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Product Review: RELEAF Stick

ACTIVE RELEAF aims to encourage active wellness through the use of nature’s most powerful ingredients. With a synergistic blend of coconut oil, shea butter, essential oils, and broad spectrum cannabinoid-rich hemp plant extract, ACTIVE RELEAF’s topicals offer a natural alternative for pain relief. Try the Original Formula RELEAF Stick as a reliable remedy to soothe everyday aches and pains. For extra stubborn discomfort associated with joint stiffness, and inflammation, the Extra Strength RELEAF+ Stick is specially formulated to soothe quickly and be long lasting. Apply liberally to affected areas 3 – 4 times a day or as needed.

A Collaborative Plan for Your Injury

It can be frustrating when getting treated by a single practitioner for weeks with no end in sight. At Origin Integrated Health, we go for a collaborative approach! We offer you an individualized treatment plan to follow that most often involves collaboration between experts in the field. We treat the cause of your pain and focus on strengthening your imbalances in motion. We call upon:
• Myofascial techniques and Class IV Laser with a Chiropractor
• Inter-muscular Stimulation or Acu-Stimulation with a Physiotherapist or Acupuncturist.
• Active Rehab with an Athletic Therapist or Kinesiologist.
• Injection therapy with Naturopaths and Acupuncturists.
Let’s make you a master plan to get YOU BETTER!

The Myth of Infinite Choice

“You can be anything you want to be”, maybe! The idea that we have an infinite number of choices may be true but only before you make your next choice. These choices may feel constraining, but they create the life you dream of. Admittedly, choice isn’t the hard part to create your goal. Making the choice is easy. The hard part is the DISCIPLINE to stick with the choices to CREATE that goal. Discipline isn’t just a thought. It is the action, the consistent everyday application of specific known actions that create the life you dream of. And that is hard work, to cut out the noise around you and remain true to your goals.

Gambling and COVID-19

COVID-19 has impacted everyone’s life, including people who gamble. Although in-person gambling venues such as casinos and bingo halls have been closed, online gambling remains available 24/7, not only on the sanctioned BCLC site, but also internationally. Concerns about increased time and money spent online gambling have been top of mind in the helping community here at the BC Responsible and Problem Gambling Program. Our FREE services continue, including virtual options (telephone and videoconferencing) for counselling, outreach support as well as prevention and education. The Gambling Support Line (1-888-795-6111) remains available 24/7. Any other inquiries can be made at

Trouble Staying Focused?

Did you know that Essential Oils can come in handy when you need to stay alert and focused? You see, certain oils can stimulate the brain almost immediately, resulting in better focus and concentration. Create a Concentration Blend of aromatherapy essential oils to diffuse on your work desk to set yourself up for success. In a diffuser, add 3 drops of each of Rosemary, Orange & Spearmint essential oils. Orange essential oil can help uplift the mood and prevent insomnia, and Spearmint essential oil can help with concentration. Rosemary essential oil is an excellent brain stimulant and is reported to help remove that brain fog.

Are You Having Fun?

As an older adult, you know that you need to stay active for optimal mental and physical health. But are you having FUN? Fun and joy are what make us feel truly alive, engaged, and connected to others. The world becomes more vibrant and inviting when we give ourselves permission to laugh and play. Every senior deserves to pursue enjoyable pastimes that make him or her lose track of time or feel like a goofy kid at heart. Plus, many of the best activities for senior citizens cost little or no money. Explore activities that spark the kid in you!

Compassion through Crisis

As the world takes a breath in the midst of chaos, it can be hard to imagine taking time to be compassionate. But here is the thing, self-compassion is a gift we can give ourselves in precisely the most difficult times of crisis. As the world changes around us we may become angry and hurt, which is our brain’s way of signaling that something is wrong, encouraging change. This is where compassion comes in. Being aware of our own suffering can help us identify what our needs are, help us navigate the uncertainty and create space for healing.

Eliminate Pain & Regenerate Joints

To eliminate the pain of any form of musculo-skeletal injury and to regenerate any joint, especially with osteo-arthritic elements; acupuncture and Prolozone injection therapy are my treatment protocols. Each component of Prolozone therapy has a specific biological purpose. Procaine acts to re-establish cellular membrane potentials. Anti-inflammatory agents decrease edema and swelling. The inclusion of vitamins and minerals provides necessary substrates of oxygen utilization that in damaged tissues are often deficient. And finally, oxygen utilization is directly stimulated by ozone. In many cases Prolozone actually corrects the pathology of the disorder, there is a 75% chance for the chronic pain sufferer to
becoming permanently pain free.

Ask The Expert

Q: How bad is it for your eyes to open them under water?

A: In short, prolonged exposure to water can be irritating or dangerous in many ways. Contact lenses can be easily lost. Chlorine from pools can inflame the ocular surfaces. Freshwater itself can cause edema in the eye just from the lack of salinity. Water from hot tubs, outdoor freshwater and sea water can carry all sorts of infectious microorganisms. The human eye doesn’t focus well under water, so the vision is blurry. Try to use swim goggles or masks when you know you’ll be needing to see underwater.

A New Therapist Accepting New Patients

BodyWell is welcoming a new therapist! Lorraine is new to town and ready to start building her clientele. She has been practicing Registered Massage Therapy since 2006 and takes a whole-body approach by observing how a person carries themselves posturally. She enjoys providing deep tissue massage to those who are looking for it. Online booking with Lorraine is open, but if you have any questions, you can contact her at or 604-722-3015. BodyWell is following all precautions with screening, enhanced cleaning protocols, hygiene, and masks, pertaining to the C-19 pandemic.

Stay Sun-Safe!

Summer is here! It’s time to go outside and play, walk, run, swim and all of the things that summer in our area brings. It is also time to start thinking about protecting yourself from the sun and its effects. Find a good sunscreen, one that is endorsed by either the Canadian Cancer Society, or the Canadian Dermatology association. You do not have to go above 30 for the SPF, but you do have to reapply the sunscreen often, starting 30 minutes before you go outside for the first time of the day. Every time you go back inside, reapply. Snack time at the beach should include a reapplication of sunscreen. Enjoy the sun and the summer.