stimulated, leading to increased production of Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP)/energy within the cell. Nitric Oxide is also produced which improves microcirculation in the damaged tissue, delivers oxygen, vital sugars, proteins, & salts while removing wastes. WHERE THERE IS BLOOD FLOW & ENERGY THERE IS HEALING.

There’s No Place Like Home

Many seniors, whether they need short term or long-term care, prefer remaining in a place most familiar to them – their home. By removing elderly loved ones from their home we often take away years of memories, relationships with neighbors and communities which can lead to a decline in health and leave them feeling sad and isolated. If Mom or Dad is willing to explore the idea of home care, involve them in the process and remember to take it slow at first. Home is still the safest place to receive care!

Keep Your Heart Healthy

Being physically active is a major step toward good heart health. It’s one of your most effective tools for strengthening the heart muscle, keeping your weight under control and warding off the artery damage from high cholesterol, high blood sugar and high blood pressure that can lead to heart attack or stroke. Doing aerobics or resistance training will help reduce your risk of heart disease, the leading cause of death in Canada.

Insomnia? Try Essential Oils

Using essential oils to relax, reduce stress, and alleviate snoring can help increase the likelihood of a good night’s sleep. Did you know Green Valley essential oil blends are made right here in the Comox Valley? Try our Tranquility or Insomnia blends. Chamomile has a soothing effect on the nervous system, helping to reduce stress, depression, and aggravation. Lavender relaxes, soothes, and restores peace to mind and body. At nighttime, diffuse essential oils in the bedroom, add to your bath, shake onto a cotton ball tucked into your pillow, or rub onto the soles of your feet with a carrier oil. Cover with some fuzzy bed socks for a cozy feel.

Quit Smoking Using Acupuncture

Smoking cigarettes is the single most preventable cause of premature death in Canada. Acupuncture is an evidence-based approach shown to reduce cravings and withdrawal
symptoms associated with smoking. By regulating the nervous system and disengaging the physiological stress response, it provides the person with a feeling of calm and
increased ability to cope. Studies show that people who use acupuncture in addition to education and counselling are more likely to succeed in becoming a non-smoker. Patients who used acupuncture also reported significant improvement in pain management, concentration, sleep, and energy compared to those who did not receive needles. Acupuncture is recognized as a best practice in the treatment of smoking cessation.

Ask The Expert

Q: Could you come up with a good new year’s resolution for one’s eyes this year? A: Sure, but this would be a “hard ask” for many: cut back on the use of screens as the pandemic winds down. Not really because they’re directly harmful to your eyes, but users tend to do a couple of things that become really problematic over time. The first is habitually staring at a screen, which reduces blinking, which inhibits proper lubrication of the eyes, and a cascade of irritation. The second is poor posture or tension from trying to get a screen in focus, either by improperly focused glasses, squinting, screen position, or inadequate lighting.